MTF Accumulation Distribution

MTF Accumulation Distribution

Multiple timeframe standard version indicator Accumulation / Distribution (AD, A / D).

Input parameters:

  • TimeFrame – used timeframe:
    It can take any of ENUM_TIMEFRAMES enumeration values.
  • TimeCorrection – use time correction:
    May have a value of true or false (first look at the screen shot: the first indicator is set to true, the second – false.
  • VolumeType – used volume.
    It can take any of the values ​​ENUM_APPLIED_VOLUME listing.

You can simultaneously use multiple copies of the indicator on the same graph.

Version MTF (multiple timeframe) is very useful for developers. Made with the help of their own optimized MTF converter.

When testing the strategy tester, use the Every tick mode.

MTF Accumulation Distribution

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BONDS Regions of Russian Federation in hurry

BONDS: Regions of the Russian Federation in a hurry to the market, `heated&# 39; surplus

Several regions of the Russian Federation have announced plans to enter the bond market before the summer lull, deciding under the conditions of excess liquidity in the market does not wait for a possible reduction of the cost of the Bank of Russia loans in mid-June.

“The market is now warmed up, – said on the phone the deputy chief of earnings management and the government debt of the Volgograd Region Marina Kopaneva. – The market did not immediately react to the decision of the Central Bank to change the key rate. A couple of weeks is nothing to give. “

Russian bond rates falling on the background of monetary easing policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the surplus liquidity in the banking sector. The yield on bonds of the Moscow region fell by more than 100 basis points, reaching a low of 8.50 percent since the location in November.

Earlier this week, Yaroslavl region held a placement of 10-year bonds for 7.5 billion rubles, and the authorities of the Volgograd region on Friday to hold an auction of bonds by 10 billion rubles. Samara and Belgorod regions in June, also intend to raise funds on the market.

“Regions that are allowed to fiscal rules seek to take advantage of excess liquidity in the bond market and the continuing demand for paper to replace the bonds more expensive to service bank loans to finance projects in the conditions when the Ministry of Finance stingy on funding because of the budget deficit,” – wrote email CEO of Sputnik AM Alexander Losev.

See also: Central Bank: inflation expectations in May fell to 10.3% from 11% in April.

  • “The moment is now good, but we believe that the key rate will be reduced, and the yield will be lower, because inflation is already in the region of 4 per cent, so the later one could take and cheaper” – said on the phone the portfolio manager of the Criminal Code “Alfa Capital” Eugene Zhornist
    • "It is important that the trend continues and the key rate will come to 6.5-7%"
  • coupon benchmark 7-year amortization bonds of Volgograd region at auction June 2 is 9.2-9.5 per cent per annum, the placement volume – 10 billion rubles
  • Samara region will offer on June 9 auction of 7-year depreciation of 10 billion rubles bonds
    • Benchmark rate of the 1st coupon: 8.4-8.6 per cent per annum
    • Possible reduction in the key rate would not allow the Samara Region to raise funds more cheaply because it is already priced in; if the Central Bank keep rates may start correction: Deputy Finance Minister Elena control Zyabkina email
  • Belgorod region June 20 will begin placement of 7-year depreciation of bonds is 4 billion rubles
  • According to the median forecast of analysts and economists surveyed by Bloomberg, the CBR will reduce the rate on June 16 by 25 basis points to 9 per cent per annum

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This converted ColorBars indicator. Now the color of the bars does not depend on the volume and the closing price. Using a dial indicator can increase the thickness of the bar, which is not done in the terminal.


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As Russian sanctions could affect Europe

As Russian sanctions could affect Europe

Russian retaliatory sanctions have caused a lot of debate and discussion, including in Europe. Restrictions apply a fairly narrow range of products, but the producers themselves say about the damage to business.

And the impact varies from country to country, so it is not surprising that the estimate of overall loss is not so simple.

As the sanctions will affect Europe?

The general situation with the volume of agricultural exports to Russia is clear. Total agricultural products accounted for 7% of EU exports, and of this amount, 10% comes from Russia.

This means that the share of agricultural exports in Russia is only 0.7% of the total.

But it is important to remember that this figure by itself does not reflect the impact on the economies of individual countries, so it can not be limited.

With regard to specific countries, the terms of trade with Russia, depending on GDP, exactly hurt the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), as well as the losses will face Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

As sanctions affect Russia?

