FxGlow Phase Index

FxGlow Phase Index

This unique indicator calculates the level of the market and displays it as a histogram.

The algorithm uses the integrated pulse filters, power and rate.

Expected results

To achieve more accurate results, use this tool to supplement your trading system. It works best in combination with the right strategy.


To confirm the rollback of signals may be used together with the indicator FxGlow Retrace Pulse

You can see the strategy in this video: https://youtu.be/cRyBGMV_Ugg

Increase the possibility of the opposite signal, using this indicator with FxGlow Climax Counter

Check out the strategy by clicking on the video link: https://youtu.be/LuP42obr-HI

Key Features

  • Defines market levels
  • Determines the strength of the trend
  • The algorithm adapts to changes in price action
  • It is not redrawn after the close of the current bar
  • NOT recalculated
  • The signals at the close of the bar
  • It works on all cylinders
  • It works on all timeframes
  • It can be used with expert advisors
  • It has the functions of a pop-up notification, the notification e-mail, push-notification and sound alerts


  • Period – the number of bars used for calculation of the indicator
  • Maximum History Bars – the maximum number of bars used historic
  • Display Histogram Legend – show the signature of the symbols
  • Activate Alert Box – use the pop-up notification
  • Activate Email Alert – sending notifications via email
  • Activate Push Notification – send push-notifications
  • Activate Sound Alerts – sound notification
  • Sound Alert File Name – the name of the sound file

Instructions for use

  • uptrend
    • Flat Uptrend = Trend absent. The price action is not clear
    • Steady Uptrend = You can buy. The price action confirms the uptrend
    • Impulsive Uptrend = serious signs of the need to make a purchase. Reinforced bullish
  • downtrend
    • Flat Downtrend = Trend absent. direction changeable
    • Steady Downtrend = You can sell.
    • Impulsive Downtrend = serious signs of the need to make a sale. Reinforced bearish


The indicator is designed for a variety of manual trading methods.

First try the free demo version to test its effectiveness in combination with your trading systems.

FxGlow Phase Index


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Trade Helper for FX

Trade Helper for FX

Indicator Trade Helper for FX – an information display, which will help you determine what amount is best to open a position on this instrument.

After all, it will show you the main features of your account, and you have selected the tool:

  • shoulder and spread;
  • level drawdown on the account as a percentage; if the level of drawdown will >= 50%, the color changes to red lettering. It is very convenient.
  • the minimum and maximum amount of the transaction for the instrument;
  • margin for 1 lot;
  • the volume of transactions equal to the specified level of risk you are as a percentage.

I hope that this indicator will be useful to you.

Trade Helper for FX

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Precision Support Resistance MT4

Precision Support Resistance MT4

Support and resistance – important price levels on the intraday market. These levels are usually tested price, after which it continues to move, or lead to a reversal of the trend. For experienced traders the exact definition of support / resistance levels is difficult to overestimate. many popular trading strategies are built on their basis (for example, trade on the breakout / bounce). Precision Support and Resistance for professional traders. In addition to accurately determine the levels of S / R, the indicator has a number of additional features: spark detection for decision making, internal plugs for calculating probability analysis reversals (Pivot) and staircase strategy (Ladder). Each of these tools can be turned on / off.

1. Support and Resistance

To calculate the support / resistance levels used density and geometry. The accuracy of the determination of levels depends on the breakout force or rebound.

2. Recognition of candles to make decisions

candles recognition module informs the trader about a possible strong movement. Key candle is usually appears in front of a strong reversal or a continuation of the strong current trend. You need to be especially careful if the price is at an important level of support / resistance.

3. Calculation of the internal candles (Intra)

Candles Intra – statistical prediction of the future closing price ranges within the predictable future. Displaying levels of 1%, 5%, 10%, 32%, 50%, 80%. The indicator plots a couple of lines above and below the opening price of the current candle. The probability of 50% means that the chance of the closing price of the bar is – 50% of the opening price of the candle. You can accurately estimate when the price touches the support / resistance level, moving average, Bollinger bands, etc.

4. Analysis of reversals (Pivot)

In the indicator turns using standard analytical methods. Analysis of turns used for two purposes. First, the levels can be used to turn a double confirmation of support and resistance levels. Secondly, they can be used to confirm the approximate trend. For example, the price closed yesterday between the S1 and the S2, then it is possible to judge the falling trend. Built-in analysis reveals only turns fluorescent U-turns, to display, you can choose the number of days required.

5. Strategy ladder (Ladder)

ladder strategy answers the question, what is the probability that the price will be closed for a certain level. For example, you believe that the level of 1.2400 is important, and you want to find out what are the chances that the price closes above this important level. Use a ladder strategy to calculate the probability.


The default settings are suitable for most characters and timeframes. It recommended that you use them. The process of changing parameters is simple and self-explanatory.


You can use the Precision Support Resistance as a self-contained instrument for trading on the break or bounce. The indicator can be used on any timeframe with different levels of performance. You can also use the products listed below, but only after the development of Precision Support Resistance.

