Rising oil prices restrain concerns about fight

Rising oil prices restrain concerns about the fight against Saudi Arabia and Iran for market share

LONDON (Reuters) – Oil prices rose on Tuesday on expectations that demand may grow fast enough to come into line with the proposal in the current year. However, anxiety about a possible fight against Saudi Arabia and Iran for a share of the oil market has limited the rise.

Futures for Brent crude oil rose 0.92 cents to $ 45.39 a barrel by 1715 GMT. US crude gained 0.88 cents to $ 43.51 a barrel.

However, some analysts believe it is too early to talk about the end of the period of market saturation due to the likely increase in imports from Saudi Arabia and Iran, fighting for customers.

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and so what we have on the delta of the euro ?!

at the time of the sale are paid by the seller, but usually such sales do not go much in depth. mainly to a range of local nizinok.

Scheduled price tag looks at 1.1350 and then again at the top, if the delta change. although today nizinki were shot down, probably will not repeat …

the lower the price will fall the stronger the impulse to the top …

NIZINKI / vershinku create WOULD shoot them down

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Stochastic MT5 TFs by your choice

Stochastic MT5 TFs by your choice

This indicator is based on the classic oscillator Stochastic. It will be useful for those who prefer not to use visual and numerical representation of the indicator. Indicator Stochastic MT5 It shows values ​​from all timeframes:

  • M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M10, M12, M15, M20, M30, H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H8, H12, D1, W1, and MN1.

The input parameters can be adjusted for each Stochastic with each timeframe. Selectable timeframe for display.

The indicator shows the main line (% K) and a second line (% D) in digital form.

Example M1

  • TF_M1 = true;
  • K_Period1 = 5;
  • D_Period1 = 3;
  • S_Period1 = 3;

Input parameters:

  • OverboughtLevel = 80;
  • OversoldLevel = 20;
  • aColor = ClrAqua; – color labels timeframes;
  • wColor = ClrWhite; – Color for data between OverboughtLevel and OversoldLevel;


  1. If you change the currency pair on the open chart, you need to wait a couple of seconds (Next Tick) to perform recalculation.
  2. Before using this indicator, open all schedules (all timeframes) for the current currency pairs.

Stochastic MT5 TFs by your choice

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Time Session

Time Session

Indicator Time Session provides a unique opportunity to celebrate at suitable intervals on the trading chart.

This indicator is useful for those who trade in a certain time and confused whether to start trading or it is too early to go.

Also, using the indicator Time Session convenient to carry out testing on the history, tracking the behavior of the graphs in the specified period of time.


  • StartTimeSession – session start time.
  • EndTimeSession – the end of the session.
  • CountBars – Number of bars inside, which draw the session.
  • LineColor – Color Line.
  • SessionColor – Color session.

Time Session

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Boat and competition Do bot victory is possible

Boat and competition. Do bot victory is possible?

I had long been trying to get an answer to this question.
Naturally, this is not the main objective. Summary – testing new versions of the bot in "martial" conditions. This is much more fun and more exciting than the demo.
Moreover – in the different competitions are different conditions. It is possible to check how flexible configuration is a bot if it fine-tuning for specific applications is possible.

As regards the main issue – whether the bot can win in the competition – the answer I’m at it, in fact, I have long received.
Yes, it is possible. It is possible, if the terms of trade in the competition should be close to the trade in the real world, ie, if there is a restriction on the drawdown, which makes it impossible turretless zhaheram make hundreds of percent a day. Certainly no boat no hijacking of the trader, which wears away at a computer intently, running in five minutes, and each transaction opens "all the money". In manual trading option, though it is very risky, yet success is very possible that the results of tenders without restrictions. On the day even make more than 300%.
Winning such competitions bot possible how to close the week contest for Fibo Forex (maximum allowable drawdown 29.99%), or even more stringent conditions – drawdown of 20% interest on Gerchikov competitions.

Conditions of the competition "Dengopad", The results of participation in the final round which I publish here:
– 0.01 minimum transaction
– maximum transaction 1.00
– maximum position + = 5 orders
This limits zhaherov only partially, but does not give the opportunity to work counselor at full strength.
Pyramiding impossible. Secure e-Trade, which basis – support the newly opened position to the saved previous trailing profit as possible.
The maximum allowable number of open positions does not allow this.
And limitations in terms of position. When pyramiding possible opening position building, which is ten times greater than that which lies at the base of the pyramid.
Here it causes an error – No way more than 1 lot. We have to use the only mode with a fixed volume positions.

Evaluation of the results of the contest.
59.25% pure profit obtained 5 days trading loss at least 10% – for real trading limit is dreams.
For the competition – only 34 th place. The prize ten missed.
leader of the result – the balance to close $ 20217.51 ​​(start 5000)
Trader closes the top ten with $ 11860.03
But the hope of winning, even in this competition have not lost – if the card will fall well, the bot will do what the hands can be done.
if you do not win, the prize will be received early in the mud too late.