Most likely, for Russian consumers sanctions will translate into higher prices and a reduction in consumer choice.

Russian imports of agricultural products in the amount of about 1.2% of GDP per year, and it’s not much compared to other imported items such as, for example, machinery and equipment.

Russia is traditionally strong in the export of mineral resources and almost self-sufficient in agriculture, but a variety of chemical raw materials and machinery to be imported.

Nevertheless, agricultural production accounts for 13.3% of total imports. This volume is not so easy to replace, but Russia has several options.

Expand domestic production.

Given the natural resources and land at the disposal of Russia, as well as the resources of the state, it is quite possible.

From the standpoint of food security, Russia has been working in this direction.

Expand production with Eurasian counterparts.

As part of the current response to the crisis Russia strengthens ties with neighboring countries and in particular with countries in the Eurasian Union.

Some of these countries have significant agricultural sectors, although unlikely to increase supply to the volumes that are needed in Russia.

Search for partners abroad.

News that Russia is planning to conclude a number of deals with Latin America, abound. In this case Russia will likely also find support in China.

It is obvious that such actions have a negative impact on efforts to improve food security, but it will help to limit the negative economic impact.

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Oil prices are falling on background of new fears

Oil prices are falling on the background of new fears overabundance of raw materials on the market

Oil prices fell below $ 50 a barrel on Friday on fears that US President Donald Trump’s decision to abandon a global climate agreement could lead to more intensive extraction of crude oil in the United States, thereby maintaining a constant surplus of raw materials on the market.

Brent crude oil decreased by 1.7%, or 80 cents to $ 49.75 per barrel. Crude WTI crude oil showed a drop of 87 cents, or 1.81%, to $ 47.46 a barrel.

oil prices are reduced by about 7.5% after OPEC decided May 25 to further reduce the raw material production.

Faced with a prolonged glut market, the oil cartel also discussed last week’s decline in production of raw materials for another 1-1.5%, according to sources.

True the oil market has been offered support and according to official data showing that US oil reserves, the world’s main consumer of oil fell sharply last week, while the oil refining and exports grew to a record level.

The oil reserves have declined to 6.4 million barrels per week, topping analysts’ expectations of 2.5 million barrels.

Nevertheless, the volume of oil production in the US rose to 9.34 million barrels last week, which amounted to almost 500,000 barrels per day.

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Asia is trading in red zone in Hong Kong protest

Asia is trading in the red zone: in Hong Kong protest, the Toyota collapsed, in China and Korea – weak statistics

trading on Tuesday, Asian markets
range. Investors are wondering
China as an official answer
riots in Hong Kong. Tens of thousands
pro-democracy protesters
We blocked the streets of Hong Kong,
opposition there has been going on
second day. This is one of the most serious
Political protests to Beijing,
since the tragedy at Tiananmen Square
25 years ago.

in Hong Kong – an additional complication
for investors against the backdrop of long-standing
worry about how
China’s economy is healthy.

Hang Seng dropped to its
lower its value over the last
3 months, losing in today’s session

action is also “scared”, but not so.
Shanghai Composite almost
It has not changed and is about a 19-month

Japan’s all mixed up: the clarity of the real
economy situation still can not
come. These contradictory:
Unemployment fell in August, and
Retail sales rebounded from the lows,
but plummeted costs
household and industrial
production. Wide Japanese index
Topix retreated from a six-year
highs at 1.3% and the Nikkei lost

Korea, too, has reported a decline
the volume of industrial production in August
as much as 3.8%. This is much worse than forecast
values ​​and the biggest drop in Korea
since the global financial crisis
2008. Result – weakening
KOSPI 0.8%.

point loss is worth noting Toyota,
which is weakened to 1.6%
news about the US investigation
cases with the technical fault in
Corolla sedans.

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Trade Helper for FX

Trade Helper for FX

Indicator Trade Helper for FX – an information display, which will help you determine what amount is best to open a position on this instrument.

After all, it will show you the main features of your account, and you have selected the tool:

  • shoulder and spread;
  • level drawdown on the account as a percentage; if the level of drawdown will >= 50%, the color changes to red lettering. It is very convenient.
  • the minimum and maximum amount of the transaction for the instrument;
  • margin for 1 lot;
  • the volume of transactions equal to the specified level of risk you are as a percentage.

I hope that this indicator will be useful to you.

Trade Helper for FX

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