Veles RSI with MA

Veles RSI with MA

RSI lamp standard, using custom based on a signal line MA.

It can be used as a more accurate (noise eliminating price movement) actuation signal.

Description parameter

  • PeriodRSI – period RSI
  • PriceRSI – used in the RSI price
  • LevelRSI – RSI level
  • Average – period of the signal line
  • Method – use method MA

Veles RSI with MA

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Trend Flat Filter MT5

Trend Flat Filter MT5

The indicator shows the smoothed current direction of the price movement, as well as “relative to the flat” market areas.


  • FilterPeriod – smoothing period directions
  • FilterMethod – smoothing method directions
  • FilterPrice – price to calculate directions
  • DeviationPeriod – deflection period to determine to the flat sections
  • DeviationMul – coefficient of variation
  • DeviationMethod – smoothing method in the calculation of the deviation
  • DeviationPrice – price used in the calculation of the deviation
  • VolatilityPeriod – volatile period for the determination to the flat sections
  • VolatilityMul – volatility coefficient
  • FlatArrowCode – character code mapping to the flat sections

Trend Flat Filter MT5

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Channel Range Medvedev Percentage

Channel Range Medvedev Percentage

This indicator is a logical continuation product with the only difference being that the display of price movement chosen model histogram levels, allowing to estimate the direction and strength of the movement. Signal Interpretation 0 – Sredina channel; above 0.5 – the sample up channel; below -0.5 – sample channel down. In the accompanying screenshots depicted both indicators. In fact, when you install a bar graph will be available.

Item display

MinBars the number of calculated bars. Default – 500 0 – the entire available range of stories.
Channel Range Medvedev Percentage

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