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Genesis Advisor

Monitoring Adviser real MT4 account MT5

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Genesis Advisor

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This is the traditional method of ZigZag strategy. If there is a lot of traffic, the adviser puts order in the direction of the trend.

The main part ZigZag strategy used in this EA, is publicly available, so it will not be described here. Instead, let’s talk about the work ZigZagBreakout.

The best results were obtained on a pair EURUSD, and the best timeframe for – M15 and H1. It can also run on other time frames, at the moment we recommend the following: M15 > H1 > M30.

Unlike other advisers working on the sample, the test results are similar enough with the result of the demo and real accounts.

I will update my results with ZigZagBreakout on the talk page when I have time. However, for those who want to get acquainted with the performance advisor, I recommend to try the free version. The only difference between the free and paid versions is that the free version you can only trade lot size of 0.01.


  • Magic – magic number.
  • EA Comment: Comment advisor.
  • Slippage: Maximum allowable slippage.
  • OrderMode: Set orders mode, StopOrder or NormalOrder. The trade is conducted StopOrder mode pending orders, and NormalOrder mode – with market orders execution. This means that when using NormalOrder, the key to victory will be a rapid execution of orders.
  • UseAutoLots: Using the auto lots, True / False (False – fixed lots)
  • Lots: The lot size for fixed lots.
  • Risk: Percentage value risk. Recommended values ​​are not more than 5.
  • Stoploss: Stop-loss points.
  • EntryStoploss: Stop-loss points. This parameter is a hard-stop loss. Parameter EntryStoploss recommended to use a value greater than Stoploss.
  • TakeProfit: Take Profit in points.
  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread.
  • AverageSpread: Number of ticks for determining the average size of the spread in the points.
  • StopHour: Hour closure works, for example: 1, 2. This will pause during the work advisor 01: 00-02: 59 at the time the broker. (Not the local time of the computer)
  • WeekEndDayOfWeek: Day of the week – Friday (Friday), Saturday (Saturday) Or DoNotUse (not used).
  • WeekEndHour: Hour of finishing work before the weekend, for example: 23. This suspends councilor work from 23:00 (Time Broker) to the selected day of the end of the week. As adviser to cancel all pending orders and existing positions.
  • StartTrailingStopBegins trailing in points.
  • TrailingDistance: Trailing distance, in points.
  • UseBreakEven: Enabling bezubytka function. Leave the value “true”, if you want to use this feature.
  • StartBreakEven: Number of points for modifying the values ​​of the stop-loss.
  • BreakEvenProfit: Number of profits for bezubytka (in points)
  • ZigzagDepthParameter Depth indicator Zigzag
  • ZigzagDeviationParameter Deviation indicator Zigzag
  • ZigzagBackstepParameter Backstep indicator Zigzag
  • OrderBufferParameter for calculating the number of points between the top of Zigzag and the current price. A larger value results in fewer transactions, but gives more stability. To increase the number of transactions decreased value.
  • MinVolumeParameter for Minimum Volume indicator.
  • TimeToPauseAfterOrdering (s): The number of seconds to pause after the last order (Default 0, which means that a warrant will be issued without waiting)


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Forex Price Scroll

Forex Price Scroll

This indicator shows the bar on the screen to scroll the text, indicating the character and significance.

Check out the attached screenshots. 

An indicator:

  • Symbol x for display – symbol (ex. EURUSD), displayed on the bar
  • Symbol Suffix – character suffix for broker
  • Text Scrool Speed – scrolling speed of the text in milliseconds (15 by default)
  • Text Scrool Step – the number of pixels in the text is scrolled in a specified number of milliseconds (2 defaults)
  • Text Font Size – text font size in pixels
  • Background Height – the height of the background of the rectangle in pixels
  • Text Color – text color
  • Background Color – background color

Forex Price Scroll

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EURUSD Federal Philharmonic

EURUSD. Federal Philharmonic

Against the background of complete lack of important fundamental events
the pair will continue to move at the last session in the direction specified early as
Last Thursday, after the good of the consumer inflation data in the US.

Bears managed to develop and install a downward movement
the third lower daily low. Few people want to buy the pair at
the eve of the ECB meeting and subsequent press conference Mario Draghi that
He, as usual, can be used to lower the euro, by
intimidation future expansion of the quantitative easing program. Besides
that tomorrow will address the next chorus of officials of the Federal
Reserve, Powell, Dudley, and behind them, and the most Janet Yellen. If it is not rhetoric
change much and, despite a significant deterioration in the macroeconomic
Statistics in recent years, it continues to claim that the majority of members
Committee sees increasing interest rates before the end of this year, four more
lowest daily minimum will be guaranteed.

painting and trading strategy.

