ATS Volume Break Out

ATS Volume Break Out

Alpha Trend Spotter (ATS) Volume Break Out

This indicator combines indicators Volume Breakout (sample volume) and Moving Average Breakout (sample moving average).

He is able to predict future price changes. The indicator is not redrawn and is not recalculated. Lines are shown at the opening of a new candle, do not blink and do not disappear on the current candle. Lines appear at the beginning of the current candle.

Suitable for timeframes from M5 to D1.

How to use:

when a green Line, “Oversold” indicating the zone, expect buying.

when a Red line, “Overbought” indicating the zone, expect sales opportunity.

ATS Volume Break Out

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Real Market Levels MT5

Real Market Levels MT5

Use the indicator “Real Market Levels MT5” to automatically detect the levels of the inputs and outputs based on the analysis of real market volatility.

The indicator is suitable for both novice traders who trade manually and for experienced investors who use advisors to manage their accounts.

The indicator works:

  • With any character available in MT5 (Forex, metals, CFD, etc.)
  • At all time frames, including non-standard (M10, M20, H2, H8, etc.)

suitable for grid trading strategies

  • The value of the blue line (the input level) is used as the minimum distance between transactions.
  • The red line value (output level) is used as a minimum profit values ​​which can be obtained using bezubytka functions for all grid transactions.

Suitable for work on the rules of “one transaction at a time” / FIFO / scalping

  • The value of the blue line (the input level) is used to filter the input. input should perform only if it goes up, i.e. volatility is growing and there is a possibility of potential profit.
  • Red line (output level) can be used to determine levels take profit and stop-loss from the opening price of each transaction in accordance with the selected ratio risk / resistance.

Management values ​​the input level of I / O for your strategy

  • The factor price level entry and increasing the distance (grid), to reduce the risk.
  • The multiplier output level to increase the profit target.

Use of indicator values ​​from the EA

double ArrayEntryLevel [];
double ArrayExitLevel [];
int handle_RML = iCustom (NULL, 0, “Market \ Real Market Levels MT5“);
CopyBuffer (handle_RML, 0,0,1, ArrayEntryLevel);
CopyBuffer (handle_RML, 1,0,1, ArrayExitLevel);
double entry_level = ArrayEntryLevel [0]; // Price of Entry Level of current candle
double exit_level = ArrayExitLevel [0]; // Price of Exit Level of current candle
Real Market Levels MT5

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Dow Jones indexes from exclude Volkswagen shares

Dow Jones indexes from exclude Volkswagen shares

stocks automobile
Volkswagen Group decided to exclude from the
calculation of sustainable development indices
Dow Jones because “diesel scandal”. AT
Specifically, the paper is no longer of concern
will mean in the DJSI indexes lists
World, DJSI Europe since 6 October. By the way, the index
DJSI World launched in 1999, it tracks
stocks of companies that believe the best
for economic and long-term
US environmental standards.

In mid-September
scandal began with cars Volkswagen,
when the Environmental Protection Agency
US accused the carmaker environment
falsifying test results to
emission level of harmful substances in
the company cars. companies face
a fine of $ 18 billion, the US Justice Department started a criminal
investigation, the head of Volkswagen Martin
Winterkorn resigned.

The company’s shares in the first
scandal the day collapsed by 23%, then fall

Now VW will no longer be
defined as an industry leader
group “vehicles and components”
analysts say. Volkswagen shares fell
a further 0.74% on Tuesday, deepening general
loss per annum to 47%.

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In currency markets calm in run up to publication

In currency markets, the calm in the run-up to the publication of data from the US

After a quiet week with a minimum of economic statistics, we can expect a real flurry of important data. The market has been enough time to “digest” the Fed’s decision to leave rates on centralized credit means no change and adjust the position of the rigorous comments of several members of the Fed. Over the past week, the US dollar strengthened in relation to any and all currencies G10 group. The week will start with the publication of the favorite measure of inflation the Fed, the indicator level of personal consumption expenditures. Also, there are data on personal income and spending, the index of pending sales in the real estate market and the September index of business activity in the manufacturing sector from the Fed Dallasa. Tomorrow traders expect the publication of the index S P / CaseShiller and indicator of consumer confidence, and the percentage change in the number of people employed in non-farm payrolls from ADP and the business activity index (PMI) of the Chicago Fed will be announced on Wednesday. On Thursday will come: record number of applications for unemployment benefits, the PMI index of activity in the manufacturing sector by Markit and ISM manufacturing index. Finally, Friday will be released statistics from the US labor market, which is particularly interested in the markets – Fed officials face made it clear that the regulator intends to start raising interest rates as early as this year, and traders try to predict when this might happen.

