ATR Indicators of currency market

ATR. Indicators of the currency market

When you just start
to trade in the Forex market, then you absorb virtually all
information like a sponge. And over time, this information becomes so
a lot of that comes a point when you need to go through your entire
“Loft” look at that there is a more critical eye.
I suggest you do it periodically, it helps once and for all forget about
useless indicators.

Maybe I’m too critical and perhaps not all Forex Indicators
useless, but because at stake is money. And then the correct interpretation
indicators that we use in our trade is the key to successful

Average True Range (ATR)

Ask yourself if the “turkey” is built on the code is not logical, is it possible to
its use in commerce? Previously, I thought that, yes – on the condition
correct interpretation. Over time, however, my opinion has changed,
no matter how you interpret the readings of the indicator, if it
code is not logical, you at least complicate its technical analysis. And How
maximum deposit will merge.

Today I’ll show you how I see the popular ATR indicator. is he
really very popular among traders and investors. This “turkey”
It shows the current volatility of the asset and helps calculate
implied volatility – to some extent. I’ll show you that from
ATR calculation can be removed – to remove what I call a meaningless code
does not affect the reading of the indicator.

calculation of ATR

This built-in “turkey» MT4 terminal, so far we do not go and
take the description of the manual.

True Range (True Range (TR)) is the greatest of the following three

  1. The difference between the current maximum and minimum.
  2. The difference between the closing price of the previous and the current maximum.
  3. The difference between the closing price of the previous and the current minimum.

The above calculation of the true range, but then calculates the average
(Average) – from (TR). Now look at the picture carefully … read more

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Milch Cow Hedge

Milch Cow Hedge

Advisor MILCH COW HEDGE version 1.12 works primarily on the hedging strategy. Councilor advantage is to use every opportunity in any direction. Not only opens the transaction, but chooses the right time to close open positions in order to start trading again.

Advisor recommended for high volatility currency pairs, such as GBPAUD, AUDCAD

Testing advisor for the period from 01.01.2016 on 12.09.2016 has shown a doubling of bills four times

Councilor interface allows the user to open orders and close them manually

It is also possible to close all open positions at the touch of a mouse. To do this, stop and restart a job counselor his

  • Currencies: advisor to work on any currency pair, but for best results, use it on AUDCAD, GBPAUD
  • Working timeframe: Advisor works on any time frame for all periods
  • The minimal deposit and leverage: The minimal leverage of 1: 100, Deposit: 65000 USD – Lot 0.1, 6500 USD – Lot 0.01, 650 USD – ECN-account and Lot 10 cents or the equivalent
  • Recommended broker and spread: Spread < 4 points

There are no specific requirements for the broker, but it is strongly recommended to work on the account ECN-broker.

More information can be obtained on request from the “Discussion” section.


  • Lots – fixed lot size
  • StepPoint – pitch between the hedging orders in points;
  • ChangeStepAfter – increasing the distance between the hedging orders after a certain number of orders. 20 means the addition of one pip every twenty orders 100 means a fixed distance between the orders;
  • Win_Currency – take profit on the currency, while achieving close all open positions in that currency;
  • Win_ All_Currencies – take profit for all orders, while achieving all open positions will be closed;
  • SaveAcount – Minimum balance of trade;
  • Start_Hour – the start time of trade;
  • End_Hour – during the Trade Deadline;
  • Autochoselot – enable / disable the automatic calculation of the size of the lot;
  • Autoclosedaily – enable / disable automatic daily closing orders;
  • Pushing s or S – immediately opens an order to sell, closed manually
  • Pressing b or B – immediately opened a buy order, closing manually
  • Trade ON button – enable / disable the advisor;
  • Sell ​​Only button – allow only sell orders;
  • Buy Only Button – only allow orders to buy;
  • Close All Sell button – to close all sell orders;
  • Close All Buy button – to close all orders to buy;
  • Button Close All Trade – close all orders;

Milch Cow Hedge

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Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

Dashboard Super Three MA Demo – This demo version of the product Dashboard Super Three MA, link, has full functionality of the paid version except for the following:

  • Fixed timeframe moving averages M5
  • Not available single filter

The system generates trade signals based on the analysis of the price action and three adjustable moving average. Due to the timeframe, the period and the price calculation are set moving, this panel you can create a trading system using virtually any moving average on 28 currency pairs.

In comments to the product I added more information about trading on the moving average.

