Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar indicator paints reversal bars according to the trading strategy B. Williams, described in the book “Trading Chaos 2″.

  • Bar bearish painted in red or pink. (Red – a stronger signal)
  • Bullish divergent bar turns blue or blue color. (Blue – a stronger signal)

It is recommended to use on the timeframes H1 and more.

Reverse Bar

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Interactive Stop Loss Demo

Interactive Stop Loss Demo

Demo version Adviser Interactive Stop Loss. This version is specifically designed for visual backtesting with a tester advisers. In addition, the advisor can also work on a demo account.


Since the strategy tester does not allow to open orders during backtesting, in the EA were added buttons for opening orders, as well as the input field to set the stop-loss.

Important! During testing, the advisors to the tester user events are not processed. Therefore, events such as clicking on an advisor’s controls, as well as the order opening the buttons will not be processed. To change the operating advisor or opening orders in test mode the tester modes should be put on pause, and then press the right buttons. After disabling the pause adviser will handle all keystrokes, as it would do on a real or demo account.

The adviser works on the strategy tester, as well as on a demo account. it is recommended to purchase the full version of the advisor for a full trade:

Interactive Stop Loss Demo

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Strength indicator calculates fractal and displays numbers indicating the number of bars on both sides, located below / above a given fractal (10 displays all values ​​over 9).

Indicator calculates fractal type 4: Classical and HighestHigh LowestLow and further LowestHigh and HighestLow. In my view, they are more important.

Type calculated fractals can be specified in the input parameters of the indicator. The indicator operates through OnTimer () function, the refresh rate is specified in the input parameter “Seconds”. Parameter “Bars” defines the number of bars for the calculation.

The indicator has two features:

  • If two adjacent competitive fractal have equal values ​​- the first fractal is considered as more important indicator.
  • Immediately after the formation of a fractal set the maximum permissible value at this point. In the event of changes in the situation to adjust the value indicator.

Note: The work of the demo versions of the indicator can be seen by running it as an expert in strategy tester in the visualization mode.


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KLV Group strategy I test Alpari

KLV Group strategy. I test Alpari

From Monday the battle begin! Strategy KLV Group set up under the following parameters.


5 * marks

Leverage 1: 500 / Depot $ 10,000 (had to take what is offered to the broker from my personal office)

by 7383606 investor password n4nJEXr

At its table calculated the allowable drawdown 2000-2100p. (Excluding gain counter transactions)

KLV Group strategy I test Alpari

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Optimization of trading strategies

Optimization of trading strategies

Continuing the theme –

Optimization is quite difficult to carry out if the trading strategy (TC) has no ideological basis.

At a sufficiently long period of optimization (over 1 year) change of parameters brute force does not achieve an acceptable result. But if the basic idea of ​​the vehicle is clear and understandable, the optimization does not cause major problems, and get the desired result can be relatively quickly by simply adding one additional filter in the strategy to the planned result.

Testing strategy for the EURJPY pair.

Before optimizing the parameters:

After optimization:

Optimization of trading strategies

Maybe I went too far with filters, but, on the other hand, any additional filter dramatically reduces the frequency of trading, and here we have to choose between max profit and maloubytochnostyu trade. And both of these conditions at the same time – are not feasible.

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Argo CandlesMT4

argo CandlesMT4

The idea to create this instrument was the frequent use of
in different strategies as a signal to enter the market (or the completion signals
beginning wave) crossing “MA” a short period (3-9), or going beyond the “Channel
standard deviation. “In this display is such a signal change color candles
(Bar) to the opposite. Scaling is automatic
Depending on the number of visible bars. The possibility of inclusion
warning signal and sending it to the Email.

After its analysis
work it turned out that he can independently be a simple heart
trend strategy on TF H1-H4 and above, where used for filtering transactions “MA” long period.

For correct display of the indicator in the Settings window “Properties”
it is necessary to specify the “color line” – None, and when displaying the “Candlesticks” put the kind of “line.”


  • Length – similar to the parameter deviations StdDev Channel.
  • Nbars – the amount of calculated bars.
  • Candles – candles or bars.
  • AlertON – warning signal.
  • EmailON – sending to Email.

Argo CandlesMT4

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Locking deals Trade Mathematics

Locking deals. Trade Mathematics.

In its strategy using simple EA to manage more than twenty positions.
That completely changes once the trader‘s work.
If you had to work with the help of locking with several positions at the same time,
how do you keep records of open positions, write comments.

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