Advisor is designed for the EURUSD 4 mark and spread of 1 point. Advisor teak and need a broker scalping allowed, as the time frame does not matter. The advisor has everything set to the optimum parameters, and only two settings, you do not have a long time to select the parameters. Advisor has a virtual stop loss and take profit. advisor’s strategy is based on an analysis of the tick chart.

Councilor parameters:

  1. UseMM – including the risk (lot depends on the available funds).
  2. Magic – Magick number (need to identify their orders Advisor).


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This free product covers all the orders for a particular magic number.

It is based on one of the scripts submitted in one of my publications in the Code Base, – CloseAll.


A set of scripts to cover different types of orders.

  • closeall_comment – close all orders having a particular comment
  • closeall_loss – closes all orders with the profit / loss exceeding the threshold value Loss
  • closeall_profit – closes all orders with profit / loss in excess of the threshold income
  • closeall_magic – closes all orders for a particular magic number
  • closeall_market – closes all market orders
  • closeall_pending – closes all pending orders
  • closeall_complete – it contains all the features described six scripts and possibility to close the position by the symbol

ignored settings

If the parameter is ignored, the condition, which includes the option to automatically gets set to true (as if it was not in the script).

Parameters of type string (comment and order character) are ignored script, if the value is NULL or an empty string.

The parameters of the actual type (profit, loss, and the magic number) script ignored if equal to -1.

Using exact match (Exact Match)

For accurate matching parameter exact match must be equal to true. When looking for an exact match script takes into account parameters ignored.

However, if the exact match = false, script closes the order if satisfied with at least one criterion. This means that the script should not be ignored settings. Otherwise, all orders will have a true value (warrant closing).


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Swing House

Swing House

Classic swing trading adviser


  • The absence of potentially harmful trade practices:
    martingale, grid, sittings out, etc ..
  • Resistance to reoptimization.
  • Reliable protection deposit rigid stop loss in transfer
    breakeven and closing at the end of the day.
  • Only one open position at a time.
  • Trade pending orders to reduce the risk
  • Simplicity: “plug and play” – downloaded and bidding!

Adjustable parameters:

  • Lot – the value of a fixed asset.
  • FreeMarginPercent – the percentage of available funds for the calculation
    working lot. If equal to 0, using a fixed lot.

KSL KTP coefficients and determine at what distance from the opening price will be set Stop Loss and Take Profit. Are set separately for SELL and BUY. If the value of KTP and KSL are zero, TP and SL orders are placed at a distance of 100 pips from the opening price.

  • NoLoss – the size of current profit, in which position
    transferred to breakeven. If the value is zero NoLoss function bezubytka not
  • NoLossShift – shift relative to the price level bezubytka
    opening position.
  • CloseTradeDay – if true: closed at the end of the trading day
    all items are deleted all orders.
  • StartHour – start time.
  • StopHour – end time.
  • ExpHour – the expiry of pending orders.
  • CloseHour – the forced closing of positions.


  • Working symbol – EURUSD.
  • Working timeframes – M5, M15, M30. necessarily
    availability of loaded D1 history.
  • Deposit – from 100 USD. Recommended size
    lot – from 5 to 10% of free margin accounts.
  • The period of the forward-tests – 12 months. Frequency of floating optimization: 1 or 3 months.
  • Broker with tight spreads and the presence of minimal lot 0.01.
  • Suitable for a single trade or for use in
    composition of portfolio trading advisors.

The average number of trades per year: 130.

Swing House

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A detailed look at current Asia

A detailed look at the current Asia

Shares of Asian companies
rose after the US
data on consumer confidence and
industrial orders have strengthened
optimism about the largest economy
world. Metyu Shervud, head
Sydney Investment and Analysis
Agency Perpetual Ltd., said
in an e-mail: “The American
economy strengthens and progresses.
The Fed continues to support monetary
policy. ” According to Sherwood, interest
US rate regulator
will continue to remain at record low
level for at least
two years.

MSCI index added 0.3%
currently traded within 1% of
six-year high.

KOSPI added
0,3%, TOPIX grew by 0.1%. Hang
Seng firmed 0.1% and Shangai
Composite virtually unchanged.

on S P 500 today is not
change, remaining very high.

