Pairs Trade Exec

Pairs Trade Exec

Advisor Pairs Trade Exec is an executive module for Pairs Trade and Pairs Trade Demo indicators. It performs input from the team for the opening / closing of trading orders.


Advisor Pairs Trade Exec is used only in conjunction with indicator Pairs Trade or Pairs Trade Demo. Run it in the same window in which the running light. Make sure the adviser is allowed to trade, and in the terminal settings enabled automated trading using expert advisors. Depending on the broker, you may need to pick up the value of the slip when opening / closing orders. The results of the trading operations are displayed in a pop-up notification box.

Input parameters

  • Slippage, pips – slippage in points.

Pairs Trade Exec

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In MetaTrader Market has 8 different magazines

In MetaTrader Market has 8 different magazines – added to Britain’s Forex Trader Magazine

Today at the store MetaTrader Market, a new magazine – British Forex Trader Magazine. Just now
Market became eight different financial publications – you can download them any user can
trading platform MetaTrader.

The Forex Trader Magazine archive you have access to 6 issues from October
2013. Periodicity – once every two months, and it is oriented in the first
turn to currency traders and spread-BETTER. It will be interesting at the same time as the
beginners and experienced traders.

In MetaTrader Market has 8 different magazines's Forex Trader Magazine

Regular magazine columns include financial news, analysis and
commentary, fundamental and technical analysis, a detailed analysis of the specific
trading strategies and techniques. In addition to the surveys regularly published magazine
financial products and services, and also have a training section with lessons on
the use of different trading instruments and techniques.

We remind you that all the logs listed in the Market, you can buy as a
regular applications. To do this, you must have an account on and
a sufficient amount of money on it. To learn how to buy a magazine in the store, you can
read in the detailed instructions.

Do not look for Forex logs to third-party resources – all the major publications
industry already collected for you in our store.


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US regulators gave green light temporarily Rosneft

US regulators gave the green light temporarily. Rosneft and ExxonMobil continue cooperation in the Kara Sea

According to Larisa Calanda, Vice-President "Rosneft"Russian oil companies and the US company ExxonMobil continues to work on a well drilling "University 1" on the shelf of the Kara Sea.

"We work in the well at the University (structure) extends in accordance with the approved plan. We are pleased with the decision of the American regulator, which issued a permit ExxonMobil, and thank your partner for such an active position". – she said.

"But if the regulator has not given permission to work on the well, "Rosneft" It was, of course, his plan and was ready to continue to work independently". – Add top-manager.

"We believe that the US regulator made the right decision. Because if "Rosneft" continued drilling on their own and be left on the fact of a commercial discovery, in order to ensure that our partners back into the project, they would have to begin again the negotiation process". – L.Kalanda added.

On Friday, the US oil company ExxonMobil announced that it will have to phase out the work on the well "University 1" in the Arctic.

"The US Treasury, recognizing the complexity of the project "University 1" and environmental sensitivity in the Kara Sea, ExxonMobil has issued a license and other persons involved in the work of US suppliers and citizens to ensure safe and responsible folding operations related to the operation of the well". – said a statement from ExxonMobil.

The company complies with the sanctions regime, stressed Exxon. In this case, the report does not specify the timing of folding work on "University 1" and what exactly you mean by "responsible folding".

Drilling at the West Alpha platform, running on the most northerly hole Russia – "University 1" on the shelf of the Kara Sea – it began in August.

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A2 – is automated and fast system, trading in the breakdown and runs on 10 currency pairs (including gold).

  • Do not use a grid and martingale
  • Smart Money Management

Wealth Management uses a breakdown by 10 pairs, including gold, which is a nice bonus for trading.

In addition, it would be wise to manage transactions using a unique trailing system that takes into account the volatility and time. In essence, it allows the system to determine the extinction of strong movements (time to take money off the table).


  • MoneyManagement – set to true, to include capital management function in A2. The default is true. When false is used fixed size lots.
  • Fixed_Lot – When you specify here the values ​​A2 will use a fixed lot for each transaction. A2 will be used only for fixed lot MoneyManagement is false.
  • PercentRiskRisk – Installation of the lot size based on the account balance. The default – 5, which is equivalent to 5%. This will allow A2 to use up to 5% of equity per transaction. The actual value will vary depending on the take profit and stop-loss, which is mounted advisor. Take-profit and stop-loss are dynamic, so they will vary from transaction to transaction.
  • Magic Number – A2 allows you to define your own transaction. Please make sure these numbers do not conflict with other advisors, which are used in your account.
  • Slip – If slippage of the broker exceeds this value, A2 will prohibit the opening of the transaction, and the transaction will be canceled.
  • NumOpenOrdersPerPair – The maximum number of simultaneously open trades on the chart / couple. Upon reaching this amount on the selected pair will not open a new deal. If you open multiple graphics, each of them is permitted to simultaneously open 3 (default) transactions.


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MACD TrendMA – indicator is a trading system developed based on the popular among many traders MACD indicator based on the change in the inclination angle (trend) of moving averages, the ratio between them (convergence / divergence) measures. Signal to input / output market is colored in accordance with the trend of the edge bars and histogram color MACD TrendMA, which can optionally be set up in the indicator window properties – Change the angle of the main window of the current chart Quick Fast Moving Average or slow Slow Moving Average sliding selectively or both moving averages together.

Item display

  • Fast Moving Average – a period of rapid average;
  • Slow Moving Average – period of slow medium;
  • MA method – averaging moving average method (simple averaging, exponential, smoothed and linearly weighted);
  • Apply to – type of prices moving average (closing price, opening price, the maximum price for the period, minimum price for the period, median, and the typical average);
  • Signal Line – period of the signal lines;
  • Color Bars (Trend MA) – setting changes the color of the indicator bar when the angle of inclination fast Fast Moving Average or slow Slow Moving Average Moving selectively or both moving together.

More functional development indicators: MACD Message and MACD Converter.

Good luck trading!


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Societe Generale advises to sell pound

Societe Generale advises to sell the pound

Short on the pound / dollar (GBP / USD) still makes sense, analysts say Societe Generale. UK is not subject to a major event risk this week, and the pound was a welcome respite after a Scottish referendum: the alarm last week, in the past, says an expert on macroeconomics Societe Generale Kit Dzhaks. The pound is now trading around $ 1.6314. Sale of the pound against the dollar still makes sense, says Mr. Jax. "As in the euro short-covering was not significant, long-term economic growth prospects are not as bright as they were before", – he said. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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GBPUSD pound weakened against dollar to blame

GBP / USD: The pound weakened against the dollar to blame for the strong US reports

On Thursday
the pound was down against the US dollar,
as demand for the dollar continues
significantly supported through
upbeat US economic
reporting and early raising expectations
rate of the Federal Reserve System.

European morning trade, the pair GBP / USD
reached 1.6276, the lowest level since 18
September and subsequently consolidated at
1.6293, shedding 0.28%.

The pair was likely
likely to find support at 1.6244, the low of
September 18 and resistance at 1.6416,
Wednesday’s high.

The dollar received
extra support after
as the report, released on Wednesday, showed
that the volume of home sales in the primary
US market grew by 18.0% last month
to 504,000 units, the highest level
from May 2008.

higher against the euro, still
It is hovering around a two-year peak,
EUR / GBP pair fell 0.22% to 0.7804.

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