Currency market How to make money on Trampe

Currency market. How to make money on Trampe

On the market there was a new topic
– Geopolitics. And we can make money on it!
At such moments
great demand safe assets CHF, JPY, USD and gold. A
will be sold riskier: RUB, AUD, NZD. And from this we can make
interesting crosses.

Currency market How to make money on Trampe

So Trump promised yesterday that the United States will answer
"fire and fury"If Pyongyang’s actions will threaten America,
response to the production of nuclear warheads in North Korea posts. extension
visit the website GK FOREX CLUB

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China once again became largest holder of US

China once again became the largest holder of US government debt

China regained its status as the largest holder of US debt, overtaking Japan this indicator for the first time since October last year, according to a study of the American Ministry of Finance.

In June, China bought US Treasuries by $ 44.3 billion, while Japan sold these assets in the amount of $ 22.5 billion As a result, the volume of China’s portfolio of US debt rose to $ 1.15 trillion, the Japanese -. Fell to $ 1.09 trillion.

In third place is Ireland with $ 302.5 billion (+ $ 6.7 billion per month), followed by Brazil ($ 269.7 billion, unchanged), Cayman Islands ($ 254 billion, a decline of $ 12.1 billion) and Switzerland ( $ 244.5 billion, an increase of $ 5 billion).

The top 10 holders of US Treasuries also includes the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Russia in June has reduced investments in US government bonds by $ 5.8 billion. Russia occupies 14th place with $ 101.9 billion among the largest holders of US Treasuries.

The total amount of non-residents’ investments in US Treasuries rose by $ 47.7 billion in June to $ 6 trillion 171 billion. Of this amount, the paper on the $ 3 trillion 995 billion owned by governments or central banks of foreign countries.

The net outflow of foreign investment from the United States shares in the last month amounted to $ 4.47 billion, the inflow of investments in corporate debt securities – $ 2.81 billion.

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Gold during day when bullish breakout 1243 80

Gold (CME) (J7) during the day: when bullish breakout 1243.80

Gold during day when bullish breakout 1243 80

Buy with target above 1243.80 1251.50 points and 1256.00.

Our pivot point is at the level of 1243.80.

Our preference: fly above 1243.80 to 1251.50 of the target point and 1256.00.

Alternative scenario: The downside breakout level of 1243.80 will open the way to 1240.50 and 1235.20.

Analysis: Support is located at the level of 1243.80, allowed asset to strengthen its position for some time.

Support and resistance levels:




1247.40 Closing Price




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Usdjpy is trying to stabilize near 109 00

Usd / jpy is trying to stabilize near 109.00

recovery plan from 5-month lows USD / JPY fails to implement because still can not get out from under the pressure.

Another attempt to increase at the start of the European session, provoked by stabilization of yields on US Treasuries, interest encountered sellers near 109.25 and moved to the level of 109.00. The escalation of geopolitical tensions has led to a decrease in demand for risky assets, the world’s stock markets are falling, and secure the yen strengthened.

In addition to concerns about the US relationship with Russia and North Korea, Donald Trump’s comments about “too strong USD», remains a key driver of the pair and will prevent any attempt to recover the dollar.

On line US data on producer price index, level potrebdoveriya and jobless claims.

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Do not forget in addition to FOMC will now televised

Do not forget: in addition to the FOMC, will now televised debate!

Today at 22.00 MSK. held last televised debate between the candidates for president of France Macron and Le Pen, which will last more than 2 hours.

Although the FOMC today pulls the blanket, it is possible that TV debates course can also once again, as in previous times, provoke sharp fluctuations in assets denominated in euros.

The EUR / USD pair attracts special attention 1.10 (psychological level), and then a magnet for the bulls may be 1.1070 (Nov 1) and 1.1130 (Nov 4), if Le Pen loses the debate.

In addition to the EUR / USD, bullish momentum can dial EUR / JPY and EUR / GBP. The growth of risk appetite will have a lot of pressure on the safe haven JPY, and GBP interest quickly fades amid concerns problems Brekzita.

On the other hand, if the odds on the basis of debate in the 2nd round Le Pen winning grow, EUR / USD may fall to 1.0775 (200-DMA) and 1.0685 (100-DMA).

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Natixis Mario Draghi today at least say something

Natixis: Mario Draghi today, at least say something new

The main event today will be the decision of the ECB’s monetary policy, and given the statements of Mario Draghi that the fate of QE program will be discussed in the autumn, this debate is likely to begin today.

In any case, today we have to at least learn something new. To prepare the market with phasing out asset purchase program, starting next January a decision on this matter should be announced today or in October. According to our forecast, the duration of the QE program will be extended, as an acceleration in economic growth and inflation equalize rapidly rising euro and increased geopolitical uncertainty. However, the question remains open of specific dates. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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Concern General Electric wants to hold IPO of

Concern General Electric wants to hold IPO of its finpodrazdeleniya

American multidisciplinary group General Electric Co. It plans to hold an initial public offering of its financial unit – Synchrony Financial – at the end of July. According to the mood of the company, to gain from the sale of shares to be $ 3.1 billion.

To accomplish placement, General Electric plans to sell 125 million shares (this is 15% of the total) unit serving private clients in North America. Value per share – $ 23-26. The securities will be placed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s capitalization is estimated at about $ 20 billion.

As explained by the source
the company plans to sell a financial
business are included in the company’s strategy
reduction of non-core assets and
concentration of efforts in producing
industrial equipment.

Previously, GE was looking for applicants
for the purchase of units, issuing
household appliances and lighting.
This business has brought the company $ 381 million in
Last year, or less than 2% of the total
operating profit.

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