Trendexx EA – fully automatic advisor hour of trading on the forex market. This is a typical “representative type” trend of robots who profit from large movements, with small losses or small get out on zero. Its distinguishing feature is the determination of the trend indicator by the built-volatility. Closing orders can be exposed on the stop-loss and take-profit, or can be used trailing orders or market closing on using its own algorithm. Advisor seeks input on the direction of the trend to “hunt” for large movements.

Expert is designed for long-term performance in different market conditions, but may take some time to return to the profit. As with any system, it is recommended to optimize the parameters every 2-3 months for best results. Optimization should be performed for each tool used separately.


  • Easy to use – minimum settings
  • Advisor does not use such systems as the Martingale, averaging, hedging and arbitrage
  • Always use Stoploss and Takeprofit
  • minimum deposit $ 50
  • Automatic selection of the size of the lot
  • Conservative money management
  • Works around the clock
  • It does not require off on weekends and holidays
  • No need to disable the robot during the news
  • Fully automated trading
  • It works on any pairs
  • Account type – any


  • TakeProfit – fixed take-profit points, 0-off.
  • StopLoss – a fixed stop-loss points, 0-off.
  • TrailingStop – distance trailing, 0-off.
  • CloseOrderMarket – closing of positions on the market.
  • Auto_MM – automatic calculation of the lot (0.01 for every $ 100 deposit). Default – enabled.
  • FixLot – fixed lot. It works only when switched off Auto_MM.
  • Risk – the maximum risk per trade for the calculation of the value of the dynamic of the lot. Suitable values ​​from 0 to 100, default – 1.
  • Digits_5 – It must be enabled, if you have the 5-digit account (enabled – default).
  • Magic – ID for collaboration with other experts.


  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • The recommended type of account: any
  • Recommended couples: majors
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: M30, H1
  • Working hours: around the clock


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Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

EUR / USD. 30.03. The pair may rebound to 1.0795.

The pair continued a downward trend, developed since the beginning of this week. The last trading day ended for the euro decline. Yesterday was officially launched the process of entering the UK from the EU. The euro fell after a cross, which has suffered because of statements by the Minister of Finance of Britain. In his speech, Philip Hammond expressed confidence that Brexit will not develop on the hard scenario. Currently the pair is trading below the level of 1.0758. Candles are disposed between MA with periods of 20, 50 and 100, 200. MACD tends to the negative region. RSI is near oversold zone. Forecast for today offers the pair to 1.0795. However, perhaps the development of alternative scenario – if the pair drops below level 1.0740, it will continue to fall to the level of 1.0628.

Analyst from company ForexMart

USD / JPY. 30.03. The pair is testing 111.00.

Currency pair USD / JPY has formed a “doji” directly at the level of 111.00. During yesterday’s trading the bulls were unable to strengthen the offensive, they need to rise above 111.50 to reverse the trend, but the forces have not yet enough. There is a good chance that the data on US GDP in the fourth quarter against the background of the right to the end of the month will help to strengthen the US currency. Now we see the uncertainty in the market and re-test the resistance level of 111.00 in the case of negative data waiting reduce to 110.00.

Analyst from company ForexMart

USD / RUB. 30.03. Ruble updated highs around 56.

Ruble continues to strengthen as a result of expensive oil. News about reduction of oil production in Libya, 20% gave Brent quotations confident “bull” pulse. Moreover, the weekly report from the US Department of Energy showed a lower than expected increase in the hydrocarbon reserves in the United States. These factors sent the price of oil at around $ 52.30 per barrel. Additional support for the Russian currency have asked the Ministry of Finance, which was taken OFZ at 45 billion rubles. In this regard, the dollar was able to update all the lows and fell to the level of 56.10 rubles.

Stochastic approaching oversold (23,90%), MACD indicator appreciated below zero when growing down bars. Bollinger bands exhibit negligible volatility expansion channel. We expect today the dollar falling even lower, to 55.80 rubles.

Analyst from company ForexMart

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adviser FiboPlusSignal.

Automatic and manual trading on any instrument (symbol) and in any period of the schedule. the algorithm is based on:

  • Fibonacci levels (five different methods);
  • calculating trend direction indicators 14;
  • support and resistance lines;
  • horizontal support / resistance levels.

Additional features:

  • Blocking orders (instead of setting the stop loss);
  • treylig stop on Fibonacci levels;
  • Alert system;
  • visual panel for opening orders in manual trading -11 options.


