Contest on demo accounts prize computer with

Contest on demo accounts: the prize – a computer with two monitors

Dear traders!
One of my desktop for a long time, dust, so I decided to give it a talented treyderu.Sostav 2 Samsung monitor 21" (VA-matrix) system unit (2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, SSD 60 Gb) .From the presence SSD-drive working very quickly, the terminal 20 keeps easily.
Contest on demo accounts prize computer with

I know that wanting to get the gift of the computer a lot, so I declare the contest! Contest will be held on demo accounts, so any investment in it is not nuzhno.Takzhe all the participants will be available for the commercial version of our indicator (for free).
Computer will be the one who will show the best profitability excluding drawdowns! For the 2nd and 3rd places will give SFT indicator license for 3 months from TopTraders.Za 4-9 person team place will be offered a license SFT 1 month cost 1850 rubles each.
Unlike many other competitions, we have all the most prozrachno.Vse traders are obliged to give account on the monitoring myfxbook.
Detailed terms and conditions of the contest.
You can also ask questions here, I’ll try to answer them.

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Name Audicon It stands for sound proof and is an indispensable tool for private and professional traders.

Audicon will not let you miss any change in the status of your orders.

Sound files can be downloaded in the section “Comments”.

Main functions:

  • Enter the event information you want to receive.
  • Specify the preferred form of the notice: a sound, message, or email.
  • Select your favorite sounds.
  • Enjoy fully automated notification service.

If you have further questions, leave a comment in the discussion or to contact us directly.


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Locking deals Trade Mathematics

Locking deals. Trade Mathematics.

In its strategy using simple EA to manage more than twenty positions.
That completely changes once the trader‘s work.
If you had to work with the help of locking with several positions at the same time,
how do you keep records of open positions, write comments.

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Euro second day grows on statistics from Germany

Euro second day grows on statistics from Germany

The euro rose
today in European trading to $ 1.10,
but now (to 17.30 MSK) again rolled
to the level of 1.0971. On Wednesday, the driver lifting
the single currency again, like yesterday, was
Germany. Today came here optimistic
data on business sentiment that
added optimism to investors for
economic recovery in the euro area.
IFO indicator for March
It was higher than the consensus forecast and
It showed the strongest value for
the last 8 months.

but traders
predict that the 1,1-trillionth
QE program launched
ECB in March, most likely, will put pressure
the single currency and will not let her go
in a long rally.

“The German data
certainly encouraging, but I do not think
they will change much in the fate of the euro
in the near future “, – he says
Peter Kinsella, currency strategist
Commerzbank. – “ECB started
print money, and upward movement of the euro
– a temporary phenomenon. I doubt that
these his achievements will be saved. ”

investors cut long positions
dollar after the “dovish” Fed speeches
last week, the currency moved away from
multi-year highs, and continues to
slowly go down. At 17.39 MSK pair
USDJPY fell to 119.59?,
rose to

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Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free – is a free tool to copy trades of other traders and signals that send data through Trade Copier Pro. To start using it, you need to get a free license of the signal provider, that is, your account number must be added to a list of suppliers. This means that you can copy only the transaction and alerts the owner who agreed to this and gave a free license.

This tool has all the features of copying transactions like Trade Copier Pro. signals the receiver can manage the list of suppliers through a built-in database.

Link: If you need a translation function and copy, please go to:

Attention: Trade Receiver Free only receives a transaction / signals from the full version Trade Copier Pro. The product does not work with the Trade Copier Pro Demo.

Main functions:

  • Copy trades / signals from a large number of suppliers.
  • Managing the list of suppliers transactions through the integrated database management system, which requires no additional tools. Suppliers can be added, deleted, edited, and their signals can be permitted or prohibited.
  • Supplier Tracking status (online / offline), with the possibility of changing suppliers list.
  • Switching between the global mode which involves copying via the internet and local, in which copying is performed with the same computer or server.
  • Switching between the trade protocol to copy transactions, and signal protocol for signaling alarms. It is worth noting that in this case, the priority for the choice of provider.
  • Protection of the recipient of signals from the slip, obsolete orders and too large lots.
  • Simultaneous, non-conflict and trade manually through the expert.
  • Automatic recognition and synchronization prefixes / suffixes in characters from different brokers.
  • It allows you to use up to five special characters, settings (eg: GOLD -> XAUUSD) for synchronization with the ISP.
  • A large number of the lot size settings.
  • Setting up filters on the type of orders.
  • The possibility of a reversal transaction for copying.
  • Automatic notifications about new transactions on the account via e-mail and telephone.
  • Restore previous settings, and state after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.
  • Control panel in real time.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

Terms of use:

  • Install Trade Receiver Free on any schedule.
  • When you first start you may need to specify the address “” in the list of trusted URL in MT4 to allow access to the Internet.
  • Send a request to the supplier for a free license, giving permission to copy its signals.
  • Then, in the “List of Providers” add the account number of the supplier from which you will copy the transaction. Ensure that the provider has added your account number in your list.
  • Go back to the main panel and change the status to Enable.

