The indicator provides a statistical picture of price movements intraday bars. He builds a histogram of average price movements in each intraday bar, broken down by day of week. Bars with standard deviation above movement or with a higher percentage of purchases than sales (or vice versa) can be considered as direct signals to trade.

The indicator looks at the history of the current character and summarizes the changes in quotations on each intraday bar given day of the week. For example, if the current schedule – is H1, then the 15:00 bar stands 5 internal cells to calculate price changes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. And these 5-well Vectors – 24 – for each hour bar. In addition, for each bar and each day of the week count the number of times when the bar is “moved” up or down.

Analysis of the full history allows to calculate motion expectation rates on one bar (this value is close to zero, but may contain a small displacement: supertrend) and standard deviation. Then easily detect the cells corresponding to the bars with the price higher than the expectation of plus / minus deviation. It is statistically valid assessment of what the bars and on what days tend to be bullish or bearish.

In addition, the indicator allows you to count the number of bullish and bearish intraday specific implementations bar and then find bars, on which the purchase or sale had significantly more marked preference than the opposite direction.

The indicator should be put on the intraday timeframes – D1 and older do not make sense. It should also be noted that the timeframes smaller than M15 are not particularly effective because it bars the size becomes small. Recommended timeframes: M15, M30, H1, H4.

On the chart the indicator illuminates the field 2 bars: one in the end of history ( “backtest”), and one in the future ( “forward”). Both domains comprise a number of bars in a day, such as 24 bar for H1. For the field test, the indicator calculates the virtual profit that could be achieved by trading on the signals, and the result is displayed in the title display. For example, in the first screen shot shown below message: StatBarsPoints: 394 pts in 12 single-bar-orders. Indeed, in a test seen 12 bars (shown in bold yellow) with the historical dimensions that go beyond the calculated deviation, and although not all the bars aligned with the direction of price movement, the overall result is positive. It should be noted that the virtual income is considered to be without spreads.

The area forward of the show as a prediction of the near future. It makes sense to be prepared to trade on the most prominent expected signals.


  • DayOffset – number “of the day”, which ends the history of the analysis; Default – 0, which means that the test area is located directly at the end of the story; a value of 1 and more allow you to move the “future” back and evaluate virtual trade on other areas of quotations; “Day” here refers to the number of bars in the day and not the calendar day; For example, if the last bar – 15:00, then setting parameter to 1 will move forward and test the border yesterday Bar 15:00;
  • Threshold – indicates the defect detection signal; ; 1 – Default the meaning of the threshold depends on the parameter Percentage, those. on the mode indicator; when Percentage – false, Threshold – is a multiplier for the rejection; when Percentage – true, Threshold – the percentage (100% = 1.0);
  • Percentage – flag to select the operating mode: false – calculation points; true – calculation of interest; default – false (more reliable);

By default, the indicator analyzes price changes for bars in points. For example, if the expected value in the entire history of one point on the bar (5-sign, AUDJPY) and deviation – 15 points, at a threshold of 1, the indicator mark signal beverage with expected movement 16 (1 + 15) or more points up or 14 (1-15), and more points downward. If the threshold is 2, the levels are 31 (1 + 15 * 2) and 29 (1-15 * 2).

When the indicator calculates the interest up and down movements for each bar, the threshold should be lower, since 1.0 = 100%, and a single bar with these characteristics will never be (otherwise, it would be the “gold” bar, constantly making a profit), so that this threshold is unattainable. For example, setting a threshold of 0.7 means that the indicator signals will treat those bars, in which 70% or more just a case of buying or selling, ie bars with a noticeable asymmetry.


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RBC recommends selling EURUSD

RBC recommends selling EUR / USD

* Royal Bank of Canada – Canada’s largest bank, which is also the largest Canadian company. The twelfth largest bank in the world by market capitalization. It founded in 1864 in Halifax.

In 2009, he held the 55th place in the list of the largest companies in the world Forbes. In 2010, the list of the 50 most reliable banks in the world, published by the magazine Global Finance, the bank placed on the 10th place.

RBC recommends to sell EUR / USD at 1.0920 and 1.1320 stselyu stop at 1.1500

PS: signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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TCotOD MT5 (The calculation of the opening day) building levels and areas of support / resistance at the opening of the trading day. the opening of the trading day is considered to 0:00 GMT (UTC).