  • logo FiboPlusSignal – button on / off mode of automated trading. (Button “autotrading allowed“In MetaTrader must be enabled).
  • color circle button style change, other colors can be set via the configuration advisor.
  • “Arrow” button. Transfer menu in an arbitrary place on the chart.
  • button “X“. Deletion of the expert from the current schedule.
  • button “Trend direction.. “The trend calculation used for each timeframe indicators (RSI, Stochastic, MACD, ADX, BearsPower, BullsPower, AO, WPR, MA – 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200).
  • button “Support & Resistance“.
    • construction of horizontal levels (fractals and RSI).
    • construction of trend lines of support and resistance (RSI).
    • construction of canals.
  • button “Fibonacci levels“. Showing all the Fibonacci levels on the sale and purchase for any period schedule 5 different calculations (Best, Standard, RSI, Impulse, Zig_Zag).
  • button “Alert signal & Trading“. Built-in Alert. (On screen, E-Mail, Push notifications). Settings allow you to set the number of repetitions and frequency, as well as to ask the Fibonacci level for the notification.
    • button “Bell. “- the arrival of the new Alert When the time changes on the order icon” Buy “or” a Sell “.
    • buttons “Buy“,”Sell. “The visual helper for manual trading 11 options:
      • setting the size of the lot;
      • take into account whether or not the value of the spread during the installation of orders;
      • Blocking orders (instead of setting the stop loss);
      • selection stop loss of 4 embodiments (without stop loss at Fibo, the horizontal level of S / R line);
      • show the current Fibonacci levels;
      • Installation from 1 to 4 orders with different take profit;
      • visualization parameters selected to open orders;
      • triggered alerts for a given order;
      • orders opening button;
      • Information on open orders (ticket number).
    • Button – the alert timeframe.
    • Button – signal margin. (1: N.NN). The ratio of one part to the loss N.NN parts possible profit.
    • Button – signals on indicators settlement type Fibonacci. (Show / hide levels).


  • Language (Russian, English, Deutsch, Espanol, Portugues)
  • Color scheme – color scheme (the predefined colors):
    • White background – for white background;
    • Black background – for a black background;
    • Custom background – Custom setting of all colors.
  • Lot size – lot size;
  • Lot change +, – a step change in the size of the lot;
  • Lock Order on / off – Blocking orders;
  • FIBO Custom – value through levels “,”;
  • User Fibo level Alert – Custom Fib level for alerts;
  • Alert on / off – alerts (on / off);
  • Alert from Time Frame, Alert to Time Frame – timeframes for alerts;
  • Minute repeat of Alerts – alerts repeated after some number of minutes;
  • Number repeat of Alerts – the number of repetitions of alerts;
  • Alert Fibo only – alerts only Fibonacci levels;
  • E-Mail on / off – send alerts to E-Mail;
  • Push on / off – send alerts via Push notifications.



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Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum indicator is designed to analyze the market in the long term. You can make transactions for the purchase and sale of the purchase and sale market lines, and use the middle line lzk buying or selling, and holding position. We used the original stochastic calculations, as well as customized calculations for one of the lines called Bressert Blue Line (blue line Bressert).

Input parameters

  • DSTLen = 20
  • BuyLine = 20
  • SellLine = 80

DSTlen – the number of bars used to calculate values. The higher the value, the smoother the line is.

BuyLine and SellLine – line shown in the chart to track the lines touch display.

Present in all the indicators Bressert. We recommend to download free demo version and a convenience store.

Bressert BlueLine20 Momentum Line

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PipFinite Exit Scope MT5

PipFinite Exit Scope MT5

Pipfinite offers unique, high-quality and accessible tools of the trade.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


Exit indicator signals are not intended to enter the market.

The purpose of the indicator Exit – closing transactions to avoid correction / reversal, which are capable of destroying an existing profit or to achieve orders in bezubytka.

This tool help to increase profits and does not come out profitable trades at a loss.

  • Video presentation (Link)


Generates signals to the output, based on the analysis of price action, the volatility and volume.

It serves as an alternative outlet for used trading strategies. It works on any time frame and pairs.

