Fibo Channel

fibo Channel

adviser fibo Channel merchandises from Fibonacci constructed by price channel candle. The basis of the system – is trading on Fibonacci levels. Point to build these levels – extremes of the day are rearranged, depending on changes in the trading day of highs and lows. For signal must generate two components: the momentum and correction input from the correction in the direction of the pulse. Stop Loss and Take Profit are also constructed from the Fibonacci levels. Commercial fixed trading volume.

parameters advisor

  • Channel_Clear_Hour – time (hour) began construction of the new channel;
  • Position_Signal_Type – type of situation to the opening position signal;
  • Position_Enter_Type – type of situation to enter the position;
  • Position_Start_Close_Hour – time (hours) that starts closing the position;
  • Position_Start_Signal_Hour – time (hours) from which to start searching for the opening position signal;
  • Position_Finish_Signal_Hour – time (hour) to which there is a search signal to the opening position;
  • Position_Start_Open_Hour – time (hours) that starts the opening position;
  • Position_Finish_Open_Hour – time (hour) before offering the position;
  • Position_SL_Fibo_Level_Type – Fib-type level for setting the stop-loss;
  • Position_SL_Indent_Pips – additional indentation (in points) to the stop-loss;
  • Position_Critical_Fixed_SL – critical maximum possible stop-loss (in points);
  • Position_TP_Fibo_2618_Channel_Size – minimum channel size (in points) at which the take profit exposed on Fibo level 261.8% of the channel height;
  • Position_TP_Fibo_4236_Channel_Size – maximum channel size (in points) at which the take profit exposed on Fibo level 423.6% of the channel height;
  • Position_Trailing_Signal_Type – Fib-type layer outside the channel for which begins trailing stop position;
  • Position_Trailing_Close_Type – Fib-type layer within the duct for installation of new stop-loss (at a trailing foot);
  • Position_ContrSignal_Close_Type – opposite type of signal, which is closed at the open position;
  • Position_Friday_Close – closing of open positions before Friday’s news;
  • Position_SL_Type – order type to stop loss;
  • Position_TP_Type – order type to take profit;
  • Position_Volume – The volume of open positions;
  • Magic – the magic number for the counselor orders;
  • PreLoad_History_Bars – the number of bars preloading history adviser when you start;
  • Is_Channel_Paint – possibility to draw Fibo channel on the chart;
  • Is_Comment – opportunity to comment on the current situation of the adviser on the chart;
  • Is_Print – the ability to write the log of the EA in the file.

Fibo Channel

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Enlightenment Standart

Enlightenment Standart

Counselor, uses in his work an averaging algorithm and martingale for losing trades.

General recommendations

For every 1000 units use the deposit item 0.01.

It is recommended to use the VPS for around the clock operation advisor.

Settings optimized for a timeframe M15 and M5.

Monitoring real account:

parameters advisor

  • WaitInitialOrder: The expert will only follow orders opened manually.
  • CloseAll: Closes all open orders on the chart and continues to trade (opens new orders).
  • ShutDown: After closing orders on the chart stops trade (New orders can not be opened).
  • MaxDDPercent: The maximum drawdown on the balance sheet, where all orders are closed. (default 25%).
  • MaxSpread: Do not allow the counselor to open orders if the current spread is greater than the set value (default 0 – switched off).
  • Opening First Order On Flat: Enables / disables the opening of the first order when flat.
  • Filter trend on TF: Filter allows signals according to the trend to higher timeframes.
  • Trade Method: It has two values: Conservative (signals are rare, but more accurate) and Aggressive (signals are very frequent, big load on the deposit).
  • lot: The initial auction for the construction of grid (default 0.01).
  • Multiplier: The coefficient, which is used to calculate the next lot (default 1.4).
  • MaxTrades: When the value MaxTrades New orders will not open (default 10).
  • CloseTPPips: Takeprofit = breakeven +/- CloseTPPips (default 50 pips).
  • Slip: Maximum sliding during opening and closing orders (by default 5).
  • displayColor: Determines the color information displayed on the chart (default White).

