High Frequency Candles

High Frequency Candles

This tool creates high-candles with periods ranging from 30 seconds to 2 seconds in the last 60 seconds.

So you may want to consider in detail what happened at the last minute. This tool is primarily intended for the high hand scalping.


  • New candles are slightly different from the original. Hopefully in the future I will be able to solve this problem.
  • Candles are only visible on new incoming ticks. If you try to use this tool, for example, on a Sunday, you will not see any high-candles.

Councilor parameters:

  • candleSeconds: Period of one candle (from 2 to 30 seconds).
  • candleOffsetIndentation, if necessary, you can adjust the value of the price of candles in pips. Sometimes the bid price is a little different from the last drawn candles. (Maximum values: -50 pisov up to +50 pips).
  • useOwnColors: If you want to use a custom color, set this parameter to ‘true’.
  • colorUp: The color of the candles on which the closing price above the opening price.
  • colorDown: The color of the candles on which the closing price below the opening price.
  • autoChartShift: New spark plug should be slightly longer than the distance from the last drawn candle in the MT4.


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Binary Reverse

Binary Reverse

Powerful system for binary options trading and intraday trading. The indicator is not redrawn, and does not change his testimony. Binary Reverse is designed to determine the places where the price reverses. The indicator captures both reversals and trend reversals, which improves the efficiency of its use. When using the indicator is greatly enhanced analysis capabilities, the graph clearly visible not only a place of correction and turns, but also to monitor the dynamics of the overall trend.

Recommendation to trade

A strong signal at the input is considered to match the two signals (arrow and cross). Signal is generated at the opening a new bar (candle at zero) with sound notification. It is also possible to trade on weak signals, but on a less volatile market, or where the currency pair is in flat. Note: Weak signal is considered separately arrow X or separately.

  • Recommended timeframe – M15.
  • Recommended currency pair – EURUSD.


  • Distabce_from_arow – control signal indentation.
  • History – show on the chart at the entry point to the history of visual assessment.
  • Historysize – the number of bars for the calculation. Default 100.
  • Flat – regulation of the market volatility. Suitable values ​​- from 0.0005 to 0.0009.


  • The indicator is constantly updated to improve the quality of signals.
  • Constant customer support.

Binary Reverse

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Stable Trend Scalper

Stable Trend Scalper

The aim is to obtain a counselor 5-6 pips for the trend. The trend is determined by several smoothed moving averages.

Trading decisions are based on Bollinger Bands.


  • timeframe: M1
  • pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
  • trading style: trend scalper


  • Risk: Order shoulder. Default: x25
  • lots: fixed lot at Risk = 0
  • MaxSpread: the maximum spread for a pair
  • StopLoss: stop-loss for each order. Default: 50
  • TakeProfit: target profit in pips for each order. Default: 6 pips


  • Broker: Preference is given to ECN-brokers with a maximum spread of 0.7 pips on EURUSD, 0.9 pips on GBPUSD
  • Testing: You can test your advisor on the M1 in the “Every tick”. All timeframes are programmed inside the advisor
  • most effective using a fixed Lot

Stable Trend Scalper

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GoodTrade – this is the first expert,
which was bought at the store. For 2-year anniversary of the placement advisor released to coincide with the 2nd version, which is fully updated logic
work of an expert. It is now being used in a new universal GoodTrade
shopping signal suitable for any
trading instruments and working for long periods of time. By default, the expert is set to the currency pair GBPUSD. Try Adviser on other
trading tools. Tune, optimize the parameters according to the value
indicated in parentheses (Start-Stop-Step).

Strategy “Martingale” and averaging in the expert GoodTrade not used!

Adjustable parameters:

  • Magic – Number to identify an expert of his position;
  • Order Comment – Note the order;
  • max Spread – Maximum acceptable spread from open positions in points;
  • Slippage – The maximum acceptable slippage when trading operations in points;
  • Stop Loss – The level of acceptance of losses from opening price in points;
  • Take Profit – The level of profit-taking from the opening price in points;
  • Min% Profit – Hidden Take Profit. The minimum possible level of profit-taking. Calculated as a percentage of the Take Profit;
  • Max% Loss – hidden Stop
    Loss. The highest possible level of acceptance of loss in the event of
    corresponding signal. Calculated as a percentage of the Stop Loss;
  • Fix Lot – Fixed lot / v position. If Fix Lot > MM% Lot or Fix Lot = 0, then uses MM% Lot;
  • MM% Lot – The percentage of free margin for the calculation of the lot / volume position;
  • requote Attempts – The number of transaction attempts with Requote;
  • Parameter 1  Parameter 6 – trading signal parameters;
  • Min Seconds Position Life – The minimum life time open positions in seconds;
  • Order Filling Type – order execution type.


