Implemented robust channel strategy.

On the basis of a self-tuning algorithm determines the value of the adviser TakeProfit.

Best results are obtained in the side channels.

Only works on hourly data, no matter what period is selected on the graph.

parameters advisor

  • Lots – the number of lots in the order.
  • Order_period_hours – The minimum number of hours, with the opening of an extreme order to open the next.
  • Order_life_hours – Time in hours, after which orders are closed.

Select currency pairs, which quotes several months are in the channel.

To trade in Upstream / Downstream Only channels set long / short position parameters adviser respectively.

EA does not set levels StopLoss, I recommend to use the account balance as a common StopLoss on all orders.


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Error traders at $ 617 billion Japan canceled

Error traders at $ 617 billion: Japan canceled a huge deal

Today could happen
one of the biggest trading mistakes
history. transaction size reached
up to a huge amount that even more
than the entire Swedish economy. Of course, the error
We discovered and all transactions were incorrect
abolished in Japan.

So, at 9:25 am in Tokyo
carried out transactions on the shares of 42 companies
totaling 67.78 trillion yen ($ 617 billion).
All of them have been canceled, according to the
Bloomberg and Japanese dealers Association

The largest order
has been issued for shares of Toyota Motor Corp – 1,96
billion, or 57% of all outstanding shares
world’s largest automaker,
We wanted to buy for 12.68 trillion yen through
OTC transactions. other cancellations
transactions were in stock Honda Motor Company
Co, Canon Inc, Sony and Nomura Holdings Inc.

such errors are periodically shopping
happen in the market, they are sometimes called
«Fat finger». AT
2009 to formalize a deal, the error UBS AG
3 trillion yen at Capcom Co.
through bonds. However, it does not compare
with the size of the current error.

"I have never heard
of such large errors in orders
before"- Bloomberg said Ayako Sera,
Tokyo market strategist
of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ltd, which controls
about 474 billion dollars of assets. "Must
be a mistake there".

We now know that
no harm was done to companies,
because orders were canceled in time.
Now it is necessary only to find out that
It was the appearance of this error. There is a version that
Broker mixed up the number of shares and
the value of shares. The fact that the transaction
conducted outside the stock exchange, allowed to avoid
such a big mistake.

Nikkei 225 Stock Average low
I changed yesterday, while shares of Toyota rose
1.2% as the yen weakened.

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Egyptian Fighter Arman

Egyptian Fighter Arman

Advisor to the Egyptian Fighter Arman – is primarily a Scalping EA that connects data from multiple indicators (such as the Stochastic, MACD, RSI and MA) timeframe M1, to take trade decision when a decent trading opportunity. Sam adviser tries to minimize the risk of assets using a risk management system that is built into the code, to determine the most appropriate lot size, so you do not expose your money at risk. Moreover, after the opening of a new position, the adviser will monitor new open position, and is set opposite STOP warrant after passing STEP points to hedge against unwanted movements. Adviser will constantly monitor your open positions and will exhibit the new position, if necessary, until you reach a certain number of pips, then adviser to simultaneously close all open and pending orders.


No input parameters: all parameters are automatically set by a special adviser to the algorithm for the best optimization results, based on the strategy used to create the advisor and risk management systems.

  • Currency: The adviser works on any currency pair, but for best results, use it on GBPUSD
  • Working timeframe: M1
  • The minimal deposit and leverage:Minimum Leverage: 1: 400, minimum deposit: 500 USD equivalent amount
  • Recommended broker and spread -spread < 8 points

No specific brokerage, but highly recommended broker with ECN

More information is available on request at the comments tab

Egyptian Fighter Arman

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Bugs in new law will make all of us to Travel

Bugs in the new law will make all of us to Travel Abroad

a bill that personal
Russian data should be stored on
servers in Russia, strongly
underfulfilled, says Russian
Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev.
Remind Putin signed a law that
required to keep data centers at
the Russian Federation personal data
Russians treated the Internet any
resource and any program.

The fact is that
if you accept it in its current form –
problems will not be just a lot, but very
a lot of. Rather, if you sit at home and do
does not stick out – then no problems
absolutely. In all other cases, you
still have to sit at home and do
keep a low profile. Technically
view after the adoption of the law a ban
It gets a very large category of habitual
citizens activities. try them

ban iPhones:
Of course, products
Apple directly prohibited
will not be. However, the cloud systems
data storage, including iCloud,
are already in a precarious legal
Status: hardly anyone from the leadership
Apple comes to mind
move the server in Russia.