Dashboard Super Three MA – It is intuitive and easy to use graphical tool that allows you to:

  • Monitor 28 pairs with one panel.
  • Track pair 28 and enter into commercial transactions on the signals on the basis of moving averages (see. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • Automatically accompanied by a warrant.
  • Track positions for all trading pairs.

entry rules

A description of the numbers and symbols

  • Number:
    • 0: the current price
    • 1: Moving Average 1
    • 2: Moving Average 2
    • 3: Moving Average 3
  • Trigger: signal by an intersection
  • Trigger01: the intersection of price and Moving Average 1. The intersection of up->green panel; down->red
  • Trigger12: intersection MA1 and Moving Average 2. Intersection up->green panel; down->red
  • Filter_S: one-component filter signal trending
    • Filter_S1: trend for the Moving Average 1
      • MA1trend up (current MA1>= Previous MA1) -> green panel
      • MA1 trend downward (current MA1<previous MA1) -> red bar
  • Filter_D: two-filter signal trending
    • Filter_D01: the trend for the price-MA1
      • The growing trend of price-MA1 (current price>= Previous MA1) -> green panel
      • falling trend for the price-MA1 (current price<previous MA1) -> red bar

Details of the screenshots 2, 3, 4 and 5

In order to cover the work, you must do the following.

Important steps before using the Dashboard

  1. Download history of all 28 pairs. For easy loading history with one drag and drop using the free product here.
  2. All 28 characters must be available in the symbol box.
  3. The panel looked clear and accurate, it is recommended to use a black pattern. See. Screenshot 6.

Input parameters

  • Use AutoTrade – use automated trading
  • Send Alert upon Signal – an alert when a signal
  • Send Notification upon Signal – to send notification when the signal
  • Single pair Take-profit in pips – takeprofit one pair in pips
  • Single pair Stop-loss in pips – stop-loss for one pair in pips
  • Use trigger Price cross MA1 / Price cross MA2 / Price cross MA3 / MA1 cross MA2 / MA1 cross MA3 / M2 cross MA3 – signals from the intersection
  • Use Price / Moving Average1 / 2/3 as Single Trend Filter – simple trend filter
  • Use Price-MA1 / Price-MA2 / Price-MA3 / MA1-MA2 / MA1-MA3 / MA2-MA3 as Double Trend Filter – double trend filter
  • MA Time-frame of MA1 / MA2 / MA3 – timeframe moving averages
  • MA Period of MA1 / 2/3 – period moving average
  • MA Method of MA1 / 2/3 – method of calculation of moving averages
  • MA Applied Price of MA1 / 2/3 – price calculation of moving averages
  • Magic Number – magic number
  • Lot Size – Lot Size
  • Basket Take-profit in $ – total take profit of $
  • Basket Stop-loss in $ – the overall stop loss of $
  • Max Spread – the maximum spread
  • Trading Session – trading session, the session is the order will not be sent
    • Close all trades after session (s) – zakrytvat all transactions after the closing session
  • Note: Use the local time of your computer, rather than the server time.
  • Session Input – session, see the descriptions of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength).
  • Time-frame of new chart – new chart timeframe
  • Suffix – character suffix
  • prefix – the prefix characters
  • X_axis – the location of the X-axis
  • Y_axis – location on axis Y

Objects panel

See. Screenshots from 7 to 11.

  1. Select Button currency
    • armature->disabled
    • Zheltaya->is included
  2. currency pair button
    • Click on the button to open a new window with the graph of the corresponding pair
  3. Spread Column: the current spread of each pair
  4. signal / status filter panel
    • Use: panel yellow
    • Do not use: black
  5. status signals
    • Intersection up -> green panel
    • Intersection down -> red bar
    • No crossing -> white panel
  6. Status Filter_S filter
    • The trend is up ->green panel
    • Down trend ->red bar
  7. Status Filter_D filter
    • The trend is up ->green panel
    • Down trend ->red bar
  8. For a description of the remaining elements cm. Description of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength)

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.
Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

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5 Reasons why Russia should move to four day

5 reasons why Russia should move to a four-day working week

Labor Organization (ILO) sincerely believes
that the standard for the entire world should be
It is not a five-day working week, and
a four. As a person lazy, I
totally agree with this position.
As a man greedy – I pray that
That did not happen.

The ILO believes that due
Additional people will be output
feel better, the company will create
more jobs and productivity
labor will increase. many representatives
large businesses agree with the ILO on the
question. For example, billionaire Carlos
Slim said that the number of working days
week, there should not be more than
three and retired people must go
70 – 75 years. Such a step should ideally allow
to create a more healthy and productive
labor, says the media mogul.
However, there is a suspicion that if
Russia, we simply increase consumption
alcohol per capita, so that a
healthy labor force, I would say

since this issue went beyond backstage
discussion and actively being discussed in
press, here, hold 5 reasons that,
perhaps, should convince us that
We really need it.

1. Processing
harmful effect on human health.
With this really
can not argue. organism costs
workaholism dazzling. it
and heart problems, and trouble for the stomach
and intestines, and dangerous drop
reproductive health, and musculoskeletal
violations, and even big-very big
a lot of problems. I’m not talking about money problems that
are formed in the family budget in the treatment of
a variety of diseases. you want to
work – and recycle! – on
drugs? I do not really.

