US index futures are traded in outset before

US index futures are traded in the outset before the report on employment

Futures for US indices do not show uniform dynamics on the eve of the US employment report.
By 13:15 GMT, futures for the Dow fell 0.04%. DJI ended the day at night was down 0.03%.
Futures on the S P 500 rose by 0.03%. Futures on manufacturable Nasdaq 100pribavil 0.04%.
It is expected that a key report on employment in the US will increase the number of new jobs.
Also at 15:30 MSK will be published data on the average hourly wage in the United States.
Fed officials Yellen and Fisher speak today with a speech.
According to the forecast rate of, the probability of a rate hike of 68% in June.
Shares (NYSE: IBM) fell by 2% on the sale of Warren Buffett-thirds of its stake in the company.

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XCalper Didi index

XCalper Didi index

This indicator and its use have been developed by the Brazilian trader and analyst Odir Andrade Aguilar (Nik Didi), based on a doji star.


It is based on the ratio of the moving averages with periods of 3 (fast) and 20 (SLOW) to 8-period moving average (the default setting).

If the slow and fast moving averages are close together and close to the 1.0 line (white line in the center), it means buying or selling on the next candle. This signal is known as Agulhada (Thread).

  • Login to buy occurs when the fast line moves up, but slowly moves down the line, increasing the volume.
  • Entrance to the sale occurs when the slow line is moving up, and the fast line moves down, increasing the volume.

It should be noted that:

  • these items should only be used for the start of trading. other indicators are used to exit;
  • signals work best when assets / futures high volume and liquidity.

XCalper Didi index

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Triple Moving Average tfmt5

Triple Moving Average tfmt5

Expert uses three moving averages and open position when all three moving averages slide move in the same direction. After the fast moving average crosses back Advisor comes out of the position. You can select the moving average with fewer bars to catch the short-term trend, or increase the number of bars in the moving averages for long-term trends.

Note:The input values ​​are not optimized default. Test Expert on demo and set the input parameters in accordance with acceptable risk and objectives. Trend-tracking systems are based on long-term probabilities. Although such systems have lower winning performance, profitability comes from the big trends, such systems are limited to losses and profits built up. Testing symbols portfolio showed that the profit trend symbols compensate for small losses and can provide income when other symbols of the trend is not observed.

Inputs and pyramidal system:

Expert enters the market when the fast moving average is outside the average moving average and the average in turn – outside of the slowest moving average. For examples, see the screenshots. If the parameter value Max Units is greater than 1, additional inputs pyramid steps ATR will be used specified in the variable ATR between Pyramids.


Advisor out of the market when the fast moving average crosses back to the middle moving average. Output Closed moving average of the previous bar.

The size and position of the foot:

Expert calculates the position using the method percent volatility (Percent Volatility), which is directly connected with the feet. Stop using the input variables and ATR_Periods Stop_Range_ATR to calculate the ATR, and then multiplies these two values ​​to set foot on the distance from the entry price. Stops are not programmed in the position, but closes the adviser position if the price reaches the stop value. Since through the pyramid system adds additional lots, feet move in line with the last entry price. On the basis of the stop values, and the parameter Risk_Percent account information (tick size, lot size, number of decimal points, etc.) when choosing the size of the distance from the position is used to stop the entry price level in monetary terms as well as the number of lots is considered to you within a specified percentage. This allows you to work equally with each character, price and volatility. As you change the size of the account at the expense of profit or drawdown position size will change according to the change in the account.

Input parameters:

  • Short_MA – the number of bars for building fast simple moving average (fewer bars).
  • Middle_MA – the number of bars for the construction of medium simple moving average.
  • Long_MA – the number of bars for the construction of a slow simple moving average (a larger number of bars).
  • Risk_Percent – risk percentage for each position at the closing of the foot. For example: if a risk percentage should be equal to 2% of the equity, select 2 for this parameter.
  • ATR_Periods – the number of bars to calculate the ATR.
  • Stop_Range_ATR – this value will be multiplied by ATR to determine foot distance from the entry price.
  • Max_Units – the maximum number of positions of inputs (including the first initial input) on the pyramidal system with an increase in profit for the position.
  • ATR_between_Pyramids – this value will be multiplied by ATR and used to calculate when to add the following position in the pyramid. For example: Specify a value of 1.5 the following entry on the pyramid system occurs when the price reaches the entry price plus (1.5 * ATR) for long positions and the input price minus (1.5 * ATR) for short positions.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage when entering a position.
  • Reduction_Percent – value by which to reduce the equity to calculate the position size. For example: during drawdowns can be specified in this parameter 20 and the position size is 20% smaller. sizing function will determine the size of the equity position of 80% from the real values ​​for risk reduction before the end of the drawdown.

