Fibo Zone

fibo Zone

The indicator shows the strong areas of support and resistance around
levels of a particular type, calculated on the basis of the indicator ZigZag vertices
larger amplitude (Max Amplitude Swing). The strength is determined by the accumulation levels of Fibonacci levels, calculated on
ZigZag indicator based vertices with smaller amplitude.

These regions may be regarded as potentially reversal zone and,
respectively, to use them for transactions and profit.
Potentially reversal zone rather effectively filtered signals,
derived from the oscillators.

in the indicator added functionality for recognizing and building
5-harmonic dot patterns based ZigZag indicator vertices
larger amplitude. And search
is not only well-known patterns such as Gartley, Bat,
Butterfly, Crab and so on, and on all 5-point pattern peaks
which correspond to lines (retrace) Fibonacci (Fibonacci Retracements), introduced in the settings

Description of input

  • Max Amplitude of Swing – the amplitude of the swing big
  • Min Amplitude of Swing – the amplitude of the swing low

The amplitude of the swing states
Percentage: 1% on EURUSD – about 130 classical points.

  • Type of Calculation type of calculation of the potential reversal zones:
    • Levels of greater amplitude – in the area based on the potential reversal levels are
      Fibonacci calculated with respect to the vertex of the last beam of a zigzag.
    • Density around the Harmonic Levels – at the heart of a potentially
      reversal zones lie close to each other Fibonacci levels,
      calculated with respect to the last two peaks (ABCD).
    • Density around the Levels of Crossing Pitchforks – the basis for the reversal potential
      zones lie fork intersection levels Andrews, built on top of 5 swings
      Zigzag (XAB and BCD).
  • Use the Level of Crossing Pitchforks Filter filter, taking into account the presence of the forks level crossing in Andrews
    potential reversal zone:
    • Do not use filter do not use a filter.
    • Levels of Crossing in Area levels must be within the area.
  • Use Harmonic Filter all the constructions of the indicator occurs only when
    if XB retracements segments, AC, BD, XD matching the Fibonacci levels.
  • fibo Series – Fibonacci levels, which are used in
    calculation of areas. Default:


The series is filled without
spaces, separated by commas.

  • Use Fibo Extensions – in calculating the force area are taken into account
    Small zigzag swings over time. In fact, the force previously
    calculated fields change with the passage of time and the emergence of new
    tops of small zigzag.
  • Deviation
    from Areas
     – deviation of error
    the calculated level (in percentages). This parameter is used
    when searching for the harmonic pattern.
  • Amount of strong Areas – the number of the strongest areas of all
    calculated. The strength of the field is determined by the number of levels belonging to a
  • Use Max Time – remove areas with no waste
    the passage of time.
  • Swing on History – the number of swings with zigzag
    large amplitude for the construction of fields and levels on the story.
  • Create Areas – building potential reversal zone.
  • Create Levels – building potential reversal levels.
  • Create
    Levels of Crossing Pitchforks
    – construction of forks level crossing Andrews
    • Do not create Levels – the levels are not built
    • Create all Levels – Build all levels
    • Create only Levels in Area – built only falling levels
      potentially reversal zone
  • Create Price Labels – construction price tag.
  • Create Extensions Harmonic
    Development harmonic pattern.
  • Create Actual Harmonic
    – building
    formed the harmonic pattern.
  • Create Sperandeo Trend the construction of trend lines
    Sperandeo method.

Recommendations for display settings

Options Min Amplitude of Swing, Max Amplitude of Swing,
Amount of Areas, Deviation from Areas
 logically closely linked. Therefore, a change in one of them can significantly
change the image information displayed on the chart:

  • If we
    decrease Min Amplitude of Swing, it actually increases
    ZigZag’a smaller number of nodes and, as a consequence, increase overall
    the number of levels that can get in the computational domain and to increase
    her strength.
  • If we
    increase Deviation from Areas, it actually increases the size
    calculation area, and as a consequence, increase the total number of levels,
    that can get into the computational domain and increase its strength.

Parameter Deviation from Areas It has
direct relation to the definition of
Harmonic patterns, as is an error of compliance
retracements XB, AC, BD, XD Fibonacci levels. Not recommended
set this parameter is greater than
0.1 (10%).

And setting Use Fibo Extensions to increase the likelihood that any area of ​​the passage of time
will be stronger, because there are new peaks of small zigzag. It is therefore not
It recommended when the parameters are set as a value Amount of strong Areas more than two.

