BOFA Goals forecasts

BOFA: Goals forecasts

*Merrill Lynch (Rus Me rrill Lynch.?) (NYSE: MER) – up to 2008 a major American investment bank (financial conglomerate) (headquarters – in New York), it was subsequently acquired by Bank of America and is now a division of the bank (Bank of America Merrill Lynch).

We lack the EUR / JPY, expect the pair to drop to 114 from 128 at the end of the year.

In addition, we continue with the sale CHF / JPY. We expect the CHF / JPY will fall to 102 by the end of the year, it is now 116.8.

We are also of the shorts in EUR / SEK … Our goal is 8.90.

We are in for Long AUD / NZD, waiting for the target to 1.10 by year-end. We are also in for Long AUD / KRW, oriented 920.

We expect growth in the value EUR / USD in the short term … .However, we expect a further weakening of the euro later this year because of differences of monetary policy between the Fed and the ECB. Then we will sell EUR / USD ….

PS: are copied, distributed and earn $ –

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Trading Strategy:

The strategy is based on the fact that after a “strong” traffic will be rolled back. Indicators are not used, there is only the price analysis. Parameters (eMovement, eRecoil, eTakeProfit, eNextTrade, eRiskMove) indicated for the 4-digit quotes. If the expert is working on a pair that has 3 or 5-digit quotes the expert multiplied them by 10 himself.

Expert exposes the pending orders, if the motion is against us, the price averaging. You can limit the number of refills. Expert analyzes the parameters and if they contradict each other, the expert does not start and displays a corresponding message. EIsRisk parameter determines the volume of trade expert: 0 – permanent lot, 1-5 lot increase the size of the available funds (1.5 percent).

Displaying messages in the EA is performed in 5 languages ​​(EN-English, RU-Russian, German-DE, FR-French, Spanish-ES). Under the regime of transactions “Execution of orders on the market” Take Profit and Stop Loss are set to have an open position. An expert can make transactions as one pair (eIsMulti = false), and a few (eIsMulti = true). In the second case load parameters are in the file.

File format:

eCalcPeriod = 24
eMovement = 250
eRecoil = 100
eTakeProfit = 50
eNextTrade = 50
eLot = 0.1
eKolTrade = 3
eKoeff = 1.7
eSlippage = 2
eViewLogs = 0
eTimer = 60
eIsRisk = 5
eIsMod = 0
eRefilling = 3
eRiskMove = 100
eRiskPeriod = 20
eCheckMoneyInit = 1
eMaxOpenPosition = 12
eCalcPeriod = XX
eMaxOpenPosition = 12

The file must be located in the directory \ MQL5 Files MultiBoot (Recoil.txt).

File Example:

eCalcPeriod = 24
eMovement = 150
eRecoil = 50
eTakeProfit = 50
eNextTrade = 30
eLot = 0.1
eKolTrade = 4
eKoeff = 1.5
eSlippage = 2
eViewLogs = 1
eIsRisk = 2
eIsMod = 0
eRefilling = 5
eRiskMove = 75
eRiskPeriod = 22
eCheckMoneyInit = 1
eMaxOpenPosition = 3
eCalcPeriod = 108
eMovement = 225
eRecoil = 70
eTakeProfit = 100
eNextTrade = 60
eLot = 0.2
eKolTrade = 1
eKoeff = 2
eSlippage = 2
eViewLogs = 1
eIsRisk = 0
eIsMod = 0
eRefilling = 4
eRiskMove = 75
eRiskPeriod = 10
eCheckMoneyInit = 1
eMaxOpenPosition = 3

The expert has flexible settings, which allow each trader to customize it to fit your work style. A good solution for those who want to train experts for little money.

Input parameters:

  • eLang – message display language (EN, RU, DE, FR, ES);
  • eIsMulti – false – Normal mode, true – multi mode;
  • eCalcPeriod – period for the motion search in hours;
  • eMovement – movement in the points;
  • eRecoil – rollback in points;
  • eTakeProfit – Profit in points;
  • eNextTrade – how many points the next trade;
  • eLot – the initial auction;
  • Emagic – Magick;
  • eKolTradeIncrease – transaction, after which the increase in the lots begins;
  • eKoeff – Lot magnification ratio;
  • eSlippage – slippage;
  • eViewLogs – show log: 1 – Yes, 0 – No;
  • eTimer – after how many seconds the timer is triggered if eIsMulti = true;
  • eIsRisk – Lot increase the size of available funds – (1-10) protsentouv (percentage may be fractional, e.g., 1.5%), 0 – not increase;
  • eIsMod – use modification: 1 – Yes, 0 – No (puts profit from a fractal, which is lower than our position that allows you to increase the number of positive transactions);
  • eRefilling – number of refills after the 1st of the transaction;
  • eRiskMove – a lot of traffic, followed by an hour is not necessary to carry out the transaction;
  • eRiskPeriod – the time it takes to wait (0, no filter);
  • eCheckMoneyInit – to check whether the money is enough to open a Sears transactions (at the expert initialization);
  • eMaxOpenPosition – the number of simultaneously open positions if eIsMulti = true;
  • eFile – file to download options if eIsMulti = true;

The default settings in the Expert Advisor for GBPUSD put.