As for individual companies, Boral
Ltd, an Australian manufacturer
building materials, rose by as much as 4.5%. it
much higher than forecast evaluation. Kawasaki
Kisen Kaisha Ltd, the third largest
consignor in Japan, he added
3.3% on their statements of withdrawal on
10% -s’ dividend in five years.

BYD Co., the manufacturer
electric cars, added 5.8%: China will provide
funding for the construction of peculiar
“Gas stations”, which will be
electric charge.

not bad things in the technology sector.
Thus, the Taiwanese manufacturer of displays
for TVs and smartphones, Innolux
Corp., up 6.8% on their
positive reports. In the third quarter
the company will increase profits by more
complex devices, including displays for
cars and public

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Stock Europe smiles and waves

Stock Europe smiles and waves

major stock indexes in Europe or
remained at yesterday’s levels, or
grow, because they still have
support the recent decision of the ECB. news
from Ukraine will also be a lot to decide.

European morning trading DJ Euro
Stoxx little weak – lost
0.02%, which in principle is in the range
normal fluctuations. CAC 40 and DAX rose
0.03%. Today, the packet was received in the morning
new sanctions against Russia, but
enter them while not in a hurry – and these
news, shares of European companies
did not crumble rapidly.

Financial Sector (BNP Paribas added
0.06%; Societe Generale rose
0,33%, Commerzbank grown fat on
0.62% and Deutsche Bank firmed

on Scottish troubles, 0.10% added
even the FTSE – mostly
through banks. HSBC Holding up
0.07%, shares of Royal Bank of Scotland added
0.98% and Lloyds Banking pulled up
by as much as 1.70%. The order and the British
mining sector.

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Exact Advisor

Exact Advisor

This EA is based on an indicator of my copyright. It has several modes of operation and the possibility of a very flexible configuration. Thus, each user can choose the most appropriate mode for their trade.

Expert inputs

  • Lot – Lot to enter into a transaction
  • Period – the period emergence signals
  • MaxOpenOrders – the maximum number of warrants that can be open simultaneously on the same pair
  • TP – Take Profit
  • SL – Stop Loss
  • closeOnopposite – Close whether reverse order when signal appears (MaxOpenOrders If the parameter is not 1, then the parameter is false)
  • Magic – Magick in the orders of the adviser

A user without any problems can interfere with the work of the adviser, for example, an adviser to open a deal, and you think it necessary to close it, then you can safely close it manually. This will not affect the adviser.

The adviser works on all currency pairs and periods M5 – D1. Advisor is very flexible to configure, you can choose for themselves the most appropriate mode of operation.

Recommended deposit for one pair Lot 0.01 – $ 100.

Exact Advisor

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Trailing Even for Controladora

Trailing Even for Controladora

Trailing Even – is a free addition to the adviser Control adora.

It includes a trailing stop function and changes the output level, which acts as a stop loss, if achieved a certain price. Here’s how it works:

First of all, make sure you select a language in the EA Control Adora in this indicator

Changing the output level of the position functions as a stop-loss with “BES” and “BEO”:

This feature works with two arrows:

  • One is called BES (Break Even Start) – place it where the trailing function should be involved.
  • The second is called BEO (Break Even Objective) – place it where it should be out of the position if the price reaches the arrow BES. As soon as the price reaches the BES arrows, and outputs “Above” or “Below” will be moved, the system will remove the BEO arrow.

The system reads the order type, managed adviser Control adora. If it is an order to buy, BEO will move lower terminals Below advisor Control adora, if it is an order to buy, will be moved upper Above outputs.

Trailing stop BET:

To trailing worked in the properties of the indicator must be installed Pips parameter to a value greater than 0, the distance from the last highest Bid price, fixed after the start of the function for buy orders, or the last minimum Bid price for sell orders. In contrast to the trailing stop in the-in the MetaTrader, with BET function is not necessary to go into profit, to enable the feature.

As an added feature, you can configure the BET waiting BES level, then this feature is enabled. To do this, set the parameter TBES = true in the indicator settings. In this mode, the arrow BET will move to indicate the level where the outputs would be if TBES was equal to false, but the outputs will not be moved until the level of BES.

advisor job, as well as the outputs are shown in the video instructions to the adviser Control adora.


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