Indicator is represented by five and ten Zones levels (five levels of support and resistance levels five). The levels are distributed throughout the day range. The last of them form the boundaries beyond which the price in the halcyon days, does not come out. In those days, when the expected important news (non-farm payrolls, the data on interest rates, unemployment data, it Heads of central banks), these limits can be breached. Therefore, extreme levels serve as an excellent venue for pending orders on the rebound, but only until the end of the day. With the end of the day these orders (both pending and open) must be closed. The central zone (gray) is fulfilled well enough during the trends. Also this area works well during lateral movement, provided that the distance between the inner zone (pink zone and a zone of a light green color) over 50 points for four-quotations or more than 500 points for five-digit quotes. Levels for display of pending orders serve as a zone boundary, and the middle of this zone (this option is preferred).

If the distance between the inner zone of about 50 points for four-quotes (about 500 points for the five-digit quotes) or less, then, in the quiet days, the boundaries of these zones are the levels to be placed pending orders rebound. The outer zones have the same function as the internal, but the distance between the inner and outer zones no role.

An important point – prior to placing orders it is necessary to determine the current trend (upward or downward) in the timeframe H4 or D1.

If the expected yield of important news, the levels TCotOD MT5 indicator can be used as benchmarks for pending orders at the breakdown.

The indicator works on the timeframes under D1.


  • days – the number of days to display
  • gmt_shift – the difference (in hours) between the time GMT (UTC) and time of the terminal. Example 3; -5; 1, etc.
  • show_levels – show / hide the levels and areas. true – and the zone levels are displayed; false – will be displayed only the central zone.
  • zone_opening_day – the color of the central zone
  • zone_resistance1 – Color inner upper zone
  • zone_resistance2 – color external upper zone
  • zone_support1 – the color of the inside of the lower zone
  • zone_support2 – the color of the outside of the lower zone
  • color levels of resistance
    • l_opening_day_up1
    • l_opening_day_up2
    • l_opening_day_up3
    • l_opening_day_up4
    • l_opening_day_up5
  • rendering styles resistance levels
    • l_opening_day_up1_style
    • l_opening_day_up2_style
    • l_opening_day_up3_style
    • l_opening_day_up4_style
    • l_opening_day_up5_style
  • resistance levels Width
    • l_opening_day_up1_width
    • l_opening_day_up2_width
    • l_opening_day_up3_width
    • l_opening_day_up4_width
    • l_opening_day_up5_width
  • color support levels
    • l_opening_day_dw1
    • l_opening_day_dw2
    • l_opening_day_dw3
    • l_opening_day_dw4
    • l_opening_day_dw5
  • styles of drawing support levels
    • l_opening_day_dw1_style
    • l_opening_day_dw2_style
    • l_opening_day_dw3_style
    • l_opening_day_dw4_style
    • l_opening_day_dw5_style
  • levels of support width
    • l_opening_day_dw1_width
    • l_opening_day_dw2_width
    • l_opening_day_dw3_width
    • l_opening_day_dw4_width
    • l_opening_day_dw5_width


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Australian will rise and then fall

The Australian will rise, and then fall

slightly recovered ground against most rivals Tuesday. its
role in this was played and the positive data from China and the positive dynamics
stock markets. This resulted in a large-scale restoration USD / JPY to
109.29 mark, and fall EUR / USD in the area of ​​1.1280. Chinese
Statistics from the sharp rise in export markets has attracted attention because it
perceived as the stabilization of the economy after a difficult period
slowdown and the collapse of financial sites. That is why the market
He came back positive, and under attack were the most “risk-free assets.”

markets continued their upward movement was greatly fostered by a positive
Chinese statistics. Meanwhile, Brent yet updated
4-month high of 44.93 dollars. / Bbl., But then go
able. Gold sharp pullback in the area in 1240 dollars. / Oz. On the understanding that
housekeeper in the world can all be not so bad.
Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Stochastic and 3 iMA

Stochastic and 3 iMA

This is a simple trend forex strategy.