Enlightenment Standart

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Bounce Scalper

Bounce Scalper

Advisor Bounce Scalper detects large market movements and turn a profit at the prices and on the breakout price levels.

It can be used as a market and stop. Out of position occurs by means of rigid trailing stops.

The risk is governed by the size of the lots, depending on the balance.

There are predefined strategies, frees users from the optimization settings.

Preset strategy mainly optimized for the EURUSD. However, there may be used other pairs with low spread.

If you want more control over the adviser, it is possible to set most of the parameters themselves.

The strategy took a major testing history with simulation quality in 99% of ticks and taking into account possible price slippage.

In developing the advisor a lot of attention was paid to the protection of the account. EA can not sell more than one warrant at the same time.

Input parameters

orders Settings

  • StatusDisable advisor (Inactive).
  • Magic Number: The magic number of orders. It must be unique.
  • Stop Loss: Stop-loss points. Required is also used to preset strategies. Default: 40.
  • Take Profit: Take-profit points. Required is also used to preset strategies. Default: 500.

order management

  • Use Stop Orders: This boolean parameter determines the entry strategy into the market. If true, use pending orders, otherwise – market. Default: false.
  • Trade Breakout: Boolean, if true trade is conducted on the breakout.
  • Strategy: Preset strategy. May be conservative (Conservative), standard (Standard), aggressive (Aggressive) and user (User). The more aggressive strategy, the higher the risk and potential profit.
  • When you select a custom strategy for additional parameters (see. Section custom strategies) must be entered. Default: Conservative. Note: conservative strategy uses a fixed lot size, set by the user.
  • Max. Allowable gapsIf the gaps between adjacent bars above this value (in points), the transaction can not be opened. Default: 20 points.
  • Max. Allowable SpreadIf you exceed a specified value spread, new orders can not be opened. Default: 15 points.

custom strategy

  • auto Size: If true, trade size depends on the balance of the account and risk parameter.
  • Fixed Lot size: The lot size to be used in a conservative strategy. It can also be used in custom strategies if Auto Size option is disabled.
  • Volatility(Minimum) market volatility (in points) at which the order can be activated.
  • Shift: Distance (in points) between the current market price and the entry level of the market.
  • Trailing Stop: The value (in points), which is activated when the trailing stop.
  • Period: The period of the bar (in minutes) for the entry and management. By default, all predefined strategies use only minute bars. Custom policies can also use the two-and five-minute bars.

Note: Period setting is independent of the selected timeframe. You can run an expert on any time frame (eg, H1). The internal logic of the program only uses the M1, M2 and M5.

trading hours

  • No Trade Hour BeginAn hour work stoppage. Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Default: 0.
  • No Trade Hour EndAn hour continue. Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Default: 0.


First, work with the demo account your broker at different settings. It is strongly recommended ECN-accounts.

Of course, the best results are achieved on pairs with low spreads.

You can run the advisor on the virtual server (VPS) with low latency for around the clock operation. You can also turn off the trade in certain hours and run locally advisor.

Bounce Scalper

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SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

SSACD – Singular Spectral Average Convergence / Divergence

Analog MACD indicator based on the method of “caterpillar” Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA).

Version with indicator restrictions SSACD Forecast. Constraints concern a set of parameters and their range.

Specificity of the method

PAS It is an effective treatment method nonstationary time series with unknown internal structure. The method allows us to find previously unknown frequency range and build a forecast on the basis of the discovered regularities, including trends and oscillations of various sizes.

Unlike MACD, using moving averages, the processing results are not PAS time delay relative to the original number. Accordingly, the light delivered from such a typical defect, both hysteresis and more accurately and synchronously reflects the variability behavior price series. Built forecast for the selected “fast” and “slow” price fluctuations into account the totality of the detected different scale factors forming the “wave” behavior of a number of data and can be used to reduce the risks in the strategy.

The typical behavior of signals and interpretation of indicators similar to those of the linear MACD.

