Expert is easy to optimize and configure, runs well into the future in the real market. Signal
It is formed by the following indicators:

  • Moving Average of
    Oscillator – OsMA oscillator shows the difference between the values ​​and MACD
    the signal line.
  • Parabolic SAR – Parabolic Stop and Reverse system.

Based on the sum signal of the two
indicators formed by a common signal. By
expert signal coming into the market and puts the foot. The expert uses
Trailing Stop
and working with several
points profit. When you set up, you can specify whether
use multiple orders in one direction, usually applied 1-2 more

optimization are indicated in the screenshots, as well as all the fields to configure the tester. Expert
you need to optimize one month and can be
to enter the market. All the charts are shown for 1 month. settings to
These can be downloaded in the discussion.


  • Magic – the magic number;
  • PeriodWork – working period;
  • Risk – The risk calculated from the deposit and stop Losa;
  • LotRounding – rounding of the lot;
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss;
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit;
  • PeriodTrailing – period trailing stop;
  • TrailingBreakeven – bezubytka level;
  • TrailingStart – start trailing stop;
  • TrailingStop – move the trailing stop;
  • WorkOpenLong – Allows you to open a long
  • WorkOpenShort – Allows you to open short
  • WorkCloseLong – Allows you to close long
  • WorkCloseShort – Allows
    to close a short position;
  • PeriodSignal – period indicators;
  • OsMaFast_ema_period – parameter indicator Moving
    Average of Oscillator;
  • OsMaSlow_ema_period – parameter indicator Moving
    Average of Oscillator;
  • OsMaSignal_period – parameter indicator Moving
    Average of Oscillator;
  • VolumeFiltr – filter by volume.


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Professional LED moving averages with zero delay.

Indicator MAi – this nonretarded set of moving averages.

thanks MAi you will finally be able to trade in real time without delays, your transaction will be more accurate and efficient.

List of moving averages and combinations with an average of Hull available below in the section of code.

You can run multiple instances of the indicator MAi simultaneously for all timeframes. Thus it is possible to test and compare the results with different settings.

Like all of our indicators in MAi integrated technology “Testing of the runner on the story“.

The program can work in two automatic modes:

1. Runner Mode

Activated when run on indicator chart or visual testing.

You can test / adjust the light on the stories with the included “slider” with up to 32,767 bars.

During visual testing you can run on the chart indicator and easily adjust the input parameters.
The tester (Only) of the slider mode, you can go out pressing the <Esc>.

Allowing you to easily switch between timeframes in the selected position, and compare the results.

Watch the video of the “switching” in HD https://youtu.be/D2BeTLSPbY4

2. Expert mode

Activated when starting from the EA indicator using “iCustom” function.

It is intended for use only advisor, testing with a runner off.

built-in indicator “error checking“That allows to see and correct problem areas.

Tested and works well in our advisor PointerX.

Watch the video of “testing” in HD https://youtu.be/L5VYcW3L_Ms

All this makes the light easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

How to trade on MAi?

It’s very simple. If MAi line goes up – buy, if goes down – sell.

Also, there are other options (two copies with different settings – when one line crosses another, as well as the use of other indicators).

It is recommended to run multiple instances of indicators on different timeframes with different settings to achieve the best results (M5, M15, H1, H4).

for programmers

You can turn indicator advisors:

enum method
   SMA = 0, / * SMA (Simple_MA) * /
   LWMA = 1, / * LWMA (Linear_Weighted_MA) * /
   SWMA = 2, / * SWMA (Sine_Weighted_MA) * /
   LSMA = 3, / * LSMA (Least_Squares_MA) * /
   TRIMA = 4, / * TRIMA (Triangular_MA) * /
   ILRS = 5, / * ILRS (Integral_of_Linear_Regression_Slope) * /
   EMA = 6, / * EMA (Exponential_MA) * /
   DEMA = 7, / * DEMA (Double_EMA) * /
   MDEMA = 8, / * MDEMA (Median_DEMA) * /
   TEMA = 9, / * TEMA (Triple_EMA) * /
   REMA = 10, / * REMA (Regularized_EMA) * /
   T3 = 11, / * T3 (Tillson) * /
   EMA_Hull = 12, / * EMA_Hull * /
   DEMA_Hull = 13, / * DEMA_Hull * /
   TEMA_Hull = 14, / * TEMA_Hull * /
   REMA_Hull = 15, / * REMA_Hull * /
   T3_Hull = 16, / * T3_Hull * /

Teams for the current and last values ​​for MQL4:

double maiCur = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,1);
double maiPrev = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,2);
if (maiCur>maiPrev) buyMAI_ = true;
if (maiCur<maiPrev) sellMAI_ = true;

  • NULL = current character
  • MA_TF_ = enum_timeframes
  • “MAi” = path / name of the custom indicator compiled
  • MA_MTD_ = method (from 0-16 in this order)
  • a_st_ = display step
  • a_sm_ = smoothing
  • a_vf_ = v_factor (volume ratio)
  • a_lam_ = lambda
  • 1 = last bar (use 1 for more accurate results, because the zero bar is not yet complete)
  • 0 = line index
  • 1 (2) = offset

Input parameters MAi

In order from left to right: name [default value], min-max value.

