EURGBP pair is stable at 2 year low

EUR / GBP: The pair is stable at 2-year low

On Wednesday, the euro fell against the
pound, once again approaching the two-year
minimum after conditions index
the business environment in Germany declined again
this month, while the European
the central bank once again
He reaffirmed the commitment of the adaptive
monetary policy.

Couple EUR / GBP reached
minimum 0.7828 and was trading at 0.7834,
a decrease of 0.05% during the day. Couple,
It was likely to find support at 0.7809,
the low of September 19 and the weakest since
August 2012 and resistance at
around 0.7875.

Sentiment on the
single currency came under pressure after
addition, a report showed that confidence
business to the German economy weakened
in September, the fifth consecutive month.

The pound was supported,
as investors focused all
focus on monetary prospects
British policy after the Scottish
referendum on independence held
last Thursday.

Euro is stable at
against the dollar, the pair EUR / USD traded
at 1.2848, at the Monday 14-month
minimum 1.2815.

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FxGlow Phase Index

FxGlow Phase Index

This unique indicator calculates the level of the market and displays it as a histogram.

The algorithm uses the integrated pulse filters, power and rate.

Expected results

To achieve more accurate results, use this tool to supplement your trading system. It works best in combination with the right strategy.


To confirm the rollback of signals may be used together with the indicator FxGlow Retrace Pulse

You can see the strategy in this video:

Increase the possibility of the opposite signal, using this indicator with FxGlow Climax Counter

Check out the strategy by clicking on the video link:

Key Features

  • Defines market levels
  • Determines the strength of the trend
  • The algorithm adapts to changes in price action
  • It is not redrawn after the close of the current bar
  • NOT recalculated
  • The signals at the close of the bar
  • It works on all cylinders
  • It works on all timeframes
  • It can be used with expert advisors
  • It has the functions of a pop-up notification, the notification e-mail, push-notification and sound alerts


  • Period – the number of bars used for calculation of the indicator
  • Maximum History Bars – the maximum number of bars used historic
  • Display Histogram Legend – show the signature of the symbols
  • Activate Alert Box – use the pop-up notification
  • Activate Email Alert – sending notifications via email
  • Activate Push Notification – send push-notifications
  • Activate Sound Alerts – sound notification
  • Sound Alert File Name – the name of the sound file

Instructions for use

  • uptrend
    • Flat Uptrend = Trend absent. The price action is not clear
    • Steady Uptrend = You can buy. The price action confirms the uptrend
    • Impulsive Uptrend = serious signs of the need to make a purchase. Reinforced bullish
  • downtrend
    • Flat Downtrend = Trend absent. direction changeable
    • Steady Downtrend = You can sell.
    • Impulsive Downtrend = serious signs of the need to make a sale. Reinforced bearish


The indicator is designed for a variety of manual trading methods.

First try the free demo version to test its effectiveness in combination with your trading systems.

FxGlow Phase Index


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CAP News Trading MT5

CAP News Trading MT5

You need to open a pending order at the time of withdrawal or pending news / market order at a specific time? Then CAP News Trading It designed for you. adviser CAP News Trading It opens the pending orders at a specific time or date, allowing you to eliminate the human factor and improve your trading. It is especially useful for news traders who open a pending order before the news release.

Expert performs the following functions

  • Opens deferred / market orders at a certain distance from the current price of a single click on the panel.
  • Can open pending / market orders at a specific time and day of the week (such as a weekly schedule).
  • Deletes one of pending orders at opposite triggered (OCO) (optional).
  • Removes / closes deferred / market orders on a specified date / time (optional).
  • Advisor can work on a pair or index.
  • Powered by 4- and 5-digit quotes.

Other interesting features

  • trade panel in one click.
  • Test counselor can work in strategy tester in the “Visualization” mode.
  • You can specify the maximum spread at the opening of a pending order (useful for news traders).
  • Integrated control of capital: autodetect lot size (optional).
  • You can set a pending order for a floating price.
  • The ability to delete a pending order, if the opposite pending order is activated (True / False).

