Triple Moving Average tfmt5

Triple Moving Average tfmt5

Expert uses three moving averages and open position when all three moving averages slide move in the same direction. After the fast moving average crosses back Advisor comes out of the position. You can select the moving average with fewer bars to catch the short-term trend, or increase the number of bars in the moving averages for long-term trends.

Note:The input values ​​are not optimized default. Test Expert on demo and set the input parameters in accordance with acceptable risk and objectives. Trend-tracking systems are based on long-term probabilities. Although such systems have lower winning performance, profitability comes from the big trends, such systems are limited to losses and profits built up. Testing symbols portfolio showed that the profit trend symbols compensate for small losses and can provide income when other symbols of the trend is not observed.

Inputs and pyramidal system:

Expert enters the market when the fast moving average is outside the average moving average and the average in turn – outside of the slowest moving average. For examples, see the screenshots. If the parameter value Max Units is greater than 1, additional inputs pyramid steps ATR will be used specified in the variable ATR between Pyramids.


Advisor out of the market when the fast moving average crosses back to the middle moving average. Output Closed moving average of the previous bar.

The size and position of the foot:

Expert calculates the position using the method percent volatility (Percent Volatility), which is directly connected with the feet. Stop using the input variables and ATR_Periods Stop_Range_ATR to calculate the ATR, and then multiplies these two values ​​to set foot on the distance from the entry price. Stops are not programmed in the position, but closes the adviser position if the price reaches the stop value. Since through the pyramid system adds additional lots, feet move in line with the last entry price. On the basis of the stop values, and the parameter Risk_Percent account information (tick size, lot size, number of decimal points, etc.) when choosing the size of the distance from the position is used to stop the entry price level in monetary terms as well as the number of lots is considered to you within a specified percentage. This allows you to work equally with each character, price and volatility. As you change the size of the account at the expense of profit or drawdown position size will change according to the change in the account.

Input parameters:

  • Short_MA – the number of bars for building fast simple moving average (fewer bars).
  • Middle_MA – the number of bars for the construction of medium simple moving average.
  • Long_MA – the number of bars for the construction of a slow simple moving average (a larger number of bars).
  • Risk_Percent – risk percentage for each position at the closing of the foot. For example: if a risk percentage should be equal to 2% of the equity, select 2 for this parameter.
  • ATR_Periods – the number of bars to calculate the ATR.
  • Stop_Range_ATR – this value will be multiplied by ATR to determine foot distance from the entry price.
  • Max_Units – the maximum number of positions of inputs (including the first initial input) on the pyramidal system with an increase in profit for the position.
  • ATR_between_Pyramids – this value will be multiplied by ATR and used to calculate when to add the following position in the pyramid. For example: Specify a value of 1.5 the following entry on the pyramid system occurs when the price reaches the entry price plus (1.5 * ATR) for long positions and the input price minus (1.5 * ATR) for short positions.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage when entering a position.
  • Reduction_Percent – value by which to reduce the equity to calculate the position size. For example: during drawdowns can be specified in this parameter 20 and the position size is 20% smaller. sizing function will determine the size of the equity position of 80% from the real values ​​for risk reduction before the end of the drawdown.

Triple Moving Average tfmt5

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Daily Economic Digest from Forex ee

Daily Economic Digest from

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Tuesday, May 23

Today the pair GBP/ USD again it proved to be under the influence of negative events,
which caused a new wave of widespread risk aversion. Today it is night
it is known that at the Manchester Arena in the UK made a few
explosions, which were regarded as a terrorist act. Soon after the tragedy
British Prime Minister Tereza Mey made a statement to the effect that the British
the government will do everything to get full information about the explosions in
Manchester, and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. In the course of a few
the last hours the pair traded in a southerly direction, as investors
continue to discuss the incident, holding a pair of pressure below
1.3000. However, the continuing weakness of the US dollar further limits
reduction pair. Next hearing is scheduled for today inflation report,
which will take place during the European trade, then, as with the US housing market data
It will also have a certain influence on the pair.

