After refuting BlackBerry news shares fell by 16%

After refuting BlackBerry news shares fell by 16%

As it turned out,
Samsung and was not going to buy
BlackBerry. When the two companies denied
information about the negotiations, the shares of the Canadian
company fell by 16.5% – to $ 10.52.

The Samsung said,
that the rumor was completely “baseless.”
BlackBerry confirmed that no talks
South Korean companies to buy
Concern Samsung is not conducted. On this day
re-writes Bloomberg.

first morning
Reuters news agency wrote that Samsung Electronics
It is going to buy the company for BlackBerry
$ 7.5 billion. The agency also
It wrote that Samsung thus wants to strengthen
the competitiveness of its smartphones
and improve data protection. After
the publication of this news yesterday, shares
BlackBerry rose by more than 30%.

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Verdure Deluxe Pivot Trail

Verdure Deluxe Pivot Trail


This version DELUX series Verdure Pivot Trail indicators. Indicator Verdure Deluxe Pivot Trail is building four different types of levels of Pivot turn for each graph bar. Pivot Levels allow you to define the point of reversal of the market, and the comparison pivot-level period with daytime levels makes it quite accurately predict these reversals.

The following types of pivot-levels:

  1. Standard Pivot Point
  2. Fibonacci Pivot Point
  3. Camarilla Pivot Point
  4. Woodie Pivot Point


  • Four types of pivot levels in one indicator
  • Dynamic calculation and construction Pivot-levels for each bar on the graph (the central pivot-level, R1, R2, R3, S1, S2 and S3)
  • Pivot-levels can be used for trailing positions as well as to determine the turning points in the market.
  • It works on all timeframes from minute 9 Doge month.
  • The values โ€‹โ€‹of the previous periods are stored in the buffer and are available for viewing in the data window. This is especially useful if you want to understand price behavior near reversal levels.
  • Fully customizable settings in the “Settings” window display settings.
  • You can set up notifications via email for each period.
  • You can choose to send push-notifications for each period.
  • It can be used in the EA via iCustom function for receiving data from the corresponding buffer.


  • It saves time because you no longer have to rely pivot-levels manually.
  • It uses data from your broker, so you do not need to rely on ready-‘s pivot points levels published on some websites on the Internet, the data which may differ from your broker.
  • Fully customizable, so you can choose to display only those levels that you use in your strategy. For example, you can enable the display of levels Central Pivot, Resistance and Support 1. 1 This is a useful feature that allows you to keep the schedule in order. You can display any combination of levels.
  • It can be used on all financial instruments in MetaTrader 4

Verdure Deluxe Pivot Trail

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VR Watch list and Linker DEMO

VR Watch list and Linker DEMO

Full version

Limitation of the demo version:

  • two tools only.
  • Buttons are disabled, Load, Save, Filter.

VR Watch list and Linker – is a professional list of trading tools, which significantly expands the trader the possibility of reducing the chore of finding trading tools. If the main trading instrument is no trading signals and complete calm, with the help of Watch list and Linker trader can pick up a few other tools for the trade.

On the stock market trader to trade the beginning conducts research (Research), selects 2-5 financial instruments, which will most likely receive a quality signal from the trading system. During the trading period, a trader is only 2-5 with these tools. Thus, the trader is focused only on a narrow list of tools, holds the key to all the information and the situation in general.

Navigation in the program is possible with a mouse or keyboard:

  • Navigating the characters up / down is done by clicking the mouse on the name of the instrument or buttons on the keyboard Up, Dw.
  • Move to the top of the list when you press the Home button.
  • Move to the bottom of the list when you press on the End key.
  • Removing tools from the window there is a mouse click on the button with the symbol (+) or by pressing the Delete button.

Linking graphs:

  1. Adjust schedules according to your trading system (indicators, period, scale, color schemes) in the Watch list box, click on the Link button and choose a color.
  2. In the graphs that you want to link to the selected Watch list, click the button with the same color.

The selected instrument software displays the information:

  • Short name of the instrument (EURUSD),
  • the full name of the tool (Euro vs US Dollar),
  • instrument type (Forex, CFD, Metals, CFD Index),
  • floating spread (~) or fixed (fix),
  • spread size,
  • value of one pip trading instrument with an accuracy of up to 4 digits (0.0000)
  • required collateral / margin and the currency margin
  • the minimum and maximum amount for opening a position.

Each tool in the Watch list has:

  • the delete button in the form of (+)
  • button with the name of the tool and the tip (tool type)
  • Ask a price of 1.23650 format
  • Bid price in the format | 65 |,
  • the value of the ATR,
  • value Net (Net change).


  1. download all the characters from the terminal window review of the market,
  2. maintain their own lists,
  3. upload previously stored sheets,
  4. remove sheets,
  5. filter by type of trading tools (Forex, CFD, Metals, CFD Index),
  6. Running multiple copies of the program on different schedules link errors windows only to its copy.

Indications ATR (ATR) – is the average scale of the price of the maximum and minimum number of days, helping to select the tools that are well run. For example: The value of 560 means that the average over the last 5 days of the instrument went about 560 points, on the basis of this we can infer how this tool is now interested traders and how much profit we can expect a period of one trading day.

Indications Net (Net change) – This growth / falling of the price as a percentage of the current day, helps to identify the trader tools where there is movement.


