Gendhis EURUSD

Gendhis EURUSD

Scalper Gendhis EURUSD – is a fully automatic expert who monitors the speed of price movements and uses a filter on Bollinger Bands. Advisor sets the pending orders to the upper or lower Bollinger and waits for the breakdown of these levels.

This EA is only for pairs EURUSD.


Not all brokers are suitable for use by the advisor. Broker is needed with a low spread, low brake level and the time of execution of orders less than 100 milliseconds.

  1. Broker with a 5-digit quotes.
  2. It is recommended to choose the ECN-broker with low spreads and fast execution.
  3. The minimum leverage of 1: 300.


  • Fixed Lots: Used only when UseMM (money management) = false.
  • Money Management: Set to True to use the automatic lot size.
  • Risk percentage: Risk as a percentage of the balance, 10.0 – 10% percent of the balance.
  • Max Spread: The maximum spread, in which the adviser is allowed to trade (in pips)
  • Stop Loss: Stop Loss in pips as large as possible.
  • Start Trailing: The distance from the opening price of the order before the trailing (in pips).
  • Step Trailing: The distance from the current price for the trailing (in pips)
  • Start Hour: The hour of the opening of orders
  • Stop Hour: Hour of end opening orders

Gendhis EURUSD

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Raising rates red flag Fed concerned for their

Raising rates – a red flag? Fed concerned for their economies due to Greece

The Federal Reserve
system fears that Greece could hurt
hit the US economy. This will force the Fed to once again take a pause in
to raise rates.

Compared with April
Fed meeting, members of the bank
Committee is now more concerned about
exposure to Greece at United
States. "Many participants expressed
concern that the failure
cooperation of Greece and its creditors
It can lead to failures in the financial
markets in the euro area, and then this effect
It will affect the United States".
– it is said in the minutes of the two-day
Fed meeting on June 16.

Much has already happened
with the Fed’s June meeting. Greece is now
asks the third stage of assistance, Chinese
stock market stalled when
the government tried to maintain
it, and Puerto Rico are still under threat
defaulting on its debts.

The Fed chief Janet Yellen
will offer an updated look on
the bank‘s prospects in connection with the Greek
issue in his speech on Friday. "Committee
Fed acknowledges that Greece poses a risk
for fun, but, ultimately, they
think about how it affects the economy
USA"- said Lyuk Tilli, chief
Economist Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors. Tilly
He considers it possible that the Fed will raise more
rates twice this year, starting with the
of September.

Yellen and other members
Committee must determine this summer,
whether these events are increasing delay
Fed. The US economy is not exposed to
the direct impact of the Greek crisis,
but it is all due to the economies of Europe and
if economies as “domino”
begin to fall in the euro zone for each other,
the US economy could also
get injured.

many economists
They believe that the Fed will raise the key
interest rate in September, and this
step will mean that the economy is almost
fully recovered from the Great Recession.
US rates are near zero with
the end of 2008.

some experts
consider that Greece will have a limited
impact on the Fed’s view on the question of the potential
“Start” rate hikes. The controller
There are two big goals: to improve the market
Labor and achieve inflation to 2%.
The labor market is getting better in recent years
time, but inflation is still low.
If Greece or China strongly interfere
these plans, it is likely the Fed
may postpone the September
the rate increase. Nevertheless, the Committee
The Fed has confirmed that he wants to start
rate increase this year.

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Virtual Management

Virtual Management

Utility Virtual Management – a virtual levels StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop, BreakEvenStopLoss and BreakEvenTakeProfit for all your orders.

Key features

It is possible to set the desired type and color for all levels.

StopLoss and TakeProfit is set separately for BUY and SELL orders. Levels can be set indicating the level or distance (in money / paragraphs).

CATEGORY BreakEven includes BreakEvenStopLoss BreakEvenTakeProfit and defined as a percentage of the balance of the size and Breakeven_level specified by a level (fixed price).

At the same time, you can use multiple copies of the advisor, in this case, for each copy you must specify a unique number.


  • Magic – ID of orders that will control panel;
  • slippage – maximum slippage at which still warrant executed;
  • Use other orders – on / off control of all orders;
  • Levels or Points – Type-defined levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit.

stoploss parameters

  • stoploss Buy – level value in points or price for the transactions on purchase;
  • stoploss Sell – level value in points or price for the transactions for the sale.

takeprofit parameters

  • takeprofit Buy – level value in points or price for the transactions on purchase;
  • takeprofit Sell – level value in points or price for the transactions for the sale.

BreakEven parameters

  • breakeven level – the price of which will achieve the closing of all transactions;
  • UseBreakEvenStopLoss – enabling / disabling BreakEvenStopLoss;
  • UseBreakEvenTakeProfit – inclusion / BreakEvenTakeProfit off;
  • BreakEvenStopLoss – BreakEvenStopLoss value level as a percentage of the current balance;
  • BreakEvenTakeProfit – BreakEvenTakeProfit level value as a percentage of the current balance.

TrailingStop parameters

  • Trailing Start – number of points, after passing of which will set the initial level TrailingStop;
  • Trailing Step – the number of points after the passage of which will change the level TrailingStop

Virtual Management

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Advisor VR Close All

Advisor VR Close All

VR Close All

Advisor is designed to close / delete all orders terminal.

It helps to fix profit or loss throughout the trading account.

Perhaps Councilor indicate closing of the profit or loss in the deposit currency, or percentage.

The program is designed so that the probability of failure or mistakes
missing, in case of an emergency situation to
closure / removal order in a program laid 5 attempts at intervals of
0.5 seconds.

