EURGBP pair is stable at 2 year low

EUR / GBP: The pair is stable at 2-year low

On Wednesday, the euro fell against the
pound, once again approaching the two-year
minimum after conditions index
the business environment in Germany declined again
this month, while the European
the central bank once again
He reaffirmed the commitment of the adaptive
monetary policy.

Couple EUR / GBP reached
minimum 0.7828 and was trading at 0.7834,
a decrease of 0.05% during the day. Couple,
It was likely to find support at 0.7809,
the low of September 19 and the weakest since
August 2012 and resistance at
around 0.7875.

Sentiment on the
single currency came under pressure after
addition, a report showed that confidence
business to the German economy weakened
in September, the fifth consecutive month.

The pound was supported,
as investors focused all
focus on monetary prospects
British policy after the Scottish
referendum on independence held
last Thursday.

Euro is stable at
against the dollar, the pair EUR / USD traded
at 1.2848, at the Monday 14-month
minimum 1.2815.

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Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking

Spain including prostitution and drug trafficking in the calculation of GDP

Starting this Thursday,
Spain included in the calculation of GDP
and income from illegal activities – namely, prostitution and drug trafficking.

Thus, speaking
the language of the nominal GDP, prostitution
and drugs will be equal to this
sectors such as education, creative
activity, energy, or

according to
the first assessment carried out by the National
Institute of Statistics (INE), Eurostat,
European statistical agency
Union, through this experiment,
Spanish GDP could increase by 2.7%
4.5%, i.e. in the amount of from 27 to 45 milliardov

Some experts believe
that this initiative will increase the
national wealth by 3%. Education in Spain
is 3.03% of GDP, supply
electricity – 3.7%, oil industry
– 2.6%, agriculture – 2.4%, the
Portal «Bolsamania».

at startup
prostitution and drug trafficking in
economy, Spain will join the
Estonia, Austria, Slovenia, Finland,
Sweden and Norway – countries that
already taxing these activities.

However, if the inclusion of the theory
official statistics so-called
‘Shadow economy’ can play
positive role for the European
countries, some analysts warn
that the initiative will not improve the overall situation.

"Is not
solution to the economic downturn in Europe.
If people are forced to work illegally, it makes no sense to talk about healthy
economic recovery"
, He warned
Athanasios Vamvakidis this summer, the main
a currency strategist at Bank of America Merrill
Lynch in Europe, CNBC reported.

Translated from Spanish: Alice_F

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    ECB published results of stress tests

    The ECB published the results of stress tests

    The ECB published the results of stress tests
    130 of the largest banks in the euro zone. AT
    “Black list” hit 25 creditors,
    who have demonstrated a lack of
    vnutrenni financial reserves to
    in case of economic crisis. Them
    it is recommended to increase its reserves.
    However, 12 of the 25 banks that failed
    check already remedy the lack of
    (Checking lasted clearly not one day,
    so it was time for banks).

    the list of banks that have not undergone testing,
    included banks mainly from the southern regions.
    Thus, it Italian 4, 2 Slovenian 2
    Greek banks, one from Ireland,
    Portugal, Cyprus and Austria. The largest
    lack of capital – the Italian Monte
    dei Paschi di Siena. He lacks 2110000000
    Euro. The lion’s share of other defendants
    list have a deficit of less than 1 billion euros.

    the regular ECB stress tests
    it becomes clear how the bank will
    to respond to a variety of possible
    shocks. Check on Creditors
    the flight of investors from the market, minimize
    financial reforms, the deterioration of the bank
    balance sheets and even a number of other stressful

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    How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

    How to make friends with freeloaders, beggars, wastrel and hog

    finance – under your own
    control. But if your friends are
    bad financial habits against
    or even you yourself – that your friendship or
    your bank account is threatened
    trouble. Do not be surprised. Just
    Recall, for example how much money you
    monthly squander bars,
    sent there by your initiative
    numerous friends and acquaintances
    just good friends. Or vice versa
    – how many times have your friends help you
    with money, not a good form in you
    habit irresponsible attitude
    to finance. In general, now I will tell
    you all about how in a clever and tricky
    divide the eggs in different baskets. Well,
    that is, to keep friends and money in different
    baskets. I mean, you understand me.

