Fibo Zone

fibo Zone

The indicator shows the strong areas of support and resistance around
levels of a particular type, calculated on the basis of the indicator ZigZag vertices
larger amplitude (Max Amplitude Swing). The strength is determined by the accumulation levels of Fibonacci levels, calculated on
ZigZag indicator based vertices with smaller amplitude.

These regions may be regarded as potentially reversal zone and,
respectively, to use them for transactions and profit.
Potentially reversal zone rather effectively filtered signals,
derived from the oscillators.

in the indicator added functionality for recognizing and building
5-harmonic dot patterns based ZigZag indicator vertices
larger amplitude. And search
is not only well-known patterns such as Gartley, Bat,
Butterfly, Crab and so on, and on all 5-point pattern peaks
which correspond to lines (retrace) Fibonacci (Fibonacci Retracements), introduced in the settings

Description of input

  • Max Amplitude of Swing – the amplitude of the swing big
  • Min Amplitude of Swing – the amplitude of the swing low

The amplitude of the swing states
Percentage: 1% on EURUSD – about 130 classical points.

  • Type of Calculation type of calculation of the potential reversal zones:
    • Levels of greater amplitude – in the area based on the potential reversal levels are
      Fibonacci calculated with respect to the vertex of the last beam of a zigzag.
    • Density around the Harmonic Levels – at the heart of a potentially
      reversal zones lie close to each other Fibonacci levels,
      calculated with respect to the last two peaks (ABCD).
    • Density around the Levels of Crossing Pitchforks – the basis for the reversal potential
      zones lie fork intersection levels Andrews, built on top of 5 swings
      Zigzag (XAB and BCD).
  • Use the Level of Crossing Pitchforks Filter filter, taking into account the presence of the forks level crossing in Andrews
    potential reversal zone:
    • Do not use filter do not use a filter.
    • Levels of Crossing in Area levels must be within the area.
  • Use Harmonic Filter all the constructions of the indicator occurs only when
    if XB retracements segments, AC, BD, XD matching the Fibonacci levels.
  • fibo Series – Fibonacci levels, which are used in
    calculation of areas. Default:


The series is filled without
spaces, separated by commas.

  • Use Fibo Extensions – in calculating the force area are taken into account
    Small zigzag swings over time. In fact, the force previously
    calculated fields change with the passage of time and the emergence of new
    tops of small zigzag.
  • Deviation
    from Areas
     – deviation of error
    the calculated level (in percentages). This parameter is used
    when searching for the harmonic pattern.
  • Amount of strong Areas – the number of the strongest areas of all
    calculated. The strength of the field is determined by the number of levels belonging to a
  • Use Max Time – remove areas with no waste
    the passage of time.
  • Swing on History – the number of swings with zigzag
    large amplitude for the construction of fields and levels on the story.
  • Create Areas – building potential reversal zone.
  • Create Levels – building potential reversal levels.
  • Create
    Levels of Crossing Pitchforks
    – construction of forks level crossing Andrews
    • Do not create Levels – the levels are not built
    • Create all Levels – Build all levels
    • Create only Levels in Area – built only falling levels
      potentially reversal zone
  • Create Price Labels – construction price tag.
  • Create Extensions Harmonic
    Development harmonic pattern.
  • Create Actual Harmonic
    – building
    formed the harmonic pattern.
  • Create Sperandeo Trend the construction of trend lines
    Sperandeo method.

Recommendations for display settings

Options Min Amplitude of Swing, Max Amplitude of Swing,
Amount of Areas, Deviation from Areas
 logically closely linked. Therefore, a change in one of them can significantly
change the image information displayed on the chart:

  • If we
    decrease Min Amplitude of Swing, it actually increases
    ZigZag’a smaller number of nodes and, as a consequence, increase overall
    the number of levels that can get in the computational domain and to increase
    her strength.
  • If we
    increase Deviation from Areas, it actually increases the size
    calculation area, and as a consequence, increase the total number of levels,
    that can get into the computational domain and increase its strength.

Parameter Deviation from Areas It has
direct relation to the definition of
Harmonic patterns, as is an error of compliance
retracements XB, AC, BD, XD Fibonacci levels. Not recommended
set this parameter is greater than
0.1 (10%).

And setting Use Fibo Extensions to increase the likelihood that any area of ​​the passage of time
will be stronger, because there are new peaks of small zigzag. It is therefore not
It recommended when the parameters are set as a value Amount of strong Areas more than two.

Fibo Zone

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TrendLine Alert

TrendLine Alert

TrendLine Alert allows you to draw a trend line, and if the price touches it, and outputs the audio videoalert. line color changes when it is touched, the price.

Input parameters

  • Distance – distance between the price and the line when it is touched.
  • MsgAlerts – enable / disable audioalert.
  • eMailAlerts – enable / disable sending of the alert by email.
  • Push – Alert the breakout line.
  • ChangeColour – Change the color of the line when it is touched, the price.
  • ColorOfHitsLevel – color of the line when it is touched, the price.
  • SoundAlert – audioalert.
  • ExcludeString – maximum or minimum price of a candle, which should occur touch line.
  • ExcludeLength – if the candle is too small.

TrendLine Alert

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Holy Trend

Holy Trend

Holy Trend defines the trend and its strength.