2. TOorotkaya
Week will create new jobs.

Perhaps the main reason for this, and the rest
– just thingies. ILO solves problems
Unemployment in civilized countries,
and very radical,
hiding behind the gracious speeches about
people’s health. It is clear that fit
I work five days in a four – it is not
always easy, so need
more staff. And given the low
Payment for such “happiness” of the company is almost no cost.

3. Reduction
working time increases
that works, not yet having had time to rest,
70% of the effort is not spent on the job, and the attempts
focus on it. Respectively,
the recipe is simple: you get plenty of rest!
Business is, incidentally, is also useful:
an employee with a clear head permit
less waste and do more
than a workaholic who all weekend
protorchal office.

4. Environment
Wednesday will say “thank you”
And here, too, everything is simple: fewer people
He goes to work, less exhaust into the environment
Wednesday – less harm to the environment

5. And finally, the last reason:
reduction in working hours will make us
We will pay a lot
time friends, we will disappear conflict
between work and the rest of life, we
We will be able to travel more and engage in
a. In general, entirely happiness and splendor.

that’s a financial issue when it freezes
But the air is not a happy man
It has to be rich, so let’s
switch to four-day!

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Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

The indicator uses ten indicators classical indicators for calculating the rising or falling trend of the current currency pair on the majority principle for all timeframes.

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

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How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

How to make friends with freeloaders, beggars, wastrel and hog

finance – under your own
control. But if your friends are
bad financial habits against
or even you yourself – that your friendship or
your bank account is threatened
trouble. Do not be surprised. Just
Recall, for example how much money you
monthly squander bars,
sent there by your initiative
numerous friends and acquaintances
just good friends. Or vice versa
– how many times have your friends help you
with money, not a good form in you
habit irresponsible attitude
to finance. In general, now I will tell
you all about how in a clever and tricky
divide the eggs in different baskets. Well,
that is, to keep friends and money in different
baskets. I mean, you understand me.

Friend freeloader

How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

Not all riders just ask you
to pay their mortgage. Most often they swim
smaller, but are imposed on your wallet
a little thinner. “I had a friend who
constantly talking about what she
not enough money. “- says Jill
Jacinto, financial journalist. – “One
during the brunch, she mentioned that
our other friends often come to the rescue
and treat her drinks, dinners and other
other excesses. I realized where
it tends to, and immediately as if by chance
dropped, I focused on the economy,
because I have to save up for a major

secret – in intelligible and understandable explanation:
“I made a light-hearted face and said,
that these days we all have certain
money problems, and by the way, not
slukavila. Extra money we do not “, –
says Jill.

the fact that you are trying to save, can
talk to your simple-minded friend
by pulling out your money on the little things,
and it does not hurt him. You can
avoid awkward situations and one more
strategic way: Dating
where there will not be any reason for a friendly
the annexation of part of your cash. Free
or a very cheap way of entertainment
It can be very interesting and enjoyable:
cycling or rollerblading, visiting
museums, walking around the city. And finally,
another way: you can select an event
for which you have to pay in advance (for example,

Unemployed friend

How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

You can be a great success
career, but if your friend is constantly
out of work or earns
penny – friendship can and disorder.
The reason is simple: it just will not be able
you company wherever you like
relax, and if he is also to riders
not applicable – you can just one
the perfect moment to discover friendship
dried out by itself.

. It is useful to understand why each
It is in such a deplorable situation.
Maybe you can solve the problem,
make a recommendation, get a job,
eventually. Maybe the person does not
enough punch qualities, but he
while a gold worker
underrated, hungry, cold and
offended by this cruel world. In that
case, you just have to help him. But
If help does not work – there are
other ways to keep calm
friendship further. For example, invite
him to his tea glass, or again
is found in places that are not
It involves spending money. You will
spend time together, to give each
another note, while avoiding uncomfortable

Each Motte

How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

Surely many of you have friends,
that fall into this category. they
expensive hobby, they go in the magnificent
trip, relax in the best nightclubs,
left on sale at the mall
most of his salary – and
This live wonderfully in
removable Khrushchev, have no
savings and, coming home from posh
club, consider fines for tomorrow
travel to work. The funny thing is that
next to these people, we feel it is
themselves poor, even knowing full well that
our financial situation is much
stronger. But this lifestyle makes
We feel, even for a short
moment that passes by us
almost everything.

Ketrin Krouli said: “Very often,
such friends unconsciously trying
buy your friendship. At the same time they are thin
Handling: you can feel
self-controlled. ” harm is
that such friends, and you know how
induce unnecessary but nice spending.