    Friend freeloader

    How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

    Not all riders just ask you
    to pay their mortgage. Most often they swim
    smaller, but are imposed on your wallet
    a little thinner. “I had a friend who
    constantly talking about what she
    not enough money. “- says Jill
    Jacinto, financial journalist. – “One
    during the brunch, she mentioned that
    our other friends often come to the rescue
    and treat her drinks, dinners and other
    other excesses. I realized where
    it tends to, and immediately as if by chance
    dropped, I focused on the economy,
    because I have to save up for a major

    secret – in intelligible and understandable explanation:
    “I made a light-hearted face and said,
    that these days we all have certain
    money problems, and by the way, not
    slukavila. Extra money we do not “, –
    says Jill.

    the fact that you are trying to save, can
    talk to your simple-minded friend
    by pulling out your money on the little things,
    and it does not hurt him. You can
    avoid awkward situations and one more
    strategic way: Dating
    where there will not be any reason for a friendly
    the annexation of part of your cash. Free
    or a very cheap way of entertainment
    It can be very interesting and enjoyable:
    cycling or rollerblading, visiting
    museums, walking around the city. And finally,
    another way: you can select an event
    for which you have to pay in advance (for example,

    Unemployed friend

    How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

    You can be a great success
    career, but if your friend is constantly
    out of work or earns
    penny – friendship can and disorder.
    The reason is simple: it just will not be able
    you company wherever you like
    relax, and if he is also to riders
    not applicable – you can just one
    the perfect moment to discover friendship
    dried out by itself.

    . It is useful to understand why each
    It is in such a deplorable situation.
    Maybe you can solve the problem,
    make a recommendation, get a job,
    eventually. Maybe the person does not
    enough punch qualities, but he
    while a gold worker
    underrated, hungry, cold and
    offended by this cruel world. In that
    case, you just have to help him. But
    If help does not work – there are
    other ways to keep calm
    friendship further. For example, invite
    him to his tea glass, or again
    is found in places that are not
    It involves spending money. You will
    spend time together, to give each
    another note, while avoiding uncomfortable

    Each Motte

    How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

    Surely many of you have friends,
    that fall into this category. they
    expensive hobby, they go in the magnificent
    trip, relax in the best nightclubs,
    left on sale at the mall
    most of his salary – and
    This live wonderfully in
    removable Khrushchev, have no
    savings and, coming home from posh
    club, consider fines for tomorrow
    travel to work. The funny thing is that
    next to these people, we feel it is
    themselves poor, even knowing full well that
    our financial situation is much
    stronger. But this lifestyle makes
    We feel, even for a short
    moment that passes by us
    almost everything.

    Ketrin Krouli said: “Very often,
    such friends unconsciously trying
    buy your friendship. At the same time they are thin
    Handling: you can feel
    self-controlled. ” harm is
    that such friends, and you know how
    induce unnecessary but nice spending.

    . Chatter with sverhrastochitelnymi
    friends can be from time to time
    funny, especially if they spend their
    money and for you too. But never
    do not try to keep up with them in terms of
    costs – is not the best way
    impact on the status of your
    bank account. Do not think that
    It has imposed a special bond
    support each other in any adventure,
    including a night club that you can not
    afford. Can agree on
    a certain monetary limit that
    both of you can spend on a joint
    entertainment – usually it works. Well
    and again our universal advice – just
    walk in the fresh air, do not give others a chance to spend one polzarplaty


    How to make friends with freeloaders beggars

    The downside of extravagance: one-miser.
    Their advice is also not necessary to listen to. If
    they focus exclusively on the
    how to save money, it may
    take strange and painful form.
    It should be a little bit not follow miser
    – and here he is tenacious compresses grasping
    legs are the cheapest and the most dreadful
    things that can be found only in general:
    used car that falls apart
    on the run; clothes that barely moves
    two – three washing; meat with a shelf life,
    expiring in two hours – in general,
    that’s all.