Assigning parameters

  1. N: Data fragment – the length of the fragment analyzed a number of prices.
  2. FastTrend High frequency limit– filtering option to select a rapidly oscillating equivalent “average”.
  3. SlowTrend High frequency limit– filtering parameter for isolating the oscillating smoothly equivalent “average“.
  4. Signal SMA period – smoothing the difference between the fast and slow medium
  5. Recalculate period – the update interval of the indicator (s)
  6. BackwardShift – shift the fragment of history back. To set up the model and the forecast according to the known data.

Explanation of the parameters set

High frequency limit It limits the RF noise contribution to the overall variance of a number of prices. To a rapidly oscillating middle it is 0.5 – 1.5, for a slow 1.5 – 4. The value depends on fragment length. All oscillations, whose contribution does not exceed this level will be filtered out.

BacwardShift It designed for calculation of displacement along the row of data in order to compare with known prognosis and selection price indicator parameters.

P.S. Visualization of the individual trends along the price chart is available with the indicator SSA Trend Predictor.

SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

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End Infinity

End Infinity (or dancing around the Arctic)

Before discussing intelligence forecasts and production of oil in the promising oil and gas bearing provinces Russia, I would like to once again return to the conclusions which I have covered many times in their materials.

After that, strictly speaking, it will be possible to understand why the Russian Siberia and the Arctic cause such a strong reaction – and all participants in the discussion.

End Infinity

1. Russia, like the rest of the world, is taking place now "peak oil"That is, a situation in which there is a gap between the physical production of oil and natural consumption of the same.

As oil, unfortunately, it is still the main and virtually no alternative source of energy for such vital sectors of any economy, such as transport and agriculture, the situation "peak oil" It causes an exponential increase in oil prices, near the beginning of which we have the honor lies.

Of course, this price rise by tens of percent (and even at times) will inevitably destroy the existing structure of the transport and agriculture, and will cause their restructuring. An example of such an adjustment may be Cuba, which in 1991-1999, was forced to totally restructure their transport structure and agriculture under "bezneftyanye standards". This process is very painful, multi-stage and laborious and, at the exit, still get the locomotive treated with a file socialism, shared responsibility and an authoritarian state, which together can provide a reasonable expenditure remains modest energy resources of society.

2. However, in the world there is a group of countries, which has for decades been a net importer of significant quantities of primary energy, and products containing this energy to a great extent. By name: the US, EU, Japan. These three groups of countries are beneficiaries of the existing world order.
Before the era of expensive energy, these countries were (more or less) to pay for this energy in various intangible ways – wrappers (dollars), technology, patents, a unique high value added products and luxury goods.
But since about the end of the 1980s, it began the transfer of high-tech production from these countries to countries with lower labor costs. However, the withdrawal of production and research and development of the Western countries was not linked to any changes in the standard of living of their populations. Cuban recipe proved unacceptable for them.
As a result, on the background of the rising cost of primary energy, this process led to the first cascade of the accumulated debt of the group of countries, and then – and their transition to a blatant interference in the internal affairs of countries exporting energy and products of its processing. This intervention is carried out as a direct, purely military means and by destabilization of internal peace in countries that do not follow in line with the policy of the West to preserve the status quo.

3. Part of the exporting countries of energy (for example – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates) try 100% to follow in the footsteps of Western policy on the preservation of the status quo. However, their own development logic puts limits their ability to export energy. This situation strongly hides the joint efforts of the elites of countries-exporters of oil and Western elites, which in this case are the joint front "You die today, and tomorrow I die".

4. The situation after the peak oil major world players would resemble a war of attrition ("spiders in a jar"), In which each and countries (or groups of countries) will try to close the maximum remaining energy resources. Russia’s position in this next fight, which seems low at first glance, is actually underestimated. At the very least, such a state is observed in the mass consciousness about the real views of Russian and Western elites, I have an opinion.
On the other hand, declared in words the power of the West project, turns in fact unavoidable infrastructure problems.
Problems of the countries-exporters of energy (such as KSA), and net states energy importers (such as, for example, Ukraine), who at the time of the passage of peak oil is not spromoglis build a replacement structure of the economy, which will be able to act without cheap energy, represented generally intractable . Most likely, these countries simply cease to exist in their present form, or will be forced to undergo a transformation, not less painful than Cuba took place in the period 1991-1999.

