China has allowed banks to set exchange rates

China has allowed banks to set the exchange rates

China’s central bank allowed local banks to set their own rate of RMB against the US dollar for retail transactions. This innovation is already regarded as one more step towards the release rate from the state control.

Previously, banks were required to ensure that the difference in exchange rates did not exceed 3% of the average exchange rate of the Central Bank of China in a given day. Now, according to analysts’ estimates, the yuan reached its equilibrium, and this has allowed gradual release of the exchange rate and do not worry about the excessive volatility.

The new rules do not
apply to surgery courses
currency in the interbank market, which
It is under state control.

Under the new policy,
Now banks can change the price of OTC
exchange rates in line with market
supply and demand, without any
restrictions. This authorization is
a prerequisite for liberalization
and exemption from the need to have
dollar reserves in the country.

China, having a second
largest economy in the world after
US seeks to increase the use of
the yuan in global trade and investment,
to reduce China’s dependence on

China has long been trying
to introduce its own currency in the international
treatment. So, for more than 10 years Russia
and China conduct settlements in national
currencies, while the share of the Chinese yuan
gradually increases. December
2010 Chinese yuan came on stock
Russian market and then became the first Russian
foreign country where realized
Sales of Chinese national currency.
Russian demand for Chinese investors
the yuan is increasing more than
3 years in a row.

China is also actively
developing mutual settlements in national
currencies with Central Asia
– Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

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Forecasters mess Industrial production in Britain

Forecasters mess: Industrial production in Britain fell

Forwards World analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, mistaken in their calculations: May industrial production in the UK, contrary to their predictions, decreased by 0.7%, rather than increased by 0.3% compared to the April figures. The rise compared to May 2013 also proved to be slower than was predicted: only 2.3%, not 3.2%.

If you look
by industry, by comparison with April
decreased food production,
beverages and tobacco products
electrical equipment, decreased growth
Production in the manufacturing

But not everywhere all
so bad: the production has grown in May
power compared to April
(But decreased by almost 6% compared to
May last year), increased production
oil and gas, production of other useful
resources. The British began to sew longer
clothing (its production jumped

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Extended Fractals MT5

Extended Fractals MT5

Indicator enhances standard fractals, allows to locate, display and use them, counting for any odd length, i.e. 3, 5, 7, 9, and so on bars.

To set the number of used bars in settings specified variable Left fractal bars count (default value of 2), the number which specifies the number of bars on one side, excluding the central, i.e. is 2 for standard fractal size of 5 bars (2 bar * 2 side + 1 = central 5 bars for searching and determining fractal).


  • Period price MA – period moving average to calculate fractals price (value 1 – corresponds to the usual calculation of fractals without averaging)
  • Method price MA – moving average method for the calculation of fractals prices
  • Price High – to search for price highs
  • Price Low – to search for the minimum price
  • Left fractal bars count – the number of bars in a fractal on one side, excluding the top, i.e. for standard fractal 5 bars is equal to 2
  • Arrow shift from extremum – indented points from extrema values ​​for selected vertex fractal
  • Using high / low bars values ​​to draw arrows – says is true, that when displayed is necessary to consider the high / low candles
  • Up arrow code – a symbol designation fractal up
  • Down arrow code – a symbol designation fractal down
  • UpFractalAlert – enable / disable alerts during the formation of a new fractal up
  • DnFractalAlert – enable / disable alerts during the formation of a new fractal down
  • Enable Alert message on new Fractal – enable / disable text message
  • Enable Notification on new Fractal – enable / disable sending notifications
  • Enable Sound on new Fractal – enable / disable the sound alert
  • SoundFileName – file name for Chime

Extended Fractals MT5

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Scalping irresistibly leads to bankruptcy

Scalping irresistibly leads to bankruptcy!

Contrary to popular belief that scalping is good for beginners, this short-term trading has little good. This article discusses:

1) What is the scalping forex and how it differs from other methods of trade?

