Argo CandlesMT4

argo CandlesMT4

The idea to create this instrument was the frequent use of
in different strategies as a signal to enter the market (or the completion signals
beginning wave) crossing “MA” a short period (3-9), or going beyond the “Channel
standard deviation. “In this display is such a signal change color candles
(Bar) to the opposite. Scaling is automatic
Depending on the number of visible bars. The possibility of inclusion
warning signal and sending it to the Email.

After its analysis
work it turned out that he can independently be a simple heart
trend strategy on TF H1-H4 and above, where used for filtering transactions “MA” long period.

For correct display of the indicator in the Settings window “Properties”
it is necessary to specify the “color line” – None, and when displaying the “Candlesticks” put the kind of “line.”


  • Length – similar to the parameter deviations StdDev Channel.
  • Nbars – the amount of calculated bars.
  • Candles – candles or bars.
  • AlertON – warning signal.
  • EmailON – sending to Email.

Argo CandlesMT4

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Samsung and IBM want to use Bitcoin technology

Samsung and IBM want to use Bitcoin technology

samsung Electronics
It works in conjunction with the IBM
over the use of Bitcoin technology
to develop new applications. By
about Bitcoin itself there is a great
question: for it is twice last year
He fell, and the prospects of its format
Digital currency is very vague. But here
software lies in its
basis may involve a variety of
Company: banks, mobile operators,
payment systems, manufacturers
phones. The technology can be modified and
adapted for accurate and instant
fixing in the ownership changes
any asset with a mobile
phone or WAN
computers. This greatly facilitated
I have all kinds of online transactions.

research unit
Samsung, based in
Silicon Valley is now investigating
the use of the underlying technology
Bitcoin, blockchain, for
development of more effective ways
identification. In general, this
technology is very promising and may
applied in various fields.
Cryptocurrency – only the first option
its use. The essence of technology in
that the information is not stored on
any particular server and is available
anywhere and everywhere. Blockchain possible
adapted to direct (cheap)
money transfer and storage of files
(Music, video, library). Now it
all require the purchase or hundreds of servers,
or rent space in the cloud storage.

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Control Trading Intraday Zones

Control Trading Intraday Zones

Control Trading Intraday Zones shows the best for intraday trading of spark zone.

It displays the highs and lows of the day, for any symbol shows the optimum zone for transactions within the day.

The indicator has a value of -100 (at least for a day) to 100 (maximum per day). 0 means the average daily price.

For example, when the price reaches the maximum value for the day, the indicator continues to display the highest levels, even if it continues to grow, as its value is limited to 100.

We recommend the use of light to enter the trend at a retrace or in extreme areas.

It is also suitable for finding the optimum out of the already open trades. 

You can use it to trade a trend reversal, divergence, as well as to predict a possible breakdown.


  • BuyLevelPercent – level (negative), where the minimum values ​​are displayed as “Buy / Low Zone” bovine color.
  • SellLevelPercent – level (positive), where the maximum value is shown as “Sell / High Zone” bearish color.
  • DailyMinTradedPips – minimum daily range in pips for a given day, where the indicator starts drawing area.
  • StrongMarketRangePips – the level of the daily range in pips, where the display shows “strong areas” in different colors.

Control Trading Intraday Zones


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Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiver Free – is a free tool to copy trades of other traders and signals that send data through Trade Copier Pro. To start using it, you need to get a free license of the signal provider, that is, your account number must be added to a list of suppliers. This means that you can copy only the transaction and alerts the owner who agreed to this and gave a free license.

This tool has all the features of copying transactions like Trade Copier Pro. signals the receiver can manage the list of suppliers through a built-in database.

Link: If you need a translation function and copy, please go to:

Attention: Trade Receiver Free only receives a transaction / signals from the full version Trade Copier Pro. The product does not work with the Trade Copier Pro Demo.