In addition, based on previous material, I would say that the Russian gas and oil production will not fall "by Hubbert". And will it happen is due to the introduction of new production capacity of the fields named in the previous article. And, if in the case of, for example, Saudi Arabia or Norway, it could be a single new fields, in the case of Russia, it will be the whole province neftegazonostnye (PNC), previously inaccessible due to the remoteness of the consumers and supplied to the lack of transport infrastructure it. Therefore, Russia’s fall from peak production will not go "on classics" (2-3% per year), and much more hollow.

And now – to the most fun. Antarctica and the Arctic. Arctic and Antarctic, are the main array unexplored earth’s surface, which is still possible in principle to find large deposits of oil and gas. Strictly speaking, the activity around the two regions, and will mean that "spiders in the bank" It has finally ends oxygen.

The situation of Antarctica until podmorozhena Antarctic Treaty. This contract was signed in as early as 1959 and not directly posits the absence of any of the exploitation of mineral resources of the continent’s activities. Treaty only regulates the use of Antarctica for peaceful purposes only and the transformation of the territories located to the south of latitude 60 into a zone free of nuclear weapons.

The question of the exploitation of mineral resources of Antarctica puzzled later, held from May 2 to June 2, 1988 ,. in Wellington, New Zealand, the international conference, which was attended by more than 30 States Parties to the Antarctic Treaty and which adopted the Convention on the regulation of the use of mineral resources in Antarctica, and also adopted rules governing the production of oil, gas and mineral resources.

In order to join this Convention into force was needed ratification by 16 states-members of the Antarctic Treaty consultative status. And among these 16 states have to be the Soviet Union and the United States and 7 countries with territorial claims in Antarctica. It provided that the commercial operation or development of the Antarctic stations can take place only after the unanimous approval of a special commission, which will be presented to all voting treaty country.

However, in May 1989, the press reported on the decision of Australia not to sign the Wellington Convention, counting more accurate creation of a natural park on the icy continent. Australia – one of the seven countries claim to territorial rights in the Antarctic and the right of veto in the organization of the States Parties to the Antarctic Treaty.

In general, the bloody regime of penguins already worth thinking about the democratization of the continent, especially because the list of territorial claims to the feathered impresses with its diversity. Everything is thoroughly – with flags, coats of arms and the motto bad that there is no New Swabia and the Nazis – it certainly would make the list of these claims, the delicate touch of a schizophrenic – in the style of the recent Finnish Iron Sky.
Basically, in the Antarctic race, along with the countries specified above can enter the United States and Russia (as the successor of the USSR) as start any exploitation of the natural resources of Antarctica – and the commemoration of the world system of international law can already be considered valid. In the meantime, it rattles only on the approaches to the ice continent, but even that is already smacks of war everything thoroughly.

The main problem in the case of Antarctica, as we understand, yet are only supersurovye climatic conditions on the icy continent. While explore and produce oil and gas there is simply unprofitable.

Another situation in the Arctic. The Arctic is melting. And it turned out that a sufficiently shallow polar sea insanely rich in oil and gas:

End Infinity

More than 10 – is more than 10 billion barrels.. In the case of the Barents Sea, the Yamal and Gydan – etoMNOGO more.

As you can see, the basic amounts of hydrocarbons are concentrated in the Russian sector of the continental shelf – in fact – in the framework of the 200-mile exclusive economic zone of Russia. Here, if anything, we can consider all this in more detail.
Bring any claims on deposits in the Kara Sea – Leningrad or Rusanovskoe, the Russian Barents Sea sector – Ice, Ludlovskoe Shtokman or Murmansk field is impossible in principle – in this case the hell flying the entire system of international law, as in the case of Russia – it war, and, most likely, the war is hot and nuclear.

