Advisor AcSar – fully automated adviser, working on the basis of the latest version of Parabolic SAR indicator.


  • Lots– starting auction
  • MaxLots – maximum lot
  • Multiplier – the number is multiplied to the next item in an unsuccessful transaction
  • StepSAR– Parabolic SAR indicator step
  • Slippage– allowable slippage

Advisor optimized for the pair EURUSD timeframe for H4.


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US Dollar Index Now

US Dollar Index Now

The utility calculates and displays the Index USD (USDX DXY), without requiring any information from the broker. That is, even if your broker does not provide all the necessary data for the pairs, the USD index is still displayed in the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

Principle of operation

The utility obtains prices from the web service, then calculates and displays the index USD. The index is useful in determining the strength (or weakness) of the US dollar. With an increase in the index interface turns blue. By reducing – in red.


  1. Open MetaTrader 5 and connect to your trading account.
  2. Buy and download the utility US Dollar Index Now from the site or from the tab “Store” in the “Tools” window.
  3. Open the “Tools” -> “Settings” -> “Advisors” and check the “Allow WebRequest for the following URL”.
  4. Add the list of allowed URL.
  5. Open any schedule.
  6. Drag the utility US Dollar Index Now at the chart. It can be found in the “Navigator” tab in the “Expert Advisors“.

US Dollar Index Now

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The adviser works breakdowns of critical levels, not a scalper and not susceptible to slippage.

It uses dynamic stop loss, take profit and trailing stop based on the ATR, which are adjusted to the volatility at the moment.

Capital management in real time calculates the size of the lots on the basis of the stop-loss and a specified percentage of risk.

This EA is designed to work on the USDJPY H1.

Do not use Martingale or nets.

This EA calculates the daily candle, so the results may be slightly different when using a broker with a time zone other than GMT +1. Before starting the advisor on real accounts is recommended to test it in the tester trading strategies of your broker.

Monitoring of real accounts:

Description of the input parameters

Capital management (Money Management):

  • UseMoneyManagement: When set to true, you can specify the percentage of risk capital;
  • lots: If “UseMoneyManagement” is false, you can use a fixed lot size;
  • LotsDecimals: the number of decimal places in the lot size, if the broker uses a micro lots (0.01), it is necessary to specify 2 or 1.
  • RiskInPercent: Percentage of risk-based capital and stop loss of each transaction;
  • MaximumLots: Maximum lot.

offset settings GMT:

  • AutoGMT_Offset: automatic determination GMT mode;
  • ManualGMT_Offset: manual definition of GMT, is used in bektestirovanii.

Other options

  • MaxSlippage: maximum allowable slip;
  • CustomComment: a comment;
  • MagicNumber: a unique number adviser;
  • DisplayInfoPanel: If true, the panel will display the information.


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Advisor is designed for the EURUSD 4 mark and spread of 1 point. Advisor teak and need a broker scalping allowed, as the time frame does not matter. The advisor has everything set to the optimum parameters, and only two settings, you do not have a long time to select the parameters. Advisor has a virtual stop loss and take profit. advisor’s strategy is based on an analysis of the tick chart.

Councilor parameters:

  1. UseMM – including the risk (lot depends on the available funds).
  2. Magic – Magick number (need to identify their orders Advisor).


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Trailing Even for Controladora

Trailing Even for Controladora

Trailing Even – is a free addition to the adviser Control adora.

It includes a trailing stop function and changes the output level, which acts as a stop loss, if achieved a certain price. Here’s how it works:

First of all, make sure you select a language in the EA Control Adora in this indicator

Changing the output level of the position functions as a stop-loss with “BES” and “BEO”:

This feature works with two arrows:

  • One is called BES (Break Even Start) – place it where the trailing function should be involved.
  • The second is called BEO (Break Even Objective) – place it where it should be out of the position if the price reaches the arrow BES. As soon as the price reaches the BES arrows, and outputs “Above” or “Below” will be moved, the system will remove the BEO arrow.

The system reads the order type, managed adviser Control adora. If it is an order to buy, BEO will move lower terminals Below advisor Control adora, if it is an order to buy, will be moved upper Above outputs.

Trailing stop BET:

To trailing worked in the properties of the indicator must be installed Pips parameter to a value greater than 0, the distance from the last highest Bid price, fixed after the start of the function for buy orders, or the last minimum Bid price for sell orders. In contrast to the trailing stop in the-in the MetaTrader, with BET function is not necessary to go into profit, to enable the feature.

As an added feature, you can configure the BET waiting BES level, then this feature is enabled. To do this, set the parameter TBES = true in the indicator settings. In this mode, the arrow BET will move to indicate the level where the outputs would be if TBES was equal to false, but the outputs will not be moved until the level of BES.

advisor job, as well as the outputs are shown in the video instructions to the adviser Control adora.


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BuyLimit and SellLimit MQ5 buttons

BuyLimit and SellLimit MQ5 buttons

BuyLimit and SellLimit MQ5 buttons

Product BuyLimit and SellLimit Buttons opens any combination of pending orders Buy Limit and Sell Limit and closes all the pending orders.

Input parameters

  • DeleteAllPendings; at true all pending orders (for the current currency) can be removed.
  • BuyLimit; at true may be open orders Buy Stop.
  • SellLimit; at true They can be opened order Sell Stop.
  • InitLot; the initial size of the lot.
  • LotCoeff; increase / decrease the size of the next lot to said coefficient.
  • InitStep; the number of points between the first two pending orders.
  • StepCoeff; increase / decrease in the next step said coefficient.
  • NumOfOrders; the number of pending orders.


  • You must allow the automatic trading on the “Expert Advisors” ( “Tools” tab ->”Settings”).

BuyLimit and SellLimit MQ5 buttons

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Pairs Trade Exec

Pairs Trade Exec

Advisor Pairs Trade Exec is an executive module for Pairs Trade and Pairs Trade Demo indicators. It performs input from the team for the opening / closing of trading orders.


Advisor Pairs Trade Exec is used only in conjunction with indicator Pairs Trade or Pairs Trade Demo. Run it in the same window in which the running light. Make sure the adviser is allowed to trade, and in the terminal settings enabled automated trading using expert advisors. Depending on the broker, you may need to pick up the value of the slip when opening / closing orders. The results of the trading operations are displayed in a pop-up notification box.

Input parameters

  • Slippage, pips – slippage in points.

Pairs Trade Exec

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