Some important input parameters

orders settings

  • PendingOrderType type pending order (stop / limit).
  • PendingBuy – FALSE if the adviser does not open a pending buy order.
  • PendingSell FALSE if the adviser does not open pending order to sell.
  • Open Pending Order Base On – version of the calculation advisor price level of a pending order.
    1. Fix Distance – at a fixed distance from the current price.
    2. High / Low Level – on the basis of the maximum / minimum for a selected number of candles.
    3. Last Factal Level – on the basis of values ​​of the upper / lower fractal.
  • PendingDistance – the distance between the current price and pending order to sell (stop / limit).
  • Number of Candle for High / Low Level – the number of candles on the current calculation of the pending order.
  • OCO TRUE if a pending order is deleted if triggered opposite pending order. Example: At a certain time adviser opened two pending orders – BuyStop and SellStop. When triggered BuyStop, SellStop removed.
  • BuyAtMarketPrice TRUE when the adviser opens a market (not deferred) transaction for the purchase.
  • SellAtMarketPrice TRUE when the adviser opens a market (not deferred) transaction for sale.

Setting the weekly chart of warrants

  • OrderOpenWeeklySchedule TRUE if advisor opens a pending / market order on the basis of said parameter below.
  • TradeOpenTime time. You can define several time values. (. Format: Hours: minutes: seconds If the format is incorrect, the parameter will not work EXAMPLE multiple values ​​specified time “11: 60: 00; 08: 00: 59; 12: 14: 59”.).
  • MondayTrade-FridayTrade – TRUE if the deal allowed from Monday to Friday.

Setting orders of dates

  • OrderOpenByDate TRUE if advisor opens a pending order based on said parameter below.
  • TradeOpenDate_1-8 specific date and time for the opening of a pending order. You can set 8 different time and date values ​​(for example: “2013.01.02 00:00:00”).

Additional settings of pending orders

  • ExpirationInSeconds the expiry date of the pending order (in seconds).
  • PendingOrderFloating TRUE if the pending order “floats” along with the current price to its operation.
  • FloatingResetInSeconds the restart of the “floating” mode (floating reset time), in seconds.

The daily cease trading

  • ActiveDailyCloseTime TRUE, deleted orders / market orders are closed after a predetermined time.
  • Delete Pending Order After Expiration TRUE, orders are deleted after a predetermined time.
  • Close Open Order After Expiration TRUE, the transaction closed after a predetermined time.
  • PendingOrderFloating – if TRUE, pending orders “float” around the current price to warrant activation.
  • FloatingResetInSeconds – resetting the floating time order of seconds.


Parameter [TradeOpenTime] It works with data in a specific format. If the format is incorrect, this option will not work. By specifying time, specify a value in the format Hours: Minutes: Seconds (Use symbol “:” to separate hours, minutes and seconds. Do not use spaces). If you want to ask a few values ​​of the time, use the symbol “;” to separate one value from another.

Example: “11: 60: 00; 08: 00: 59; 12: 14: 59”. Here we have three values: “11:60:00”, “8:00:59” and “12:14:59”, separated from each other by “;”. Do not add spaces.

All the parameters are calculated in paragraphs rather than in pips.


Capilta Forex Solutions

CAP News Trading MT5

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Implemented robust channel strategy.

On the basis of a self-tuning algorithm determines the value of the adviser TakeProfit.

Best results are obtained in the side channels.

Only works on hourly data, no matter what period is selected on the graph.

parameters advisor

  • Lots – the number of lots in the order.
  • Order_period_hours – The minimum number of hours, with the opening of an extreme order to open the next.
  • Order_life_hours – Time in hours, after which orders are closed.

Select currency pairs, which quotes several months are in the channel.

To trade in Upstream / Downstream Only channels set long / short position parameters adviser respectively.

EA does not set levels StopLoss, I recommend to use the account balance as a common StopLoss on all orders.


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Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking

Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking in the calculation of GDP

Starting this Thursday,
Spain included in the calculation of GDP
and income from illegal activities – namely, prostitution and drug trafficking.

Thus, speaking
the language of the nominal GDP, prostitution
and drugs will be equal to this
sectors such as education, creative
activity, energy, or

according to
the first assessment carried out by the National
Institute of Statistics (INE), Eurostat,
European statistical agency
Union, through this experiment,
Spanish GDP could increase by 2.7%
4.5%, i.e. in the amount of from 27 to 45 milliardov

Some experts believe
that this initiative will increase the
national wealth by 3%. Education in Spain
is 3.03% of GDP, supply
electricity – 3.7%, oil industry
– 2.6%, agriculture – 2.4%, the
Portal «Bolsamania».

at startup
prostitution and drug trafficking in
economy, Spain will join the
Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Finland,
Sweden and Norway – countries that
already taxing these activities.

