Asian markets rose on Friday

Asian markets rose on Friday

Trading in the Asia-Pacific region in
Friday ended in the green zone. it
It helped a little to reduce the percentage drop
most of the indices for the week.
MSCI Asia Pacific lost per week
1.4%, but on Friday rose by 0.4%.

Nikkei added
0,33%, Kospi up today
0.35%; Hang Seng firmed 0.37% and
Now Shanghai Composite jumped
up to 1.4%. This Chinese growth
index due to the fact that the People’s Bank
China on Friday intervened 8.2
billion dollars on the interbank market
the country with the help of short-term transactions
lending. In the money market in China
very serious rates rose.

a result of increased securities
Chinese financial firms and lenders.
ICBC added modest
1.4%; Citic Securities, Haitong Securities increased
capitalization of 6% each.

And here
loudly announced a project to
“Bow” of stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai
(Stock Connect), worked
the first week, showed not the most confident
results. Investors chose all
24% quota on the amount of the purchased shares in Hong Kong
(100% – it’s $ 90 billion).

Japan this week happened important
Events: Sindzo Abe dissolved the lower
house of parliament. Already on December 14, will
early election it. unpopular
measure – the second increase in the sales tax
– was postponed for half a year. That’s why
grown up country codes.

large movements of securities can
noted appreciation of 4.2% stake
Casino in Macau Galaxy Entertaiment Group.
oil company
CNOOC added 3.5% yesterday and
now it raises the price of oil, and
securities of companies related to the
“Black gold” perfectly responded
on the news.

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FireBall Scalping

FireBall Scalping

General information about my advisor:

  • Method – scalping for ticks and time.
  • timeframe – any.
  • indicators – not used.
  • Benefits – , High-frequency trading, trade in large volume (good for accounts with bonuses and discounts), low drawdown, high profit factor.
  • requirements – small spread, good VPS or a good internet connection, a powerful enough computer or server.
  • symbols – EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.
  • Broker – STP / ECN.

I have ideas for improving my first counselor (TheNext1) so as to make it the most powerful adviser in the Market, and it seems to me that scalping may be the best way to do this.

I publish my second counselor FireBall Scalp only for scalpers!

In the Forex market, the sharp price movements occur every day, if not every hour. This is a chance for scalpers to quickly enter the market and come out a small profit! But scalping activity is very difficult for a trader for the following reasons: there are no good brokers in the accounts of limitations, network latency between the terminal and the trading server. There are also many large traders (banks, institutional, large brokers, etc.), always acting faster than ordinary traders!

Fireball Scalp can track the sharp movements in the Forex market (under normal conditions and high volatility), quickly to make payments, to open and close the big volume. My advisor can do it very quickly, in less than 100 milliseconds, or tick, so he can keep track of any changes in price!

My advisor gives you the opportunity to choose the best settings for real trading. For example, the time range to calculate the rates of motion, the maximum number of ticks within a range value breakthrough time delay for checks, etc.

Currently, EA trades only on the EURUSD, GPBUSD and USDJPY.

FireBall Scalping

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Oil has become cheaper than $ 50 for first time

Oil has become cheaper than $ 50 for the first time in five and a half years

Brent on the ICE exchange in
London at the time 11.00 MSK traded on
the level of 52.68 dollars per barrel, but of WTI,
the first time in five and a half years
I stepped over the threshold of $ 50,
It continues to fall and is trading at SOMEX
for 49.60 dollars per barrel.

background suggests that excess
supply, which led to the formation of
the downward trend in oil prices,

raw materials in Russia increased to a maximum of
All post-Soviet era. Iraq plans
increase exports of crude oil in January
in relation to the previous month and to finish
its up to 3.3 million barrels a day. Saudi
Arabia shows no signs of
reducing production, but still reduced
its official selling prices for
Asian consumers are not
We saw similar discounts at least 14 years.
In this it was supported by Iraq, Kuwait and Iran.

growth of supply and instability
demand and is complemented by the strengthening
The dollar against the euro on concerns about
Greece’s exit from the EU.

oil this year, according to experts,
It expects a large number of problems.
Products will continue to grow in the West
Africa and the Americas, not to mention
alone supply growth from Russia and Iraq.
All this makes up for the lack of
production in Libya. Iran can also improve
exports by about half a million barrels
per day, will be mitigated if the West
sanctions against him.

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Shepherd Stochastic Alert

Shepherd Stochastic Alert

The indicator generates signals of stochastic valid intersections.

This indicator is easily attached to an adviser.

The indicator works well on all timeframes.

The arrow appears at the intersection of parameter analysis algorithms.

The properties of the indicator

  • Use_System_Visuals – turn on / off the visualization.
  • Stochastic_K_Period – period Stochastic.
  • Stochastic_D_Period – period Stochastic.
  • Stochastic_Slowing – slowing stochastics.
  • Use_Notifications – enable / disable Push-notifications.
  • Use_Alert – enable / disable alerts.
  • Use_E_Mail – enable / disable via email notifications.

