SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

SSACD – Singular Spectral Average Convergence / Divergence

Analog MACD indicator based on the method of “caterpillar” Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA).

Version with indicator restrictions SSACD Forecast. Constraints concern a set of parameters and their range.

Specificity of the method

PAS It is an effective treatment method nonstationary time series with unknown internal structure. The method allows us to find previously unknown frequency range and build a forecast on the basis of the discovered regularities, including trends and oscillations of various sizes.

Unlike MACD, using moving averages, the processing results are not PAS time delay relative to the original number. Accordingly, the light delivered from such a typical defect, both hysteresis and more accurately and synchronously reflects the variability behavior price series. Built forecast for the selected “fast” and “slow” price fluctuations into account the totality of the detected different scale factors forming the “wave” behavior of a number of data and can be used to reduce the risks in the strategy.

The typical behavior of signals and interpretation of indicators similar to those of the linear MACD.

Assigning parameters

  1. N: Data fragment – the length of the fragment analyzed a number of prices.
  2. FastTrend High frequency limit– filtering option to select a rapidly oscillating equivalent “average”.
  3. SlowTrend High frequency limit– filtering parameter for isolating the oscillating smoothly equivalent “average“.
  4. Signal SMA period – smoothing the difference between the fast and slow medium
  5. Recalculate period – the update interval of the indicator (s)
  6. BackwardShift – shift the fragment of history back. To set up the model and the forecast according to the known data.

Explanation of the parameters set

High frequency limit It limits the RF noise contribution to the overall variance of a number of prices. To a rapidly oscillating middle it is 0.5 – 1.5, for a slow 1.5 – 4. The value depends on fragment length. All oscillations, whose contribution does not exceed this level will be filtered out.

BacwardShift It designed for calculation of displacement along the row of data in order to compare with known prognosis and selection price indicator parameters.

P.S. Visualization of the individual trends along the price chart is available with the indicator SSA Trend Predictor.

SSACD Forecast Limited Edition

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MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator

MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator

MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator – an advanced LED-based Swing High and the MACD trading strategies.


  • Displays the calculated values ​​and the MACD Swing High Swing Low graphics with the values ​​on all timeframes.
  • Specify the scan settings for ideal conditions for the formation of the bar to calculate the Swing High.
  • Set the number of bars before the current bar to verify the criteria of an ideal bar.
  • Set the number of bars after the current bar to verify the criteria of an ideal bar.
  • See graph MACD indicator on various timeframes with the calculated MACD Swing High.
  • See Swing Low points on the graph, or with values.
  • Change the color of text blocks and graphics lines.

Input parameters

  • FAST_PERIOD: fast moving average.
  • SLOW_PERIOD: slow moving average.
  • sIGNAL_PERIOD: signal period moving average.
  • aPPLIED_PRICE: type of prices (Close Price, Open Price, High Price, Low Price, Median Price, Typical Price, Weighted Price).
  • SWING HIGH: enable / disable the Swing High calculation.
  • LEFT_BAR_PERFECT: check the conditions for the formation of an ideal bar to the left of the current bar.
  • LEFT_BAR_NUMBER: number of bars before the current should be checked. Enable this option if you have included the previous one.
  • RIGHT_BAR_PERFECT: check the conditions for the formation of an ideal bar to the right of the current bar.
  • RIGHT_BAR_NUMBER: how many bars should be checked after the current. Enable this option if you have included the previous one.
  • PLOT_LINE: enable / disable the Swing High at the hospitality line graph.
  • LINE_WIDTH: Swing High line width.
  • LINE_COLOR: Swing High color line.
  • ARROW_SIZE: Swing High resolution pixels.
  • aRROW_COLOR: color Swing High point.
  • MACD_LINE: show / hide the MACD line on the graph.
  • MACD_LINE_WIDTH: MACD line width.
  • MACD_LINE_COLOR: color MACD line.

MACD Swing High Single Time Frame Indicator

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UpDownForceMoving (UDF) LED displays in the chart subwindow two histograms and a moving average.

Location histograms shows predominant motion (UP or Down) period of the indicator.

Moving Average (Force) is an indicator of the freedom of movement of changing prices.


  • DRAWs = 128 – number of displayed bars;
  • PeriodUDF = 14 – period UDF indicator.

If you turn on observation, logic and analytics, you can explore the shopping patterns.


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August will be very volatile for stock market

August will be very volatile for the stock market

often cringe when they see
the word “August” and “shares” in one
sentence. Before you go to all
details, call a real fact: in August as
typically volatile month, but it is not
It means that he is bad. shares
fared well overall in August
the last 50 years. Investors should not
worry, experts say. In recent
years, however, August has left many
scars. S P 500 often falls, and sometimes these
losses were very large – three of
last five Augusti. This month
also not particularly good start was at the market.
Total S P 500 fell for two working days.

