Morgan Stanley is waiting for rebound on pounds

Morgan Stanley is waiting for a rebound on the pounds to sell

Pound / dollar (GBP / USD) tested the 200-day moving average at $ 1.6665, which suggests a correction to the recent sharp decline, analysts say Morgan Stanley. Nevertheless, the bank looking for strengthening of the dollar in the coming sessions, so traders Bank will use any rebound to $ 1.6750, to restore a bearish stance with a view to $ 1.6260 with a stop at $ 1.6850. GBP / USD is now trading at $ 1.6696.

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How will financial Week

How will the financial Week?

market, special attention should be paid to the
copper. The annual moving average of
this metal consumption in China
record grew. Rise in price of copper will
continue, especially if you remember,
China – the main consumer of copper
in the world. At the same time the world’s reserves of this
It was significantly reduced, reaching
minimum for the last 6 years.

The price of oil
restored: is a correction
rollback. Brent has not yet reached
mark of 103.45, but surely this
seeks. Markets are preparing to raise
demand for “black gold”, but so far it
not much impact on oil prices.

In the currency
today await the end of the symposium
in Jackson Hole, which will perform chapter
two of the largest global regulators:
Janet Yellen, and Mario Draghi. rather
likely, the Fed chief will speak quite
aggressively. USD / JPY will
continue to rise and the dollar will continue to

continued fever: EUR / USD
I went down to the lows more than
year-old prescription, and speech
Yellen has every chance to leave a mark

In Britain yesterday
published data on retail
Sales in Britain. These data are, frankly
speaking, are rather weak. No hurry for
move to tighten monetary
is not politics, today’s speech
Yellen will be the last test for
the pair GBP / USD, which is now
It is trading at about 1.66.

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Draws range indicator channel (High-Low) 5 intermediate levels based on the Fibonacci (38.2, 23.6, 50, 61.8).

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • periods: the number of bars for the calculation channel.
  • showupper: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the highest peak, “False” to hide).
  • showlower: True / False ( “True” to display the price of the lowest minimum, “False” to hide).
  • showfirst: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of Level 1, “False” to hide).
  • showsecond: True / False ( “True” to display the prices Level 2, “False” to hide).
  • showthird: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the third level, “False” to hide).
  • showfourth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the 4th level, “False” to hide).
  • showfifth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of level 5, “False” to hide).
  • ColorUpper: Color display price the highest high.
  • pricewidthUpper: The display size of the price of the highest peak.
  • ColorLower: Color display price of the lowest minimum.
  • pricewidthLower: The display size of the price of the lowest minimum.
  • ColorSecond: Color display price level 2.
  • pricewidthSecond: The display size of the price level 2.
  • ColorThird: Color display prices third level.
  • pricewidthThird: The display size of the price of the 3rd level.
  • ColorFourth: Color display prices level 4.
  • pricewidthFourth: The display size of the price of the 4th level.
  • ColorFifth: Color display price level 5.
  • pricewidthFifth: The display size of the price level 5.
  • ma: method of calculation of moving averages (simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted).
  • calculation: calculation mode.
    • Range: The channel is calculated using the highest highs and the lowest lows.
    • StDev: Channel calculated using the standard deviation.

You can adjust the line (color, style, width).

0 Red 1. 0
1. Red 1. 0
2 PaleTurquoise 1. 0
3 DarkGray 1. 0
4 DarkOrchid 1. 0
5 Chocolate 1. 0
6 Turquoise 1. 0
7 Blue 1. 0

In the above table shows the default settings that you can configure.


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ALRMA trend indicator for MT4

ALRMA trend indicator for MT4

ALRMA – linear regression coefficient indicator.

Input parameters

  • Period LRMA – the number of bars to calculate the indicator;
  • Price calculate LRMA – the price used to calculate the indicator;
  • Period signal moving average – the number of bars for the calculation of the signal line;
  • Method signal moving average – method of calculation of the signal line.

This indicator was created to as closely as possible to determine the direction of price movement. With it is possible to quickly and accurately identify a given time interval value and strength of the trend.

Linear regression is a statistical tool used to predict future prices based on past data. Least squares method is used to construct the “most appropriate” straight line passing through a series of values ​​of price points.