    Friendship should not be a miser with
    cause someone a sense of guilt. And
    it is not necessarily bleak.
    Take a walk with him in the discount store
    or the flea market – and suddenly you too
    will find it for himself something interesting?
    And be sure to try to “cure”
    miser, persuading him to spend money
    something that will help them earn,
    eg. This may be a new suit,
    bought for an interview, and can
    be – MBA degree.

    I have everything. Now you can safely
    friends, even with people who have the most
    disgusting and harmful financial

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    Environment in Europe has passed sad

    Environment in Europe has passed sad

    Yesterday, European stock
    index fell for the seventh session
    contract. Stoxx Europe 600 finished
    trading lower by 3.2%. FTSE
    lost 2,83%, CAC 40 – 3.62%; DAX
    – 2.87%. All 18 European indexes
    Union finished the trading day

    experts explain
    such a fall so that investors evaluated
    disappointing statistics from the US
    (Reduction retail sales 0.3%) and
    corporate reporting, which season
    It is now in full swing.

    pharmaceutical company Shire
    Plc fell by 22% – this was, perhaps,
    the loudest fall in Europe over
    yesterday. This occurred against the background
    News that Abbvie,
    It may refuse to purchase
    Irish Pharmacy and trade
    worth nearly $ 55 billion
    It fails.

    very confident
    falling banking sector, especially smartly
    They have shown themselves peripheral players:
    National Bank of Greece lost 11%
    Banco Popolare SC – 8,1%.

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    MPs want to limit purchase of foreign currency

    MPs want to limit the purchase of foreign currency to individuals – a maximum of $ 500 per month

    Today, on the part of
    party “Communist Russia” in address
    Bank of Russia has received treatment in
    which MPs propose to introduce
    on the purchase of foreign currency physical limitations
    persons to stabilize the exchange rate.
    About this newspaper "News".

    party Chairman
    "Russian Communists" Maxim Suraykin
    Requests the head of Tsentrobanka Elviru
    Nabiullina consider introducing in Russia
    restrictions for individuals to buy
    foreign currency. In his opinion,
    excitement and increased demand for foreign currency
    threaten the economic security
    and stability of the economy, as well as
    may become one of the main reasons
    Ruble fall.

    Suraykin offers
    limit the purchase of foreign currency physical
    face amount of $ 500 per month, or the equivalent
    of this amount in other currencies. but
    separately, he wants to put those citizens
    who have foreign currency liabilities –
    tuition or medical treatment abroad,
    or the payment of foreign currency loan. For them
    the limit will be the sum of the amount of foreign currency
    liabilities, plus $ 500 per month.

    The central bank has promised
    consider a proposal for 30

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    Central bank makes gross errors

    The central bank makes gross errors

    Central Bank of the Russian Federation
    It makes gross errors due to
    unprofessionalism of management, he said
    in the air, “Russian news service”
    President of Advisor
    regional economic integration
    Sergei Glazyev.

    “This is my opinion and the opinion of
    section of the Russian Academy of Economics
    Sciences, which conducted the examination of the project
    monetary policy for the coming
    years and concluded incompetence
    actions of the Central Bank leadership. they admit
    Blunders prescribed against
    Inflation medicine that is worse than the
    disease “, – he said.

    Rising interest
    rates led to the fact that loans have become
    completely inaccessible for most
    part of the manufacturing industry, says
    President’s advisor. In addition, it
    It complicates the situation with the outflow of capital,
    He adds the eyes. “In a situation where there is no
    sense to invest in the development of credit
    production, due to the fact that profitability
    lower interest rates, capital leaves
    from the productive sphere “, – he explained

    Glazyev also confident
    what else can you fix the situation –
    you need to come to grips with foreign currency

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