Couple EUR / USD It fell just below the beginning
European trading, losing some positions taken yesterday after calm
Asian session. Yesterday, the single currency has received strong support from the
comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that the euro is “too
weak “, so German products remains cheaper, thus allowing the main
currency pair renew their annual maximum at the level of 1.1263. but
It seems that the euro bulls were unable to hold their positions and retreated to the pair
a few pips below, ignoring the widespread risk aversion and positive
Germany’s data, as the US dollar once again tries to recover against
its main competitors. At present, the unit will be presented in the list of events
economic data from Germany, as well as data from the US real estate market, which
be able to ask the further motion vector pair.

Couple USD / JPY traded under davleniev from the bears on Tuesday, renewing
their three-day low at 110.86, as the growth of interest to traders
less risky assets was the main driver of the Asian session. Sale
pair began immediately after the headlines began to appear that in Manchester
Today several explosions during the night, which were regarded as terrorist
attack, thereby supporting demand for safe-haven assets such as the yen. More
of political uncertainty in the United States it is still one of the main
drivers of the market, thereby continuing to have a negative impact on the dollar.
Now the attention of traders shifted towards the block of macroeconomic data
The United States, including the New Home Sales, which will be able to ask
short-term trend during the New York trading, and while predisposition
investors to less risky assets continue to set the mood of the couple.

Bitcoin continues its tremendous rise on Monday broke the psychological
level, situated at around 2000 yesterday cryptocurrency managed to earn more
8%, by updating its historical high of 2227.00. such a huge
the move was a response to the news that Ledger Holdings, is the parent
institutional platform for enterprise-trade Bitcoin options LedgerX,
able to attract funding in the amount of 11.4 million. US dollars and currently
the time it expects regulatory approval by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
USA (CFTC) to start operation as the first US fully adjustable
Exchange and clearing house for trading options on cryptocurrency market. Also
I would like to note that bitcoin increase from the level of 1,200 for the last two months
It was due to increased trading activity of virtual currency in Japan, as well as
news that bitcoin became legal tender in the country.

Main events
of the day:

IFO business climate index in Germany – 11.00 (GMT +3)

Hearing the report on UK inflation – 12.00 (GMT +3)

New home sales in the US – 17.00 (GMT +3)

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.1118 C 1.1322

P. S. USDJPY 110.59 111.95

1.2924 C 1.3080

0.9656 C 0.9804

AUDUSD 0.7406 P.
S. 0.7522

0.6875 C 0.7057

1.3452 C 1.3564

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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BONDS Regions of Russian Federation in hurry

BONDS: Regions of the Russian Federation in a hurry to the market, `heated&# 39; surplus

Several regions of the Russian Federation have announced plans to enter the bond market before the summer lull, deciding under the conditions of excess liquidity in the market does not wait for a possible reduction of the cost of the Bank of Russia loans in mid-June.

“The market is now warmed up, – said on the phone the deputy chief of earnings management and the government debt of the Volgograd Region Marina Kopaneva. – The market did not immediately react to the decision of the Central Bank to change the key rate. A couple of weeks is nothing to give. “

Russian bond rates falling on the background of monetary easing policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the surplus liquidity in the banking sector. The yield on bonds of the Moscow region fell by more than 100 basis points, reaching a low of 8.50 percent since the location in November.

Earlier this week, Yaroslavl region held a placement of 10-year bonds for 7.5 billion rubles, and the authorities of the Volgograd region on Friday to hold an auction of bonds by 10 billion rubles. Samara and Belgorod regions in June, also intend to raise funds on the market.

“Regions that are allowed to fiscal rules seek to take advantage of excess liquidity in the bond market and the continuing demand for paper to replace the bonds more expensive to service bank loans to finance projects in the conditions when the Ministry of Finance stingy on funding because of the budget deficit,” – wrote email CEO of Sputnik AM Alexander Losev.

See also: Central Bank: inflation expectations in May fell to 10.3% from 11% in April.

