Popular methods of cheating Forex brokers

Popular methods of cheating Forex brokers

In this article you will learn how to cheat the traders. Also, in addition, we will discuss how to calculate the “kitchen.”

trader fraud techniques

Kitchen – is a company that underestimates or overestimates the market quotes and trades with their money or client (depending on the specific situation) makes a profit at the expense of loss of traders. You prove it is unlikely to be able, but will be aware of the real cause of his failure.

  • violation specified in advance trading conditions about the size of the spread, its extension (usually at night or on the news). In order to protect yourself – Be sure to install the control light spreads.
  • requotes – a change request quotes prices for the currency in the amount of time between the request (to a deal) and execution.
  • If “Kitchen” He is seeing that the trader will work on the current transaction – it artificially It may break the bond at a terminal (Also with the same you may encounter during the news release). Most often, the connection appears again after a few minutes or after your transaction will close on loss.
    Thus deceived those traders stop loss which put very close to the price.
  • Working with pending orders often use slip method (Order will be executed at a price different from that requested by you), which ultimately threatens the trader loss of his deposit. Take a screenshot of the monitor screen, which all will be captured the moment the price change, you might prove his innocence technical support.

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Forecast from company ForexMart

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Forecast EUR / USD May 10

The euro continued to fall after the victory Emmanuel Makron the presidential elections in France. Traders booked profits on speculative Long, which prevented the euro / dollar to consolidate above the important level of 1.1000. However, market participants believe more in the continued growth of quotations couples rather than decline. The growth of the single European currency will contribute to several factors: the decline and political risks, and a resurgent eurozone economy, the ECB and the care of soft EU monetary and credit policy.

After the breakdown of the upper boundary of the uplink at 1.0975 European currency continues to show downward correction. Relative Strength Indicator is testing the support level of the euro exchange rate in the short term aimed at further reduction. The forecast for tomorrow suggests movement of quotations to the area 1.08.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast USD / CAD on May 10

At the moment, the position of the Canadian dollar is also poor. Update the maximum at the level of 1.3793, the pair continues to trade near the 1.3730 area. Contribute to the strengthening and growth of the Canadian dollar will rise in the cost of oil on the world market, as well as mitigation of Donald Trump’s rhetoric regarding NAFTA. This Week in Canada is expected to yield data on the real estate market. The report on housing starts and building permits could affect the future course of the loonie.

As long as the pair is moving in an uptrend with the aim of 1.3750 and above. The RSI confirms the probability of growth of pair, showing a rebound from the rising support line. Bollinger Bands expanded, indicating that the high volatility of the currency tool. MACD fell to zero field, but is deployed to increase. The forecast for tomorrow suggests a return to the uplink frame and continued USD / CAD quotes growth.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast on May 10

US Trade Bitcoin / USD instrument ceases to amaze us – today’s leading cryptocurrency reached a record level of 1700. The growth of Bitcoin occurs against DDoS-attacks popular cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex. Technically deep pair is overbought: at RSI (14) up to the level 90, we recall, last correction was 80. Therefore, continue to wait for the correction, which can be as noticeable as the previous height.
Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast NZD / USD on May 10

The currency pair New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar has formed a “doji” above the level of 0.6900, the pair continues trading today in the corridor 0.6930-0.6850 gradually clips in a triangle. Data on the US labor market again exceeded analysts’ expectations, the US dollar is gaining strength, expectations of US interest rates by the Fed’s June meeting currently make up 81.2%. Tomorrow morning waiting for inflation data in China, and in the evening – the decision of the RBNZ. Still we consider the possibility of continuing the downtrend.

Forecast from company ForexMart

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Analyst Above clouds are gathering ruble

Analyst: Above the clouds are gathering ruble

Over the Russian ruble “accumulate more and more clouds,” says head of department analysts “Analytics Online” Gleb Zadoya.

As recalled by the expert, recently the International Monetary Fund (IMF), “talked about the fact that the ruble is now above their fundamentally justified values.” “In this case, the IMF does not rule out that the Russian ruble may return to them in the medium term. Now and international institutions say that the ruble would be nice to fall. On it now, by the way, put some major market participants, which found the Bank of Russia. The Central Bank noted that the demand for currency in the last month jumped by half in comparison with the beginning of the year. The volume of purchases of foreign currency was a record for at least the past 2 years. The Central Bank also hinted that by buying the currency is connected non-residents who buy currency for the withdrawal of money from Russia and based on speculative profit, which they will receive after the growth of the dollar “, – said in an analyst survey.

According to him, “over the Russian ruble accumulates more and more clouds.” “Our financial authorities have long said that the ruble should be slightly below the current values. But when talking about it in such prestigious institutions as the IMF, it is already leads to some thoughts, “- emphasizes Zadoya.

He points out that at the present time is fixed “high demand for dollars in Russia.” “Moreover, this demand has been observed by the public and by the banks. Buying foreign currency and non-residents, which at the time broke up the downtrend on the currency pair USD / RUB, using the Russian currency for carry trade operations. Now ruble locally supports tax week. exporters have to pay severance tax by 25 May. support also has a growing oil. However, after the completion of the tax of the week and if starts in the oil market correction, the dollar / ruble will return to the mark of 57 rubles per unit of US currency “, – predicts expert.

