EURGBP pair is stable at 2 year low

EUR / GBP: The pair is stable at 2-year low

On Wednesday, the euro fell against the
pound, once again approaching the two-year
minimum after conditions index
the business environment in Germany declined again
this month, while the European
the central bank once again
He reaffirmed the commitment of the adaptive
monetary policy.

Couple EUR / GBP reached
minimum 0.7828 and was trading at 0.7834,
a decrease of 0.05% during the day. Couple,
It was likely to find support at 0.7809,
the low of September 19 and the weakest since
August 2012 and resistance at
around 0.7875.

Sentiment on the
single currency came under pressure after
addition, a report showed that confidence
business to the German economy weakened
in September, the fifth consecutive month.

The pound was supported,
as investors focused all
focus on monetary prospects
British policy after the Scottish
referendum on independence held
last Thursday.

Euro is stable at
against the dollar, the pair EUR / USD traded
at 1.2848, at the Monday 14-month
minimum 1.2815.

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Implemented robust channel strategy.

On the basis of a self-tuning algorithm determines the value of the adviser TakeProfit.

Best results are obtained in the side channels.

Only works on hourly data, no matter what period is selected on the graph.

parameters advisor

  • Lots – the number of lots in the order.
  • Order_period_hours – The minimum number of hours, with the opening of an extreme order to open the next.
  • Order_life_hours – Time in hours, after which orders are closed.

Select currency pairs, which quotes several months are in the channel.

To trade in Upstream / Downstream Only channels set long / short position parameters adviser respectively.

EA does not set levels StopLoss, I recommend to use the account balance as a common StopLoss on all orders.


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Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking

Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking in the calculation of GDP

Starting this Thursday,
Spain included in the calculation of GDP
and income from illegal activities – namely, prostitution and drug trafficking.

Thus, speaking
the language of the nominal GDP, prostitution
and drugs will be equal to this
sectors such as education, creative
activity, energy, or

according to
the first assessment carried out by the National
Institute of Statistics (INE), Eurostat,
European statistical agency
Union, through this experiment,
Spanish GDP could increase by 2.7%
4.5%, i.e. in the amount of from 27 to 45 milliardov

Some experts believe
that this initiative will increase the
national wealth by 3%. Education in Spain
is 3.03% of GDP, supply
electricity – 3.7%, oil industry
– 2.6%, agriculture – 2.4%, the
Portal «Bolsamania».

at startup
prostitution and drug trafficking in
economy, Spain will join the
Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Finland,
Sweden and Norway – countries that
already taxing these activities.

However, if the inclusion of the theory
official statistics so-called
‘Shadow economy’ can play
positive role for the European
countries, some analysts warn
that the initiative will not improve the overall situation.

"Is not
solution to the economic downturn in Europe.
If people are forced to work illegally, it makes no sense to talk about healthy
economic recovery"
, He warned
Athanasios Vamvakidis this summer, the main
a currency strategist at Bank of America Merrill
Lynch in Europe, CNBC reported.

Translated from Spanish: Alice_F

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    Egyptian Fighter Arman

    Egyptian Fighter Arman

    Advisor to the Egyptian Fighter Arman – is primarily a Scalping EA that connects data from multiple indicators (such as the Stochastic, MACD, RSI and MA) timeframe M1, to take trade decision when a decent trading opportunity. Sam adviser tries to minimize the risk of assets using a risk management system that is built into the code, to determine the most appropriate lot size, so you do not expose your money at risk. Moreover, after the opening of a new position, the adviser will monitor new open position, and is set opposite STOP warrant after passing STEP points to hedge against unwanted movements. Adviser will constantly monitor your open positions and will exhibit the new position, if necessary, until you reach a certain number of pips, then adviser to simultaneously close all open and pending orders.


    No input parameters: all parameters are automatically set by a special adviser to the algorithm for the best optimization results, based on the strategy used to create the advisor and risk management systems.

    • Currency: The adviser works on any currency pair, but for best results, use it on GBPUSD
    • Working timeframe: M1
    • The minimal deposit and leverage:Minimum Leverage: 1: 400, minimum deposit: 500 USD equivalent amount
    • Recommended broker and spread -spread < 8 points

    No specific brokerage, but highly recommended broker with ECN

    More information is available on request at the comments tab

    Egyptian Fighter Arman

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    Milch Cow Hedge

    Milch Cow Hedge

    Advisor MILCH COW HEDGE version 1.12 works primarily on the hedging strategy. Councilor advantage is to use every opportunity in any direction. Not only opens the transaction, but chooses the right time to close open positions in order to start trading again.

    Advisor recommended for high volatility currency pairs, such as GBPAUD, AUDCAD

    Testing advisor for the period from 01.01.2016 on 12.09.2016 has shown a doubling of bills four times

    Councilor interface allows the user to open orders and close them manually

    It is also possible to close all open positions at the touch of a mouse. To do this, stop and restart a job counselor his

    • Currencies: advisor to work on any currency pair, but for best results, use it on AUDCAD, GBPAUD
    • Working timeframe: Advisor works on any time frame for all periods
    • The minimal deposit and leverage: The minimal leverage of 1: 100, Deposit: 65000 USD – Lot 0.1, 6500 USD – Lot 0.01, 650 USD – ECN-account and Lot 10 cents or the equivalent
    • Recommended broker and spread: Spread < 4 points

    There are no specific requirements for the broker, but it is strongly recommended to work on the account ECN-broker.

    More information can be obtained on request from the “Discussion” section.