  • “The moment is now good, but we believe that the key rate will be reduced, and the yield will be lower, because inflation is already in the region of 4 per cent, so the later one could take and cheaper” – said on the phone the portfolio manager of the Criminal Code “Alfa Capital” Eugene Zhornist
    • "It is important that the trend continues and the key rate will come to 6.5-7%"
  • coupon benchmark 7-year amortization bonds of Volgograd region at auction June 2 is 9.2-9.5 per cent per annum, the placement volume – 10 billion rubles
  • Samara region will offer on June 9 auction of 7-year depreciation of 10 billion rubles bonds
    • Benchmark rate of the 1st coupon: 8.4-8.6 per cent per annum
    • Possible reduction in the key rate would not allow the Samara Region to raise funds more cheaply because it is already priced in; if the Central Bank keep rates may start correction: Deputy Finance Minister Elena control Zyabkina email
  • Belgorod region June 20 will begin placement of 7-year depreciation of bonds is 4 billion rubles
  • According to the median forecast of analysts and economists surveyed by Bloomberg, the CBR will reduce the rate on June 16 by 25 basis points to 9 per cent per annum

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Professional LED moving averages with zero delay.

Indicator MAi – this nonretarded set of moving averages.

thanks MAi you will finally be able to trade in real time without delays, your transaction will be more accurate and efficient.

List of moving averages and combinations with an average of Hull available below in the section of code.

You can run multiple instances of the indicator MAi simultaneously for all timeframes. Thus it is possible to test and compare the results with different settings.

Like all of our indicators in MAi integrated technology “Testing of the runner on the story“.

The program can work in two automatic modes:

1. Runner Mode

Activated when run on indicator chart or visual testing.

You can test / adjust the light on the stories with the included “slider” with up to 32,767 bars.

During visual testing you can run on the chart indicator and easily adjust the input parameters.
The tester (Only) of the slider mode, you can go out pressing the <Esc>.

Allowing you to easily switch between timeframes in the selected position, and compare the results.

Watch the video of the “switching” in HD

2. Expert mode

Activated when starting from the EA indicator using “iCustom” function.

It is intended for use only advisor, testing with a runner off.

built-in indicator “error checking“That allows to see and correct problem areas.

Tested and works well in our advisor PointerX.

Watch the video of “testing” in HD

All this makes the light easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

How to trade on MAi?

It’s very simple. If MAi line goes up – buy, if goes down – sell.

Also, there are other options (two copies with different settings – when one line crosses another, as well as the use of other indicators).

It is recommended to run multiple instances of indicators on different timeframes with different settings to achieve the best results (M5, M15, H1, H4).

for programmers

You can turn indicator advisors:

enum method
   SMA = 0, / * SMA (Simple_MA) * /
   LWMA = 1, / * LWMA (Linear_Weighted_MA) * /
   SWMA = 2, / * SWMA (Sine_Weighted_MA) * /
   LSMA = 3, / * LSMA (Least_Squares_MA) * /
   TRIMA = 4, / * TRIMA (Triangular_MA) * /
   ILRS = 5, / * ILRS (Integral_of_Linear_Regression_Slope) * /
   EMA = 6, / * EMA (Exponential_MA) * /
   DEMA = 7, / * DEMA (Double_EMA) * /
   MDEMA = 8, / * MDEMA (Median_DEMA) * /
   TEMA = 9, / * TEMA (Triple_EMA) * /
   REMA = 10, / * REMA (Regularized_EMA) * /
   T3 = 11, / * T3 (Tillson) * /
   EMA_Hull = 12, / * EMA_Hull * /
   DEMA_Hull = 13, / * DEMA_Hull * /
   TEMA_Hull = 14, / * TEMA_Hull * /
   REMA_Hull = 15, / * REMA_Hull * /
   T3_Hull = 16, / * T3_Hull * /