The recent agreement between Norway and Russia, painted with detail here on this map, in fact, put an end to the case of any claims by third countries to Russia on its exclusive economic zone:

End Infinity

Red dots – colonies of sea birds of passage. But we struggled, as we understand, for purple blotches.

According to the results of this agreement controversial area (disputed area) was divided almost in half. Its potential is interesting, but it turns, in fact, around a single object – Fedynskiy dome. Norwegians call it the backbone of Hjalmar Johansen, so patriotic with the Norwegian point of view.

However, even this large potential (it still has not been drilled), the object is divided as a result of this agreement in the ratio? to Norway, and? Russia.

End Infinity

In addition, the agreement on the disputed zone clearly established the principle of sharing cross-border structures – Fedynskiy dome is simply impossible "pump out" From the Norwegian side, "forgetting" at the same time bring it to Russia. Otherwise – see above – the conflict, the system of international law, war, The World’s End.

Exploration Fedynskiy dome will start soon, with not with the Norwegian Statoil, and with italyanskimEni. However, Statoil is also offered to participate in the development of the Barents Sea, also with "Rosneft"But playing the lottery in other promising areas. In general, not converged light wedge on the Shtokman project and all the eggs are not in one basket – you want to produce oil while – will issue you the sites to search for oil. Spent Total and Statoil have about $ 1.5 billion in the Shtokman -. For God’s sake, but if they want to wait until – let wait.

In short, Russia has a problem – how to master the field. Can be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow can be.

The West has a problem – where bldzhd, take the oil? And – it is desirable to have the day before yesterday!

Well, the main battle for the Arctic – is on its way.

Here it is, the last piece of the oil and gas:

End Infinity

It’s all lies beyond the 200-mile economic zone of the Arctic countries. And, if the 200-mile economic zone, which itself had originated spur of the moment in 1960 -, the question of determining the shelf accessories 1970, when the wealth of the shelf became interested in humanity, and recognized by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982 for outside the 200-mile zone it is not so trivial. The UN Convention establishes only 12 miles of sovereign territorial waters and economic zone of 200 miles – with free shipping, but the exclusive rights to the use of mineral and biological resources.

Any country can claim an exclusive economic zone over a length of 200 miles, if it is proved that the shelf from its shores extend beyond this distance. These questions determine the affiliation of the continental shelf beyond the zone itself is still solved by a special commission of the UN Law of the Sea. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union and Canada signed the Convention and is therefore de facto recognized the sovereignty of the United Nations on this issue of maritime law. All historical claims to "polar ownership" Canada and the USSR now, in fact, have the same legal force as the New Swabia. Steers the UN Commission and research – as initially its sovereignty over the shelf is better to prove the geological maps in hand.

Hence, I hope you understand, and stems the interest in the Arctic, in such completely Arctic powers such as China and South Korea – in the case of the Arctic section on the rules of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea of ​​the Arctic seas (though this is not the shelf – and vice versa most deep portions!) will be administered by the UN, that is, seems to be a draw. Hence – and a desire to play "Arctic lottery".

After all, the Arctic is melting:

End Infinity

And it melts it from Russia.

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Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free – is a free tool to copy trades of other traders and signals that send data through Trade Copier Pro. To start using it, you need to get a free license of the signal provider, that is, your account number must be added to a list of suppliers. This means that you can copy only the transaction and alerts the owner who agreed to this and gave a free license.

This tool has all the features of copying transactions like Trade Copier Pro. signals the receiver can manage the list of suppliers through a built-in database.

Link: If you need a translation function and copy, please go to:

Attention: Trade Receiver Free only receives a transaction / signals from the full version Trade Copier Pro. The product does not work with the Trade Copier Pro Demo.