  • It uses a prediction algorithm that minimizes latency, but maintains an acceptable accuracy
  • Types of output signals
    • The first type (Cross Symbol) – The average signal output. It is possible to partially or completely close the deal
    • The second type (Sniper Symbol) – Strong signal output. It is possible to completely cover the transaction, since there is a high probability reversal.
  • Flexible tool can be used in many ways to improve the trading system
  • Exit Application
    • Exit Scope can be used as an alternative exit strategy in your strategy
    • The main exit strategy still depends on the trader’s discretion according to his / her strategy
      • support / resistance zone
      • Reversal signals on price action patterns
    • market conditions
      • In a trending market (Trending markets) – Out of transactions to avoid possible correction
      • When the flat (Ranging markets) – Exit the transaction to avoid a possible reversal
  • settings
    • trend strategy
      • Increase Volume Factor of 1.40 to 2.00. Thus fewer signals will be fed to the output
    • Skalpingovye strategy
      • decrease Volume Factor of 0.50 to 1.30. This will more signals supplied to the output
  • auxiliary tool
    • Confirmation to trade price action
    • An alternative remedy for Breakout Analyzer
    • An alternative remedy for Razor Scalper
    • An alternative remedy for Trend Laser
    • An alternative remedy for Swing Control
    • An alternative remedy for Channel Flow
  • Never redrawn
  • Not late with rendering
  • Never converted
  • Sending a signal is strictly for “open bar”
  • It can be used to develop expert

Links to video

Watch in High Definition format for review

  • output types (Link)
  • application (Link)
  • settings (Link)

Improve their trade

You can find other tools to help you in your trading by link

PipFinite Exit Scope MT5


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Forecast for coming week Summing up views of

The forecast for the coming week: Summing up the views of a number of analysts from leading banks and brokerage firms, as well as forecasts

EUR / USD. Calendar upcoming week any special economic and political events is not checked, and possibly more than 50% so analysts supported almost half oscillators D1, inclined to the lateral movement of the pair. The second large enough group of experts (40%) believes that the couple should a second test the height of 1.1000. And only 10% of the experts believe that the pair will go immediately to the south. However, their view is supported by graphical analysis and almost half of the oscillator on the H4, indicating an overbought the pair. Moreover, in the medium term it expects fall for 65% analysts. Near term support is 1.0850, medium-term goal – to return to the zone 1.0500-1.0680;

– With regard to the future of GBP / USD, there trend indicators on the D1 insist on continuing sluggish, upward trend, which began in the last decade of April. With this view agree 30% of the experts believe that the pair have to break through the 1.3000 bar. An alternative view is represented by 70% analysts trend indicators 60% and 90% oscillators H4. They all insist on selling this pair, the nearest support is 1.2755. If we move to the medium-term forecast, the number of bears supporters among analysts already exceeds 80%, and as a main objective stated level of 1.2100.

– USD / JPY. After an impressive leap up the couple in the first half of last week and rather strong pullback in the second, the indicators were diametrically opposed – on the D1 they actively vote for the purchase of a pair, and H4 – for its sale. Analysts also are unable to reach any consensus: a third of them for the pair falling, one-third – of its growth, and the remaining third – for a sideways trend. At the same time, about 60% of the experts believe that, with the support in the 111.60-111.79 area in the next few weeks, the pair still has to try to conquer the height of 115.50;

– and the last couple of our review – USD / CHF. As her schedule last week was similar to the chart USD / JPY, so similar and indicators predictions about its future: on the D1 – purchase, at H4 – sale. But as experts and graphical analysis, then, in their view, the pair must first will fall to 0.9940-0.9960 area, then fight back to the level of 0.9990, and then go back into the zone 1.0050-1.0100.

Roman Butko, NordFX

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Acc FastPoint

acc FastPoint

Hey, I give you a good indication. The indicator is very simple to set up for any pair and timeframe thanks to quick-change panel settings, showing good results.

acc FastPoint can be used as a stand-alone indicator or in conjunction with other indicators, I recommend for this Acc PriceBalance.


  • Pounces on a graph indicator
  • Choosing the best options for you Period and Threshold panel quick change parameters
  • A buy signal occurs when there is an arrow below the candle, sell signal when there is an arrow above the candle.
  • Stop loss We put on a few points of extremum, Take Profit at your discretion
  • Attention! Open only when the intended position Take profit at least four times greater than the Stop Loss

As you can see the indicator is very simple to use, but effective.

Main advantages of the indicator Acc FastPoint

  • Never redrawn after the close of the candle
  • Very easy to customize any pair and timeframe thanks to quick-change panel settings
  • Small Stop Loss
  • The ability to use light for writing experts (if you want to email me)
  • The possibility of modifying the indicator for you to write to me this or discussion

Configuring notifications

  • If the Use Alert? set true if used Alert.
  • If the On bar close? set true if the alert is after closing the bar, where there is a signal.
  • If the On bar close? is set to be false then an alert at the first appearance of the signal on the current bar.

Thank you

I will be glad for any feedback and comments on the indicator, write what you need and I’ll do it.

See also my other products, maybe there is something that you enjoy.

Acc FastPoint

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