Action Program sequence:

  1. Closing all the graphs except his (disables all other advisers).
  2. Closing / deleting orders throughout the trading account.
  3. Upload / deletion of the expert from the chart (Job done, counselor retired).

Program settings:

  • TypeCloseProfit = Money – closing on the amount of profit in the deposit currency, Percent – percent of closing.
  • ValueProfit = 1000 Required value for Money profit sum for Percent percent.
  • TypeCloseLoss = Money – closing on the amount of loss in the deposit currency, Percent – percent of closing.
  • ValueLoss = 1000 Required value for Money amount of the loss, for the Percent percent.

Parameter Off disables the type of closure.

The program developed by the founder of the project "Trading-Go Projects".

Advisor VR Close All


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Fx Voodoo expert Advisor

Fx Voodoo expert Advisor

EA works around the clock, showing better results than manual trading. Features:

  • It works on M1 timeframe of any character. The best results are seen in the EURUSD.
  • Only works in MetaTrader 4 (MT4).
  • The minimum start-up capital is not limited.
  • All parameters (such as stop-loss, take profit, hedging, etc.) are adjusted.
  • You need a reliable Internet connection and a computer constantly running.
  • Constant monitoring of the adviser is not required.

Advisor is fully automated

You can install and do their own thing.

It requires a minimum of time

Installation in MetaTrader takes less than a minute.

Access from anywhere

It works with any broker that supports the platform MetaTrader.


  • LotSize
    Set the size of the lot. Used only if UseEquityPercentage is 0.
  • UseEquityPercentage
    The percentage of equity account that you want to use for trading.

    • at UseEquityPercentage, equal to 0, the value from LotSize.
    • If UseEquityPercentage has a value other than 0, the size of the lot varies depending on equity.

    Assume that the initial deposit is $ 1000.

    • at LotSize = 0.1 and UseEquityPercentage = 5 lot size is calculated from the value of $ 50 (5% of $ 1000).
    • at LotSize = 0.1 and UseEquityPercentage = 0 EA opens the lot size of 0.1.
    • at LotSize = 0 and UseEquityPercentage = 0 the position can not be opened.
  • TakeProfit
    Take profit in pips.
  • StopLoss
    Stop loss in pips.
  • BEP
    Bezubytka level. BEP level set advisor, when the position reaches the profit of this parameter Pips_forBEP_setup (Pip).
  • Pips_forBEP_setup
    Number of pips, which is set on reaching the BEP.
  • TrailingSL
    Trailing stop (true / false).
    When TrailingSL = true, is included trailing stop.
  • Hedging
    Hedging (True / False).
    If the broker does not allow hedging set False.
  • MondayTrade
    If you do not plan to trade on Mondays, set false.
  • FridayTrade
    If you do not plan to trade on Fridays, set false.
  • MagicNumber
    The magic number allows the counselor to see their warrant. If you trade manually on the same account, FxVoodoo will not interfere with your trades.
  • comment
    Comments to transactions FxVoodoo EA.

Fx Voodoo expert Advisor

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Trailing Orders TL

Trailing Orders TL

Advisor Trailing Orders TrendLine – is an indispensable tool trader trades by hand along the lines of resistance Support.

Adviser Jobs

With the tool “Draw trend line” (Draw Trendline) plotted the support line and / or resistance.

Then we expose the pending order specified in the order comments (comment) the name of the trend line, along which you want to trawl warrant.

Next Advisor pick up the order, and set it at a selected distance (Delta) from the selected trend line and will trawl along it before opening.

Note: Displays the name of the trend line on a chart in the chart properties enable the “Show description”.

external variables

  • Prefix – The prefix for the link and order.
  • Delta, pips – distance from the line to order;
  • Show steps – turn on / off the display of the trawl steps on the chart.

Features of the EA:

  • It works with an unlimited number of orders;
  • change the position order (trawl) occurs with each new bar;
  • at breakage line on the graph (shot flag “Ray” in line properties) advisor ceases order to tighten the end of the line;
  • if the trader incorrectly attached to the order line, for example Sellstop warrant attached to the resistance line, then this order will not be picked up by an advisor, and the graph will be a corresponding entry error.

Trailing Orders TL

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Markov Chains MTF Indicator

Markov Chains MTF Indicator

councilor idea MarkovChains EA It is the basis of this indicator. Using this indicator can be observed probability rates of motion up or down in multiple timeframes for multiple Markov chains (5).

Unlike the advisor, the indicator is only looking for up and down movement and considers them to be given a predetermined number of Markov chains, then displays information about the probability of price movement upwards. The indicator shows the probability timeframes for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour. You can customize the display of signals to buy / sell in accordance with a certain probability. For your convenience, the probabilities will be painted in the appropriate color.

Input parameters

  • number_past_bars – Establish a large enough number, and the LED will begin to calculate as many bars ago.

  • buy_probability – a number between 0 and 1, and if the probability of upward movement exceeds this number, the indicator will signal to the projected upwards.

  • sell_probability – a number between 0 and 1, and if the probability of upward movement will be less than this value, the indicator will signal to the projected downwards.

  • Since the indicator only shows the likelihood of prices moving up, buy_probability must be greater than sell_probability.

  • sufficient_pattern_count – indicate a positive number, that when exceeded, total price patterns on the indicator bars passed to alert.

This indicator considers the patterns, which is a very resource-intensive for computers. If your MT4 platform often freezes, try to increase the value of the parameter number_past_bars

Markov Chains MTF Indicator

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