    • Lots – fixed lot size
    • StepPoint – pitch between the hedging orders in points;
    • ChangeStepAfter – increasing the distance between the hedging orders after a certain number of orders. 20 means the addition of one pip every twenty orders 100 means a fixed distance between the orders;
    • Win_Currency – take profit on the currency, while achieving close all open positions in that currency;
    • Win_ All_Currencies – take profit for all orders, while achieving all open positions will be closed;
    • SaveAcount – Minimum balance of trade;
    • Start_Hour – the start time of trade;
    • End_Hour – during the Trade Deadline;
    • Autochoselot – enable / disable the automatic calculation of the size of the lot;
    • Autoclosedaily – enable / disable automatic daily closing orders;
    • Pushing s or S – immediately opens an order to sell, closed manually
    • Pressing b or B – immediately opened a buy order, closing manually
    • Trade ON button – enable / disable the advisor;
    • Sell ​​Only button – allow only sell orders;
    • Buy Only Button – only allow orders to buy;
    • Close All Sell button – to close all sell orders;
    • Close All Buy button – to close all orders to buy;
    • Button Close All Trade – close all orders;

    Milch Cow Hedge

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    Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

    Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

    Dashboard Super Three MA Demo – This demo version of the product Dashboard Super Three MA, link, has full functionality of the paid version except for the following:

    • Fixed timeframe moving averages M5
    • Not available single filter

    The system generates trade signals based on the analysis of the price action and three adjustable moving average. Due to the timeframe, the period and the price calculation are set moving, this panel you can create a trading system using virtually any moving average on 28 currency pairs.

    In comments to the product I added more information about trading on the moving average.

    Dashboard Super Three MA – It is intuitive and easy to use graphical tool that allows you to:

    • Monitor 28 pairs with one panel.
    • Track pair 28 and enter into commercial transactions on the signals on the basis of moving averages (see. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
    • Automatically accompanied by a warrant.
    • Track positions for all trading pairs.

    entry rules

    A description of the numbers and symbols

    • Number:
      • 0: the current price
      • 1: Moving Average 1
      • 2: Moving Average 2
      • 3: Moving Average 3
    • Trigger: signal by an intersection
    • Trigger01: the intersection of price and Moving Average 1. The intersection of up->green panel; down->red
    • Trigger12: intersection MA1 and Moving Average 2. Intersection up->green panel; down->red
    • Filter_S: one-component filter signal trending
      • Filter_S1: trend for the Moving Average 1
        • MA1trend up (current MA1>= Previous MA1) -> green panel
        • MA1 trend downward (current MA1<previous MA1) -> red bar
    • Filter_D: two-filter signal trending
      • Filter_D01: the trend for the price-MA1
        • The growing trend of price-MA1 (current price>= Previous MA1) -> green panel
        • falling trend for the price-MA1 (current price<previous MA1) -> red bar

    Details of the screenshots 2, 3, 4 and 5

    In order to cover the work, you must do the following.

    Important steps before using the Dashboard

    1. Download history of all 28 pairs. For easy loading history with one drag and drop using the free product here.
    2. All 28 characters must be available in the symbol box.
    3. The panel looked clear and accurate, it is recommended to use a black pattern. See. Screenshot 6.

    Input parameters

    • Use AutoTrade – use automated trading
    • Send Alert upon Signal – an alert when a signal
    • Send Notification upon Signal – to send notification when the signal
    • Single pair Take-profit in pips – takeprofit one pair in pips
    • Single pair Stop-loss in pips – stop-loss for one pair in pips
    • Use trigger Price cross MA1 / Price cross MA2 / Price cross MA3 / MA1 cross MA2 / MA1 cross MA3 / M2 cross MA3 – signals from the intersection
    • Use Price / Moving Average1 / 2/3 as Single Trend Filter – simple trend filter
    • Use Price-MA1 / Price-MA2 / Price-MA3 / MA1-MA2 / MA1-MA3 / MA2-MA3 as Double Trend Filter – double trend filter
    • MA Time-frame of MA1 / MA2 / MA3 – timeframe moving averages
    • MA Period of MA1 / 2/3 – period moving average
    • MA Method of MA1 / 2/3 – method of calculation of moving averages
    • MA Applied Price of MA1 / 2/3 – price calculation of moving averages
    • Magic Number – magic number
    • Lot Size – Lot Size
    • Basket Take-profit in $ – total take profit of $
    • Basket Stop-loss in $ – the overall stop loss of $
    • Max Spread – the maximum spread
    • Trading Session – trading session, the session is the order will not be sent
      • Close all trades after session (s) – zakrytvat all transactions after the closing session
    • Note: Use the local time of your computer, rather than the server time.
    • Session Input – session, see the descriptions of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength).
    • Time-frame of new chart – new chart timeframe
    • Suffix – character suffix
    • prefix – the prefix characters
    • X_axis – the location of the X-axis
    • Y_axis – location on axis Y

    Objects panel

    See. Screenshots from 7 to 11.

    1. Select Button currency
      • armature->disabled
      • Zheltaya->is included
    2. currency pair button
      • Click on the button to open a new window with the graph of the corresponding pair
    3. Spread Column: the current spread of each pair
    4. signal / status filter panel
      • Use: panel yellow
      • Do not use: black
    5. status signals
      • Intersection up -> green panel
      • Intersection down -> red bar
      • No crossing -> white panel
    6. Status Filter_S filter
      • The trend is up ->green panel
      • Down trend ->red bar
    7. Status Filter_D filter
      • The trend is up ->green panel
      • Down trend ->red bar
    8. For a description of the remaining elements cm. Description of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength)

    If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.
    Dashboard Super Three MA Demo

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    Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

    Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

    The indicator uses ten indicators classical indicators for calculating the rising or falling trend of the current currency pair on the majority principle for all timeframes.

    Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

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