NZDUSD pair are missing drivers for active move

NZD / USD: the pair are missing drivers for active movement

Current trend

currency pair quotes Thursday NZD / USD sharply corrected
after rising on Wednesday. The price again dropped to a mark of 0.7520 (level of correction
Fibonacci 50.0%) and currently continues to be near her. It should be noted,
that support for the New Zealand currency have milk prices, which continue
grow ten consecutive weeks. According to the auction Global Dairy Trade
over the past two weeks they have grown by 10.1%. Furthermore, the pressure on
US dollar have a mood of members of the Federal Open Market Committee
The Fed, which in the majority in favor of retaining the minimum rates in the
for a long time.

Support and Resistance

From a technical point of view, the key is still seen as a mark
0.7520. If the price of whacks from it and strikes the level 0.7535 (the middle line
indicator “Bollinger Bands”), the growth may continue to 0.7560 marks
and 0.7600 (level
61.8%) Fibonacci correction. If the price fixes
below the level of 0.7520, the quotation marks may drop to 0.7500 and 0.7445.

Technical indicators show opposite signals.
Bollinger bands are directed horizontally. Histogram MACD is in the positive zone, its volume is reduced. lines
Stochastic directed upwards.

Support levels: 0.7520, 0.7445.

Resistance levels: 0.7535, 0.7560, 0.7600.

trading recommendations

The purchases can be included with
objectives 0.7560 and 0.7600, but long positions can be opened only
after the breakdown level of 0.7535 price. Short positions should be open in the
If the price falls below 0.7520. The purpose of these positions will be the level of 0.7445.

NZDUSD pair are missing drivers for active move

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Locking deals Trade Mathematics

Locking deals. Trade Mathematics.

In its strategy using simple EA to manage more than twenty positions.
That completely changes once the trader‘s work.
If you had to work with the help of locking with several positions at the same time,
how do you keep records of open positions, write comments.

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Diver BBands

Diver BBands

Divergence forming BBands (hereinafter referred to as “Diver”) – is based on Bollinger Bands (Bollinger Bands ®, BB).

Classical (ordinary) and Reverse (hidden) Divergence – your choice:

  • Adjustable size and all parameters
  • Flexible settings, including the abolition of the levels (optional alerts, arrows indicate in which direction to trade)
  • Is not redrawn (set CalcOnOpenBar= False)
  • “SetIndexBuffer” for all variables (it can be used as advisors)
  • The auto-determination of the 4- and 5-digit quotes
  • Not demanding to resources (does not overload the MT4 terminal)

usual Classical Divergence BBands defined by such characteristics:

  • BEAR Deaver: price chart forms a higher maximum than the previous one (and the indicator graph – lower maximum)
  • Bovine Deaver: price chart forms a lower low than the previous one (and the indicator graph – higher minimum)

As a rule, the occurrence of classical divergence means the completion of movement (weakening strength of the trend) and the possibility of a strong correction or a complete reversal of the market. The larger the timeframe chart, the stronger the signal.

The second type is called Divergence BBands reversible ( “Hidden”) Divergence. She points to a continuation of the trend, and it is possible to identify on such grounds:

  • BEAR Deaver: price chart forms a lower high than the previous maximum (a graph indicator – a higher maximum)
  • Deaver bullish: the price chart forms a higher low than the previous minimum (and the graph indicator -Lower minimum).

It should be noted that reversing BBands divergence is relatively rare, but the reliability of the signal mining is very high.