Main functions:

  • Copy trades / signals from a large number of suppliers.
  • Managing the list of suppliers transactions through the integrated database management system, which requires no additional tools. Suppliers can be added, deleted, edited, and their signals can be permitted or prohibited.
  • Supplier Tracking status (online / offline), with the possibility of changing suppliers list.
  • Switching between the global mode which involves copying via the internet and local, in which copying is performed with the same computer or server.
  • Switching between the trade protocol to copy transactions, and signal protocol for signaling alarms. It is worth noting that in this case, the priority for the choice of provider.
  • Protection of the recipient of signals from the slip, obsolete orders and too large lots.
  • Simultaneous, non-conflict and trade manually through the expert.
  • Automatic recognition and synchronization prefixes / suffixes in characters from different brokers.
  • It allows you to use up to five special characters, settings (eg: GOLD -> XAUUSD) for synchronization with the ISP.
  • A large number of the lot size settings.
  • Setting up filters on the type of orders.
  • The possibility of a reversal transaction for copying.
  • Automatic notifications about new transactions on the account via e-mail and telephone.
  • Restore previous settings, and state after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.
  • Control panel in real time.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

Terms of use:

  • Install Trade Receiver Free on any schedule.
  • When you first start you may need to specify the address “” in the list of trusted URL in MT4 to allow access to the Internet.
  • Send a request to the supplier for a free license, giving permission to copy its signals.
  • Then, in the “List of Providers” add the account number of the supplier from which you will copy the transaction. Ensure that the provider has added your account number in your list.
  • Go back to the main panel and change the status to Enable.

Settings and options:

  • It is the same as in the Trade Copier Pro, except for the lack of provider options. Details in the description Trade Copier Pro.

Trade Receiver Free


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Actual Scalp Panel

Actual Scalp Panel

Imagine what might change your intraday trading if
would you close every day plus?

Product Actual Scalp Panel – another innovation of the line “Actual”. is he
can help you maintain discipline when trading intraday, and is
a panel that displays key performance indicators for your trading today
day of a financial instrument.

Panel allows you to take
decisions quickly, based on the trading results already achieved today – after all
the most important thing is already displayed directly on the chart! Here’s how to work
within a day with the panel, focus more on a single instrument:

  • Keep track of the current position, without detracting from the analysis graph. On
    panel, you will see the current profit minimum lot, the price of opening the position, and
    the volume and direction. Everything is fine? Maybe it’s time to fix
  • What financial result you get at this point today? It may have sufficient income and time to go to relax? Or, on the contrary, the loss
    It is approaching the critical allowable amount per day, which means that you should stop
    trade and analyze today’s mistakes?
  • Is the profit in points to your financial results? Have you been too cautious or vice versa overload your deposit? Watch out for
    this indication and use available liquidity wisely!
  • What is the total amount you have losses? Maybe your commission
    broker you seriously upset? Or are you just peretorgovyvaete flowing into the tilt?
    Keep an eye on this indicator, and stop on time.
  • Keep track of the history of their transactions in a convenient way. what deals
    prevail? How to close the last transaction? What is the result in points was
    received? Monitor your results and do not allow losses to be any
    significant. Attention! Recent transactions appear at the top.

It’s very simple – in all fields
green indicates profit or long-position, and red means loss or short-position.

The panel at the moment
It supports 2 languages ​​- Russian and English. You can select the language in
parameters. If you want me to
translated the product into your language – please send me some translation, I embed translation
in the product and you can use it.

Sometimes it happens that deals so
much that they do not fit on the screen. In this case, use the “Maximum number of displayed deals”. at
This results in the calculation of the day and calculating the volume will have losses
takes into account all transactions.

Close every day, plus, reduce losses, and the profits will come! I wish you success in trade!

Actual Scalp Panel

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Experiment 1 1000 or Can turn $ 10 into $ 10 000

Experiment 1: 1000 or Can turn $ 10 into $ 10 000 ???

Hello everyone who has looked at my blog !! Let’s get acquainted! My name is Andrey. I have 4 years in trading, there is a good opyt and practical and theoretical. Mastered a lot of information, a lot of things tested, tested, Squeezer, painted, etc .. I work not only on Forex, but also on the MOEX (Moscow Exchange). At present I am engaged in investing and trading professionally, though not so long ago I had another occupation, another job, another sector of the economy, and possibly even other thoughts on this subject. But everything flows, everything changes …

I decided to start this blog simply because I want to share the information with someone else who is in the subject line. And if specifically, I decided to do a project in which I will try to turn on a live account of $ 10. In any whatsoever substantial money using the tools offered by contemporary reality. I plan to publish a newsletter once a week, though, if there is interesting information along the way, then of course more often.