Fibo Zone

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Fast Copy MT5 demo

Fast Copy MT5 demo

Fast Copy MT5 It allows you to copy transactions between different accounts in the MetaTrader 5 (netting) (hedge) and MetaTrader 4 in any direction and amount, as quickly and easily (no loading system).

MT4> MT5 MT4> MT4 MT5> MT5 MT5> MT4

Fast Copy MT5 demo – is intended to familiarize with the program has limited functionality.

Familiarize yourself with the program functions as well as download the full version without limitations, you can on the link below:

Fast Copy MT4
Fast Copy MT5 –

Fast Copy MT5 demo


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Error traders at $ 617 billion Japan canceled

Error traders at $ 617 billion: Japan canceled a huge deal

Today could happen
one of the biggest trading mistakes
history. transaction size reached
up to a huge amount that even more
than the entire Swedish economy. Of course, the error
We discovered and all transactions were incorrect
abolished in Japan.

So, at 9:25 am in Tokyo
carried out transactions on the shares of 42 companies
totaling 67.78 trillion yen ($ 617 billion).
All of them have been canceled, according to the
Bloomberg and Japanese dealers Association

The largest order
has been issued for shares of Toyota Motor Corp – 1,96
billion, or 57% of all outstanding shares
world’s largest automaker,
We wanted to buy for 12.68 trillion yen through
OTC transactions. other cancellations
transactions were in stock Honda Motor Company
Co, Canon Inc, Sony and Nomura Holdings Inc.

such errors are periodically shopping
happen in the market, they are sometimes called
«Fat finger». AT
2009 to formalize a deal, the error UBS AG
3 trillion yen at Capcom Co.
through bonds. However, it does not compare
with the size of the current error.

"I have never heard
of such large errors in orders
before"- Bloomberg said Ayako Sera,
Tokyo market strategist
of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ltd, which controls
about 474 billion dollars of assets. "Must
be a mistake there".

We now know that
no harm was done to companies,
because orders were canceled in time.
Now it is necessary only to find out that
It was the appearance of this error. There is a version that
Broker mixed up the number of shares and
the value of shares. The fact that the transaction
conducted outside the stock exchange, allowed to avoid
such a big mistake.

Nikkei 225 Stock Average low
I changed yesterday, while shares of Toyota rose
1.2% as the yen weakened.

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Trade Helper for FX

Trade Helper for FX

Indicator Trade Helper for FX – an information display, which will help you determine what amount is best to open a position on this instrument.

After all, it will show you the main features of your account, and you have selected the tool:

  • shoulder and spread;
  • level drawdown on the account as a percentage; if the level of drawdown will >= 50%, the color changes to red lettering. It is very convenient.
  • the minimum and maximum amount of the transaction for the instrument;
  • margin for 1 lot;
  • the volume of transactions equal to the specified level of risk you are as a percentage.

I hope that this indicator will be useful to you.

Trade Helper for FX

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Manipulation of courses will cost banks $ 3 3

Manipulation of courses will cost banks $ 3.3 billion

Manipulation of courses will cost banks $ 3 3

US regulators, the UK and Switzerland ordered five international banks to pay a total of about $ 3.3 billion as part of the settlement of claims in the case of manipulating exchange rates, reports Bloomberg.

The biggest fine of the Swiss UBS AG: a total of $ 800 million Citigroup Inc.. will pay $ 668 million to regulators, JPMorgan Chase Co. – $ 662 million, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc – $ 634 million, HSBC Holdings Plc – $ 618 million.

Commodities Futures Trading Commission of the United States (CFTC) has fined five above-mentioned banks, totaling $ 1.4 billion: UBS payment will be $ 290 million, Citigroup – $ 310 million, JPMorgan – $ 310 million, Royal Bank of Scotland – $ 290 million, HSBC – $ 275 million, according to the CFTC report.

"Countless individuals and companies around the world are using exchange rates at the conclusion of financial contracts – CFTC spokesman Eitan Goleman. – The market will work only if people believe in the fairness of the process setting the indicative rates".

Banks also pay to the British Office of monitoring compliance with the code of conduct in the financial markets (of FCA) about 1.1 billion pounds ($ 1.75 billion). UBS will pay the British regulator 233,814,000 pounds, Citigroup – 225,575-million pounds, JPMorgan – 222,166-million pounds, Royal Bank of Scotland – 217 million pounds, HSBC – 216,363-million pounds.

The report FCA notes that "ineffective" Control from 1 January 2008 to 15 October 2013 in the bank let them "put their own interests above the interests of clients and other market participants and the British financial system as a whole".