  • CalcOnOpenBar – if true current use (unsealed) for determining bar Deaver
  • DrawStandardDiv – If true, allow classic Deaver
  • DrawReversalDiv – If true, allow reversible Deaver
  • Bands_Period – BBands computing option
  • Bands_shift – BBands computing option
  • Bands_Dev – BBands computing option
  • BullishDiv_ResetAbove – cancel the bullish Deaver, if the indicator has crossed this level
  • BearishDiv_ResetBelow – cancel BEAR Deaver, if the indicator has crossed this level

Deaver parameters:

  • MaxBars – the number of bars to draw the graph Deaver (reduces the load on the terminal MT4)
  • DivWidth_MinBars – the minimum horizontal distance between two extremes
  • DivWidth_MaxBars – the maximum horizontal distance between the two extremes
  • DivHeight_MinPips – the minimum vertical distance between the two extremes
  • DivHeight_MaxPips – the maximum vertical distance between the two extremes

Parameters Extrema Deaver:

  • Chart_LeftTop_BarsL – the number of bars that form the left extreme value prices (left part of the price of a fractal)
  • Chart_LeftTop_BarsR – the number of bars that form the left extreme value prices (right-hand side of the price of a fractal)
  • Chart_RightTop_BarsL – the number of bars that form the right extreme value prices (left part of the price of a fractal)
  • Chart_RightTop_BarsR – the number of bars that form the right extreme value prices (right-hand side of the price of a fractal)
  • Ind_LeftTop_BarsL – the number of bars forming the left extremum of the display (left part of the fractal indicator)
  • Ind_LeftTop_BarsR – the number of bars forming the left extremum of the display (the right part of the fractal indicator)
  • Ind_RightTop_BarsL – the number of bars forming a right extremum display (left part of the fractal indicator)
  • Ind_RightTop_BarsR – the number of bars forming a right indicator extremum (the right part of the fractal indicator)
  • LeftTops_MaxBarsDiff – an additional gap (in bars) to the price and the indicator could form a left extremum
  • RightTops_MaxBarsDiff – additional gap (bars) to the price and the indicator could form a right extremum

Diver BBands

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Far Raiffeisenbank’s branch network is closed

Far Raiffeisenbank’s branch network is closed

Raiffeisenbank branches in six
cities (Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok,
Yakutsk, Khabarovsk, Magadan,
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) will be closed
September 1 this year. This is due
the fact that the share of income of the Far East
branch in the stream is less than
1%, and the potential of this region is still
It remains low. Given the low
development prospects of the customer base,
build an effective business
region presenting bank
difficult, and it was therefore
It decided to withdraw from the Far East.
This is stated in the official
press release Raiffeisenbank.

Bank plans that individuals
have time to close their accounts and transfer
them to other banks. also discusses
the question of whether to sell loans
individuals and small customer segment
business with other banks. Close
Corporate customers will be asked to
go to the service branch
“Siberia” in Novosibirsk.

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Oil recovers on strong markets

Oil recovers on strong markets

It rose more than 1% during the auction
Tuesday: at the time of 17.15 MSK futures
brent c
in April traded at 60.82 dollars
a barrel (+ 2.14%), a barrel WTI
ask 49.67
dollar (+ 0.16%).

It grew more than $ 2 before
the way back down below $ 60
a barrel. “Black gold” has recovered
from the biggest drop in the last
month, which occurred yesterday.

forces in Libya today applied to the air
hitting each other: the oil was raised
terminal and airport. This indirectly helped
oil rise to fears of supply c Middle East.

field – the most important target
for opponents in the Libyan conflict.
Force applying for legalization
Islamic State, also targeted
on deposits and pipelines (without
which is unlikely to be able to Education
become economically independent).

Analysts say the market remains well
endowed with oil, but the signs
economic growth coming from
Europe and Asia, the promise of world growth
demand and support price
“Black gold”. German data
retail sales were better,
than expected consensus forecast, and
resurgent yen was hit by a peg
the dollar index.

observe also that long-awaited
production decline: Low Price
oil reduces the possibility of investing
in production in the North Sea, Russia
and on US shale. Thus, the number
drilling rigs in the United States on the sly

– questionable, but what we see –
the beginning of a potential rise in prices
oil, “analysts said in an interview
Reuters news agency.

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Bounce Scalper

Bounce Scalper

Advisor Bounce Scalper detects large market movements and turn a profit at the prices and on the breakout price levels.

It can be used as a market and stop. Out of position occurs by means of rigid trailing stops.

The risk is governed by the size of the lots, depending on the balance.

There are predefined strategies, frees users from the optimization settings.