So what we have today. Today I have the account of $ 20 already, because My project began in March. It started of course with a cent account, where my $ 10 dollars in 1000 seemed to me :))))) And then slowly grew by about pace: + 7% in March, 19.2% in April and + 35% in May + a little in June. And here we have 20 bucks.

Because the growth rate is not interested in taking into account the amount that I have, I have now transferred the money to the standard account in dollars. And that could somehow trade my shoulder = 1: 1000. My risk in this kind of work is obvious and is extremely high, because 20-dollars only enough for 6 – 10 transactions ((But the possible profit potential is higher of course see what happens.!

In the near future, I plan to connect the monitoring of on-line, in the signals, etc .. It will be clearer.

Good luck to all !!!

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Being rich in today’s Greece uncomfortable

Being rich in today’s Greece – uncomfortable

the majority of ordinary Greeks any
the outcome of negotiations for their suffering
the crisis in the short term
It will be poor. Even if the international
lenders will save Greece, the road to financial
stability is arduous. People
He experienced all the “charms” of cuts
pensions, increasing taxes, reducing
social payments and other disasters, to the
which we have become accustomed residents of the euro area.
Against this background, wondering how to feel
Greeks themselves, there is a large

Uncertainty – not the best purchases driver

Greeks, business people, working with
high-end real estate in the hotel
business and the sale of luxury goods,
They told the news agency on CNBC
that in conditions of uncertainty
People stopped buying.

for the sale of premium real estate in
the elite seaside towns warn
a marked downtrend and
demonstration of luxury among the richest
residents of Athens.

try not to demonstrate too
the wealth of others. even expensive
cars on the streets of wealthy Athenian
the suburbs can be seen today
rarely, “- said in an interview. – “Rather
To go for a walk on the Porshe
and Ferrari, streets flooded
more modest Audi “.

of the managers of the exclusive night
club near Athens noted significant
changes in the behavior of well-endowed
customers in the Sunday referendum background.
“Over the past ten days has changed
very much – and the amount spent
their money, and the frequency of visits. we
surprised. Rich clients behave
as the middle class. ”

Athenian agency for the sale of luxury
property told CNBC on
a sharp decrease in the number of contracts
last week. According to him, it
We are talking about millions of euros: large
of the wealthiest Greeks decided
take a step back and see what
It will happen next. They do not want to expose
their wealth on display in this turmoil.
Many of them prefer today
rent rather than buy property,
until it becomes clear whether there will be
Greece in the eurozone.

real estate sales began even earlier.
According to experts, the Greek market
property “seriously dropped” for
the past few years. The number of transactions
real estate in the year decreased from 220 000
in 2008-2009 to 15,000 in the last year. “Market
almost dead, “- noted the above-mentioned

capital controls,
limiting cash withdrawals at ATMs
to 60 euros a day, the closure of banks and
uncertainty of the future – in principle,
it is not surprising that wealthy Greeks
are hesitant to spend money on the property
and squander them in bars, restaurants and
clubs. Another sector, which is now
expectedly suffer – retail
elite objects.

Giannopulos owns two elite
clothing stores in prime locations
Athens. He said that since coming
to power in January left government
the cost structure of its clients and
clients has changed dramatically. In other
words, luxury clothes became much
buy less. Recent days have shown
Critical decline in sales. As
main reason for this decline
Mr. Giannopulos sees trouble
people for their future – for example, to
It is still unclear what currency will
live Greece. “Money spent very
a small percentage of people. ”

psychological factor

Greece recently and already has been
circulated economy mode. About
26% of Greeks are now unemployed,
and the figure for young people rises
up to 50%. On the horizon difficult times. AND
Giannopulos says that
the average Greek sternly
It refers to a demonstration of wealth.
“Of course, it is true that in the coming
conditions ultradorogie cars or
hours, boldly claiming wealth,
can be perceived with hatred
a high degree of suffering citizens.
It is a thing of the discharge psychology. Many
of our customers are now simply can not
afford to come to work in
cool car or handbag
worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Stay at the level of the middle class
for them today – a matter of survival, “-
says Mr. Giannopulos.

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