Pound fell after trade data from United Kingdom

The pound fell after the trade data from the United Kingdom

The pound fell against the dollar to session lows after the publication of the data, which showed that Britain’s trade balance deficit unexpectedly increased in May.

Now the pair GBP / USD is trading at 1.7119 (day before the data was 1.7134).

Probably will couple
support at Tuesday’s low and 1.7084
resistance at a session high of

The Office for national
Statistics reported that the deficit
UK trade balance in May
increased to? 9.2 billion from the deficit? 8.81
billion in April. economists forecast
deficit? 8.75 billion.

At the same time, exports
rose by 0.6% to? 24.1 billion, while
imports grew by 1.7% – to 33.3 billion?.

Sterling was also lower
against the euro, EUR / GBP pair rose
0.17% to 0.7964.

Today in the euro area
data showed that industrial
production in France, Italy and
Holland fell in May. Data
added to concerns over the outlook for
Economic growth in the region.

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Mysteries of forex market

Mysteries of the forex market

So long ago, I did not read interesting posts about the mysteries of the forex market. Well, probably not to expose people to the show really worthwhile ideas and thoughts. I’ll try to lay out and discuss-ideii them with you.

To begin with, I’m not going to show the indicators, because I believe that all the lights are a stupid idea, but no, there is a group that is not quite the usual indicators. I am very interested in the mysteries of the market, and if I have found what that relationship statiticheskuyu it should appear on any currency pair, on any timeframe and even stocks and indexes. If the relationship is not working somewhere, I am such a relationship is not interesting.

Many of these dependencies, you can dig on the Internet, I do not claim to exclusivity. But I would like to discuss-them who their uses, etc.

So while preparing the next piece of information to express their interest.

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Trade Visualiser

Trade Visualiser

It is necessary to visualize the trading history on the chart in the form of arrows that show the entry and exit, stop loss, take profit in MetaTrader 4 when you drag the completed trades on the chart?

You want to see someone else’s story on your schedule, but you only have a report or CSV-file trade results?

Want to spend a visual analysis of the transactions placed by the signal before you sign it? 

Now you have the chance.

Trade Visualiser shows transactions in the same way as in the tester MT4 strategy or while dragging transactions from the trading history on the chart. Default Trade Visualiser uses the same colors and the same text descriptions and the names of all objects, the entry and exit arrows, stop-loss and take-profit, the dotted line between input and output. But it can do much more. The colors of objects customized, individual colors, the dotted line from the opening to closing can be colored according to the trade results can be selected for the closing of TP and SL.

Trade Visualiser – an indicator, it works continuously and updates the schedule with the completion of new deals.

It can also work with data from a CSV file and display the story on the chart. Copy the CSV file in the experts / files folder, please indicator file name, and it displays a visual representation of the graph. You will immediately see the entire drawdown and the actual riskiness of trading strategy.

Pay attention to the CSV file format in the figure.

Input parameters of the indicator

  • CSV_Filename – only used when reading data from a CSV file, the file name in expers / files folder.
  • CSVFileHasHeader – Set true, if a CSV file contains column headings / lines.
  • TimeOffsetHrs – if the data in a CSV file based on time, other than the graphics, objects can be moved + / -.
  • OpenBuy – the color of opening arrow to buy, the default blue (Blue) is used in MetaTrader 4.
  • OpenSell – the color of opening arrow for sale, default in MetaTrader 4 uses a red (Red).
  • CloseAtTP – the color of the arrow to close on take-profit, default in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • CloseAtSL – the color of the arrow to close the stop-loss, the default in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • CloseOther – the color of the closing arrow, the default in MetaTrader 4 is used Goldenrod.
  • BuyLine – the color of the line connecting the opening and closing of the arrow for transactions for the purchase, by default in the MetaTrader 4 – Blue.
  • SellLine – the color of the line connecting the opening and closing of the arrow for the transactions for the sale of default in MetaTrader 4 – Red.
  • ProfitLine – the color of the line connecting the arrow to open and close trades, in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • LossLine – the color of the line connecting the opening and closing of the arrow for unprofitable transactions in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • TPMarker – dotted marker, showing the position of the TP, the default in MetaTrader 4 – Blue.
  • SLMarker – dotted marker indicating the position SL, the default in MetaTrader 4 – Red.
  • MagicNumber1 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • MagicNumber2 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • MagicNumber3 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • MagicNumber4 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • ClearObjectsOnExit – true to remove all objects are drawn after the removal of the indicator – not available for CSV mode.
  • Debug_Level – Additionally, 0 = no debug (the default), 5 = max debug messages.