. Chatter with sverhrastochitelnymi
friends can be from time to time
funny, especially if they spend their
money and for you too. But never
do not try to keep up with them in terms of
costs – is not the best way
impact on the status of your
bank account. Do not think that
It has imposed a special bond
support each other in any adventure,
including a night club that you can not
afford. Can agree on
a certain monetary limit that
both of you can spend on a joint
entertainment – usually it works. Well
and again our universal advice – just
walk in the fresh air, do not give others a chance to spend one polzarplaty


How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

The downside of extravagance: one-miser.
Their advice is also not necessary to listen to. If
they focus exclusively on the
how to save money, it may
take strange and painful form.
It should be a little bit not follow miser
– and here he is tenacious compresses grasping
legs are the cheapest and the most dreadful
things that can be found only in general:
used car that falls apart
on the run; clothes that barely moves
two – three washing; meat with a shelf life,
expiring in two hours – in general,
that’s all.

Friendship should not be a miser with
cause someone a sense of guilt. And
it is not necessarily bleak.
Take a walk with him in the discount store
or the flea market – and suddenly you too
will find it for himself something interesting?
And be sure to try to “cure”
miser, persuading him to spend money
something that will help them earn,
eg. This may be a new suit,
bought for an interview, and can
be – MBA degree.

I have everything. Now you can safely
friends, even with people who have the most
disgusting and harmful financial

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Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The ruble is awash with oil: Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank in a depression

A record fall in prices
oil led to the fall of the ruble against the
dollar. WTI crude oil has fallen in price
immediately by 4.5% – day record drop
for 2 years. It seems that such a drastic reduction
It was due to the new IEA report.

At the same time the dollar
again expensive – in a pair USD / RUB ratio
It came to 41 rubles. Experts predict
In the near future the dollar may
rise in price by 2 rubles.

It is not the first week
Oil prices fall in the trade
session, especially sudden changes occur
against the publication of new economic
data and reports. Even yesterday, oil
immediately fell by 4.5%, and since the early fall
(Since June), oil prices fell
already at 20%. Analysts say oil
and will continue to fall, losing in the price of another
up to $ 10 per barrel.

This afternoon, oil
Brent crude fell to $ 83.85, is now trading
at $ 84.69 per barrel.
The fall provoked by the data
international energy
agency, which downgraded
global demand for oil at the end of 2014
year to 0.2 million b / d – to 92.4 b / s. And this is the worst
the figure for five years. It is, in its
turn, has revised its forecasts
after the announcement by the Saudi
Arabia, which “has no objection
decrease to $ 80 per barrel “in the coming
two years.

According to the newspaper The Wall
Street Journal, after such a fall in prices
oil in the US will drop the price of gasoline
approximately 15% ($ 3.17 a gallon for about
33.9 rubles. per liter), some even say,
that the price will be even lower – up to $ 3 per gallon.
In Russia, the price of gasoline (according to Rosstat
on 10/06/14) averaged 33.2 rubles. and
price increases.

Dollar on Wednesday took
another milestone – 41 rubles. for one dollar.
This happened in early trading when
individual transactions took place above the mark
41 rubles, and it became a new absolute

Ruble is awash with oil Ministry of Finance and

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is still
sells the currency of international reserves.
Yesterday, for example, the Central Bank raised border
currency corridor by 35 cents – up to 45.7
Ruble. It turns out that for shifting 5
kopecks spend $ 350 million accumulated
interventions – experts estimate. But
this support is not enough. Ministry of Finance
during the month promises to connect
to support the ruble, he starts spending
currency deposit auctions – reports
Head of the Ministry Anton Siluanov.

Where that is the “bottom” of the ruble
– no one can guess. By
results of the “Times” edition of the survey,
experts gave disappointing forecasts
– “bottom there.”

deputy chief management
Treasury Bank of Settlements and Savings
Ivan Farafonov believes that the “bottom” – this
“42,5-43 rubles to the dollar.” He also said,
that the central bank to support the ruble
in addition to the need to change interventions
standards (for example, limit the open
currency position) to prevent
banks to buy large speculative
amounts of foreign currency.

“It is not excluded that ruble
It may go down in value even before the 42-43 USD / RUB. –
predicts the deputy director
Investment and Trade Department
“Absolut Bank” Andrei Zaitsev. – But,
the feelings, the situation in the market should
change. This may contribute
tax payments and the sale of foreign currency
earnings by exporters. He also said,
that now it is impossible to say at what
marks fall of the ruble will stop.

“Bottom” as such, no,
– sums up the analyst of the Criminal Code “Alfa Capital”
Andrew Schenck. – To what level can
fall in oil price to say exactly
it is impossible, but we can see the short-term
and lower levels, than we see
now. In the meantime, the price of oil falls,
will be reduced and the ruble. Especially because
demand for the dollar remains high and
the problem of dollar liquidity shortage
– urgent. “

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