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YPY EA Amet PRO – innovative multi-trading robot, representing a mutually beneficial symbiosis between the two trading systems Math Catcher and Immortalis (which are combined in the virtual level for more effective trade) and is carried out automatically trade with the real levels of Take profit and Stop loss.

This expert developer adapted for short-term trading under the current market (the last 36 months trading) through regular updates.

Version “PRO” trading robot YPY EA Amet It recommended for multi-currency trading on the following instruments: GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, USDCAD, XAUUSD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, AUDCAD. timeframe: M15

This trading system uses a smooth dynamic auction for virtual commerce, but with different restrictions and compulsory closure. it distinguishes by Martingale systems such as the expert will not wait forever rollback prices and will always be to severely restrict losses.

The cost of renting will be periodically increased along with the growth of return on the developer monitoring.

Key features

  1. Fully automated trading;
  2. No need for optimization;
  3. Easy to use, no extra settings;
  4. Protective levels of real and stoploss takeprofit;
  5. Additional protection against abnormal movements of market prices.

Description of the main expert settings

  • TradeMode = Trade / Pausetrade / Stoptrade:
    • Trade – trade regime;
    • Pausetrade – when this mode is enabled shopping complex continues to support already open orders without finding new entry points with a view to progressively complete the trade on the account;
    • Stoptrade – when this mode is enabled shopping mall immediately exits the trade by closing all its orders.
  • AutoMM – system, which automatically calculates the lot on the size of the free equity, taking into account the deposit currency:
    • Extreme / High / Medium / Low / Minimum – levels of risk;
    • OFF – disables the automatic money management, and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using parameter Lot.

Closing Orders expert otherwise prohibited, as well as expert transfer to another terminal without the files it creates in the MQL4 folder Files.

  • VirtualLot – the lot size of the virtual trading (maximum 0.1);
  • MinLeverage – the minimum size of the leverage required for the opening of new orders;
  • MinMarginLevel – the minimum level of account margin percentage required for the opening of new orders;
  • Slippage – the maximum allowable slippage at the opening of the order;
  • GMTOffset – in this parameter for each user needs necessarily set the current shift in hours of your trading server time relative to GMT;
  • MaxDrawdown – the maximum size of the total equity drawdown all of their orders in the currency of the deposit, at which shut down all their orders on all instruments (trade will be automatically restarted on the next trading day).


  • User self-testing, determines the risks and the instruments used for each new version of the expert. It recommended to read the work of expert in the tester terminal and strategies on demo account;
  • trade expert uses the explicit control of the opening bars;
  • It is recommended to always use the most recent version. To update the latest version of the expert’s enough to download and install on your schedule instead of the former, all previously open orders will be accompanied by a new version properly;
  • The expert must be installed separately on each graph tradable instrument;
  • The product does not comply with the rules of FIFO;
  • of trading conditions Requirements:
    • Any broker and any type of accounts;
    • Recommended leverage of 1: 100 or more;
    • limiting the number of simultaneously opened orders on the account not less than 200;
    • Minimum / Recommended Deposit: $ 1,000 / $ 10,000 and above (cents for cent accounts).


IPA Investments LTD – specializes in innovative software development in the field of trading for their own needs, as well as the implementation of corporate objectives.



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Demand of foreign investors in BFL can support

The demand of foreign investors in the BFL can support the ruble in the long term – CBR

The demand of foreign investors in the federal loan bonds (OFZ) is stable in the long term could support the ruble, according to the quarterly information and analytical materials Bank of Russia “Financial Review: The conditions for monetary policy.”

The regulator notes that the demand caused by the persistence of high interest rates and sagging ruble exchange rate volatility.

Indicator carry-to-risk on the currency pair dollar-ruble (the ratio of the difference of internal and external to the volatility of rates) is currently one of the best among all developing countries. In addition, the increased buying OFZ bonds by foreign investors largely explained as increased global demand for risky assets, “- the document says the Central Bank.

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Daily Economic Digest from Forex ee

Daily Economic Digest from Forex.ee

Daily Digest of economic Forex.ee

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Tuesday, May 23

Today the pair GBP/ USD again it proved to be under the influence of negative events,
which caused a new wave of widespread risk aversion. Today it is night
it is known that at the Manchester Arena in the UK made a few
explosions, which were regarded as a terrorist act. Soon after the tragedy
British Prime Minister Tereza Mey made a statement to the effect that the British
the government will do everything to get full information about the explosions in
Manchester, and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. In the course of a few
the last hours the pair traded in a southerly direction, as investors
continue to discuss the incident, holding a pair of pressure below
1.3000. However, the continuing weakness of the US dollar further limits
reduction pair. Next hearing is scheduled for today inflation report,
which will take place during the European trade, then, as with the US housing market data
It will also have a certain influence on the pair.

