Concern General Electric wants to hold IPO of

Concern General Electric wants to hold IPO of its finpodrazdeleniya

American multidisciplinary group General Electric Co. It plans to hold an initial public offering of its financial unit – Synchrony Financial – at the end of July. According to the mood of the company, to gain from the sale of shares to be $ 3.1 billion.

To accomplish placement, General Electric plans to sell 125 million shares (this is 15% of the total) unit serving private clients in North America. Value per share – $ 23-26. The securities will be placed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s capitalization is estimated at about $ 20 billion.

As explained by the source
the company plans to sell a financial
business are included in the company’s strategy
reduction of non-core assets and
concentration of efforts in producing
industrial equipment.

Previously, GE was looking for applicants
for the purchase of units, issuing
household appliances and lighting.
This business has brought the company $ 381 million in
Last year, or less than 2% of the total
operating profit.

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USD EUR JPY GBP AUD Forecast for next week Morgan

USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD: Forecast for next week – Morgan Stanley

USD: Uptrend ..

Data next week should generally support the currency, and can be a catalyst for the return of a strong trend of the dollar …. We maintain our medium-term bullish view on USD.

EUR: The political and monetary pressures. Downtrend.

Greek risks remain high and should influence the European assets in general. European data has improved somewhat, but we doubt that this will be enough to increase the currency …. We will follow the CPI next week …

JPY: Strong on the crosses. Uptrend.

We remain bullish on the JPY crosses … we expect the JPY will be strong on the crosses in the medium term. In addition, concerns about Greece could weaken the appetite for risk, which also offer support relative JPY.

GBP: long-term perspective to sell. Downtrend.

Prolonged exposure to political uncertainty is likely to keep GBPUSD under pressure sellers. We prefer to sell GBP on the big rebounds, but take a more cautious approach in the elections ….

Regional AUD weakness? Downtrend.

We expect the AUD to continue weakening in the coming weeks, so kakdannye China were slightly soft, Korean GDP fell, and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand expressed his softer tone. Just waiting for strengthening of the dollar on the trail. week may provide further pressure on AUD …

PS: Just do not forget about the free $ 15 in the binary options. (Free dollars can only be obtained by May 31!)

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USD EUR GBP CAD AUD Forecast for next week Morgan

USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD: Forecast for next week – Morgan Stanley

USD: Uptrend ..

We believe that the USD may begin to see the flow of investment … Also on the USD affect the possibility of a rate hike …

EUR: Bearish.

We have revised our forecasts for the euro, and now we expect the 1.06 at year-end. Our economists expect another cut of 10 bp in the deposit rate and the expansion of asset purchase program. All this should be negative Euro … read more (click on the source)

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Australian will rise and then fall

The Australian will rise, and then fall

slightly recovered ground against most rivals Tuesday. its
role in this was played and the positive data from China and the positive dynamics
stock markets. This resulted in a large-scale restoration USD / JPY to
109.29 mark, and fall EUR / USD in the area of ​​1.1280. Chinese
Statistics from the sharp rise in export markets has attracted attention because it
perceived as the stabilization of the economy after a difficult period
slowdown and the collapse of financial sites. That is why the market
He came back positive, and under attack were the most “risk-free assets.”

markets continued their upward movement was greatly fostered by a positive
Chinese statistics. Meanwhile, Brent yet updated
4-month high of 44.93 dollars. / Bbl., But then go
able. Gold sharp pullback in the area in 1240 dollars. / Oz. On the understanding that
housekeeper in the world can all be not so bad.
Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Alert Stochastics

Alert Stochastics

The constant need to check whether the Stochastic has reached a certain level, can be tedious and consuming power, particularly if you want to simultaneously monitor different asset classes. Indicator Alert Stochastics help in this task, ensuring that you get the most with minimum effort. When Stochastic values ​​reach a certain level, the notification will be served on the schedule, in a mobile application MetaTrader 4 or via e-mail (you can receive text messages on your mobile device, activate when sending text messages from your Gmail account).

Stochastic indicator does not draw on the graph, so it is recommended to load it into the chart manually. But if you want, you can do it again. Everything depends on you.

Input parameters

  • % K period – the period of the K line
  • % D period – the period of the line D
  • Slowing – slowdown
  • Price field – type price
  • MA method – the method of MA
  • Alert Mode: Alert mode 0 – the main line 1 – the signal line
  • Sell ​​level – level for sale
  • Buy level – level buying
  • Time Frame – timeframe
  • Alerts On – to enable notifications
  • Push Notifications – push-notifications
  • Email Notifications – notification by e-mail

The level of the purchase the sale and the level should be between 0 and 100. Also, the level of the purchase can not be higher than for sale.

alert mode based on either the main line or the signal (default is drawn by a dotted red line). If you select the main line, the notification will be made on the basis of the main line. If the selected signal line, notification will be made on the basis of the signal line.

Alert Stochastics

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