Version of MetaTrader 4 can be downloaded here:


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TrendMADay free

TrendMADay free

A simple indicator to display on the current trend of the day.

Only use the graphs to H4.

Red line – the downward trend, the blue line – upward trend. To control the overall trend moving average is used with a long period, which is specified in the parameters. The second line runs from the current day.

If the focus on the second line when the signal on the first, then for the earlier input parameter can be reduced to 8.

Maybe just use the following currency pairs: EURUSD, EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDJPY, GBPJPY.

TrendMADay free

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Japanese surprise negative interest rate

Japanese surprise: negative interest rate

Unexpectedly for all the Bank of Japan introduced a negative interest rate. The reference interest rate of -0.1% is designed to reduce inflation and to support the Central Bank. In the eurozone, the negative interest rates are not uncommon, but in the history of Japan, the first time such an event occurs.

This decision is “cooked” in the plans of the Japanese economy derive from stagnation for almost 10 years. The decision to adopt a negative interest rate was adopted by a small majority in the first in this year, the Bank of Japan meeting on Friday.

“The Bank of Japan cut rates even lower, if necessary,” – said representatives of the Bank of Japan, adding that the decline will continue until until you reach the inflation target of 2%.

Some analysts have questioned the effectiveness of rate cuts.

Why Japan has taken such a decision?

  • Currently, Japan is faced with a very low inflation, which means that people and companies tend to “hold on” for their money in the hope that they will get more in the future. Money not spent and not invested, and are stored in the banks.
  • The percentage for the content of the money in the bank, may call the commercial banks to issue it in the form of loans. This would enhance and domestic spending and business investment.
  • The main purpose of the introduction of negative interest rates – inflation increase, which encourages companies and consumers to spend rather than save.

At a press conference Governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda said that the weakening global economic growth has become a major factor in this decision: “The Japanese economy continues to recover at a moderate pace, and the base price trend steadily improved … further drop in oil prices, uncertainty in emerging economies including China, and the instability of the global market could hurt business confidence and curb the destruction of a deflationary mindset of people. “

Earlier on Friday, new economic data once again highlighted concerns about economic growth. The December core inflation rate amounted to 0.1%, far below the target of the central bank.

Asian stocks jumped and the yen fell on market reaction. Shares of Japanese banks tumbled on the news.

The decision to introduce negative interest rates has been called «Kuroda bazooka» in honor of the Governor of the Bank of Japan. Haruhiko Kuroda, known for its ability to make decisions, investors who plunged into shock. Only a few weeks ago Kuroda told a parliamentary budget committee that stimulate economic development will no longer be.

Thus, today’s announcement caused the stock market to jump, while the yen fell sharply against other major currencies. Option reduce the loan costs below zero, I have been in the plans of the Central Bank of Japan since the early 2000s. Japan was the first country to propose such a solution. However, the first country to introduce it began to Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, with the support of the European Central Bank, which had to do everything in his power to keep the EU’s economy afloat during the economic crisis.

However, there are doubts about the feasibility of conducting such a policy.

“Negative interest rates are one of the latest tools in the” tool box “of the Bank of Japan,” – said Martin Schulz from the Institute of Fujitsu. “But its impact is unlikely to be significant.”

Schulz warned that the euro zone, negative interest rates are used to counter the financial crisis, while Japan is among a long and slow growth.

“In Japan, not to expand lending, not because banks are not willing to provide funds, and because the company had not seen the investment perspective, to borrow. Even with the negative interest rates, this situation does not change. “

“Companies do not require money – they require the investment opportunities. And this can only be achieved by structural reforms, rather than monetary policy “, – he said.

The decision was in addition to an active policy of buying government bonds and shares, which stimulated growth in the past few years.

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The trade adviser using a strategy based on pullbacks price of the underlying trend – this is due to the necessity of consolidation of funds on the market before further continuation of the trend movement, and it is in such moments, the adviser opens a transaction on the indicator signal.