Couple EUR / USD It fell just below the beginning
European trading, losing some positions taken yesterday after calm
Asian session. Yesterday, the single currency has received strong support from the
comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that the euro is “too
weak “, so German products remains cheaper, thus allowing the main
currency pair renew their annual maximum at the level of 1.1263. but
It seems that the euro bulls were unable to hold their positions and retreated to the pair
a few pips below, ignoring the widespread risk aversion and positive
Germany’s data, as the US dollar once again tries to recover against
its main competitors. At present, the unit will be presented in the list of events
economic data from Germany, as well as data from the US real estate market, which
be able to ask the further motion vector pair.

Couple USD / JPY traded under davleniev from the bears on Tuesday, renewing
their three-day low at 110.86, as the growth of interest to traders
less risky assets was the main driver of the Asian session. Sale
pair began immediately after the headlines began to appear that in Manchester
Today several explosions during the night, which were regarded as terrorist
attack, thereby supporting demand for safe-haven assets such as the yen. More
of political uncertainty in the United States it is still one of the main
drivers of the market, thereby continuing to have a negative impact on the dollar.
Now the attention of traders shifted towards the block of macroeconomic data
The United States, including the New Home Sales, which will be able to ask
short-term trend during the New York trading, and while predisposition
investors to less risky assets continue to set the mood of the couple.

Bitcoin continues its tremendous rise on Monday broke the psychological
level, situated at around 2000 yesterday cryptocurrency managed to earn more
8%, by updating its historical high of 2227.00. such a huge
the move was a response to the news that Ledger Holdings, is the parent
institutional platform for enterprise-trade Bitcoin options LedgerX,
able to attract funding in the amount of 11.4 million. US dollars and currently
the time it expects regulatory approval by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
USA (CFTC) to start operation as the first US fully adjustable
Exchange and clearing house for trading options on cryptocurrency market. Also
I would like to note that bitcoin increase from the level of 1,200 for the last two months
It was due to increased trading activity of virtual currency in Japan, as well as
news that bitcoin became legal tender in the country.

Main events
of the day:

IFO business climate index in Germany – 11.00 (GMT +3)

Hearing the report on UK inflation – 12.00 (GMT +3)

New home sales in the US – 17.00 (GMT +3)

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.1118 C 1.1322

P. S. USDJPY 110.59 111.95

1.2924 C 1.3080

0.9656 C 0.9804

AUDUSD 0.7406 P.
S. 0.7522

0.6875 C 0.7057

1.3452 C 1.3564

The best conditions for the start at the STP only Forex.ee! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,


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Argo Trix

argo Trix

This indicator is the heart of “ARGO” strategy. It issues recommendations
on entry into the market, and the rate of divergence indicates the formation of short-term (hexagram)
and long-term trends (colored line). All the main signals (classical and
reverse divergence, purchase, sale, entry into the overbought-oversold zone)
accompanied by voice messages.

The indicator itself does not require settings
depending on the currency or time interval. Can be used
almost any kind of trade (Scalping, intraday, short-term,
long term). Comparative analysis with indicators such as the sensational “THV4
Trix V1.0 “and” TDI-2 ”
He showed that it is not inferior to them in
functionality (THV4 Trix V1.0) and accuracy of signals, and in some cases even exceed
them (less false and earlier 1-2 candles signals).

Work on this indicator (strategy) has at least 4
years (there is a version for MetaTrader 4) proved it
efficiency and profitability in the various markets.

To facilitate the analysis of the market situation (on the screen more
one indicator) draws the line of the intended transaction at the time the input at
has formed candle. But the voice alert will sound only if after it
Closing the market situation has not changed. This allows even before the moment
the transaction to hold additional
analysis and possibly affect the final decision. Of course, he did not
is the Holy Grail (or any other indicator) and requires additional
knowledge of stock trading, but it can be the basis of any strategy.

All settings are reduced to increase user convenience
his tactics and style of trading. The method works with the indicator and the strategy itself
it’s a different article and outside the scope of “Market”, so stop
Only on their description.

  • TempFastShift – zooms hexagram (useful when making short trades).
  • FType_ Trade_style – depending on the trading style
    (Aggressive, moderate, conservative) changes recommendations for market entry.
  • SoundON – vkyuchenie / off sound buying and selling signal.
  • AlertON – enabling / disabling alerts (for SoundON = false).
  • EmailON – enable / disable sending the message to the Email.
  • Alerts_on_OB_OS – enabling / disabling audio signal overbought-perprodanno.
  • DivergenceSoundON – enabling / disabling audio signal divergence.
  • DivergenceAlertON – enabling / disabling alerts divergence (at DivergenceSoundON = false).
  • Divergence – enables / disables all that concerns
  • drawIndicatorTrendLines – It enables / disables the drawing of lines of divergence in the indicator window.
  • drawPriceTrendLines – enables / disables the drawing of lines of divergence
    in the main window.
  • DrawLine – enables / disables the drawing extension lines
    last reverse divergence and line the last entry point into the market.
  • DelLine – activates / deactivates the removal lines
    the extension of the last reverse divergence from the screen when you change the timeframe.
  • ColorLine – the color of the last extension lines
    reverse divergence (at DelLine = false color
    individual for each timeframe).
  • Full_Line – enables / disables line drawing
    all possible entry points. For the analysis of the indicator.

Argo Trix

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