However, if the inclusion of the theory
official statistics so-called
‘Shadow economy’ can play
positive role for the European
countries, some analysts warn
that the initiative will not improve the overall situation.

"Is not
solution to the economic downturn in Europe.
If people are forced to work illegally, it makes no sense to talk about healthy
economic recovery"
, He warned
Athanasios Vamvakidis this summer, the main
a currency strategist at Bank of America Merrill
Lynch in Europe, CNBC reported.

Translated from Spanish: Alice_F

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    Asia is trading in red zone in Hong Kong protest

    Asia is trading in the red zone: in Hong Kong protest, the Toyota collapsed, in China and Korea – weak statistics

    trading on Tuesday, Asian markets
    range. Investors are wondering
    China as an official answer
    riots in Hong Kong. Tens of thousands
    pro-democracy protesters
    We blocked the streets of Hong Kong,
    opposition there has been going on
    second day. This is one of the most serious
    Political protests to Beijing,
    since the tragedy at Tiananmen Square
    25 years ago.

    in Hong Kong – an additional complication
    for investors against the backdrop of long-standing
    worry about how
    China’s economy is healthy.

    Hang Seng dropped to its
    lower its value over the last
    3 months, losing in today’s session

    action is also “scared”, but not so.
    Shanghai Composite almost
    It has not changed and is about a 19-month

    Japan’s all mixed up: the clarity of the real
    economy situation still can not
    come. These contradictory:
    Unemployment fell in August, and
    Retail sales rebounded from the lows,
    but plummeted costs
    household and industrial
    production. Wide Japanese index
    Topix retreated from a six-year
    highs at 1.3% and the Nikkei lost

    Korea, too, has reported a decline
    the volume of industrial production in August
    as much as 3.8%. This is much worse than forecast
    values ​​and the biggest drop in Korea
    since the global financial crisis
    2008. Result – weakening
    KOSPI 0.8%.

    point loss is worth noting Toyota,
    which is weakened to 1.6%
    news about the US investigation
    cases with the technical fault in
    Corolla sedans.

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    Error traders at $ 617 billion Japan canceled

    Error traders at $ 617 billion: Japan canceled a huge deal

    Today could happen
    one of the biggest trading mistakes
    history. transaction size reached
    up to a huge amount that even more
    than the entire Swedish economy. Of course, the error
    We discovered and all transactions were incorrect
    abolished in Japan.

    So, at 9:25 am in Tokyo
    carried out transactions on the shares of 42 companies
    totaling 67.78 trillion yen ($ 617 billion).
    All of them have been canceled, according to the
    Bloomberg and Japanese dealers Association

    The largest order
    has been issued for shares of Toyota Motor Corp – 1,96
    billion, or 57% of all outstanding shares
    world’s largest automaker,
    We wanted to buy for 12.68 trillion yen through
    OTC transactions. other cancellations
    transactions were in stock Honda Motor Company
    Co, Canon Inc, Sony and Nomura Holdings Inc.

    such errors are periodically shopping
    happen in the market, they are sometimes called
    «Fat finger». AT
    2009 to formalize a deal, the error UBS AG
    3 trillion yen at Capcom Co.
    through bonds. However, it does not compare
    with the size of the current error.

    "I have never heard
    of such large errors in orders
    before"- Bloomberg said Ayako Sera,
    Tokyo market strategist
    of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ltd, which controls
    about 474 billion dollars of assets. "Must
    be a mistake there".

    We now know that
    no harm was done to companies,
    because orders were canceled in time.
    Now it is necessary only to find out that
    It was the appearance of this error. There is a version that
    Broker mixed up the number of shares and
    the value of shares. The fact that the transaction
    conducted outside the stock exchange, allowed to avoid
    such a big mistake.

    Nikkei 225 Stock Average low
    I changed yesterday, while shares of Toyota rose
    1.2% as the yen weakened.

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