Oil prices are falling on background of new fears

Oil prices are falling on the background of new fears overabundance of raw materials on the market

Oil prices fell below $ 50 a barrel on Friday on fears that US President Donald Trump’s decision to abandon a global climate agreement could lead to more intensive extraction of crude oil in the United States, thereby maintaining a constant surplus of raw materials on the market.

Brent crude oil decreased by 1.7%, or 80 cents to $ 49.75 per barrel. Crude WTI crude oil showed a drop of 87 cents, or 1.81%, to $ 47.46 a barrel.

oil prices are reduced by about 7.5% after OPEC decided May 25 to further reduce the raw material production.

Faced with a prolonged glut market, the oil cartel also discussed last week’s decline in production of raw materials for another 1-1.5%, according to sources.

True the oil market has been offered support and according to official data showing that US oil reserves, the world’s main consumer of oil fell sharply last week, while the oil refining and exports grew to a record level.

The oil reserves have declined to 6.4 million barrels per week, topping analysts’ expectations of 2.5 million barrels.

Nevertheless, the volume of oil production in the US rose to 9.34 million barrels last week, which amounted to almost 500,000 barrels per day.

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Asia is trading in red zone in Hong Kong protest

Asia is trading in the red zone: in Hong Kong protest, the Toyota collapsed, in China and Korea – weak statistics

trading on Tuesday, Asian markets
range. Investors are wondering
China as an official answer
riots in Hong Kong. Tens of thousands
pro-democracy protesters
We blocked the streets of Hong Kong,
opposition there has been going on
second day. This is one of the most serious
Political protests to Beijing,
since the tragedy at Tiananmen Square
25 years ago.

in Hong Kong – an additional complication
for investors against the backdrop of long-standing
worry about how
China’s economy is healthy.

Hang Seng dropped to its
lower its value over the last
3 months, losing in today’s session

action is also “scared”, but not so.
Shanghai Composite almost
It has not changed and is about a 19-month

Japan’s all mixed up: the clarity of the real
economy situation still can not
come. These contradictory:
Unemployment fell in August, and
Retail sales rebounded from the lows,
but plummeted costs
household and industrial
production. Wide Japanese index
Topix retreated from a six-year
highs at 1.3% and the Nikkei lost

Korea, too, has reported a decline
the volume of industrial production in August
as much as 3.8%. This is much worse than forecast
values ​​and the biggest drop in Korea
since the global financial crisis
2008. Result – weakening
KOSPI 0.8%.

point loss is worth noting Toyota,
which is weakened to 1.6%
news about the US investigation
cases with the technical fault in
Corolla sedans.

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Trade Helper for FX

Trade Helper for FX

Indicator Trade Helper for FX – an information display, which will help you determine what amount is best to open a position on this instrument.

After all, it will show you the main features of your account, and you have selected the tool:

  • shoulder and spread;
  • level drawdown on the account as a percentage; if the level of drawdown will >= 50%, the color changes to red lettering. It is very convenient.
  • the minimum and maximum amount of the transaction for the instrument;
  • margin for 1 lot;
  • the volume of transactions equal to the specified level of risk you are as a percentage.

I hope that this indicator will be useful to you.

Trade Helper for FX

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Advanced Candle

advanced Candle

Advanced Candle light for display four types of candles (including non-standard) in the main chart:

  1. Candles longer period (HTF Candles) – Candles can display any, including non-standard period for the terminal. For example, M27 or M135;
  2. Candles with a predetermined minimum height in points or percentage (Box Candles) – Candles are built predetermined minimum height, for example, a height of 100 points or 0.5%;
  3. Candles with a predetermined minimum volume of a tick volume and real volume (Volume Candles) – Candles are constructed c specify the minimum volume, such as 1000 tick;
  4. Candles on the trading sessions (Session Candles) – possible to build four sessions, both jointly and separately. sessions Time is fully customizable.

To construct the indicator buffers are used, graphic objects are used only for the current unformed candles.

Possible to build several Advanced Candle on the same graph.