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Trailing Orders TL

Trailing Orders TL

Advisor Trailing Orders TrendLine – is an indispensable tool trader trades by hand along the lines of resistance Support.

Adviser Jobs

With the tool “Draw trend line” (Draw Trendline) plotted the support line and / or resistance.

Then we expose the pending order specified in the order comments (comment) the name of the trend line, along which you want to trawl warrant.

Next Advisor pick up the order, and set it at a selected distance (Delta) from the selected trend line and will trawl along it before opening.

Note: Displays the name of the trend line on a chart in the chart properties enable the “Show description”.

external variables

  • Prefix – The prefix for the link and order.
  • Delta, pips – distance from the line to order;
  • Show steps – turn on / off the display of the trawl steps on the chart.

Features of the EA:

  • It works with an unlimited number of orders;
  • change the position order (trawl) occurs with each new bar;
  • at breakage line on the graph (shot flag “Ray” in line properties) advisor ceases order to tighten the end of the line;
  • if the trader incorrectly attached to the order line, for example Sellstop warrant attached to the resistance line, then this order will not be picked up by an advisor, and the graph will be a corresponding entry error.

Trailing Orders TL

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Profit calculation

Profit calculation

With this script you can calculate the amount of profit (profit) before the opening of the transaction for any amount of lots. The script works on all currency pairs Forex, CFD, Futures. Needed to calculate profit on various instruments without risk, since you can always advance to determine the profit margin, before the opening of the transaction.

It supports the following deposit currencies: USD, EUR.


  • Lots – number of lots
  • Operation – takes values ​​BUY / SELL
  • Open_price – opening price
  • Close_price – the closing price

Profit calculation

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Snowman – ordinary councilor, which is based on a fairly simple strategy based on moving averages. Of course, unlike most “megapribylnyh” advisers he is not able to generate revenues in the millions. The basic idea, which was laid in the algorithm expert at its creation – is stability. The expert must be repaid regardless of price fluctuations over a fairly long period of time.

Screenshots accompanying this description, it is the results obtained in the strategy tester without optimization.

The possibility of the adviser:

  1. Multi-mode. Configurable option.
  2. Trade in specified intervals (days, hours, minutes). Configurable option. 
  3. 7 additional filters buy signals. Configurable option. 
  4. The presence of virtual stop-loss and take-profit, is set automatically and invisible to the dealing center.
  5. Documentation produced by operations in the csv-file.


  • A currency pair: GBPUSD (4 or 5 – digit quotes). The use of other pairs is possible, but not recommended.
  • Timeframe: M30 – is automatically selected.
  • Shoulder 1: 100.
  • Initial deposit $ 5000 with lot size of 0.1 (respectively, $ 500 at the value of the lot 0.01).


  • TradeDay – day of the week, in which we trade, if empty – trade all the days. Filling in Russian and English through the sign “;”, regardless of the register. How to fill Monday, wednesday or Monday, Thursday, Friday or tuesday; Friday; MONDAy.
  • ReversDay  – determinant of trading and non-trading days. true – the days specified in the variable TradeDay are non-trading. false – the days specified in the variable TradeDay are trademarks.
  • TradeTimeSignal – period of time (format – hour: minute), which is searching an entry point into the market. EXAMPLE filling: 13: 16-16: 25; 17: 30-19: 45 – trade conducted from 13 minutes to 16 hours 16 hours 25 minutes and 17 hours 30 minutes and 19 hours 45 minutes. Empty string – no time restrictions.
  • ReversTimeSignal – non-commercial determinant time period. true – the time indicated in the variable TradeTimeSignal is non-commercial. false – the time indicated in the variable TradeTimeSignal is a trademark.
  • symbols_active – used currency pairs. EXAMPLE filling: EURUSD; GBPUSD; USDCHF.
  • selected_terminal_symbol – This setting works if variable symbols_active – empty. true – a list of currency pairs that are in the “Market Watch” window. false – a list of all the currency pairs offered by the dealing center.
  • Exp_period – MA period.
  • order_lot – the amount of the contract.

More filters. true – the filter is enabled, false – filter off. It allowed any combination thereof.

  • Filter_MACD= false
  • Filter_Ishimoku= false
  • Filter_Stdev= false
  • Filter_BBI= false
  • Filter_SAR= false
  • Filter_RSI= false
  • Filter_VLT= false


All the recommended settings displayed in the default settings.

Constructive comments and suggestions are welcome.


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