Looking back a few years, you
should calm down and not to worry in
this August. US stocks added
profit 10 of the last 15 years. "Opinion,
that August – a poor month for stocks,
probably rooted in recent history,
– says Den Grinhaus, chief strategist
BTIG Research. – August really is not so
poor and often even for S P 500 he found himself
excellent". The average increase in shares
It turned out to be every August since 1960
better than the gains in May, June and July,

But we can not say that everything is rosy and around
We are just waiting for the beautiful sandy beaches. Central
S P 500 performance was very
mediocre in August, starting with the
Second World War, says Sam Stoval,
strategist in US stocks S P
Capital IQ. Stoval also points out that
August – the second in scale volatility
– S P 500 grew or fell by 1% or more.

using together
Opinion Stovala and Greenhouse, we will see,
that August is likely to shake
this year. So what to do to investors?
It is not necessary to jump out of the market and sell
all of their shares, said Stoval. "being
warned about the growth opportunities
market turmoil, investors will be
able to withstand any storm"-
he says.

Both experts
We agree on one thing: September will be terrible.
Almost all of the criteria it turns out that
shares suffer very precisely
in September. Maybe that’s why the best
enjoy the last summer days and
prepare for unexpected situations.

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Veles RSI with MA

Veles RSI with MA

RSI lamp standard, using custom based on a signal line MA.

It can be used as a more accurate (noise eliminating price movement) actuation signal.

Description parameter

  • PeriodRSI – period RSI
  • PriceRSI – used in the RSI price
  • LevelRSI – RSI level
  • Average – period of the signal line
  • Method – use method MA

Veles RSI with MA

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Asia today rose on reports of Japan’s GDP but

Asia today rose on reports of Japan’s GDP, but there are strong losses

On Wednesday morning, the closure
the main shopping areas
Asia-Pacific region
We observed the growth of stock indices.
Rates are rising due to the good
mood that created yesterday
European rally and positive data
of Japan’s GDP. This writes
today the publication Financial Times.

While the market is waiting for new
signals about dates Federal Reserve raising interest rates
(Which may occur after the publication
protocol the April meeting of the FOMC),
Asian markets generally exhibit
friendly growth. Composite stock
Asia-Pacific region MSCI Asia Pacific Index has grown today
0.2% – to the level of 153.41. Japan’s Nikkei 225 rose
to the closing of trading on 0,85%, Chinese
Shanghai Composite – 0.70%, South Korea’s Kospi –
0.88%. But at this time the Australian
S P / ASX 200 falls to 0.09% and Hong Kong
Hang Seng – 0.68%.

Japanese economy
I quarter increased by 2.4% in annual
terms, although the average The experts
Wall Street Journal predicted growth of only

Yesterday, the yen lost in
cost and rose against this background
Japanese exporters – Panasonic Corp.
rose by 1,8%, Konica Minolta Inc. – at 1,6%, Trend
Micro Inc. – by 2.8%. But at the same time fall
stock quotes, video game producers
– Sony Corp. It lost 0.6% and the Nintendo – 1,6%.

The biggest drop
showed Chinese manufacturer
Solar Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd.,
which before this year showed
probably the best growth in the Hong Kong
stock market. Shares of the company collapsed
by 47% on Wednesday, reducing capitalization
the company’s $ 18.6 billion. According to
MarketWatch The, the reasons for the fall are not yet clear, but
it is known that yesterday also fell sharply
shares of other Chinese companies from the
same sector – Yingli Green Energy, they fell
just 37% in trading in New York.

Market price
auto components manufacturer Takata
Corp. It fell by 11.3% after the news about
that the number of recalled vehicles because of
defect in airbags Takata

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On Wednesday US stock markets showed increase

On Wednesday, the US stock markets showed an increase, while the Nasdaq rose to a new high

yesterday American
stock markets closed in positive territory after
a sharp decline on Tuesday, as
reports Bloomberg. So, by the end of
trading the index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose
0.67% – to the level of 18162,99, Standard Poor’s 500
grew by 0.92% – to the level of 2123.48, but the index
Nasdaq Composite rose by 1.47% – to the level of 5106.59.
The index showed new highs at the end of
trades and all thanks to the growth of Apple shares
(1.87%) and the Microsoft (2.19%).

On Wednesday, the value of shares
Broadcom Corp. rose by 22%, when the
News of the impending purchase of the manufacturer
Semiconductor company Avago Technologies
Ltd. Shares of Intel Corp. increased by 1,83%, Nvidia Corp. and
Micron Technology Inc. – more than 2.9%. The leaders
growth were noted as Visa (+ 1,39%)
and Goldman Sachs (+ 1,3%).

Growth stocks maintained appeared optimistic
talks about market participants
Greece with its creditors. I said yesterday,
that Athens begin to develop the project
agreements with creditors. Looks like,
the government agreed to make
changes in the pension system and
has come up with a long-term solution to the problem
Greek debt.

"main picture
market – jump up on news
Greece, – says Managing Director
Robert W. Baird Co. Maykl Antonelli. – At the
time traders focused on two
factors – the development of the situation in Greece
and actions of the Federal Reserve".

Yesterday also rose
shares of Bank of America Corp., Citigroup and JPMorgan – more
than 1%.

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