The indicator has the following settings:

  1. Type of display Sandles – select the type of display of candles:
    • High time frame Candles – spark a longer period;
    • Box Candles – candles predetermined height;
    • Volume Candles – candles predetermined volume;
    • Trading session Candles – candles on the trading session.
  2. Settings HTF Candles – Candles settings for a longer period:
    • Period Candles in minutes (max.7200), multiply chart period – the period of spark in minutes (. max value 7200 – weekly candle) value must be a multiple of the period chart;
    • Candles offset (+/-) in minutes, multiply of the chart period – offset candles in minutes (+ rightward displacement – the displacement to the left), the period of a multiple schedule. This parameter specifies the offset of candles, allowing to build the candles, starting from any time. For example, H5 candles, starting with 25 minutes an hour.
  3. Settings Box Candles – Candles with a predetermined height settings:
    • Type Box Candles – type defined by the height of the candles: in points or percentage;
    • min Height of the Candle – the minimum defined by the height of the candles in points or percentage according to the selected type. Here, the minimum height because the candles of this type are based on the current chart candles, which can be more than a specified size, even the candles on the chart M1. Greater accuracy is achieved in the period M1 main chart.
  4. Settings Volume Candles – setting a predetermined volume of candles:
    • min Volume of Candle – the minimum amount specified by candles. Here, the minimum amount because the candles of this type are based on the current chart candles, the volume of which can be more than a specified even in the chart M1. Greater accuracy is achieved in the period M1 main graph;
    • Volume typevolume type may be either a volume tick tick Volume, and real Volume, if such data gives the broker.
  5. Settings Session Candles – setting session candles. The start time and the end of the session is given in hours, instead if at least one time to choose do not display, session will not be displayed. The candles of this type are correctly displayed on the graph H1 period or less. With a larger period are possible inaccuracies if the specified time is not a multiple of the period of the schedule.
    • Begin Pacific session – Pacific session is the beginning;
    • End Pacific session – the end of the session the Pacific;
    • Begin Asia session – the beginning of Asian session;
    • End Asia session – the end of the Asian session;
    • Begin Euro session – the beginning of the European session;
    • End Euro session – the end of the European session;
    • Begin Usa session – the beginning of the American session;
    • End Usa session – the end of the American session;
    • Color Pacific session – color candles Pacific session;
    • Color Asia session – color candles Asian session;
    • Color Euro session – color candles European session;
    • Color Usa session –  the color of the candles of the American session.
  6. Global setting of candles – general settings for all the candles.
    • Number day of displayed candles – the number of construction of candles set in days. If the parameter is equal to or less than zero, then the candle is built on all the available history. Candle type Box Candle and Volume Candle is necessary to set a multiple week (5 days) plus the number of days in the current week;
    • To consider transition to a new week – take into account the transition to the new week. This option allows you to control the transition between weeks, it does not affect the Session Candle. If you choose to Yes, all types of spark will start a new candle on Monday whether as a candle over the past week. If to No, HTF Candle will start a new candle on a Monday, but given the number of candles on the weekends, and Box Candle and Volume Candle will be built without taking into account the transition between weeks.
    • To display Candle shadows – whether or not the shadow of a candle;
    • To draw shadows on the Candle middle – draw a shadow of a candle in the middle of a classic or where the actual situation of extreme price of the candle;
    • Vector display session – whether or not the direction vector candles. It connects the time and the opening time and price with the closing price of the candle;
    • To paint over a Candle background – paint or not the body of the candle;
    • Candles over the chart – draw a candle on top of the chart;
    • Thickness of a candle line (In pixels) – thick candles displayed in pixels;
    • A growing Candle color – sets the color of the growing candle (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A falling Candle color – sets the color of the incident candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • Doji Candle color – sets the color of Doji-candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A growing Candle body color – sets the color of the growing body candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A falling Candle body color – sets the color of the body falling candles (does not affect the Session Candle).

Advanced Candle

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Russian gold is not sold Blogger understood as

Russian gold is not sold! Blogger understood as foreign media confuse readers

week was a lot of material on the media
that Russia is buying gold, stored
them, as well as news that the government
allegedly began selling the accumulated
gold to maintain stability.
Here is a good example.

