Camarilla Projection

camarilla Projection

In 1989, during the day trading Nick Scott, a successful trader in bonds, found that the Camarilla equation uses a truism characteristic to define market action, namely the fact that the majority of the time series tend to go back to the mean. In other words, when the market has a large spread between the high and low of the previous day, he seeks to turn around and go back to the previous day’s close. Camarilla Equation uses complex mathematics to deduce 8 levels using only yesterday’s opening price, high, low and close. However, these levels affect its accuracy against day trading even experienced traders who know about the support and resistance levels, reversal, etc.

Input parameters

  • Limit – limiting the number of bars for the calculation
  • Support / Resistance – color lines and text

Camarilla Projection

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Morgan Stanley is waiting for rebound on pounds

Morgan Stanley is waiting for a rebound on the pounds to sell

Pound / dollar (GBP / USD) tested the 200-day moving average at $ 1.6665, which suggests a correction to the recent sharp decline, analysts say Morgan Stanley. Nevertheless, the bank looking for strengthening of the dollar in the coming sessions, so traders Bank will use any rebound to $ 1.6750, to restore a bearish stance with a view to $ 1.6260 with a stop at $ 1.6850. GBP / USD is now trading at $ 1.6696.

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Screencast film about exchange in Chicago true

Screencast: A film about the exchange in Chicago – a true and lively exchange

In today’s video tutorial you will see how one city can simultaneously meet nine thousand brokers. This is not an instructional video, as Today ends a difficult week off, so you can relax and watch a movie. At this time, I offer a full movie on the stock exchange in Chicago.

Chicago is still about 10% percent continue to trade in "stock pit"Despite the progress and the emergence of electronic trading. This is a film about how the Chicago traders trade in the operating room. Many revelations, examples and interviews with employees of the Exchange.


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In MetaTrader Market has 8 different magazines

In MetaTrader Market has 8 different magazines – added to Britain’s Forex Trader Magazine

Today at the store MetaTrader Market, a new magazine – British Forex Trader Magazine. Just now
Market became eight different financial publications – you can download them any user can
trading platform MetaTrader.

The Forex Trader Magazine archive you have access to 6 issues from October
2013. Periodicity – once every two months, and it is oriented in the first
turn to currency traders and spread-BETTER. It will be interesting at the same time as the
beginners and experienced traders.

In MetaTrader Market has 8 different magazines's Forex Trader Magazine

Regular magazine columns include financial news, analysis and
commentary, fundamental and technical analysis, a detailed analysis of the specific
trading strategies and techniques. In addition to the surveys regularly published magazine
financial products and services, and also have a training section with lessons on
the use of different trading instruments and techniques.

We remind you that all the logs listed in the Market, you can buy as a
regular applications. To do this, you must have an account on and
a sufficient amount of money on it. To learn how to buy a magazine in the store, you can
read in the detailed instructions.

Do not look for Forex logs to third-party resources – all the major publications
industry already collected for you in our store.


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Contest on demo accounts prize computer with

Contest on demo accounts: the prize – a computer with two monitors

Dear traders!
One of my desktop for a long time, dust, so I decided to give it a talented treyderu.Sostav 2 Samsung monitor 21" (VA-matrix) system unit (2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, SSD 60 Gb) .From the presence SSD-drive working very quickly, the terminal 20 keeps easily.
Contest on demo accounts prize computer with

I know that wanting to get the gift of the computer a lot, so I declare the contest! Contest will be held on demo accounts, so any investment in it is not nuzhno.Takzhe all the participants will be available for the commercial version of our indicator (for free).
Computer will be the one who will show the best profitability excluding drawdowns! For the 2nd and 3rd places will give SFT indicator license for 3 months from TopTraders.Za 4-9 person team place will be offered a license SFT 1 month cost 1850 rubles each.
Unlike many other competitions, we have all the most prozrachno.Vse traders are obliged to give account on the monitoring myfxbook.
Detailed terms and conditions of the contest.
You can also ask questions here, I’ll try to answer them.

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Name Audicon It stands for sound proof and is an indispensable tool for private and professional traders.

Audicon will not let you miss any change in the status of your orders.

Sound files can be downloaded in the section “Comments”.

Main functions:

  • Enter the event information you want to receive.
  • Specify the preferred form of the notice: a sound, message, or email.
  • Select your favorite sounds.
  • Enjoy fully automated notification service.

If you have further questions, leave a comment in the discussion or to contact us directly.


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Locking deals Trade Mathematics

Locking deals. Trade Mathematics.

In its strategy using simple EA to manage more than twenty positions.
That completely changes once the trader‘s work.
If you had to work with the help of locking with several positions at the same time,
how do you keep records of open positions, write comments.

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