  • It supports 3-5 digit quotes.
  • Powered by the graph of any period.

From the author:

The expert will be constantly improved.


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Sharp rise in oil prices was due to reduction

The sharp rise in oil prices was due to the reduction in the number of drilling rigs

Tuesday afternoon futures
Oil continues to rise in price.
Quotations rose sharply as investors
Recent reports have estimated – according to
these data, the number of US oil
drilling rigs decreased last
week very much. Perhaps this
week close more plants than
over the past 30 years.

During the afternoon trading
– to 13:54 MSK on – WTI oil futures with
March delivery rose to $ 51.00 per
barrel. At the same time futures for Brent
traded at around
$ 56.47 per barrel.

Recall that in the last
three sessions of WTI rose
almost 13%, particularly got growth
today, when the US was conceptualized
reports that the company began to reduce
production due to lower prices. In January
US crude oil lost in the price
about 10%.

Last Friday, Baker
Hughes reported that the number of the week
drilling rigs in the United States decreased by
94 – up to 1223, the lowest level since October 2013.

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Western experts Oil at $ 30 will not be OPEC

Western experts: Oil at $ 30 will not be! . OPEC delegates: Will be!

Oil continued to strengthen on Tuesday,
two previous sessions they grew
more than 11%. growth of reasons, according to
Experts, two. The first – reduced
intensity of drilling in the US
Shales: small and medium-sized manufacturers
begin to preserve the well to
best times, stopping investment.
Second – merchants closed month,
taking profit from the previously discovered
positions. Today, however, the Asian
session of the rise in prices was a bit muted
growing concern about the prospects
demand for energy in China.

At the time of 8.25 MSK
futures for Brent c supply
in March, worth 55.19 dollars a barrel,
WTI also selected to
50-dollar mark and is trading at
the level of 49.94 dollars.

investors are confident in the fact that the price
the bottom seven months after the downward movement
It has already been achieved, and the intensity of the recession
Drilling on the American shales
– an indication that an overabundance of oil
the market will stop soon.

Western analysts say, “the recovery of oil seeds
prices are already starting to rise. company
cut costs and reduce production.
Supply sooner or later will be lower
expectations and demand recovers. ”

A counterweight
Western experts, two of the delegates
OPEC, who requested anonymity,
commented to Bloomberg,
that they can not rule out the possibility
further reduce prices for “black
gold “due to weak demand. Their
probabilistic forecast – 30 – 35 dollars. According to them, prices may remain extremely
low until the summer due to weak seasonal
demand and excess supply – the strategy of Saudi Arabia
restrict production growth
competitors is beginning to
neillyuzorno fruit.

Demand, at least in Asia
really it remains weak too
really surprising was the decline in industrial
sector in China. This caused a number of issues
the potential decline of consumption
energy in the second largest economy
the world – and, therefore, that
what will be the consumption of oil
the next two quarters.

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Indicator TrendSnake It is designed to determine the market trend, generating buy and sell signals, as well as to determine the levels of Stop Loss and exit points.

When a new signal to buy (or sell) until the return signal, the indicator of its value does not change!

Buy signal

The first bar shaded green (Histogram display mode, DotHistogram) or line appearance (the first blue dot, Dot display mode), indicates the presence of a signal to buy.

Stop Loss level can be set directly on the line level (first blue dot) (display mode Dot, DotHistogram).

In the future, the indicator line will move up, it can be used as a line Trailing Stop.

a sell signal

The first bar shaded in red (indicator mode Histogram, DotHistogram) or line appearance (the first yellow dot, Dot display mode), indicates the presence of a signal to sell.

Stop Loss level can be mounted directly at the level of the line (first yellow dot, Dot display mode, DotHistogram).

In the future, the indicator line moves down, it can be used as a line Trailing Stop.

To exit the transaction can use level Take profit, Trailing Stop or reverse signal.

Input parameters

  • Mode: Display Mode indicator
    • Dot – Shows only line
    • Histogram – Displaying only the colored bars
    • DotHistogram – Displays lines and color bars
  • Trend Period: The period for calculation of the indicator
  • Play Sound: Play a sound when a new signal appears on the purchase (or sale).

Note! Possible drawdown during the transition to the flat or correction.


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