December 17
ZeroHedge edition asks a question: “Will
gold sales following Putin’s move? “.
And the next day, they have a
material where there is a “response” – “According to
According to the bank Societe General, Russian start
the sale of its gold. ” Author of the post in the
portal goldenfront.ru saw
This report something suspicious
and he understood himself, went from

“I yesterday
I did not believe it when I first saw
and certainly I do not believe today, looking
charts from the main specialist
Gold Charts Nika Leyrda “- writes
he. According to the data, the volume of Russian
gold reserves increased by 600 thousand. oz
in November this year. Already on another
graphics, the dollar Russian gold
reserves fell by about $ 400 million.
Of course, one does not exclude that the Russian
could start selling in December, but in
the reality of this, too, did not happen.

proof – later site of Gold
Chat refutes rumors of the sale of Russian
gold. An excerpt from the article: “An error
Zerohedge, relying on the mistake to Societe General
sales of Russian gold. ZH brought
Quote from the bank Societe General: «It seems
possible that in December, the Central Bank of Russia began
the sale of the gold reserves and
Some sources report that the size of the
official gold reserves fell
to $ 4.3 billion in the first week of December. ”
Very precise number – $ 4.3 billion By.
the whole, the bank took this figure from the material
on the Business Insider website, which in its
turn, refers to the Russian site
Vesti Finance from 11.12.2014, “On Thursday, the Bank of Russia
He announced a reduction in gold reserves
to $ 4.3 billion in one week, reports Vesti
Finance “(translated quote from the English).
But in fact, on the Russian site
the following is written: “Gold and
Russia’s international reserves for the week of November 28
December 5, declined from $ 420.5 billion to $ 416.2
billion, the central bank said on Thursday. Behind
the previous week, from 21 to 28 November, the gold reserves
rose from $ 420.4 billion to $ 420.5 billion. On 14
November the size of the gold reserves stood at $ 420.6 billion,
November 7 – $ 421.4 billion rubles. “

Here we are
found where the buried fault. It turns out,
that the reduction of $ 4.3 billion, which is
it refers to the total gold and
Reserves, and header only confuses
us, that meant only gold.

"The essence of the criticism
the author is not that ZeroHedge gave inaccurate
data, and that it does not provide
links to the original sources. sometimes simply
it is impossible to see how
reliable data displayed"- the author writes.

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The script for a quick coup position and / or warrants.

If you need to turn the position with equal lots, put volume counter position, different from the existing one, or replace with another type of order (for example, Buy Limit -> Sell ​​Limit, Buy Stop -> Sell ​​Limit, etc.) with or exhibiting new znacheniystop loss and / or take profit, then this script will save you from routine action!

Allow auto-trading before running the script.


Run the script on the chart.

Input parameters:

  • Language of messages displayed (EN, RU, DE, FR, ES) – language display messages (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish).
  • Reverse lot (0-2 * current lot) – if there is a 0, the open position is closed counter with double volume, and the resulting position will have a volume equal to the previous one. If the value is greater than the volume of the open position, the opposite position to the difference volume is opened. If it is less, there will be a partial closure of the position. For orders: if there is a 0, then placed another order with the same volume, if the value is not zero, the amount of Reverse lot.
  • Profit in point – profit in points. If equal to 0, then the value will be used from the current position or a pending order.
  • Loss in points – a loss of points. If equal to 0, then the value will be used from the current position or a pending order.
  • TypeWork – work type: Buy, Sell, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, All – all orders, Market – only positions, Pending – only postponed.
  • Magic – you can set the magic number in the new order.
  • Slippage – Slippage.
  • The number of tries to create position – the number of attempts to create / delete the item or order.


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Betting EA Free

Betting EA Free

The purpose Betting EA adviser:

The correct prediction of whether the price rise or fall.


Search duration – 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours.


  • Once you make a prediction, it said volume is recorded.
  • Next, you choose the length of “bet” with
    the appropriate radio button. You can choose 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour or 24
    hours. The chosen duration will apply to all “bet” to
    until you change it.
  • “Paris” will begin (starting position) as soon as you press the “Up” or “Down”.
  • The positions will be closed automatically as soon as the countdown reaches zero.
  • You can increase the duration of the “bet” with
    golden key “Extra Time”. It gives 50% of the additional time, and
    also increases the volume of the selected unit.

Note: in this version you can not change the volume of working on a real account. This feature is only available in the full version.
Betting EA Free

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