Danske Bank about euro all this has gone too

Danske Bank about the euro: all this has gone too far, get ready for ECB intervention

Arne Rasmussen, head of market research at Danske Bank, expects the euro will test the 1.20 level in the short term. «EUR / USD showed an impressive 10% race in April, as the market had overestimated the ability to implement Trump promised tax cuts through Congress (negative for the dollar), and the ECB moved to tougher rhetoric when it Draghi in Sintra June 27 provoked considerable sell European bonds (positive for the euro). We will see 1.20, 1.17 and only then, but we should see an increase in the next 1-2 weeks. If not, then at the end of August, that is, until the September meeting of the ECB. This probability may disappear by Jackson Hall.

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BP and Shell plan to drill six new exploration

BP and Shell plan to drill six new exploration wells in the North Sea

The Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell and British BP curled about plans to drill six new wells in the North Sea shelf, Reuters reported with reference to the heads of companies.

Two major oil companies said they still see their future with oil and gas basins of the North Sea, despite the fact that in the last part of the closed platforms offshore. According to the company, which leads the agency, the area of ​​the North Sea today offers great opportunities, because thanks to new technologies of oil production "black gold" can be profitable even if the market price of $ 50 per barrel, and in some cases below.

"We like the North Sea. It has long been an important center for us, and will remain one of them in the future", – said the executive director of BP Bob Dadli (Bob Dudley). "This year, we will drill six exploratory wells in the British North Sea. This is more than we drilled for several decades"- said Dudley.

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Virtual Collider Manual FULL

Virtual Collider Manual FULL

Virtual Collider Manual – trading robot assistant with integrated panel for manual trading is performed automatically conclusion trader opened a position in profit, using innovative adaptive grid algorithm and adaptive averaging pyramiding.

Know-how used a grid averaging algorithm and pyramiding Trading Robot Virtual Collider Manual It is based on the fully automatic adaptation of performance to dynamically arrayed grid and pyramids warrants under the current price movement without the need for user configuration of any parameters, including automatically calculates the required target profit.

If the user opens the warrant price moves confidently into profit and the second order is opened in profitnye zone, then automatically activated adaptive pyramiding, if the price moves steadily at a loss, and the second order is opened in a losing zone, then it is automatically activated the adaptive grid averaging algorithm.

To get an idea of ​​the product, each user can use the free version of the USDCHF and USDSGD with the same functionality.

The User shall, at its discretion arms trade starts by defining their own entry point and direction (BUY, SELL) to open the primary orders, pressing for it on the corresponding buttons built-in panel for manual trading.

Current version “FULL” Trading Robot Virtual Collider Manual supports (without limitation) any instruments: Forex, CFD, Futures, Indices, Bonds, Efts, Stocks. Any timeframe.

Key features

  • Automatic output of the trader opened a position in profit
  • Innovative adaptive grid averaging algorithm
  • Automatically calculates the required target profit
  • No need for optimization
  • Easy to use, no extra settings
  • The intelligent system of mathematical tools for assessing potential applications Averaging algorithm, including taking into account the spread
  • Automatic Multi system to close the sagging series averaging through the use of profitable expert closes any other tools or closures of profitable expert in the opposite direction of warrants

Description of the main expert settings

  • StartLot – originally opened the lot size for trading
  • MaxDrawdown – the maximum size of the drawdown in the currency of the deposit to the account, at which all open orders are closed
    if MaxDrawdown = 0, this parameter is not used
  • StepLot = FIX / AUTO
    • FIX – averaging algorithm uses only fixed lot, equal to the value StartLot
    • AUTO – averaging algorithm uses a gradual increase in the lot, every step of increasing the size of the latter on the initial value of StartLot
  • Pausatrade = ON / OFF
    • ON – When this mode disables the built-in button panel for manual trading
    • OFF – this option is not used
  • MultiStart = 10 – with a series of steps starting to consider a series of sagging
  • MultiProfit = 50 – how much% of the profit actually received after the close of the user allows an expert to direct the closure of a series of sagging. The maximum value MultiProfit = 100

Multi system automatically determines the most sagging series in the account (which is open to the greatest number of stages), and for each of profitable orders closure of any expert carries out a partial closing orders sagging series (with sufficient profit)

This system Multi shows the maximum efficiency while trade expert at a large number of different instruments.

Expert service and displays an informative message on the Multi mode

“Multi is active:” name of the instrument “(” the number of steps sagging Series “/”% profit directed at closing “/” number of open orders in “)”

Button «Sell by market» – pressing this button the user opens Lot SELL, equal to the value StartLot, and activates an automatic adaptive mesh averaging algorithm.

Button «Buy by market» – pressing this button the user opens the lot BUY, equal to the value StartLot, and activates an automatic adaptive mesh averaging algorithm.

Each user open order form a new series.

Button «Close by market» – by pressing this button the user closes absolutely all orders an expert on the instrument.