Shepherd Stochastic Alert


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RSI Signals Manager

RSI Signals Manager

adviser RSI Signals Manager trades on the indicator signals RSI. Transactions are made in either direction when the indicator reaches values RSI_Level_Down or RSI_Level_Up. If more light RSI_Level_Up, the chosen direction Short for the initial transaction, if less light RSI_Level_Down, – direction Long. If the Inversion = true, the directions are reversed. Trades are closed for take-profit. Losing processed adviser on the averaging method builds up a network of transactions in the same direction, is calculated bezubytka level and when the price reaches this level, the network is closed for take-profit is also in the black. Advisor quite easily optimized.


  • MAGICB – magic number Long;
  • MAGICS – magic number Short.

The “Trading Hours”

  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset – known server time offset hours from GMT;
  • Hours – If true, EA trades with the parameter Begin_hour hours (GMT) to h End_hour (GMT). When false trades constantly;
  • Begin_hour – hour beginning (we are talking about the initial transactions);
  • End_hour – hour late (we are talking about the initial transactions).

The “Start Installation”

  • Inversion – inversion directions transactions;
  • Deals – the amount of the initial transactions at once;
  • NumbLot – the number of decimal places for a lot of values;
  • Lot – the initial value of the lot for the transactions;
  • TP – Take Profit in points from the opening price or the level of bezubytka;
  • SLPLUS – collective stop loss averaging network;
  • CoefLot – Lot magnification factor with increasing knee in the averaging network. When 1 – Lot does not increase for subsequent transactions in the network;
  • RSI – RSI period indicator. If the indicator is more than 70, chosen direction Short, if less than 30 – Long;
  • RSI_Level_Up – level of the initial opening position Short;
  • RSI_Level_Down – the level of opening of the starting position Long;
  • Step – step-in points, between the tribes of the averaging network;
  • OnOffUnLine – true when switched mode uneven growth step of averaging network;
  • ULsoef – pitch gain coefficient averaging network;
  • MinPauseNetUp – minimum pause in minutes between any Long transactions;
  • MinPauseNetDown – minimum pause in minutes between any Short transactions.

Modes of forced-choice destinations

  • SELL – If true, the direction SELL allowed;
  • BUY – If true, the direction BUY allowed.

TrailingStop and TrailingStep – trailing parameters.

Advisor quite easily optimized for the initial settings, and can be set in different modes according to the trader’s wishes.

RSI Signals Manager

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Advanced Candle

advanced Candle

Advanced Candle light for display four types of candles (including non-standard) in the main chart:

  1. Candles longer period (HTF Candles) – Candles can display any, including non-standard period for the terminal. For example, M27 or M135;
  2. Candles with a predetermined minimum height in points or percentage (Box Candles) – Candles are built predetermined minimum height, for example, a height of 100 points or 0.5%;
  3. Candles with a predetermined minimum volume of a tick volume and real volume (Volume Candles) – Candles are constructed c specify the minimum volume, such as 1000 tick;
  4. Candles on the trading sessions (Session Candles) – possible to build four sessions, both jointly and separately. sessions Time is fully customizable.

To construct the indicator buffers are used, graphic objects are used only for the current unformed candles.

Possible to build several Advanced Candle on the same graph.

The indicator has the following settings:

  1. Type of display Sandles – select the type of display of candles:
    • High time frame Candles – spark a longer period;
    • Box Candles – candles predetermined height;
    • Volume Candles – candles predetermined volume;
    • Trading session Candles – candles on the trading session.
  2. Settings HTF Candles – Candles settings for a longer period:
    • Period Candles in minutes (max.7200), multiply chart period – the period of spark in minutes (. max value 7200 – weekly candle) value must be a multiple of the period chart;
    • Candles offset (+/-) in minutes, multiply of the chart period – offset candles in minutes (+ rightward displacement – the displacement to the left), the period of a multiple schedule. This parameter specifies the offset of candles, allowing to build the candles, starting from any time. For example, H5 candles, starting with 25 minutes an hour.
  3. Settings Box Candles – Candles with a predetermined height settings:
    • Type Box Candles – type defined by the height of the candles: in points or percentage;
    • min Height of the Candle – the minimum defined by the height of the candles in points or percentage according to the selected type. Here, the minimum height because the candles of this type are based on the current chart candles, which can be more than a specified size, even the candles on the chart M1. Greater accuracy is achieved in the period M1 main chart.
  4. Settings Volume Candles – setting a predetermined volume of candles:
    • min Volume of Candle – the minimum amount specified by candles. Here, the minimum amount because the candles of this type are based on the current chart candles, the volume of which can be more than a specified even in the chart M1. Greater accuracy is achieved in the period M1 main graph;
    • Volume typevolume type may be either a volume tick tick Volume, and real Volume, if such data gives the broker.
  5. Settings Session Candles – setting session candles. The start time and the end of the session is given in hours, instead if at least one time to choose do not display, session will not be displayed. The candles of this type are correctly displayed on the graph H1 period or less. With a larger period are possible inaccuracies if the specified time is not a multiple of the period of the schedule.
    • Begin Pacific session – Pacific session is the beginning;
    • End Pacific session – the end of the session the Pacific;
    • Begin Asia session – the beginning of Asian session;
    • End Asia session – the end of the Asian session;
    • Begin Euro session – the beginning of the European session;
    • End Euro session – the end of the European session;
    • Begin Usa session – the beginning of the American session;
    • End Usa session – the end of the American session;
    • Color Pacific session – color candles Pacific session;
    • Color Asia session – color candles Asian session;
    • Color Euro session – color candles European session;
    • Color Usa session –  the color of the candles of the American session.
  6. Global setting of candles – general settings for all the candles.
    • Number day of displayed candles – the number of construction of candles set in days. If the parameter is equal to or less than zero, then the candle is built on all the available history. Candle type Box Candle and Volume Candle is necessary to set a multiple week (5 days) plus the number of days in the current week;
    • To consider transition to a new week – take into account the transition to the new week. This option allows you to control the transition between weeks, it does not affect the Session Candle. If you choose to Yes, all types of spark will start a new candle on Monday whether as a candle over the past week. If to No, HTF Candle will start a new candle on a Monday, but given the number of candles on the weekends, and Box Candle and Volume Candle will be built without taking into account the transition between weeks.
    • To display Candle shadows – whether or not the shadow of a candle;
    • To draw shadows on the Candle middle – draw a shadow of a candle in the middle of a classic or where the actual situation of extreme price of the candle;
    • Vector display session – whether or not the direction vector candles. It connects the time and the opening time and price with the closing price of the candle;
    • To paint over a Candle background – paint or not the body of the candle;
    • Candles over the chart – draw a candle on top of the chart;
    • Thickness of a candle line (In pixels) – thick candles displayed in pixels;
    • A growing Candle color – sets the color of the growing candle (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A falling Candle color – sets the color of the incident candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • Doji Candle color – sets the color of Doji-candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A growing Candle body color – sets the color of the growing body candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A falling Candle body color – sets the color of the body falling candles (does not affect the Session Candle).