Obtaining visas.
The Schengen zone, United Kingdom, USA –
all these and other states in which
It requires a visa anyway
collect, process and store data
Russians applying for a visa.
Data storage systems are organized
not on the servers at the embassy:
it is a more complex system. Therefore,
in fact, after the law
receiving and processing documents
visa from the embassy will
illegal activity, and therefore,
visas and we can not see, and relax at the resorts
Krasnodar region and in the Crimea, and not
our scientists to work in Europe
universities, and in general, it is necessary to house

Internet shops.
This is a separate category of activity,
which can be pretty darn reasonable:
not so rare was the situation when
Russian boutiques sold from 1000% strength
premium items ordered on eBay
or on Aliexpress. From the moment
adoption of the “bench” of the law will close:
not everyone wants to shop online
contact with the separation information
servers and institution for Russia
separate “rooms”.

tickets and hotels outside of Russia
When planning independent
Travel can not do without armor air-
and r / w tickets, without the booking of hotels and for
this necessarily share their
data. In this case, you do not think that
every small Italian or
English otelchik on the beach
lead his on a server somewhere in
Tambov region?

Export of Russian brides
the border is finally over, and have
support Russian manufacturer.
As well as keep on gourmet websites
their personal pages with the aim of overtones
they are now the motherland can only be
in the presence of the bourgeoisie Russian
servers, and it’s not every bourgeois can

Farewell, free calls to other
city ​​and country. Goodbye, convenient and
reliable, secure information
service. If the law is adopted in the present
edition, Skype among
First get a harsh legislative
a kick in the direction of our country’s borders.

But not so
bad, and the “Great Russian Wall”
speak still early. well
it is possible that the newly formed
expert advice on communication technologies
Russian deputies to denounce all
the pros and cons of the new law and will
make the necessary changes
so as to satisfy all parties

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Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

Complete Pending Orders Grid System opens any combination of pending orders Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy
Limit and Sell Limit and closes all existing pending orders. Just drag the script to schedule the required currency pair.

Before you install all pending orders window opens enter the input parameters:

  • DeleteAllPendings – if true, all pending orders (for this currency) are removed.
  • BuyStop – when true open warrant Buy Stop.
  • SellStop – when true open order Sell Stop.
  • BuyLimit – when true open warrant Buy Limit.
  • SellLimit – when true open order Sell Limit.
  • InitLot – the initial auction.
  • LotCoeff – at a value of 1, all pending orders have the same size lots.
  • InitStep – the difference between two consecutive orders in points.
  • StepCoeff – a step coefficient.
  • NumOfOrders – the number of orders.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage.
  • MagicNum – the magic number.


  • When DeleteAllPendings = true script deletes the existing pending orders for the current currency pair.
  • Do not forget to allow automated trading on the “Expert Advisors” tab ( “Tools” ->”Settings”).

Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

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Best and simplest conditions for successful investing

The best and simplest conditions for successful investing your money.

If you dream of starting your business on the Internet
with minimal investment, and there is no risk, but still such that your participation
and competition are kept to a minimum, and profits grew every day, then this
Information for you

Advisor AMILTO 3.0 continues to trade in any situation, for it is not afraid
interruptions in communication with a broker server racing courses currency, the terminal disable
and other abnormal situations. When the program detects their orders
and, as applied to trade virtual levels, and there is an auxiliary
logic, the program itself is restored to full normal operation.

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Putin Russia to take measures to stabilize ruble

Putin: Russia to take measures to stabilize the ruble

BEIJING, Nov. 10. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the authorities are taking measures to stabilize the ruble is still possible currency intervention. “Our financial authorities are taking the necessary measures (for the stabilization of the ruble exchange rate), – he said the APEC CEO Summit. – The Central Bank continues the policy of inflation targeting, and will do it further. “

Putin also assured that he will not impose restrictions on the movement of capital in Russia. “We are not going to impose restrictions on the movement of capital”, – he said the APEC CEO Summit.

The President noted that the Russian authorities are paying great attention to the formation of a favorable business environment and implementation of the best practices of investor relations at regional and municipal level.

“The main thing – that the positive changes noted entrepreneurs and investors themselves, including – foreign,” – said Putin. He said that compared with 2010, Russia twice improved its position in a certain ranking Doing Business.

The President stressed that in order to attract investors and reduce their risks as well as co-financing institutions for development projects will be used, part of the reserves accumulated in sovereign wealth funds. It will also improve access to credit.

According to Putin, finalized project financing mechanism designed to support large-scale long-term projects. “Next year predbankovskoe finance companies will drive this new structure as the Industrial Development Fund,” – he said.

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