  • TotalSymbol – the number of active pairs 1 before 10 a drop-down list;
    • One_pair – a pair
    • Two_pairs – two pairs
    • Three_pairs – three pairs of
    • Four_pairs – four pairs of
    • Five_pairs – five pairs of
    • Six_pairs – six pairs of
    • Seven_pairs – seven pairs
    • Eight_pairs – eight pairs of
    • Nine_pairs – nine pairs
    • Ten_pairs – ten pairs of
  • Symbol_1 – symbol that will be used as first currency pair is represented as a drop down list for selection;
    • NOTUSE do not use;
    • EURUSD;
    • GBPUSD;
    • USDJPY;
    • USDCHF;
    • USDCAD;
    • AUDUSD;
    • NZDUSD;
    • EURCHF;
    • EURJPY;
    • EURGBP.
  • EURUSD – Here spelled currency pair EURUSD (prefix is ​​added automatically to couples);
  • _1_TakeProfit – distance for issuing take profit;
  • _1_StopLoss – exhibiting a distance to the stop-loss;
  • _1_MA – MA period indicator;
  • _1_WPR – period WPR indicator;
  • _1_ATR – period ATR indicator;
  • _1_CCI – CCI period indicator.

Below are a number of similar parameters that apply to the rest of the currency pairs.

  • UseTrailingStop – work permit flag trawl;
  • TrailStart – trawl start (in points);
  • TrailStep – trawl step (in points);
  • NoLoss – breakeven (in points);
  • MinProfitNoLoss – bezubytka minimum profit (in points);
  • Magic – Orders identifier;
  • MaxSpread – maximum spread;
  • Slippage – maximum slippage;
  • FixedLots – fixed lot when the lot automatic zero;
  • RiskPercent – automatic lot (total volume is distributed between the pairs equally);
  • MaxAccountTrades – the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders (0 – without restrictions);


  • Instant order execution – ECN (With minimum spreads, commissions and slippage);
  • Trouble-free connection to the server – VPS (With minimal network delay);
  • Currency pair GBPUSD (and EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF These couples have more modest results, on the other pairs do not recommend using a robot);
  • period schedule M15 (Strongly recommended).


TakeProfit thirty 1 100
StopLoss 10 1 70
MA 3 1 100
WPR 3 1 thirty
ATR 3 1 thirty
CCI 3 1 thirty

It is optimized for the current market conditions with 01.01.2016 year. Optimize the robot should be the last year, but not the entire story. You can optimize the robot throughout history, but this kind of optimization adjusts the robot on the most adverse market conditions of the past years and this robot will work with excessive caution, waiting for a repetition of such shocks, which are unlikely to recur. This significantly reduces the profit. Optimization is best done by open prices (thus optimizing the speed increases significantly), and check the results is required at all ticks.


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BofA Russia returns attractiveness for investors

BofA: Russia returns attractiveness for investors in oil prices stabilize

Foreign investors are willing to buy Russian assets, transfers Reuters, Referring to data analysts Bank of America – Merill Lynch. The prerequisite for this is called the stabilization of oil prices.

“Last week we held a meeting in London with 30 clients, working with stocks and fixed-income instruments. In general, the attitude to Russia can be characterized as positive, investors are willing to increase the presence of, but can not do so in the absence of substantial oil price stabilization », – BofA analysts say.

In addition, according to analysts, investors doubt “the stability of the current regime of sanctions against Russia” in view of recent statements by the US Secretary of State Dzhona Kerri that the sanctions could be lifted in the coming months in connection with the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

previously, the agency Bloomberg It reported that foreign investors get rid of Russian assets on the backdrop of the economic crisis and the collapse of the ruble, which is caused by the high volatility in the oil market.

PS: are copied, distributed and earn $ –

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Temporary drawdown on account PAMM

Temporary drawdown on account PAMM

Greetings to all investors.

There is a temporary slump in the PAMM account.

We knew for sure that today will be a strong move down, and it was possible to fully restore the sagging but still Navara. Just had a psychological moment, after two stops, we were afraid to keep the transaction to the end.

Drawdown temporary, if you type patience, everything will be restored.

Temporary drawdown on account PAMM

This is my yesterday’s analysis, as we have received proof of insider information that the price will go down. But afraid to keep the transaction to the end. Purely psychological moment.

That is the price at the moment.

Temporary drawdown on account PAMM

All clearly it worked out.

This transaction pound.

Temporary drawdown on account PAMM

It screens with my other accounts. Everything works fine, but there are problems with psychology, publicly traded very difficult. We are working on solving this problem.


This is my PAMM accounts. Offer is open and anyone can invest.

On the day of committing one to two deals with the mandatory setting a stop loss.

Risk per trade using a 7% per month get 30-80% of the deposit growth.

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