Advanced Candle

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3 Secrets that you do not tell Wall Street

3 secrets that you do not tell Wall Street

Bowman from Motley Fool is about the most
secret things that hides from us
Wall Street. Maybe it is difficult –
compete with Wall Street, but full
articles on how not to start a
cynically invest.

Earlier this
the famous journalist Maykl Lyuis
said that the high-frequency traders
regular “beat” of investors in the auction,
essentially making it a matter of milliseconds.

Wall Street has been fined many times for
cheating customers, and many accused of
the financial crisis is the big
banks, which play against the customer,
but there are three things that Wall Street no
He would not tell you about investing.

1. "Keep"
often means "sell"

Citigroup Bank
recently it was fined $ 15m
for labeling certain actions as a
“Hold”, but a separate group
customers told us that you have to buy them.
Analysts have found at least six
shares, which then opened a short
position wealthy clients of Citibank.

SEC analysts often
we have to repeat that their recommendations
the shares of their own and are only
personal conviction. This creates sometimes
problem banks, but their task – to find
buyers and sellers at a certain
share price. In addition, you must
please important clients with access
to a variety of information that just
It creates this disparity.

part of the problem
It lies in the fact that large banks do not
want to offend the same company that
They are their regular customers. AND
therefore “hold” does not always mean
to sell, but we must be careful and
pay attention to whether the bank did
any underwriting companies –
if so, it may mean it
sell recommendation.

2. “A lot of
what we say – the only noise “

disguised sense recommendations
"Keep", Wall Street also loves
expressed in the jargon of other concepts,
which make investment more difficult,
than it should be. Much of this
“Esoteric” terminology refers
to technical analysis. Simply put,
not all words made on Wall Street,
be taken literally. Sometimes
analysts deliberately confuse participants
his mysterious assumptions.

concepts such as diversification and
often appear in the speeches of experts and
not confirmed by a closer
consideration. Distribution tactics
investment through the various classes
assets proved to be necessary to reduce
risk, but this is lost revenue.
Uorren Baffet, for example, rejects this
strategy, and invests much of
money in Berkshire Hathaway shares of financial
companies and manufacturers of consumer

3. Half
of us (and you) should do everything wrong

In each
transaction there is a winner and a loser.
While some of the circumstances
can make the deal profitable for one
hand, it would be disadvantageous to the other.
The shares will be either ahead of or lag behind
from the market. This is the nature of the markets,
After all – they adapt to
perception. If every investor believes
it’s time to buy the stock and wait until the price
reaches an equilibrium point, in any
the event will begin debate on its future

investment strategy “buy and
Hold “via index funds and
dividend reinvestment – one of
the best ways to ensure the long-term
accumulation of wealth. Buffett even the
He asked that his successors left
90% of the cash in an inexpensive S P
500. He explained: "I believe that the long-term
investment – is the result of trust and
such an approach will outperform those
which uses the majority of investors
– whether pension funds, institutions
or individuals. constant attention
to a position in the market and expenses for managers
and analysts can be huge, and
for investors as a result will not bring
no benefit. to ignore
chatter, keep the minimum cost
and to invest in stocks as if you would
We were on the farm and could not always
Watch news". I can not with him

Author – Jeremy Bowman, an adapted translation – MrTwins.

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