If you accidentally enter a smaller or greater value will be used the value of min-max.

  • Method [LSMA] – indicator method
  • Step [25] 0-100 – step indicator
  • * Smooth [0] 0-100 – smoothing lines
  • * V_factor [1.0] 0.0-50.0 – volume ratio
  • * Lambda [0.3] 0.0-100.0 – lambda (for REMA, REMA_Hull)
  • LastBar [0] 0-6000 – Display the last bar (from left to right in descending order 0 – last)
  • PastBars [100] 1-6000 – bars on the history (to the left)

* Depending on the nature of moving may not be available for some methods

Additional Information

Demo version shows the main features and ease of use MAi.

For unlimited version MAi or to use an indicator in the Expert Advisor, you should buy or rent the full version.

Are you satisfied with our work? Share with everyone and leave your review.

If you need assistance in using our trading instruments, or if you have difficulties or questions, please contact me.





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Advisor to divide your order into six equal parts, using the level of take-profit … The standard version uses the standard value of the lot sizes and standard partial order (six orders). EA opens two stops while meeting the conditions – BuyStopOrder and SellStopOrder. Martingale, hedging and other potentially dangerous methods are used. Order a hard stop-loss, as well as other money management methods, including partial closure and limited lifetime orders. Do not use this EA in conjunction with other robots and do not open the transaction manually. Recommended symbol – EURUSD M30, H1 and above (*). The recommended deposit amount – more than $ 200. Advisor works with any broker. The lower the spread, the higher the efficiency of the robot. Test it with your broker before purchasing.

* This Lite version of the advisor, designed for non-professional traders. Email me if you want to get a professional version.

Logo advisor (eight-pointed star and two-headed eagle) are symbols of the Seljuk State.

Product provides rent for one month to test on a real account. The price of the product will be enhanced over time.


  • OrderCloseTimer: closing orders in seconds (if by that time there will still be open orders)
  • BarCount: the number of bars for the analysis
  • BarCount1: number of last bars to open orders

The default settings are for EURUSD M30.


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Night Raven Martin

Night Raven Martin


Adviser to the use requirements: For operation of the adviser needs low spread (recommended spread – 1) and minimal slippage!

This EA represents scalper which operates on signals that are generated by such indicators: Bollinger Bands, Stochastic and Moving Average.

Works Adviser on terminal time 00:05 08:00, the default time is set to close all orders 9:00 (can be changed).

Optimal settings:

  • Slow MA period for the buy – 288.
  • fast MA period for the buy – 280.
  • Slow MA period for CELL – 192.
  • fast MA period for CELL – 180.

Settings Night Raven Martin

Dynamic settings lot (lot which increases in accordance with increasing deposit)

  • Dynamic lot: use dynamic lot – true; do not use a dynamic lot – false.
  • lots: a given lot.
  • Use MaxLot: use dynamic restriction growth Lot (user).

The rest of the user settings are intuitive and do not require description.

If you need more information, you can contact with me at any time.

I give two screenshots:

  1. NightRaven turned off dynamic lot.
  2. NightRaven enabled dynamic lot.

Besides all of the above is possible in its sole discretion to enable or disable the function of Martingale.

Night Raven Martin


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CloseAndDeleteAll Pro

CloseAndDeleteAll Pro

script CloseAndDeleteAll Pro It designed to close all trades and delete all pending orders for the selected symbol.

Just drag it to the chart, and it is:

  • Sort the transaction to reduce the lot (the first will be closed the biggest deal);
  • Sort the order of the distance from the current price (at first will be deleted most neighbors orders);
  • Enables TradeBooster for the speedy dispatch of all trade orders (only if you use it);
  • Make sure that all transactions are closed, the order removed, and exits.

The script is free and fully functional, even if you do not use TradeBooster.
CloseAndDeleteAll Pro

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Next session of divination What awaits us on

The next session of divination. What awaits us on Wednesday?

Today publishes its accounts Boeing Company. This giant aircraft industry is not only growing steadily in price, but also pays dividends to its shareholders. The forward-looking expectations – the addition of $ 2.01 per share. Recently it became known that the United Arab Emirates entered into a deal with the company: sheikhs took 150 aircraft. It – a guarantee that the “Boeing” in the near future will be working in a very intense time, and from a lack of orders to suffer just will not.

It fell slightly during the past
day: the situation with Ukraine is on
place, investors are a little bolder and
again invested in riskier
assets. However, if the rhetoric
European, Russian and American
Leaders slip at least one new
impolite note – Precious Metals
again confidently rush up. how
the immediate aim for gold analysts
assume $ 1,320 per troy

the same sentiment and the oil markets.
If Russian oil exports will
limited – for oil prices to rise. Till
nothing happens, and the downward
the trend continues. Oil bearing point
Brent crude is now
regarded as 106.80, and the nearest
goal – to 107,90 dollars per barrel.