"Banks share information about customer transactions, which must be kept confidential, and tried to manipulate exchange rates G10 countries on the spot market, including in the framework of collusion with traders of other companies, which could put at a disadvantage customers"- FCA said in a statement.

In a similar case Swiss regulator (Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA) ordered UBS to pay 134 million Swiss francs ($ 139 million) in this case. FINMA has initiated litigation against 11 UBS employees.

Barclays Plc British bank. at the last moment refused to agreement on the settlement of claims.

"After talks with regulators and authorities, we have come to the conclusion that in the interests of the company will find a negotiated solution"- said in a statement, Barclays.

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Asian markets rose on Friday

Asian markets rose on Friday

Trading in the Asia-Pacific region in
Friday ended in the green zone. it
It helped a little to reduce the percentage drop
most of the indices for the week.
MSCI Asia Pacific lost per week
1.4%, but on Friday rose by 0.4%.

Nikkei added
0,33%, Kospi up today
0.35%; Hang Seng firmed 0.37% and
Now Shanghai Composite jumped
up to 1.4%. This Chinese growth
index due to the fact that the People’s Bank
China on Friday intervened 8.2
billion dollars on the interbank market
the country with the help of short-term transactions
lending. In the money market in China
very serious rates rose.

a result of increased securities
Chinese financial firms and lenders.
ICBC added modest
1.4%; Citic Securities, Haitong Securities increased
capitalization of 6% each.

And here
loudly announced a project to
“Bow” of stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai
(Stock Connect), worked
the first week, showed not the most confident
results. Investors chose all
24% quota on the amount of the purchased shares in Hong Kong
(100% – it’s $ 90 billion).

Japan this week happened important
Events: Sindzo Abe dissolved the lower
house of parliament. Already on December 14, will
early election it. unpopular
measure – the second increase in the sales tax
– was postponed for half a year. That’s why
grown up country codes.

large movements of securities can
noted appreciation of 4.2% stake
Casino in Macau Galaxy Entertaiment Group.
oil company
CNOOC added 3.5% yesterday and
now it raises the price of oil, and
securities of companies related to the
“Black gold” perfectly responded
on the news.

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RSI Signals Manager

RSI Signals Manager

adviser RSI Signals Manager trades on the indicator signals RSI. Transactions are made in either direction when the indicator reaches values RSI_Level_Down or RSI_Level_Up. If more light RSI_Level_Up, the chosen direction Short for the initial transaction, if less light RSI_Level_Down, – direction Long. If the Inversion = true, the directions are reversed. Trades are closed for take-profit. Losing processed adviser on the averaging method builds up a network of transactions in the same direction, is calculated bezubytka level and when the price reaches this level, the network is closed for take-profit is also in the black. Advisor quite easily optimized.


  • MAGICB – magic number Long;
  • MAGICS – magic number Short.

The “Trading Hours”

  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset – known server time offset hours from GMT;
  • Hours – If true, EA trades with the parameter Begin_hour hours (GMT) to h End_hour (GMT). When false trades constantly;
  • Begin_hour – hour beginning (we are talking about the initial transactions);
  • End_hour – hour late (we are talking about the initial transactions).

The “Start Installation”

  • Inversion – inversion directions transactions;
  • Deals – the amount of the initial transactions at once;
  • NumbLot – the number of decimal places for a lot of values;
  • Lot – the initial value of the lot for the transactions;
  • TP – Take Profit in points from the opening price or the level of bezubytka;
  • SLPLUS – collective stop loss averaging network;
  • CoefLot – Lot magnification factor with increasing knee in the averaging network. When 1 – Lot does not increase for subsequent transactions in the network;
  • RSI – RSI period indicator. If the indicator is more than 70, chosen direction Short, if less than 30 – Long;
  • RSI_Level_Up – level of the initial opening position Short;
  • RSI_Level_Down – the level of opening of the starting position Long;
  • Step – step-in points, between the tribes of the averaging network;
  • OnOffUnLine – true when switched mode uneven growth step of averaging network;
  • ULsoef – pitch gain coefficient averaging network;
  • MinPauseNetUp – minimum pause in minutes between any Long transactions;
  • MinPauseNetDown – minimum pause in minutes between any Short transactions.

Modes of forced-choice destinations

  • SELL – If true, the direction SELL allowed;
  • BUY – If true, the direction BUY allowed.

TrailingStop and TrailingStep – trailing parameters.

Advisor quite easily optimized for the initial settings, and can be set in different modes according to the trader’s wishes.

RSI Signals Manager

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