Central bank makes gross errors

The central bank makes gross errors

Central Bank of the Russian Federation
It makes gross errors due to
unprofessionalism of management, he said
in the air, “Russian news service”
President of Advisor
regional economic integration
Sergei Glazyev.

“This is my opinion and the opinion of
section of the Russian Academy of Economics
Sciences, which conducted the examination of the project
monetary policy for the coming
years and concluded incompetence
actions of the Central Bank leadership. they admit
Blunders prescribed against
Inflation medicine that is worse than the
disease “, – he said.

Rising interest
rates led to the fact that loans have become
completely inaccessible for most
part of the manufacturing industry, says
President’s advisor. In addition, it
It complicates the situation with the outflow of capital,
He adds the eyes. “In a situation where there is no
sense to invest in the development of credit
production, due to the fact that profitability
lower interest rates, capital leaves
from the productive sphere “, – he explained

Glazyev also confident
what else can you fix the situation –
you need to come to grips with foreign currency

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Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

Complete Pending Orders Grid System opens any combination of pending orders Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy
Limit and Sell Limit and closes all existing pending orders. Just drag the script to schedule the required currency pair.

Before you install all pending orders window opens enter the input parameters:

  • DeleteAllPendings – if true, all pending orders (for this currency) are removed.
  • BuyStop – when true open warrant Buy Stop.
  • SellStop – when true open order Sell Stop.
  • BuyLimit – when true open warrant Buy Limit.
  • SellLimit¬†– when true open order Sell Limit.
  • InitLot – the initial auction.
  • LotCoeff – at a value of 1, all pending orders have the same size lots.
  • InitStep¬†– the difference between two consecutive orders in points.
  • StepCoeff – a step coefficient.
  • NumOfOrders – the number of orders.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage.
  • MagicNum – the magic number.


  • When DeleteAllPendings = true script deletes the existing pending orders for the current currency pair.
  • Do not forget to allow automated trading on the “Expert Advisors” tab ( “Tools” ->”Settings”).

Complete Pending Orders N Grid System MT5

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Interactive Stop Loss Demo

Interactive Stop Loss Demo

Demo version Adviser Interactive Stop Loss. This version is specifically designed for visual backtesting with a tester advisers. In addition, the advisor can also work on a demo account.


Since the strategy tester does not allow to open orders during backtesting, in the EA were added buttons for opening orders, as well as the input field to set the stop-loss.

Important! During testing, the advisors to the tester user events are not processed. Therefore, events such as clicking on an advisor’s controls, as well as the order opening the buttons will not be processed. To change the operating advisor or opening orders in test mode the tester modes should be put on pause, and then press the right buttons. After disabling the pause adviser will handle all keystrokes, as it would do on a real or demo account.

The adviser works on the strategy tester, as well as on a demo account. it is recommended to purchase the full version of the advisor for a full trade: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/9233.

Interactive Stop Loss Demo

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Russia will not cut oil production to support

Russia will not cut oil production to support prices

“Oil king” said the country
will not cut production to
support prices. This Evening News
placed edition of The Wall
Street Journal, right in front of
OPEC summit to be held in

Speaking after the meeting,
with representatives of the largest
oil companies, on Tuesday
Igor Sechin, the chief executive
Director of OJSC “Rosneft”, he said
The current price of oil "is not
critical for us". He also added,
Russia can not just cut
oil production, unlike manufacturers

OPEC summit on Thursday
officials gather to discuss
possible options for
reduce by 30% in oil prices since the summer of
of the year. Russia is not an OPEC member,
but price cuts hurt its economy
and the national currency has pushed strongly

Minister of foreign
Venezuelan Minister Rafael Ramirez said,
that the participants of the meeting on Tuesday, on the
who were also senior officials
officials from Saudi Arabia and Mexico,
you said "his vision of the market"but
We agreed that the current price is too
low. "All worried about the price".
– he told reporters afterwards.

Despite the statement
Mr. Sechin, the OPEC meeting, probably
It will be one of the most important in recent
years for the Kremlin, because failure
support for oil prices may cause
a serious blow to Russia’s economy and
its currency. The ruble has weakened by about a third
against the US dollar this year
against the backdrop of Western sanctions and falling prices
oil. Low price cost economy
the country about $ 100 billion this year, he said
Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in
Monday. The economic growth
projected at not more than 0.5%
this year.

"If OPEC decides
decision to cut production or make
it will have no influence, ruble
may fall further, raising the level of
inflation and anxious mood"-
sure Kris Uifer, a senior partner
Moscow consulting Macro

Bloomberg recently quoted
Sechin, who said that, they say, not Russia
You will need to cut production, even if
oil prices fall to $ 60 a barrel.
He said that Rosneft may delay
some capital-intensive projects, and she
already cut production in a small
the amount for reasons of efficiency.
In an interview broadcast on Monday
on state television, the Minister
Russian Energy Alexander Novak
He said Russia will keep
stable exports in the coming
some years. "This is our contribution to
stabilization of the situation on world markets
oil", – he said.