Teams for the current and last values ​​for MQL4:

double maiCur = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,1);
double maiPrev = iCustom (NULL, MA_TF _, “MAi”, MA_MTD_, a_st_, a_sm_, a_vf_, a_lam_, 1,0,2);
if (maiCur>maiPrev) buyMAI_ = true;
if (maiCur<maiPrev) sellMAI_ = true;

  • NULL = current character
  • MA_TF_ = enum_timeframes
  • “MAi” = path / name of the custom indicator compiled
  • MA_MTD_ = method (from 0-16 in this order)
  • a_st_ = display step
  • a_sm_ = smoothing
  • a_vf_ = v_factor (volume ratio)
  • a_lam_ = lambda
  • 1 = last bar (use 1 for more accurate results, because the zero bar is not yet complete)
  • 0 = line index
  • 1 (2) = offset

Input parameters MAi

In order from left to right: name [default value], min-max value.

If you accidentally enter a smaller or greater value will be used the value of min-max.

  • Method [LSMA] – indicator method
  • Step [25] 0-100 – step indicator
  • * Smooth [0] 0-100 – smoothing lines
  • * V_factor [1.0] 0.0-50.0 – volume ratio
  • * Lambda [0.3] 0.0-100.0 – lambda (for REMA, REMA_Hull)
  • LastBar [0] 0-6000 – Display the last bar (from left to right in descending order 0 – last)
  • PastBars [100] 1-6000 – bars on the history (to the left)

* Depending on the nature of moving may not be available for some methods

Additional Information

Demo version shows the main features and ease of use MAi.

For unlimited version MAi or to use an indicator in the Expert Advisor, you should buy or rent the full version.

Are you satisfied with our work? Share with everyone and leave your review.

If you need assistance in using our trading instruments, or if you have difficulties or questions, please contact me.





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ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars

ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars

The indicator shows the exact operational
values ​​from one to six trend lines extending over / under the right bars, and / or the High and Low of three bars. If needed, displays in its table near the same value, increase or decrease for your indent.

Additionally, there are:

  • Automatic change indicator values ​​output by the number of decimal places according to the displayed pairs of trading terminals.
  • Automatic color change in the trend lines of color, similar values ​​outputted on them. This feature can be enabled or disabled on
    your discretion.
  • Ability to output not only marks the last, but all the previous ones.
  • Disable display indicator information on rows with the bars, if it is not needed at the moment.
  • Disabling marks O
    trend lines, if from ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars you enough to see only the High and Low bars.

If the trend lines are not set the indicator, but the setting of the show is on, the corresponding lines will be dashes.

The default display shows the exact values ​​of the trend lines above / below zero (current) and the first (the previous before the current one) bars, whether through any point of the selected line held. To display the value of the line above / below a long-standing bar, put it in a room NumberLastBarTrendline parameter. Instead of the values ​​of the first bar will appear at the desired data. Mark of zero will not be changed.

If there is no line over the desired bar, then its value is not in the indicator table. 

Updates are available for the indicator, which increase comfort
work with it and extend its capabilities (without prejudice to the previously established properties). All changes can be
found in the “What’s New”.

Before purchasing, you can get acquainted with the working properties
analyzer, tested in real conditions of its free version “Free ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars“.

The names of the lines for the indicator:

To display knew for some lines and some lines of his table, he must display the data, there are two ways:

  1. Copy the entire name of the desired trend line on the chart
    its properties (or remember) and enter it in the properties of the analyzer.
  2. Change the desired names trend lines in their properties to: 
  • u1 or u2 or u3 – the name for the top three lines (Up from the word);
  • d1 or d2 or d3 – titles for three bottom lines (from the word Down).

Seeing the graph line names u1, u2, u3 and / or d1, d2, d3, the analyzer will display the values ​​on them automatically.

In the application of the second method is necessary, in the name of the trendline indicator properties.

Custom Properties ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars:

Show Values ​​of Trend Lines Selection of the number of rows in the display table to display the trend line values.
Show High And Low of Three Bars true – show in
Table maximums and minimums of three bars.
false – do not show.
NumberLastBarTrendline room bar
after zero (current) over / under
trendline. Default = 1 – the first left after the current.

to display
Older values ​​set number
of the bar, over / under which the
desired portion of the trend line.