Settings and options:

  • It is the same as in the Trade Copier Pro, except for the lack of provider options. Details in the description Trade Copier Pro.

Trade Receiver Free


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Yesterday suspended trading on NYSE why it is

Yesterday suspended trading on the NYSE: why it is an alarming signal for the investors?

During trading on
US stock markets on Wednesday
approximately at 18:32 MSK was suspended
trading on the New York Stock Exchange
(NYSE). Bargaining
broke all the valuable exchange securities
for half an hour due to technical problems
Connection to the system. all outstanding
Orders were canceled; according to
representatives of stock exchanges, it was not
cyber attacks, and internal technical
problem. But analysts MarketWatch
I believe that should not be so
lightly to this case.

According to them, a sudden
and unexplained termination of trading in
environment for investors should be
signal. Even if the NYSE and not become a victim
cyberterrorism, but simply ran
with another technical glitch, and the market
I was forced to press "OFF", this
It signals the market vulnerability
which is now almost fully electronic
and strongly depends on the operating equipment.

What’s worse – computer
United Airlines network yesterday also noted
technical failure, because of which had to
two hours to detain all aircraft
company. Plus, they say, on
Time stopped working publications website
The Wall Street Journal.

"Anyone who has
the computer knows what happened to him from time to time
accidents happen – absolutely nothing,
– said Maykl Goldshteyn, professor
at Babson College and a former economist at the NYSE. – Therefore
in a world in which we live now
time happens is that airlines
and the major stock exchanges due to serious
problems with computers make
people nervous". but Goldstein
says that we need to think about it, but as a general
looks cyber attack? Maybe that

For the NYSE yesterday glitch
should be particularly disturbing, given
investigation of landslide "Flash Crash"
In 2010, when the stock fell, according to
regulator, due to the work of one trader
in the UK, who “made a mistake”
exposing a warrant. Supposed
the offender, by the way, has not yet been named.

To be sure,
that there is a big difference between
potential cyber attacks and failure
computer fair to ask,
as generally safe and reliable
exchanges, whether NYSE, ICE, CME and
Nasdaq? The survey shows that the market is not
trust in these markets. Last summer, for
example, the best market expressed disbelief 64% and 75% of respondents
TV channel CNBC respondents believe
that the market "falsified".

Events environment should
give pause to investors who depend
of trading systems and highly complex
Exchanges system. For those who invest in
long term, special
it does not create excitement, but for those who
trades regularly – including brokers and
fund managers, working on
behalf of clients – such situations
cause for concern, really.

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How not to lose money in forex

How not to lose money in the forex.

History of losses in the forex exchange basically alike as two drops of water, so there are plenty of standard recommendations on how to reduce the chance of critical damage.

By following a few, no complicated rules, you almost a hundred percent will be insured by the deposit drain and large drawdowns.

In fact, this whole set of measures including – trading recommendations, asset management and insurance risks.

The reason rub money on forex usually are – technical failure of the trading equipment, improper allocation of capital, lack of stops and attempts to earn a lot and immediately. Accordingly, the basic components of the anti unprofitable complex are:

• Reduce the importance of a single transaction – Forex is not a game in the casino, so there is quite difficult to disrupt the jack pot, trying to get a big profit with only a single transaction usually ends in failure. There is a so-called “Rule of Ten” in which one transaction should bring gains or losses in the amount of not more than 10% of 10 transactions. In this case, with 6 of profitable and loss-making even 4 transactions you will still remain in profit.

• Insurance – is a complex of measures for the preservation of the deposit, ranging from issuing stop loss, to installation backup terminal trader and uninterruptible power supplies. You have to be insured both technical failures and collapses on the forex.

• Proper allocation of funds – professional traders do not involve a single transaction all available capital, even 100 percent sure of its success. Always leave yourself a chance to recuperate, so the amount of the deposit must be located no more than 50% of your capital.

In addition to the need to closely resemble the choice of DC, reliable dealing centers guarantee the absence of problems with the withdrawal of funds and the accuracy of the quotations provided. Forex trading is already a complicated process, so you should minimize the impact on him of any outside factors.

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