  • defines the trend
  • Determines the strength of the trend
  • Easy to use
  • fast signals
  • All timeframes
  • It is not redrawn after the close of the candle
  • Requires no configuration
  • It can be used on the charts Renko
  • It can be used in conjunction with an indicator Holy Renko
  • Alerts, emails and push-notification
  • User’s Guide (in English)


  • The indicator is both long and short strokes, as well as the correction of
  • Bars of different sizes indicate the strength of the trend
  • support and resistance lines can switch roles


  • Requires no configuration

Holy Trend

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AcChannelMTF – multiple timeframe version of indicator AcChannel ( Characterized by the fact that it is now possible to display on the chart also a channel with a larger timeframe. This makes it possible to implement the strategy of “three screen” when the first analyzes the trend on higher timeframes (H4, D1, W1, MN), and then on the smaller. When the coincidence of these trends should open position.

The use of the indicator is very simple: when the channels on both charts in the same direction, we can make a deal.

Input parameters

  • PeriodTF – period of the senior timeframe
  • ChannelColor – channel color
  • ChannelColorTF – the color channel of the senior timeframe


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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Use correction

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Use correction euros and pounds for new sales

In the medium and long term, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the bull in the US dollar. In the short term the bank sees high US currency risk of correction, especially against the euro and the British pound sterling. “In both cases, the alleged kickbacks are a good opportunity for sales”, – said currency strategists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch: «In euro / dollar medium-term objective is in the 1.2787 / 1.2694. Ultimately, the single currency should fall within the range of 1.22 / 1.18. Sterling in the medium horizon should fall to 1.5722 and then to 1.5000 figure. ” Cross the euro / pound exchange rate looks as renewed medium-term bearish trend that emphasized yesterday’s bearish reversal candle. Breakthrough 6-week channel at 0.7872 confirms a downward trend for the purpose at the level of July 2012 lows at 0.7756. Potentially, prices could fall even lower, experts believe BoAML. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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Price Zone Oscillator

Price Zone Oscillator

Indicator Price Zone Oscillator (PZO) developed by Walid Khalil and first described in Journal of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities in June 2011 as a component of its trading system.

PZO builds a smoother version of the RSI and measure the momentum and strength of price movement.

PZO depends only on one condition: if today’s closing price is higher than yesterday’s, it is bullish; Otherwise – a bear. For more information on the display can be found in the article (in English).

Work principles

  • PZO depends only on one condition: if today’s closing price is higher than yesterday’s, it is bullish; Otherwise – a bear.
  • Intersection PZO levels -40% represents a condition perekuplennosti. Intersection PZO levels -60% denotes extreme perekuplennost and potential trend changes from bearish to bullish.
  • Intersection PZO levels + 40% indicates the state pereprodannosti. Intersection PZO levels + 60% indicates extreme pereprodannost and potential change in trend from bullish to bearish.
  • By default, the calculation uses 14 candles. If you are unsure of your actions, it is better not to change the value.
  • The estimated price is equal to the closing price of the default, but you can use other price – the maximum, minimum opening.
  • The divergence of prices and PZO to determine trend reversal zone faster.


  • The ability to switch between normal and dynamic levels.
  • Arrows Buy, Sell indicate overbought and oversold signals.
  • Audioalerty and email notifications.
  • Customizable appearance.

The most important parameters

  • PZO_Bars: The number of bars for the calculation (default 14).
  • PZO_Price: The price for the calculation of (the opening, high, low …) (default – the closing price).
  • Level_Style: Conventional fixed / dynamic levels.
  • DynamicLvl_Bars: The number of bars for the calculation of dynamic levels.
  • DynamicLVL_Percent_1: The percentage used in the calculation of the first and last dynamic levels.
  • DynamicLVL_Percent_2: The percentage used in the calculation of the second and fourth dynamic levels.
  • Show_SignalShow / hide signals PZO.

Price Zone Oscillator

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Credit Suisse prospects and forecasts for major

Credit Suisse: prospects and forecasts for major currencies

Expectations and forecasts of the Group currency strategist at Credit Suisse in relation to key major currencies.

Dollar. Bullish view. The labor market continues to improve the economy strengthens. We expect that most of the currencies of countries with emerging economies will gradually be provided under pressure as an unprecedented period of record-low interest rates in the United States is completed.

Euro. Bearish view. After another reduction in interest rates the prospects of the single currency against the US competitor determined differential short-term real interest rates and financial flows, where we observe the changes are not in favor of Europe. We recommend looking for an opportunity against the euro of sales of certain currencies of developing countries.

Yen. Bearish view. The current weakness in the economy suggests further steps the Bank of Japan, aimed at economic stimulation, which contrasts strongly with the expectations of monetary tightening in the United States. The increase in Japan’s deficit on current account in conjunction with the optimistic US economic outlook gives reason to expect a continuation of the upward trend in the pair dollar / yen. We also expect that the outflow of funds from Japan will exert additional pressure on the yen.

Aussies. Long-term bearish view. The Reserve Bank of Australia is likely to be forced to go to the “doves notes” in his comments after for the 2nd quarter inflation report. The narrowing of yield spreads and a fall in prices for commodity assets will continue to pull down the Australian currency. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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