Trade Visualiser

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LevelsMarkerIndicator indicator building support-resistance levels on the chart areas where price was the most time. 

Following a period when the price is moving sideways, inevitably begins trending movement section, which ends at the next price level. 

LevelsMarkerIndicator identifies the most important price levels targeted by traders to trade.

Indicator sets the level of the color depending on the level of force, gradually changing from color to the color of weak levels of strong levels.

Also, for more convenience, you can purchase LevelsMarker, in the form of a script.

Display Setting: 

  • count bars – parameter, which determines the depth of the history of the analysis of prices;
  • recalc period – after recalculation indicator bar number specified in the parameter;
  • timeframe – the calculation can be made on the time frame that is different from that applied in the timeframe levels, both in the lower and in a big way;
  • factor levels detailing – parameter, which determines the number of levels on the chosen price range, the larger the value, the levels will be located less;
  • color for the minimum force levels – the color of the weakest in strength levels on the chart depending on the level of strength, the color gradually changes to the color of the strongest levels;
  • color maximal strength levels – the color of the strongest levels;
  • thickness of the line level – allows to change line thickness;


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The adviser works breakdowns of critical levels, not a scalper and not susceptible to slippage.

It uses dynamic stop loss, take profit and trailing stop based on the ATR, which are adjusted to the volatility at the moment.

Capital management in real time calculates the size of the lots on the basis of the stop-loss and a specified percentage of risk.

This EA is designed to work on the USDJPY H1.

Do not use Martingale or nets.

This EA calculates the daily candle, so the results may be slightly different when using a broker with a time zone other than GMT +1. Before starting the advisor on real accounts is recommended to test it in the tester trading strategies of your broker.

Monitoring of real accounts:


Description of the input parameters

Capital management (Money Management):

  • UseMoneyManagement: When set to true, you can specify the percentage of risk capital;
  • lots: If “UseMoneyManagement” is false, you can use a fixed lot size;
  • LotsDecimals: the number of decimal places in the lot size, if the broker uses a micro lots (0.01), it is necessary to specify 2 or 1.
  • RiskInPercent: Percentage of risk-based capital and stop loss of each transaction;
  • MaximumLots: Maximum lot.

offset settings GMT:

  • AutoGMT_Offset: automatic determination GMT mode;
  • ManualGMT_Offset: manual definition of GMT, is used in bektestirovanii.

Other options

  • MaxSlippage: maximum allowable slip;
  • CustomComment: a comment;
  • MagicNumber: a unique number adviser;
  • DisplayInfoPanel: If true, the panel will display the information.


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European stock markets are ready for good growth

European stock markets are ready for good growth

European stocks, confidently moving to an increase in the weather for the achievement of another record level.

Britain’s FTSE 100, appears ready to open at the highest level, where the probability of 7,600 point-level test is great enough, given the 42 points of profit expected by financial bookmakers. Germany’s DAX index added 70 points, while the French CAC-40 index will earn about 30 points.

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Linear Regression Oscillator

Linear Regression Oscillator

The basis of calculation values ​​of the indicator Linear Regression Oscillator (LRO) It includes the difference between the end and the starting point of the linear regression.

Indicator is drawn in a separate window as a histogram.

It has one parameter:

  • Per – the number of bars (candles) used to calculate the value of the indicator.

You can use the LRO indicator as an oscillator and the open transaction under the following conditions:

  1. When you change the color histogram.
  2. When crossing the zero line.
  3. In the event of divergence.

Linear Regression Oscillator

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