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Precision Support Resistance MT4


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Egyptian Fighter Arman

Egyptian Fighter Arman

Advisor to the Egyptian Fighter Arman – is primarily a Scalping EA that connects data from multiple indicators (such as the Stochastic, MACD, RSI and MA) timeframe M1, to take trade decision when a decent trading opportunity. Sam adviser tries to minimize the risk of assets using a risk management system that is built into the code, to determine the most appropriate lot size, so you do not expose your money at risk. Moreover, after the opening of a new position, the adviser will monitor new open position, and is set opposite STOP warrant after passing STEP points to hedge against unwanted movements. Adviser will constantly monitor your open positions and will exhibit the new position, if necessary, until you reach a certain number of pips, then adviser to simultaneously close all open and pending orders.


No input parameters: all parameters are automatically set by a special adviser to the algorithm for the best optimization results, based on the strategy used to create the advisor and risk management systems.

  • Currency: The adviser works on any currency pair, but for best results, use it on GBPUSD
  • Working timeframe: M1
  • The minimal deposit and leverage:Minimum Leverage: 1: 400, minimum deposit: 500 USD equivalent amount
  • Recommended broker and spread -spread < 8 points

No specific brokerage, but highly recommended broker with ECN

More information is available on request at the comments tab

Egyptian Fighter Arman

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Draws range indicator channel (High-Low) 5 intermediate levels based on the Fibonacci (38.2, 23.6, 50, 61.8).

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • periods: the number of bars for the calculation channel.
  • showupper: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the highest peak, “False” to hide).
  • showlower: True / False ( “True” to display the price of the lowest minimum, “False” to hide).
  • showfirst: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of Level 1, “False” to hide).
  • showsecond: True / False ( “True” to display the prices Level 2, “False” to hide).
  • showthird: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the third level, “False” to hide).
  • showfourth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the 4th level, “False” to hide).
  • showfifth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of level 5, “False” to hide).
  • ColorUpper: Color display price the highest high.
  • pricewidthUpper: The display size of the price of the highest peak.
  • ColorLower: Color display price of the lowest minimum.
  • pricewidthLower: The display size of the price of the lowest minimum.
  • ColorSecond: Color display price level 2.
  • pricewidthSecond: The display size of the price level 2.
  • ColorThird: Color display prices third level.
  • pricewidthThird: The display size of the price of the 3rd level.
  • ColorFourth: Color display prices level 4.
  • pricewidthFourth: The display size of the price of the 4th level.
  • ColorFifth: Color display price level 5.
  • pricewidthFifth: The display size of the price level 5.
  • ma: method of calculation of moving averages (simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted).
  • calculation: calculation mode.
    • Range: The channel is calculated using the highest highs and the lowest lows.
    • StDev: Channel calculated using the standard deviation.

You can adjust the line (color, style, width).

0 Red 1. 0
1. Red 1. 0
2 PaleTurquoise 1. 0
3 DarkGray 1. 0
4 DarkOrchid 1. 0
5 Chocolate 1. 0
6 Turquoise 1. 0
7 Blue 1. 0

In the above table shows the default settings that you can configure.


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Expert Daily HighLow ITrend LaGuerre Juice

Expert Daily HighLow ITrend LaGuerre Juice

The expert uses a scalper trading sictemu “Daily
high / low “.

First level exhibited max and min previous shopping
day. Once the max the previous trading day breaks in between
plus or minus one or two points, it opens a position to buy. If it breaks
min of the previous trading day in a range of plus or minus one or two points,
open position for sale.

strategy signals can filter indicator PSAR, I_Trend, La Guerre and Juice:

  • Indicator I_trend. When the red line goes up when
    it crosses the green line, you should open a short position. If
    green line goes down, crossing the red, it is a signal for long
  • Indicator La Guerre. When the indicator line located
    below 0.75, sale, open, and if the line is above 0.15,
    open purchase.
  • Indicator Juice. It shows the volatility of the market. If
    its red line, opening a new transaction should be avoided.
  • Indicator PSAR. Determines the direction of the trend.

Expert input parameters

  • delta – a range of max and min of the previous trading day,
    which opened position.
  • TimeFrame – the timeframe over which the signals are formed
  • TimeFrameFilterPSAR – timeframe, which identifies
    the trend via PSAR indicator.
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss orders.
  • Profit – Take
    Profit orders.
  • EnableITrend – inclusion I_trend indicator signals.
  • EnableLaGuerre – inclusion of La Guerre indicator signals.
  • EnableJuice – inclusion Juice indicator signals.
  • EnablePSAR – inclusion PSAR indicator signals.
  • Trailing – if true, turns on
    trading on a trailing stop. Step trailing stop is adjusted TrailingStop parameter.
  • TrailingStop – move the trailing stop.

The default settings are exposed to trade the pair EURUSD.

Expert Daily HighLow ITrend LaGuerre Juice

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Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

The indicator uses ten indicators classical indicators for calculating the rising or falling trend of the current currency pair on the majority principle for all timeframes.

Majoritarian MT4 Indicator

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