I ask to join the discussion of those I have something to say on the subject.

Boat and competition Do bot victory is possible

Boat and competition Do bot victory is possible

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Introducing novelty in 2014 – nepererisovyvayuschiysya TrueBoom indicator for the Forex market. C it can work even beginners. The indicator is not redrawn, and the trend monitors, filtering false inputs and giving only the weighted signals. We tried to make light was effective enough for traders who are already used to playing for high stakes, and at the same time would remain fairly simple and understandable for beginners.

Our indicator provides accurate Forex-signals. Features of the indicator can be explained literally in a nutshell. You just have to look at the display and follow the signals to enter the market.

Main advantages of the indicator:

  • Very easy to use, enough to install on the price chart;
  • Nepererisovyvayuschiysya indicator algorithm compared with standard indicators;
  • It shows where to buy and where to sell (red arrow shows where to sell, and the green – where to buy);
  • It works on all instruments and currencies;
  • Automatically adjusts to the operation of the market.


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Joker News Trading demo

Joker News Trading demo

This is a demo version of the expert Joker News Trading.

Poluskalpersky multi-expert working on the economic calendar. The principle of maintenance and closing of positions – as my advisor Joker System. After the news, Advisor analyzes the behavior of the price and decide to buy it or sell it. The time allotted for analyzing the behavior of the trader specifies rates independently, recommended values ​​- from 5 to 10 minutes. During this allotted time trader of news release Advisor collects information about the power of bulls and bears, the price usually is expanding its trading range, and does not move in any one direction. At the end of the allotted time for the analysis of the adviser makes the first deal. It uses an advanced adaptive trading strategies based on the averaged position. It has a unique feature – a common trailing stop of open positions on amounts due from deposit currency, or in% of the profits. For the first open transaction applies virtual trailing stop. For protection means it can be used a stop loss. It adapted to 4-, 5-valued quotations. Timeframe does not matter. Recommended minimum deposit – 1 000 units of base currency.


  1. No avtoraschet trading lot;
  2. The initial lot is always minimal;
  3. Only works on a demo account.


In the trading terminal menu, open the “Tools” —> “Settings” —> “Expert Advisors” —> add the address “http://calendar.fxstreet.com” in the field “Allow WebRequest for the following URL”. Advisor established simultaneously to several currency pairs with low spreads (e.g., EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF). Magic number at the same time does not change. MultiCurrency – authorization to use multitorgovlyu. When enabled, the adviser operates as a whole on all currency pairs installed. When reaching to ask him or profit drawdown parameters it will close all orders by magic number, and will begin its work again.


Advisor can not be tested in the strategy tester, so you need to test the Advisor on demo account.


  • TimeStart – the beginning of the work of an expert;
  • TimeFinish – end of work. At 00:00 is not used;
  • OutWorking – action at the end of the EA. Close all or only pending orders;
  • MultiCurrency – allow the use multitorgovlyu;
  • MinutesAfterNews – minutes after the news for the price analysis;
  • NewsImpotance – the importance of the news;
  • Reverse – the reverse of the first transaction;
  • AddLot – term increase in the lot to the next position. Next lot Lot = current + AddLot * Martingale;
  • Martingale – multiplier trading lot. When 0 is not rabotet;
  • MultiCurrencyLot – allow to calculate the lot on the basis of all open positions on the account;
  • SendOrderStep – the distance from the last open position to permit the installation of a pending order;
  • SendOrderPrice – step installation of a pending order, the distance from the current price;
  • TrailStopOrder – the distance that must pass price for the trailing pending orders;
  • TrailStepOrder – the distance at which pulled pending order following the price;
  • Magic – the magic number. When 0 is working with all orders;
  • Com – comment on the orders;
  • StopLoss – allow the use of stop-loss;
  • StopLossMethod – the choice of closing orders on stop-loss;
  • StopLossPoint – the closing value of the selected method;
  • TrailingMethod – selection method trailing stop, in% of the profits or in the deposit currency;
  • TrailStopPoint – trailing stop in the currency or% deposit;
  • TrailStepPoint – move the selected trailing closing method;
  • VirtualTrailingStop – virtual trailing stop works only if one position is open;
  • VirtualTrailingStep – step virtual trailing for the open position;
  • CloseAll – the choice of the date for the closure of all orders;
  • ClosingTime – an hour to close all orders;
  • DrawButton – display a button quickly close orders;
  • DrawInfo – display information about the trading account in the schedule;
  • Language – language display information;
  • TextColor – color of the text output information.

Joker News Trading demo

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