  1. The expert uses a high-risk algorithms and mathematical averaging to increase the lot, which can lead to the loss of the deposit in case of its failure in protracted recoilless price movements
  2. Number series of steps is not limited. To limit losses recommend using MaxDrawdown option, which is activated when the expert will be able to continue to trade again until the next day
  3. of trading conditions Requirements: any broker and any type of accounts; minimum leverage 1:50; there are no restrictions on the number of simultaneously open on account of orders
  4. Before you start using this expert online trading strongly recommend that all users get acquainted with the work of an expert in the tester terminal strategy in visualization mode
  5. If you liked the product and needs a similar expert assistant for any other instrument you are interested in, you can leave a request on this for the developer in the comments and / or send a private message

IPA Investments LTD It specializes in innovative software development in the field of trading for their own needs, as well as the implementation of corporate objectives

Virtual Collider Manual FULL


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The indicator consists of two parts – the input system, which is drawn on the graph, and the analyzer power parity.

The analyzer can take values ​​from 0 to 3:

  • the higher the value, the stronger the currency;
  • the smaller the value, the weaker currency;
  • the average value of the indicator suggests that the currency is in flat.

Recommendations for use:

  • Enter purchase if Trader Dream shows an Buy, analyzer and shows the strength of currency (value above 2).
  • Enter sale if Trader Dream Sell shows a signal analyzer and shows currency weakness (value less than 1).
  • Avoid the entrance of the transaction at the average values ​​of the analyzer.
  • The indicator can work as a redraw, and without it. Select the one you want in parameter mode.

Description of input parameters:

  • DrawHistogram – on off. drawing the histogram.
  • DrawArrow – on off. drawing arrows.
  • DrawLine – on off. drawing the line.
  • Mode – work on closed bars / work on the current bar.
  • Alerts – on off. alerts.
  • E-mail notifications – on off. a notification email.
  • Push notifications – on off. push-notification.
  • sOutput – a list of currency pairs to be displayed in the analyzer.
  • sPairs – List of currency pairs for the analysis of evidence.
  • sCurrency – color display name of currency pairs in the analyzer.


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Trend Movers

Trend Movers

The indicator is well suited scalpers, fans to follow the trend and beginners.

Work principles

The default settings include the following indicators:

  • Moving Average (MA)
  • Relative Strength (Relative Strength Index)
  • Commodities Channel (Commodity Channel Index)
  • Stochistics
  • MACD
  • ATR

After setting all the values ​​of indicators will be displayed on the graph.

signals to buy and sell are also displayed based on these indicators.

All values ​​and alarms are displayed on the price chart without the need for extra boxes.

Trend Movers

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A new oil field in Belarus proved to be too small

A new oil field in Belarus proved to be too small countries will continue to depend on Russia

“Belorusneft” oil field discovered in the territory of the country within the intermediate block regional RECHITSA-Vishanskogo Pripyat Trough fault and called the name of Uholka. There, at a depth of 5218 meters is kept, stored 1,695 million tons of oil. The company notes that the mine is in a remote place, so long a day is pumped there is only 39.5 tons of “black gold”. How this will affect the future of the Belarusian energy, “MK” learned from the experts.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Sergei Pikin, director of the Energy Development Fund: “This is a very small field. Even if Belarus starts to get out of oil, it will be enough only for internal use and is not for everyone and not for long. Minsk both bought and will buy Russian oil and gas discovery will not affect the situation “

Sergey Suverov, head of analytical department of the Criminal Code of “BK-Savings”: “Despite the fact that the field is small, it is unlikely Belarusians will be able to extract this oil alone. Most likely, they will need Russia’s help, that can only lead to the strengthening of our cooperation in this sphere “

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Auto Move to BE and Partial Profits

Auto Move to BE and Partial Profits

At this time I would like to present to you the tool “Auto Move SL to BreakEven and Partial Profits”. He moves the Stop Loss price to breakeven once the price reaches a distance of a predetermined number of pips from the entry price on the market in a profitable trade. You can also drag the horizontal line to any position for a partial profit as a percentage preconfigured transaction.

Input parameters:

  • UseAutoBE – on / off automatically move to the black.
  • PipsToBE – distance in pips, which should be the price of the entrance price to the value of Stop Loss moved to breakeven.
  • SafetyPips – distance in pips from the entry price, which should move the Stop Loss. It is necessary to cover the commission. By default, the tool uses the 2 pips in order to cover the commission of my broker.
  • UsePartialProfit – on / off obtaining partial gains.
  • TP_Percentage – % That you would receive with open position (s) (the default setting is 50%).
  • TP_Color, LineStyle and LineWidth – color, style and width of a horizontal line, used for partial profits.

This tool is useful when you want to protect your account from loss by automatically moving the value of Stop Loss to breakeven if the price reaches a certain number of pips, but you do not have access to your computer. Receiving partial profits, you can be sure that you have the definition of money, regardless of what was to happen in the market. A prerequisite for the work of the tool and protect your capital – is an open platform.

Note: For the correct operation of the instrument Stop Loss value must be different from zero. In other words, if the Stop Loss is not set, the move will be nothing, because the situation will look as if to use Stop Loss is not necessary.

Resulting partially PROFIT

Once you have entered the market and decided to take partial profits, click at the location where you want to take partial profits, and then press the “P” key on your keyboard. This will bring up a horizontal beam. Then drag the line to where you want to take partial profits and leave it there. Partial profits will be available when the price reaches this line.

Hopefully, this will help you in trading. Thank you!

NOTEIf the graph contains several orders, when the TP line price that will go all the orders, and partial profits will be charged to each of them.

Auto Move to BE and Partial Profits


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