Main functions:

  • Copy trades / signals from a large number of suppliers.
  • Managing the list of suppliers transactions through the integrated database management system, which requires no additional tools. Suppliers can be added, deleted, edited, and their signals can be permitted or prohibited.
  • Supplier Tracking status (online / offline), with the possibility of changing suppliers list.
  • Switching between the global mode which involves copying via the internet and local, in which copying is performed with the same computer or server.
  • Switching between the trade protocol to copy transactions, and signal protocol for signaling alarms. It is worth noting that in this case, the priority for the choice of provider.
  • Protection of the recipient of signals from the slip, obsolete orders and too large lots.
  • Simultaneous, non-conflict and trade manually through the expert.
  • Automatic recognition and synchronization prefixes / suffixes in characters from different brokers.
  • It allows you to use up to five special characters, settings (eg: GOLD -> XAUUSD) for synchronization with the ISP.
  • A large number of the lot size settings.
  • Setting up filters on the type of orders.
  • The possibility of a reversal transaction for copying.
  • Automatic notifications about new transactions on the account via e-mail and telephone.
  • Restore previous settings, and state after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.
  • Control panel in real time.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

Terms of use:

  • Install Trade Receiver Free on any schedule.
  • When you first start you may need to specify the address “” in the list of trusted URL in MT4 to allow access to the Internet.
  • Send a request to the supplier for a free license, giving permission to copy its signals.
  • Then, in the “List of Providers” add the account number of the supplier from which you will copy the transaction. Ensure that the provider has added your account number in your list.
  • Go back to the main panel and change the status to Enable.

Settings and options:

  • It is the same as in the Trade Copier Pro, except for the lack of provider options. Details in the description Trade Copier Pro.

Trade Receiver Free


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US stocks crack because of actions of Chinese

US stocks crack because of the actions of the Chinese regulators

US stock
Futures suddenly went down on Friday,
when linked to some Chinese
Equity contracts fell due to legislative changes. As is known,
Now Chinese portfolio managers will be able to
provide loan stock for future
Sales uncoated. In addition, the National Bank
China will expand the list of securities available
to play on the slide in order to increase
offer shares on the market.

"Apparently, this
news was a heavy load for
Chinese futures indices that
dragged down shares"- says Craig
Erlam, senior market analyst
OANDA. Chinese shares listed in
Hong Kong, fell to 4% after closure
trading. "What we see now,
It is a combination of panic and destruction
Technical levels are all exacerbating
downward movement", – he added.

Also on the global
markets affected by the output of the terminal building
Bloomberg. Traders access to the terminals
blocked at about the same time
Asian markets closed. Company
She said she is working to
restore access to the Bloomberg Professional
service, a key product of the company.

Futures on the Dow Jones
Industrial Average fell 0.80% to 15:48 MSK on S P
500 – 0.64%, and futures on the Nasdaq-100 caved
0.78%. European stocks
also fell after the news from China:
Stoxx Europe 600 lost 1.6%. Yesterday, US stocks closed
a slight decline, receiving a slight bump from several members
The Fed, which stated that the short-term
interest rate increase of less than

Ahead of us
correction? One analyst said,
on CNBC Friday that he expects to start
correction of global indicators
Over the next month. "I think,
that the correction started at DAX and S P 500, and
probably today we’ll see their latest
highs", – said Yasin’s Eve,
Britain’s portfolio
PivotHunters. It monitors the expiration of options
contracts on Friday, and then waits
beginning of a correction – S P 500, in his opinion,
It drops to 10%, and drops to 11650 DAX.

Today special attention
should be paid to the behavior of these shares.
General Electric showed a loss in the first
quarter, losing 0.8% of the value of the shares
in premarket trading. After the close of trading in
Thursday American Express announced the increment
profit of 6.5%, the shares lost 1.74% after
the company stated that its
results were affected by a strong
dollar. Advanced Micro Systems Inc. shows
strong fall – at 10.45% in premarket trading.
Its shares fell after the
the chip maker released a report,
according to which in the first quarter
the company recorded a loss and very weak
income. Schlumberger shares rose slightly yesterday
more than 2% in premarket trading today –
another + 2.62%. The company said it will cut
over 11,000 jobs after a 39% fall
Revenue in the quarter I.

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