Preset strategy mainly optimized for the EURUSD. However, there may be used other pairs with low spread.

If you want more control over the adviser, it is possible to set most of the parameters themselves.

The strategy took a major testing history with simulation quality in 99% of ticks and taking into account possible price slippage.

In developing the advisor a lot of attention was paid to the protection of the account. EA can not sell more than one warrant at the same time.

Input parameters

orders Settings

  • StatusDisable advisor (Inactive).
  • Magic Number: The magic number of orders. It must be unique.
  • Stop Loss: Stop-loss points. Required is also used to preset strategies. Default: 40.
  • Take Profit: Take-profit points. Required is also used to preset strategies. Default: 500.

order management

  • Use Stop Orders: This boolean parameter determines the entry strategy into the market. If true, use pending orders, otherwise – market. Default: false.
  • Trade Breakout: Boolean, if true trade is conducted on the breakout.
  • Strategy: Preset strategy. May be conservative (Conservative), standard (Standard), aggressive (Aggressive) and user (User). The more aggressive strategy, the higher the risk and potential profit.
  • When you select a custom strategy for additional parameters (see. Section custom strategies) must be entered. Default: Conservative. Note: conservative strategy uses a fixed lot size, set by the user.
  • Max. Allowable gapsIf the gaps between adjacent bars above this value (in points), the transaction can not be opened. Default: 20 points.
  • Max. Allowable SpreadIf you exceed a specified value spread, new orders can not be opened. Default: 15 points.

custom strategy

  • auto Size: If true, trade size depends on the balance of the account and risk parameter.
  • Fixed Lot size: The lot size to be used in a conservative strategy. It can also be used in custom strategies if Auto Size option is disabled.
  • Volatility(Minimum) market volatility (in points) at which the order can be activated.
  • Shift: Distance (in points) between the current market price and the entry level of the market.
  • Trailing Stop: The value (in points), which is activated when the trailing stop.
  • Period: The period of the bar (in minutes) for the entry and management. By default, all predefined strategies use only minute bars. Custom policies can also use the two-and five-minute bars.

Note: Period setting is independent of the selected timeframe. You can run an expert on any time frame (eg, H1). The internal logic of the program only uses the M1, M2 and M5.

trading hours

  • No Trade Hour BeginAn hour work stoppage. Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Default: 0.
  • No Trade Hour EndAn hour continue. Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Default: 0.


First, work with the demo account your broker at different settings. It is strongly recommended ECN-accounts.

Of course, the best results are achieved on pairs with low spreads.

You can run the advisor on the virtual server (VPS) with low latency for around the clock operation. You can also turn off the trade in certain hours and run locally advisor.

Bounce Scalper

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Energy MT4

Energy MT4

Energy Energy line in the indicator is calculated by analogy with the kinetic energy in physics: E = (mv ^ 2) / 2. As the mass of used tick volume (the money supply), with the rate of accepted “the speed of price changes” – ROC.

energy direction (positive or negative) is determined by ROC oriented.

As an additional indicator used volatility Chaikina (CHV). Since volatility starts to increase before the real price movement, the advance CHV signals the increasing market activity. The result which is the release of energy produced, as a rule, before the start of a strong movement. With the passage of the extreme points of power line falls sharply to 0. With minor fluctuations or steady trend as energy is at a minimum (approximately 0).

impulse line is calculated regardless of the power line. The basis for calculating the difference lie three moving averages – THEME (12) of DEMA (34), the MA (55), which are assigned to equal-weight module. They can be both positive and negative – depending on the sign of the difference between the medium and the direction of energy lines. pulse line correlates well with the power line, and smoothes it swings.

Moments of opening / closing positions: 

  • entrance when the direction of Impulse lines reversed after reaching the extreme.
  • Exit – when the extremum Energy line.

Recommended values ​​for the parameter Period different timeframes follows: M12 – 14; M15 – 12; M20 – 10; M30 – 8; H1 – 6, i.e. the older the timeframe, the less Period. At timeframes over H1 indicator has not been tested.

Energy MT4

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