Natixis Mario Draghi today at least say something

Natixis: Mario Draghi today, at least say something new

The main event today will be the decision of the ECB’s monetary policy, and given the statements of Mario Draghi that the fate of QE program will be discussed in the autumn, this debate is likely to begin today.

In any case, today we have to at least learn something new. To prepare the market with phasing out asset purchase program, starting next January a decision on this matter should be announced today or in October. According to our forecast, the duration of the QE program will be extended, as an acceleration in economic growth and inflation equalize rapidly rising euro and increased geopolitical uncertainty. However, the question remains open of specific dates. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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Expert works with tics, calculate volatility works in the working corridor volatility. After that determines the deviation of the price from the price level of balance, and starts the operation in the direction specified in the settings and at the appropriate levels, which are also defined in the settings.

Setup (default) is displayed in the screenshot (2014.01.01-2014.11.01). To work in real mode, you must optimize the month of ticks, then you can work. But before the work it is necessary to optimize all the ticks! Setting to optimize available. Suffice it to optimize adviser once, for example, in the past month. After that, it shows excellent results on forward-term (one year).

It is recommended to run on liquid forex pairs with low spreads and use the VPS. You can start using it with a lot of $ 100 and 0.01.


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Citi recommends for short NZDUSD

Citi recommends for short NZD / USD

Analyzing various options within the currency pairs rates among Big Ten in the short term (within 1-2 weeks), Citi analysts offer their choice. So, the idea of ​​the week from CitiFX is to sell the New Zealand dollar protivdollara US (NZD / USD) at the level of $ 0.8130, focusing on the reduction of up to $ 0.7975 with a stop loss at $ 0.8220. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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Credit Suisse prospects and forecasts for major

Credit Suisse: prospects and forecasts for major currencies

Expectations and forecasts of the Group currency strategist at Credit Suisse in relation to key major currencies.

Dollar. Bullish view. The labor market continues to improve the economy strengthens. We expect that most of the currencies of countries with emerging economies will gradually be provided under pressure as an unprecedented period of record-low interest rates in the United States is completed.

Euro. Bearish view. After another reduction in interest rates the prospects of the single currency against the US competitor determined differential short-term real interest rates and financial flows, where we observe the changes are not in favor of Europe. We recommend looking for an opportunity against the euro of sales of certain currencies of developing countries.

Yen. Bearish view. The current weakness in the economy suggests further steps the Bank of Japan, aimed at economic stimulation, which contrasts strongly with the expectations of monetary tightening in the United States. The increase in Japan’s deficit on current account in conjunction with the optimistic US economic outlook gives reason to expect a continuation of the upward trend in the pair dollar / yen. We also expect that the outflow of funds from Japan will exert additional pressure on the yen.

Aussies. Long-term bearish view. The Reserve Bank of Australia is likely to be forced to go to the “doves notes” in his comments after for the 2nd quarter inflation report. The narrowing of yield spreads and a fall in prices for commodity assets will continue to pull down the Australian currency. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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Societe Generale advises to sell pound

Societe Generale advises to sell the pound

Short on the pound / dollar (GBP / USD) still makes sense, analysts say Societe Generale. UK is not subject to a major event risk this week, and the pound was a welcome respite after a Scottish referendum: the alarm last week, in the past, says an expert on macroeconomics Societe Generale Kit Dzhaks. The pound is now trading around $ 1.6314. Sale of the pound against the dollar still makes sense, says Mr. Jax. "As in the euro short-covering was not significant, long-term economic growth prospects are not as bright as they were before", – he said. Source: Forexpf.Ru – Forex Market News

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Real or not

Real or not

two years short as I am trading in actual accounts.

Profukannyh already a lot of money. But every time I get plums deposit, I analyze their trade and know what a loser I mostly blame.

Except in the case of unexpected news release (and for reasons of improper money management).

With discipline I did not order, therefore, to ponder the transfer of trading forex adviser, which in the old version of the language I learned to do.

Although sometimes manual trading brings in comparison with the robot simply fantastic results.

The latest example. I went up to the amount of $ 38 for 8 trading days (from December 8 to December 18, 2014) up to 6270 dollars. The robot in this time would give about 180 bucks profit (see picture above).

But later I merged depot, and the robot continued to increase profits.

So here’s the question. Real or not remake himself?

Can still give all at the mercy of the soulless robot and follow the old truth that all too well, is also not good. At the same time sell signals and the robot itself on the layout.

How are you getting on with the answer to this question.

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Forex Ichimoku Clouds Review of AUDUSD

Forex: Ichimoku Clouds. Review of AUD / USD


four-hour graph. Tenkan-sen line is above the Kijun-sen, both of which are horizontal. Chinkou Span line has crossed the price chart from the bottom up,
forming an additional signal to buy. Current cloud is still descending.
The pair broke the red and blue lines and seeks to enter into the cloud. The closest
the level of support becomes the Tenkan-sen (0.7791) line resistance is lower
border cloud (0.7841).

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Review of AUDUSD


On the daily chart
Tenkan-sen line is below the Kijun-sen, the red line is oriented downwards, while the blue
It remains horizontal. Chinkou Span line is below the price chart, current
cloud – downward. resistance levels are Tenkan-sen line (0.7824) and Kijun-sen (0.7959). Supposed
the level of support – one of the previous line of minima Chinkou Span (0.7590).

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Review of AUDUSD

Key levels

Support levels:
0.7791, 0.7590.

Resistance: 0.7824, 0.7841, 0.7959.

trading recommendations

on the four-hour
schedule started a trend reversal, but the daily chart we see only
correction. Long positions closest target level becomes 0.7841, then
the pair can rise to the level of 0.7959.

Anastasia Glushkov

Analyst LiteForex Investments Limited

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