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Gendhis EURUSD

Gendhis EURUSD

Scalper Gendhis EURUSD – is a fully automatic expert who monitors the speed of price movements and uses a filter on Bollinger Bands. Advisor sets the pending orders to the upper or lower Bollinger and waits for the breakdown of these levels.

This EA is only for pairs EURUSD.


Not all brokers are suitable for use by the advisor. Broker is needed with a low spread, low brake level and the time of execution of orders less than 100 milliseconds.

  1. Broker with a 5-digit quotes.
  2. It is recommended to choose the ECN-broker with low spreads and fast execution.
  3. The minimum leverage of 1: 300.


  • Fixed Lots: Used only when UseMM (money management) = false.
  • Money Management: Set to True to use the automatic lot size.
  • Risk percentage: Risk as a percentage of the balance, 10.0 – 10% percent of the balance.
  • Max Spread: The maximum spread, in which the adviser is allowed to trade (in pips)
  • Stop Loss: Stop Loss in pips as large as possible.
  • Start Trailing: The distance from the opening price of the order before the trailing (in pips).
  • Step Trailing: The distance from the current price for the trailing (in pips)
  • Start Hour: The hour of the opening of orders
  • Stop Hour: Hour of end opening orders

Gendhis EURUSD

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Raising rates red flag Fed concerned for their

Raising rates – a red flag? Fed concerned for their economies due to Greece

The Federal Reserve
system fears that Greece could hurt
hit the US economy. This will force the Fed to once again take a pause in
to raise rates.

Compared with April
Fed meeting, members of the bank
Committee is now more concerned about
exposure to Greece at United
States. "Many participants expressed
concern that the failure
cooperation of Greece and its creditors
It can lead to failures in the financial
markets in the euro area, and then this effect
It will affect the United States".
– it is said in the minutes of the two-day
Fed meeting on June 16.

Much has already happened
with the Fed’s June meeting. Greece is now
asks the third stage of assistance, Chinese
stock market stalled when
the government tried to maintain
it, and Puerto Rico are still under threat
defaulting on its debts.

The Fed chief Janet Yellen
will offer an updated look on
the bank‘s prospects in connection with the Greek
issue in his speech on Friday. "Committee
Fed acknowledges that Greece poses a risk
for fun, but, ultimately, they
think about how it affects the economy
USA"- said Lyuk Tilli, chief
Economist Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors. Tilly
He considers it possible that the Fed will raise more
rates twice this year, starting with the
of September.

Yellen and other members
Committee must determine this summer,
whether these events are increasing delay
Fed. The US economy is not exposed to
the direct impact of the Greek crisis,
but it is all due to the economies of Europe and
if economies as “domino”
begin to fall in the euro zone for each other,
the US economy could also
get injured.

many economists
They believe that the Fed will raise the key
interest rate in September, and this
step will mean that the economy is almost
fully recovered from the Great Recession.
US rates are near zero with
the end of 2008.

some experts
consider that Greece will have a limited
impact on the Fed’s view on the question of the potential
“Start” rate hikes. The controller
There are two big goals: to improve the market
Labor and achieve inflation to 2%.
The labor market is getting better in recent years
time, but inflation is still low.
If Greece or China strongly interfere
these plans, it is likely the Fed
may postpone the September
the rate increase. Nevertheless, the Committee
The Fed has confirmed that he wants to start
rate increase this year.

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Virtual Management

Virtual Management

Utility Virtual Management – a virtual levels StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop, BreakEvenStopLoss and BreakEvenTakeProfit for all your orders.

Key features

It is possible to set the desired type and color for all levels.

StopLoss and TakeProfit is set separately for BUY and SELL orders. Levels can be set indicating the level or distance (in money / paragraphs).

CATEGORY BreakEven includes BreakEvenStopLoss BreakEvenTakeProfit and defined as a percentage of the balance of the size and Breakeven_level specified by a level (fixed price).

At the same time, you can use multiple copies of the advisor, in this case, for each copy you must specify a unique number.


  • Magic – ID of orders that will control panel;
  • slippage – maximum slippage at which still warrant executed;
  • Use other orders – on / off control of all orders;
  • Levels or Points – Type-defined levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit.

stoploss parameters

  • stoploss Buy – level value in points or price for the transactions on purchase;
  • stoploss Sell – level value in points or price for the transactions for the sale.

takeprofit parameters

  • takeprofit Buy – level value in points or price for the transactions on purchase;
  • takeprofit Sell – level value in points or price for the transactions for the sale.

BreakEven parameters

  • breakeven level – the price of which will achieve the closing of all transactions;
  • UseBreakEvenStopLoss – enabling / disabling BreakEvenStopLoss;
  • UseBreakEvenTakeProfit – inclusion / BreakEvenTakeProfit off;
  • BreakEvenStopLoss – BreakEvenStopLoss value level as a percentage of the current balance;
  • BreakEvenTakeProfit – BreakEvenTakeProfit level value as a percentage of the current balance.

TrailingStop parameters

  • Trailing Start – number of points, after passing of which will set the initial level TrailingStop;
  • Trailing Step – the number of points after the passage of which will change the level TrailingStop

Virtual Management

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