Triple Moving Average tfmt5

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StopLoss Manager

StopLoss Manager

Utility In-Trading StopLoss Manager automatically controls the level of stop-loss. you can use 4 different indicator by which SL Manager will operate stop loss:

  • Kijun-Sen Line (Ichimoku)
  • Parabolic SAR – Parabolic indicator.
  • Exponential MA – Exponential Moving Average.
  • Donchian Channel

StopLoss Manager configured, turns on / off the chart.

You open a transaction which includes the In-Trading SL Manager and enjoy the liberated time!

See. The instructions for use of the program in the attached video.

StopLoss Manager


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Extended Fractals MT5

Extended Fractals MT5

Indicator enhances standard fractals, allows to locate, display and use them, counting for any odd length, i.e. 3, 5, 7, 9, and so on bars.

To set the number of used bars in settings specified variable Left fractal bars count (default value of 2), the number which specifies the number of bars on one side, excluding the central, i.e. is 2 for standard fractal size of 5 bars (2 bar * 2 side + 1 = central 5 bars for searching and determining fractal).


  • Period price MA – period moving average to calculate fractals price (value 1 – corresponds to the usual calculation of fractals without averaging)
  • Method price MA – moving average method for the calculation of fractals prices
  • Price High – to search for price highs
  • Price Low – to search for the minimum price
  • Left fractal bars count – the number of bars in a fractal on one side, excluding the top, i.e. for standard fractal 5 bars is equal to 2
  • Arrow shift from extremum – indented points from extrema values ​​for selected vertex fractal
  • Using high / low bars values ​​to draw arrows – says is true, that when displayed is necessary to consider the high / low candles
  • Up arrow code – a symbol designation fractal up
  • Down arrow code – a symbol designation fractal down
  • UpFractalAlert – enable / disable alerts during the formation of a new fractal up
  • DnFractalAlert – enable / disable alerts during the formation of a new fractal down
  • Enable Alert message on new Fractal – enable / disable text message
  • Enable Notification on new Fractal – enable / disable sending notifications
  • Enable Sound on new Fractal – enable / disable the sound alert
  • SoundFileName – file name for Chime

Extended Fractals MT5

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Story of crisis

The Story of a crisis

April 26, 2010 was three years old my trade in the financial markets. April 26, 2007, in just before the start of the crisis, I opened my first brokerage account.

The idea of ​​trading on the stock exchange came to me from the outside. I worked quietly at his job, moved the science forward in exchange for a fixed salary. As far as I can remember, I always had the thought that this salary is very small (remember, in 2001, she was a hundred bucks a month. As much as I earn in one day, drove the passengers on the plane at Domodedovo-oh, there were times …) . I have been thinking about your own auto business, but about trading the financial markets, ever. The turning point was my sister’s birthday in March 2007. She has worked in the management company and told me many interesting things about the markets. So I decided to poizuchat question.

I remember, the first of what I prifigel, the daily trading volume. Millions and billions of dollars of money passing from the pocket into the pocket for a day for a person earning $ 400 a month, that’s impressive. Somehow there is the idea that the funds should be sought wherever they are-that is, in the financial markets, but not in science. And my decision was made, to try his hand. Inherent in adolescence excessive self-confidence, as well as scientific snobbery (the logic of the “scientist is capable of anything” -By the way, this is far from the truth) told me that everything is simple-cut down dough Wait Quick. Scientific education is warned, it is not so simple. I remember that for me were wildly unusual bars and candlestick charts-science are not used. Poizuchat historical quotes it soon became clear that the market is largely accidental.

To combat this accident, after some thought, I decided to come up with a set of rules-based system, in which the trade. The first thing I did, Fourier analysis of price series (I even noticed that the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the topics learned historical quotes. I was not exception :)). Fourier analysis showed that it is useless, no statistically significant I have not found. Then I began to study literature. I do not remember how, but I came across a book by Bill Williams, the first-which he describes how the volume and MFI. I liked the author’s approach, I read another of his book, Trading Chaos, like it too, even despite all the nonsense that he writes about the nonlinear stochastic systems and their application to the markets (especially touched by, remember, about megakompyutery who thought thought and finally counted the correct parameters for moving averages alligator). Poizuchat Trading Chaos, as well as having worked with the Williams system alligator fractal, the AO and AC I decided that I was ready to rock and roll.


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Morgan Stanley is waiting for rebound on pounds

Morgan Stanley is waiting for a rebound on the pounds to sell

Pound / dollar (GBP / USD) tested the 200-day moving average at $ 1.6665, which suggests a correction to the recent sharp decline, analysts say Morgan Stanley. Nevertheless, the bank looking for strengthening of the dollar in the coming sessions, so traders Bank will use any rebound to $ 1.6750, to restore a bearish stance with a view to $ 1.6260 with a stop at $ 1.6850. GBP / USD is now trading at $ 1.6696.

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