R4 1.1460 daily high September 18

R3 1.1440 daily high September 17

R2 1.1395 daily high Oct. 16

R1 1.1380 daily high Oct. 17

Current price 1.1320

S1 1.1300 psychological level

S2 1.1260 daily low October 9

S3 1.1230 daily low October 8

S4 1.1210 daily low October 7

Daily and hourly indicators are pointing downwards and
are still plenty of room for further movement. Because of the negative
fundamental background to buy euros to Thursday rather risky, but the range
1.1270-1.1300 looks pretty hard to overcome it and bears can
will need additional incentives. Therefore, it is desirable to wait for sales
higher levels around 1.1380-1.1400.

Sell ​​limit 1.1380, stop 1.1510, profit 1.1310, 1.1270

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Betting EA Free

Betting EA Free

The purpose Betting EA adviser:

The correct prediction of whether the price rise or fall.


Search duration – 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours.


  • Once you make a prediction, it said volume is recorded.
  • Next, you choose the length of “bet” with
    the appropriate radio button. You can choose 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour or 24
    hours. The chosen duration will apply to all “bet” to
    until you change it.
  • “Paris” will begin (starting position) as soon as you press the “Up” or “Down”.
  • The positions will be closed automatically as soon as the countdown reaches zero.
  • You can increase the duration of the “bet” with
    golden key “Extra Time”. It gives 50% of the additional time, and
    also increases the volume of the selected unit.

Note: in this version you can not change the volume of working on a real account. This feature is only available in the full version.
Betting EA Free

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Asian markets are trading on Tuesday in different

Asian markets are trading on Tuesday in different directions

On Tuesday
Asian stock markets showed
multidirectional movement. The impact was
applied energy industry as
China’s stubborn signs of weakening
pressed oil. Recall, on Monday
Brent decreased by 3.7%; WTI
gone down to 3%, so the oil and
energy corporations in Asia (as well
as well as all over the world) have felt the
recession consequences. In early Asian
oil trade started to grow
(Market players covered short
position), but this growth was severely limited
concerns about global growth
and excess supply in the market.

shanghai Composite
increased during the second half
session and finished the day in positive territory at 1.1%.
Despite the fact that the Chinese data for
III quarter were better than
forecast results, they are not so
however, confirmed that the economy
slowly loses momentum and added
uncertainty to the demand outlook
and corporate profits.

Hang Seng decreased
0.4% as investors fixed profits
after three weeks of growth in the total
the complexity by 13%. Lost in quotes
all major sectors. shares of PetroChina
and Sinopec, traded
in Hong Kong decreased by more than 2%

Nikkei he added
0.4%. Japanese stocks slightly, but
rose as investors cautiously await
the October meeting of the ECB and the Fed. Good
growth showed telecommunications

organizations also increased their
capitalization. mitsubishi UFJ
Financial Group gained nearly 2% each.

manufacturer of automotive airbag
Security Takata lost
3.4% after US regulators
It hinted at an extension of the investigation
about the actual functionality
pillows (now it is spreading
11 companies).

S P / ASX decreased
0.7%. Australian
Index closed at the fall against the backdrop of mass

shares fell on news that
that the Australian government has already taken
a request calling for steadfast
Audit of the financial system. AT
Last year, a similar audit ended
requirements for large banks to attract
additional capital to ensure
its status as one of the safest
creditors of the world. Westpac and the Australia and New Zealand
Banking lost 1.6% each. Commonwealth Bank of
Australia and National Australia Bank fell by 0.9% and

weakening and decline in prices on the night
crippled oil key resource sector:
Santos, Woodside
Petroleum and
Oil Search lost
3.41 – 5.1%. BHP
Billiton dropped
2.9%; rio Tinto
I lost

time Reserve Bank of Australia
I saw the signs of being in balance
economic activities (except
mining industry, which
the world is not the best
time). At the October meeting of the RBA
kept interest rates unchanged,
and “minutes” released today this
meetings continued to sound optimistic,
but did not bring anything new.

he added
0.5%. The growth of the index contributed to
movement “blue chips»: Samsung
Electronics and
hyundai Motors
0.9 and 1.2%, respectively.

citing unnamed sources,
Korean press reported today
that Samsung
an attempt to compete with Apple
to present its new smartphone Galaxy
to S
of January.

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New Impostol indicator is based on the relative strength index (RSI) and
trend indicator ADX. With it, you can identify the trend
for your trade. Understand its signals easily, because it shows
recommended inputs arrows up or down. It has minimum settings and
easy to use.

Main characteristics

  • Shows arrows point of entry into the market.
  • The indicator is not redrawn.
  • Recommended timeframe H1 and higher (by younger timeframes may cause false alarms).
  • Recommended currency pairs EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD.

Item display

  1. BarsToProcess – Number of processed bars.
  2. Distance – Distance arrows departing from the minimum and maximum respectively.
  3. SizeArrow – The value of the size of the arrows (not more than 3).

trading recommendations

After buy (sell) a first signal may appear
an additional signal to buy (sell) on these bars that
It is additional confirmation signal or a continuation of the current
trend. The signal for closing position may be the appearance of the signal,
opposite the original, or the achievement of certain profit.


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