NumberLastBar number of the last
bar to display the values ​​of High and Low candles. The default is 2, which means
show the value of the last three bars,
including zero (current).

to display
Older values ​​set number
the title bar. His High and Low will be displayed instead of the eldest of the three most recent.

Indent from lines of resistance Number of items of indentation resistance lines (row lines) to display price indented marks. If
required to add to the value of the distance in points placed
a positive integer, if you take away, the
negative. Default = 0, ie no indent.
Indent from lines of support Number of points
indentation on the support lines (lower
lines) to output values ​​indented. If you want to add, put
positive integer, if taken away, negative. Default = 0.
Indent from High of Bars To increase or decrease the price bars on the stamp High indent you. Default = 0.
Indent from Low of Bars For
increase or decrease the price of marks Low bars indent you. Default = 0.
Change colors of the trend lines true – automatically change color
trend lines, on which the indicator displays the values ​​in their
lines into equal specified in the parameters Color for values ​​of resistance and Color for values ​​of support (I.e. on the colors of rows in the table).
false – do not change.
Color for values ​​of resistance Text color
the output value of the upper line, and if the parameter Change colors of the trend lines selected true, lines with the names: u1, u2 and u3.
Color for values ​​of support The color of the text to display the values ​​of the lower lines, and if parameter Change colors of the trend lines selected true, lines with the names: d1, d2 and d3.
Color text for values ​​of bars Text color output High and Low values ​​of the bars.

Note: when installing the indicator on the chart should be noted that originally specified in the properties of the indicator color used for light backgrounds. However, you can easily change them on your own.
ID Values ​​of trendlines and bars

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By leaps and bounds 2 5 euro reached its peak

By leaps and bounds: 2.5, the euro reached its peak | Boris Fedotov

By leaps and bounds: the euro reached its peak in 2.5 years

In contrast to the flagging dollar, the euro continues to grow
and strengthened. Immediately after the summit in Jackson Hole, the euro reached a peak in the
two and a half years against the dollar. Despite the fact that Mario Draghi is not
I made any loud statements about monetary policy
the euro area, he openly said that with the strengthening of the European economy –
it is more than obvious. Although, in principle, it was clear and without it
hints. It is logical that after the central bank EUR Summit strengthened even more. morning
Monday EUR rose to $ 1.1926 to the USD.

Another reason for the stability of the euro currency is
that investors have decided not to take drastic measures to the forthcoming meeting
The ECB announced for September. It is expected that at the congress of “Super Mario”
can make important statements about the future of the euro area monetary policy.
For example, about possible plans to start buying assets folding.

In addition, it is only natural that investors
now much more concerned with the next event in the United States and its impact on
economy – namely Harvey hurricane that broke the oil system
Gulf of Mexico and further brought down the dollar.

Like it or not, one thing is clear – the euro will be saved
stability, at least in the short term. Today it is one of
the most obvious trends in the currency market.

Learn how you can earn on the growth of the euro by clicking on the link:

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Channels for prices

Channels for prices

The indicator builds horizontal channels. If the price breaks the boundary of the channel, the channel shifts. The boundaries of the channel are support and resistance levels, and the zones bordering the channel boundaries may be used as perekuplennosti and pereprodannosti zone. Indicator Channels for prices perfectly It operates at a sideways trend paired with indicators such as the Stochastic, RSI and working as a confirming indicator.

display Setting very simple (you can not change anything) and consists of two units:

  • Block 1 setting for grid spacing timeframe in which the expert is set.
  • Block 2. Customize the color of the indicator solution.

Read the indicator may be in the strategy tester, as well as you can download a free trial version (Only EUR / CHF and EUR / GBP, timeframe M1 and M30)

hopefully indicator Channels for prices will be useful for you and if so, put a finger up to me as the author would be very nice! Thank you!

Channels for prices

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