2) Why is it so popular scalping?

3) Why scalping – a path to bankruptcy?

Scalping (pipsing)

– it is beyond
short-term trading, in which the goal (profit) of a few
points, and the transaction is held a short time (from several
seconds to a few minutes, sometimes a little longer).

Long-term traders trade, as a rule, on the daily (or even
weekly or monthly) time frames. Transactions can be retained by
a few weeks to several years. I’m not kidding.

For example, one of the richest people in the world – W. Buffett reported that holds the transaction, an average of 5 years …

Medium-term traders hold a transaction from one day to a week.

Intraday traders (intradeyschiki) hold the deal, the maximum until the end of the trading day.

Scalping involves scoring in FX huge number
transactions, each of which brings a small profit. overall
the number of transactions may be varied from a few tens to
several hundred for 1 trading day.

For example, take a look at scalping strategy based on breaking through the support and resistance levels:

Scalping irresistibly leads to bankruptcy

attention to the acceleration of price movement at the time of the breakdown level. Such
situation – a great opportunity to take a quick profit!

Selected Indicators for Forex scalping is not needed. By and large Scalping – it is not the style of trading, this retention time of transactions.

It is possible to use any indicators: Moving Averages,
The CCI, Stochastic, support and resistance levels, candlesticks and

Why scalping is so popular?

Scalping irresistibly leads to bankruptcy

There are several reasons:

1) new traders, more often, trying to use as a scalping
the shortest way to riches. The more transactions – the better they think. AND
very wrong.

2) Sellers trading robot (forex advisors) often try
“Provisional Government” gullible newcomers is scalpers. Sometimes even distribute them
is free.

3) Forex Brokers spend a lot of competitions aimed at a quick
result. Such a result can only be obtained by using short-term
trade. It turns brokers themselves cultivate “scalpers.”

Let’s understand why sometimes unscrupulous sellers go around scalpers?

It uses the following mechanism:

1) Novice say – here’s a cool Advisor FOREX that
It does + 100% deposit for a month (or week). What would it
get the need to open a real account on the ref-link agent.

2) Opening an account on the ref-link agent, it means that the newcomer came to the broker, on the recommendation of the agent itself.

3) For each completed transaction broker receives a commission in the form of
spread. A part of the spread of this gives the agent. The more transactions – the
greater will be the profit of the agent.

Gain agent depends on the size and number of transactions. From point of view
Profit agents – scalper adviser – an ideal option. he does
a lot of deals – gives a lot of agency fees!

Here’s a real state of affairs:

1 intraday trader opens a transaction, and earn 100 points. Broker takes Statement 2 as a spread. Total posted a net profit of 98 points.

Scalper opens 10 trades with a profit of 10 points each. Broker zaberat Statement 20 as a spread (2 * 10 = 20 transactions). Net income will be 80 points.

It turns out that a scalper is less profit than the intraday trader due to the fact that the Commission pays more.

Why scalping leads to bankruptcy?

Scalping irresistibly leads to bankruptcy

Because of the three prerequisites:

1) The high cost of trading

2) High psychological stress (in manual trade)

3) The low predictability of time frames on small price movements

The last point requires special attention.

Imagine a sports contest by “A” involved 3 people, and in competition for
Sport “B” 300. The question, – in which the competition is easier to predict
the winner? It is obvious that – fewer people – the more accurate the forecast.

Over long time intervals are trading are serious people and hedge funds. Their actions are amenable to at least some logic and forecast.

On small time frames greater number of participants, therefore, predictability decreases.

On minute charts (where scalpers trying to sell) – the
a large number of people, plus a huge number of forex advisors.
Trying to predict the behavior of this raznosherstoy crowd – very

Thus, scalping Forex strategy is not victory, but defeat strategy!

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Night Raven Martin

Night Raven Martin


Adviser to the use requirements: For operation of the adviser needs low spread (recommended spread – 1) and minimal slippage!