All too tied to the currency markets
geopolitical situation. EUR / USD
creeping down, the European
economy weakens (business activity
in Germany it is clearly demonstrated).
The immediate aim of EUR / USD is determined
some pessimistic analysts
as the 1.4330 – and it is very unpleasant story
for the European currency.

GBP / USD waiting
news about monetary policy
Britain. MPC will release today the minutes
its recently held meeting,
and from it will become clearer as the lead
English control yourself and when
expected to raise interest rates.
But here there is a “god from the machine” in the form of
recently published a report on the net
public sector debt
Great Britain. He has reached 77% of GDP (this
a maximum of the last year), so
tightening of monetary policy and
raising rates leaves sideways in the first
all of Britain itself. All these factors
together, we predict that the pair
GBP / USD can go to the area

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Interview with Bernard Madoff organizer of largest

Interview with Bernard Madoff – organizer of the largest ever Ponzi scheme

Criminals defrauded investors at all times, and it is unlikely that they will ever stop.

This is just one of the observations of Bernard Madoff, contained in a recent interview devoted to the issues of integrity of the financial markets and how investors can protect themselves from fraud, similar to Bernard. He described decades of evasion careful examination by regulators and gullible customers and said that retail investors – less informed market participants.

Madoff gets 150 years for the organization of the largest ever Ponzi scheme, stole billions of dollars of their clients and for decades fooled regulators until he was caught and sent to jail.

After the recognition of the crime Madoff was sent to imprisonment in Correctional Complex in North Carolina. After five years in jail Madoff at the meeting with the journalist Marketwatch looked friendly, relaxed and healthy, despite the oppressive atmosphere of the prison.

During a two-hour conversation Madoff told about the good old days on Wall Street, and friendly meetings with different people, such as the Minister of Finance and CEO Goldman Sachs Bob Rabin, and former head of the Commission on the US Securities and Arthur Levitt.

In prison Madoff do not have access to the Internet, the news, he and 60 other inmates in prison learns of TV viewing is allowed from 2 pm until midnight.

A former climber now spends his days caring for the prison telephone system and computers, and says that friends-convicts called him “Director of Communications”.

Marketwatch talked to Madoff on how to avoid the pitfalls of investors and Wall Street fraud attempts.

Journalist (the F) You’ve worked with the most elite Wall Street firms. How it has changed even before you have started the pyramid?

Madoff (hereinafter M) Individual investor – the last person who has any information. The average investor goes against professional financial firms, hedge funds and professional traders and easily frightened to such an extent that he will leave the market.

Where F is safest to invest in these days in terms of the risk of fraud?

M The best opportunity for the average investor – to invest in index funds. They lower fees and more professional management. This is the safest and least attractive area for crooks. If you want to keep the money from a broker, look for a large company, it is a public company. Most likely, they have appropriate procedures and proper compliance with the law. If regulators checked my company, they would have caught me before. That is the way by which you can avoid exposure to risk their money. Or invest the money in mutual funds, which are large enough to protect its investors.

[Madoff avoided the requirements for disclosure of the regulator on the assets of its fund information by selling existing assets on the eve of the deadline for submission of reports. Madoff also rejected calls for an external audit “on the grounds of secrecy”, claiming that it is the exclusive competence of the responsible officer of the company.]

If you are risk averse, you should buy or munipialnye federal bonds. But you will get 2.5% of revenue, that is below inflation. If you are unsure, you should put your money into a savings account, in the end it’s better than losing money, and they will be safe from fraud attempts.

F What if the company says that the investment is too complex to understand?

M Wall Street is not so complicated. If you ask the average hedge fund or an investment firm as they earn money, they will not tell you. Many people think that this is too difficult, and they can not understand it. You should ask good questions, and if you do not understand something, ask your accountant pozadavat questions.

If you do not understand something, do not invest in it. People keep asking me how I was making, and I refused to answer him, but despite this they continued to invest. My investors are shrewd people smart enough to understand what happened and how to make money. Nevertheless invested, even in the absence of any explanation. What is happening should make sense to you. If you do not understand an investment, do not invest in it.

F As an individual investor to know Wall Street and how it works?

M Read a good book, you will have to educate themselves on the market. People are too gullible investors deception began with the dawn of time, and I do not think he’s coming to an end. Resort to qualified consultants. Previously, there were registered consultants who are trained and qualified in various financial investments. Now this system is not. The greatest danger lurking in cases where financial advisor to motivate manipulation investor behavior in any way.

F Your customers consistently receive good returns for several years. No one realized that it was a pyramid until there was a financial crisis and customers have not demanded my money back. As investors find such fraud?

M If the offer sounds too good to be true, then it is a scam. One of the things that allowed me so long to stay afloat – that’s what I had tremendous credibility. I suggested that 11-12% of income, which was not too unusual at the time. Therefore, no one asked me, and I continued.

F How to be sure that your money is actually invested?

M Periodically ask for your money back. What investors should do is to occasionally ask to return the money, whether it’s a hedge fund or other investment firm. They will try to stop you by saying that once again invest money you can not, if you will bring them, but in fact you are likely to always be able to return. Ask to withdraw all your funds every two years to ensure that they are in order. If my clients did this to me, I would have been caught before.

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