Today market focus of publication of US GDP for

Today, the market focus of the publication of US GDP for the fourth quarter of last year. What can we expect from it?

GDP data are among the most important for decision-making on interest rates. Good data will increase the probability of an early increase, as the US dollar again will go to growth. Negative data return value of the dollar to a 5-month lows. And tomorrow the closing of the first quarter can provoke and break through that in the long term will lead to a change in trading ranges in most currency pairs the US dollar. If you try to predict what will come out data, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the data is not the first. They are published three times, reviewed each subsequent month after the end of the quarter, or rather even say translated. So today‘s data will already be final. The previous two publications showed 1.9% of GDP for the fourth quarter, the forecast of 2.2% in February and 2.1% in March. That is forecast for each month is reduced, and the data and go below it. forecast again today lowered to 2.0%, and 0.1%. But if will come again 1.9%, the market will take it as a negative, and the dollar once again to conquer lows. And then you have to choose, for any currency pair with the dollar up to the transaction. Publication 15:30 (GMT).

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Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum indicator is designed to analyze the market in the long term. You can make transactions for the purchase and sale of the purchase and sale market lines, and use the middle line lzk buying or selling, and holding position. We used the original stochastic calculations, as well as customized calculations for one of the lines called Bressert Blue Line (blue line Bressert).

Input parameters

  • DSTLen = 20
  • BuyLine = 20
  • SellLine = 80

DSTlen – the number of bars used to calculate values. The higher the value, the smoother the line is.

BuyLine and SellLine – line shown in the chart to track the lines touch display.

Present in all the indicators Bressert. We recommend to download free demo version and a convenience store.

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

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Brexit still possible to cancel

Brexit still possible to cancel?

EP President Antonio Tajani yesterday after a meeting with British Prime Minister Terezy Mey said that the European Union will be happy to take Britain back if after the parliamentary elections will be clear that the voters changed their minds. Moreover, a change of government does not even need a trial. According to him, all EU countries will support the decision of the new government if it decides to cancel Brexit. And, he also said several times that the veto the entire deal if the UK does not agree to the preservation of all the rights of EU citizens already living in the UK, and the British in Europe. In our view, therefore enable the British to think again carefully whether to still leave the EU. Hinted absolutely clear, give a specific call to action. So, June 8, we expect another strong leap rate of the pound sterling, but which way will depend on the British themselves. Voting for the government Terezy Mey, a second opportunity to stay in the EU can no longer be. Until 8 June is a high probability of the pound sterling cost growth, as the quotes usually grow on expectations of some important event. Once an opportunity to cancel the transaction at Brexit, it is already positive expectations, which do not necessarily have to be justified. The conclusion is very simple, as the old coaching adage – buy on expectations, sell the fact …

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Advisor AcSar – fully automated adviser, working on the basis of the latest version of Parabolic SAR indicator.


  • Lots– starting auction
  • MaxLots – maximum lot
  • Multiplier – the number is multiplied to the next item in an unsuccessful transaction
  • StepSAR– Parabolic SAR indicator step
  • Slippage– allowable slippage

Advisor optimized for the pair EURUSD timeframe for H4.


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StopLoss Manager

StopLoss Manager

Utility In-Trading StopLoss Manager automatically controls the level of stop-loss. you can use 4 different indicator by which SL Manager will operate stop loss:

  • Kijun-Sen Line (Ichimoku)
  • Parabolic SAR – Parabolic indicator.
  • Exponential MA – Exponential Moving Average.
  • Donchian Channel

StopLoss Manager configured, turns on / off the chart.

You open a transaction which includes the In-Trading SL Manager and enjoy the liberated time!

See. The instructions for use of the program in the attached video.

StopLoss Manager


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China has allowed banks to set exchange rates

China has allowed banks to set the exchange rates

China’s central bank allowed local banks to set their own rate of RMB against the US dollar for retail transactions. This innovation is already regarded as one more step towards the release rate from the state control.

Previously, banks were required to ensure that the difference in exchange rates did not exceed 3% of the average exchange rate of the Central Bank of China in a given day. Now, according to analysts’ estimates, the yuan reached its equilibrium, and this has allowed gradual release of the exchange rate and do not worry about the excessive volatility.

The new rules do not
apply to surgery courses
currency in the interbank market, which
It is under state control.

Under the new policy,
Now banks can change the price of OTC
exchange rates in line with market
supply and demand, without any
restrictions. This authorization is
a prerequisite for liberalization
and exemption from the need to have
dollar reserves in the country.

China, having a second
largest economy in the world after
US seeks to increase the use of
the yuan in global trade and investment,
to reduce China’s dependence on

China has long been trying
to introduce its own currency in the international
treatment. So, for more than 10 years Russia
and China conduct settlements in national
currencies, while the share of the Chinese yuan
gradually increases. December
2010 Chinese yuan came on stock
Russian market and then became the first Russian
foreign country where realized
Sales of Chinese national currency.
Russian demand for Chinese investors
the yuan is increasing more than
3 years in a row.

China is also actively
developing mutual settlements in national
currencies with Central Asia
– Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

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The adviser works breakdowns of critical levels, not a scalper and not susceptible to slippage.

It uses dynamic stop loss, take profit and trailing stop based on the ATR, which are adjusted to the volatility at the moment.

Capital management in real time calculates the size of the lots on the basis of the stop-loss and a specified percentage of risk.

This EA is designed to work on the USDJPY H1.

Do not use Martingale or nets.

This EA calculates the daily candle, so the results may be slightly different when using a broker with a time zone other than GMT +1. Before starting the advisor on real accounts is recommended to test it in the tester trading strategies of your broker.

Monitoring of real accounts:

Description of the input parameters

Capital management (Money Management):

  • UseMoneyManagement: When set to true, you can specify the percentage of risk capital;
  • lots: If “UseMoneyManagement” is false, you can use a fixed lot size;
  • LotsDecimals: the number of decimal places in the lot size, if the broker uses a micro lots (0.01), it is necessary to specify 2 or 1.
  • RiskInPercent: Percentage of risk-based capital and stop loss of each transaction;
  • MaximumLots: Maximum lot.

offset settings GMT:

  • AutoGMT_Offset: automatic determination GMT mode;
  • ManualGMT_Offset: manual definition of GMT, is used in bektestirovanii.

Other options

  • MaxSlippage: maximum allowable slip;
  • CustomComment: a comment;
  • MagicNumber: a unique number adviser;
  • DisplayInfoPanel: If true, the panel will display the information.


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