As the basis of the indicator taken coefficient of linear regression equation. This indicator is a good use for automated trading.

ALRMA trend indicator for MT4

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Standard Alligator Indicator (Engl. Alligator) is calculated on the basis of the smoothed moving average (SMMA) and the median price (MEDIAN).

This modification makes it possible to calculate the indicator, based on any combination of the 4 basic price: Close, Open, High and Low, with a choice of one of six averaging methods: Simple (SMA), exponential (EMA), smoothed (SMMA), linear-weighted (LWMA) double exponential (DEMA), triple exponential (TEMA).

Input parameters:

  • Jaws period – the period of the jaws Alligator;
  • Jaws shift – shift jaws Alligator;
  • Teeth period – the period Alligator teeth;
  • Teeth shift – Alligator shift teeth;
  • Lips period – the period of the lips Alligator;
  • Lips shift – shift Alligator lips;
  • Moving average mode – averaging method: a simple (Simple, SMA), the exponential (Exponential, EMA), smoothed (Smoothed, SMMA), linear-weighted (Linear Weighted, LWMA), double exponential (Double Exponential, DEMA) or triple exponential average (Triple Exponential, TEMA);
  • Close – CLOSE weighted price index to calculate individual prices;
  • Open – weighting OPEN prices to calculate individual prices;
  • High – weighted price index HIGH to calculate individual prices;
  • Low – LOW price weighting coefficient for the calculation of individual price.

Example 1. Calculate the price indicator for OPEN: Close = 0, Open = 1, High = 0, Low = 0.
Example 2. Calculate the price indicator WEIGHTED: Close = 2, Open = 0, High = 1, Low = 1.
Example 3. Calculate indicator on individual pricing constant: Close = 6, Open = 7, High = 1, Low = 3. Price = (6 * Close + 7 * Open + 1 * High + 3 * Low) / 17. 


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How to read minutes of Fed

How to read the minutes of the Fed

MarketWatch explains how to
interpret today’s report –
the publication of minutes of the Fed. AT
October we heard the policy statement
from the Federal Reserve,
which proved to be a hawk – in no small
not least because the central bank
The United States did not flinch in the face of the growing
worries about pretty hard
low inflation.

The Fed has kept
himself a stiff upper lip, her application was next
content: “Although inflation in the short
term, is likely to go down
due to lower energy prices
and other factors in the FOMC consider that
the probability of inflation below 2% for some
decreased since the beginning of this year,".

They want to see the minutes of the meeting to
understand whether some of the officials,
who was interested in it, either
someone suggested another solution.

One of
leading "pigeons" committee – President
Minneapolis Fed Narayana Kocherlakota –
I was concerned about the information on the inflation rate, which does not
He confirmed political statements.
He said that the medium-term outlook
inflation did not show any improvement
since December last year, and “perhaps,
It has become even worse. ”

Guy Berger,
US economist at RBS Securities, said that
it would be interesting to see whether there is a
others who do not wish to be reconciled with the general opinion – he shared the concern
Kocherlakota. It is important to know, because
What if most politicians
concerned about the low inflation, they can
be more likely to hold steady
state longer, even if the labor market
It continues to improve at a faster,
than-expected pace, Berger said.

The Fed will publish
the minutes of its meeting of 28-29 October
today at 22:00 MSK. Now markets
follow the latest government data
for the construction of new housing – economists
MarketWatch The respondents, predict that
the pace of construction of new housing
virtually unchanged in October,
rising to an annual rate of up to 1.03 million from 1.02 million in September. recent
the pace of construction is considerably lower
the average rate of 1.5 million over the last
20 years – until 2006, when was the peak of the bubble
the real estate market.

Fed closely
monitors and the housing market, because
officials are trying to avoid rebound
market. The last statement of the central
the bank said that the recovery
housing sector "It remains slow."

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Heiken Ashi Digital

Heiken Ashi Digital

Trend indicator, which represents a smoothed Heiken Ashi indicator, using a digital filter.

It can serve as an excellent alternative Smoothed Heiken Ashi and Moving Average a long period.

Indicator data can also be used for the maintenance of open transactions.


  • Smooth Period – smoothing period
  • Method – design method

Heiken Ashi Digital

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