The recommended interval – H1, the default settings are selected for the currency pair GBPUSD (other intervals and currency pairs should be selected other indicators forex settings).

The following indicators are used in the strategy:

  1. EMA: EMA (4) – blue
  2. EMA: EMA (13) – Green
  3. EMA: EMA (50) – orange.
  4. Oscillator Stochastic – Stochastic Oscillator (12,9,5), levels – 20, 40, 60, 80.

The deal to buy opens at the opening of the next candle after the following conditions:

  1. The moving average EMA (4) crossed average EMA (50) upwards.
  2. The moving average EMA (13) is also crossed moving average EMA (50) upwards.

Stop-loss is set at a distance of 50-70 points, or, by default 70, or below the EMA (50) – that is the greater.

Out trade position – Once the dotted line stochastic (% D) crosses the level 60 downwards. Figure 1. Additionally, the output from the position where EMA (4) crosses the EMA (50) from the bottom upwards, with the proviso that the position in profit.

For transactions on sale – the reverse condition.

Out transaction for sale – as soon as the dotted line stochastic (% D) crosses the level 40 upwards. Figure 2. Additionally, the output from the position where EMA (4) crosses the EMA (50) from top to bottom, with the proviso that the position in profit.

parameters advisor

  • Lot for trading – Lot size.
  • StopLoss – The five-digit quotes.
  • MagicNumber – Magic Number
  • The reverse trade ??? – If FALSE the trade strictly on strategy. TRUE if the EA opens positions mirror.
  • Stochastic High Level – The upper level, the level indicator perekuplennosti Stochastic
  • Stochastic Low Level – The lower level, the level of oversold Stochastic indicator

Indicator profiles hopefully self-explanatory.

Stochastic and 3 iMA

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NZDUSD pair is under pressure

NZD / USD: the pair is under pressure


Zealand is the largest exporter of dairy products on the world market,
primarily in China. On Wednesday, the largest dairy company in New Zealand
Fonterra reported an increase in net profit, which was in the past
half NZ $ 409 million as compared to 183 million NZ
dollars in the previous period. However, the news did not help New Zealand
dollar. The pair NZD / USD after a slight increase at the beginning of the Asian session
It continued to fall.

held last week, the dairy auction index for dairy products prices
It decreased by 2.9%.

Two weeks
RB ago New Zealand had already lowered the interest rate by 0.25% to 2.25%, which
It led to a sharp drop in the New Zealand dollar on the entire financial market.

fear of further deterioration in the global economic outlook and decline
inflation expectations in most of New Zealand.

Fed to maintain its key interest rate unchanged at 0.5% and
downgrade on future rate hikes have mostly
It worked out by the market.

that the President of the Philadelphia Fed, Patrick Harker said Tuesday that the positive
prospects for the US economy speak in favor of the next increase of short-term
interest rates. Moreover, the rate hike is possible in any of the Fed meeting,
not excluding April. Harker himself in favor of raising rates more than twice in the US this year.

The president
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Dzheyms Bullard in an interview with Bloomberg Television, said yesterday that
it is likely the April rise in interest rates in the United States if
economic data will continue to match the Fed’s forecasts and
there will be no surprises.

, the different directions of the monetary policies of central banks and the US
New Zealand once again come to the forefront in assessing the prospects of couples
NZD / USD. It is expected that the key interest rate in New Zealand is
reduced to 1.75% from its current level of 2.25%, and in the course of meetings
RBNZ in June and August.

In this regard,
This pressure on the pair NZD / USD will continue to grow in the short and medium
term for fixing prices below the level of 0.6695, which passes through
144-period moving average on the daily chart.

NZDUSD pair is under pressure


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You can start automated trading with only $ 10 in the account, as the adviser opens a lot as a% of funds in the account.

EA opens and closes trades, following its capital management strategy.

The strategy was tested on the large timeframe for the period length of 14
years. During the test, from 2000 to 2013. with a risk of 10% for transaction adviser
I earned 6,382,000.

The strategy has a good balance of risks to earnings. Martingale is not used, no increase in volume at a loss.

The trading system is designed for use on EURUSD (on the hourly time frame), it takes into account features of the pair.

Advisor does not use the scalper strategy.

  • not scalping
  • not martingale
  • Given the market noise



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