This EA represents scalper which operates on signals that are generated by such indicators: Bollinger Bands, Stochastic and Moving Average.

Works Adviser on terminal time 00:05 08:00, the default time is set to close all orders 9:00 (can be changed).

Optimal settings:

  • Slow MA period for the buy – 288.
  • fast MA period for the buy – 280.
  • Slow MA period for CELL – 192.
  • fast MA period for CELL – 180.

Settings Night Raven Martin

Dynamic settings lot (lot which increases in accordance with increasing deposit)

  • Dynamic lot: use dynamic lot – true; do not use a dynamic lot – false.
  • lots: a given lot.
  • Use MaxLot: use dynamic restriction growth Lot (user).

The rest of the user settings are intuitive and do not require description.

If you need more information, you can contact with me at any time.

I give two screenshots:

  1. NightRaven turned off dynamic lot.
  2. NightRaven enabled dynamic lot.

Besides all of the above is possible in its sole discretion to enable or disable the function of Martingale.

Night Raven Martin


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Friday US stock futures are falling European

Friday: US stock futures are falling, European indexes have grown, and Asian behaved differently

On Friday, June 27, US stock futures
show a slight decrease during
opening, as is expected to publish
data on consumer sentiment
in the country. Before the opening of the futures trading
The Dow 30 suggests reducing the
0.10%, futures on S P 500
“Sags” in the 0.14% and futures
Nasdaq 100 signals
0.10% drop.

share market is expected to increase
activity securities Dupont Fabros
Technology (after the announcement of Pioneer
that the decrease in the level of sales
seeds modified maize will
a reduction in operating profit
the second quarter). Also projected
that “stir up” the stock Manitowoc
(On the background information about the
that the shares of Relational Investors LLC,
premarket added
directly 12.22%). After the resounding debut
market on Thursday premarket
notes the rise of stock GoPro
(3.13%). Concerning
income, rose by 2.91% shares of Nike
(In the message of light
huge sales of clothing and footwear).

Europe’s day was uneventful,
against the background of short stature: DJ
Euro Stoxx 50 added 0,19%, CAC
40 grew by 0,26%, DAX
“Ate” 0.2% and FTSE
– only 0.15%.

He showed mixed
traffic: Hong Kong’s Hang
Seng added 0.1%, and Japanese
Nikkei 225 collapsed

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Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

The indicator is a complex four-way histogram. Opening position in a predetermined direction may coincide with primary colors of all pixels vertically. The color point is fixed after the close of the current bar and is not redrawn. The initial parameters are set for M15 timeframe. I recommend to use in conjunction with other indicators system “Omega”.


  • Maximum bars to calc – calculating the number of bars indicator (to save PC resources)
  • 1st ind period – period calculating a first indicator
  • 1st ind smoothing period – first indicator smoothing period
  • 1st ind smoothing method – method of smoothing the first indicator
  • 2nd ind period1 – second calculation period indicator
  • 2nd ind period2 – second calculation period indicator
  • 2nd ind price1 – Price used the second indicator
  • 2nd ind price2 – Price used the second indicator
  • 2nd ind mul – second coefficient indicator
  • 2nd ind calc mode – calculating a second mode indicator
  • 3rd ind period1 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period2 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period3 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind period4 – third calculation period indicator
  • 3rd ind price1 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price2 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price3 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind price4 – Price used the third indicator
  • 3rd ind mode – mode of calculation of the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing1 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing2 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing3 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing4 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing5 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind smoothing6 – method of smoothing the third indicator
  • 3rd ind mul1 – third coefficient indicator
  • 3rd ind mul2 – third coefficient indicator
  • 4th ind period1 – fourth calculation period indicator
  • 4th ind period2 – fourth calculation period indicator
  • 4th ind smoothing – the fourth indicator smoothing method
  • 4th ind price – used the fourth indicator price
  • Arrows up symbol code – character code histogram up
  • Arrows down symbol code – character histogram down code

Omega Scalping System Trend Histogram

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