At the first start program in the trading account may require a large amount of Internet traffic and time, in my case when the program starts at 507 trading instruments require 150 MB of Internet traffic and 5 minute data.

Button menu:

Update – by pressing the button in the Watch list the entire list of tools to be loaded, which is currently in the main window of the MetaTrader Market Review. To download the full list of tools that provides a broker, you need to “market survey” of the terminal window, right-click and select “Show all symbols”.

Filter – by pressing the button to open the filter menu in which you can filter the instruments:

  • Symbol – filter on interesting currency or more characters present in the name of the tool. For example, specifying “EUR” – the filter will display all of the currency pairs, which have a currency (EUR); specifying a character “A” – the filter will show all of the tools whose names contain the symbol (A). For this type of two fields made filter. The fields are case sensitive, ie “eur” filter does not find anything, but will by “EUR”.
  • Price – filter display tools with the price range. In the “Minimal” is introduced the minimum price of the instrument, in the “Maximal” – max.
  • Volume – the volume filter. For MetaTrader 4 use tick volume.
  • Margin – Filter by the required margin / collateral.
  • ATR – filter for maximum scatter / course price, it helps to take away the tools that go the specified number of points.
  • Buttons (Forex, CFD, CFD Index, Futures, Metals) – shows all the tools of the selected type.
  • Reset – resets the filter. If the filter is set for a value, the inscription on the button “Filter” will be tinted red.
  • Ok – applies the filter.

Save – opens a menu for entering the name of the current layout tools and click to save it. By default, the program suggests a name in the format “date. hour-minute-second” (the number of characters to store the total number of characters from a broker). You can enter any name for the sheet, following on Windows file naming rules (prohibited characters /, ,:, *,?, “?<. >, | ). If the list already exists, the program will offer to replace it or enter a different name.

Load – opens a list of previously stored sheets, clicking on the name will be loaded with the selected list by clicking on the Delete button, the sheet is removed.

The sheets are stored in the files / Watch_Linker terminal folder in CSV format, which can be opened EXCEL program.

Link – allows you to choose one of three colors to indicate the program which windows schedules to synchronize with the current sheet instruments.

input box — / — and “Add symbol” button allows you to add the missing in the tool list.

Program settings:

  • Prefix – A unique set of symbols for each copy of the program should have its own.
  • X Position – Position on the X axis
  • Y Position – Position on the axis Y.
  • List Size – The height of the sheet, if 0 then the height adjusts automatically.
  • Price Update Speed โ€‹โ€‹- Update rate of price data 50-1000, 1 second is equal to 1000. For low-end PCs 300-500 is recommended for powerful PCs 100-500.
  • Correction tick size – Correction value of the item. Some brokers set value is 10 times less or 10 times from the terminal values. You can adjust the value of one point by writing 1 or 10, or 0.1.
  • Days ATR – The number of days to calculate the ATR readings.
  • Skins – The color scheme of the program. It may be selected from the already prepared or created by users of the tabernacle Manual.
  • Color Button Menu – Color menu buttons.
  • Color Button Menu Border – Color bezel menu buttons (when clrNONE button is convex).
  • Color Button Menu Text – Text Color on the menu buttons.
  • Color Button Menu Press – The color of the menu button is pressed.
  • Color Button Forex – Forex color for the buttons.
  • Color Button Cfd- Color buttons for CFD.
  • Color Button Cfd Index- buttons Color CFD Index.
  • Color Button Metals- Color buttons for Metalls.
  • Color Button Futures- Color buttons for Futures.
  • Color Button Border- color fringing tool buttons.
  • Color Button Text- the text color on the keys.
  • Color Button Choise- text color to the selected characters.
  • Color Button Trade Disabled – which trade instruments Color prohibited.
  • Color Edit Fon- Background color input fields.
  • Color Edit Border- color fringing input fields.
  • Color Edit Text- the text color in the input fields.
  • Color Fon Text Info – the color of text in the information box.
  • Color Fon Background – The background color of the program.
  • Color Fon Border – Color fringing program background.
  • Color Price UP – The color of the rising price.
  • Color Price DW – Color of falling prices.
  • Color Price NONE – Color price unchanged (at clrNONE not taken into account).
  • Color Atr UP – Color growing Atr.
  • Color Atr DW – Color falling Atr.
  • Color Atr NONE – Atr color unchanged (at clrNONE not taken into account).
  • Color Net UP – Color growing Net change.
  • Color Net DW – Color incident Net change.
  • Color Net NONE – Net change color unchanged (at clrNONE not taken into account).
  • Color Link A – The color of the link A.
  • Color Link B – Link color B.
  • Color Link C – Color link C.

For programs running technical support:

Skype (chat): Trading-Go or Voldemar227

VR Watch list and Linker DEMO


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If the expert uses a mathematical algorithm analysis of market conditions, which ensures accurate inputs and the most advantageous closing of trading positions.

It works on all major instruments.

Uses fixed levels reduce losses and achieve the desired profit.

expert work is not sensitive to disruptions communication terminal, razdvizhki spreads and slippage.

The present expert system automatically calculate the position of the volume as a percentage of the deposit.

It can work together with other experts, controlling only its position.

It is possible to install an expert on multiple instruments simultaneously.

The expert is able to work well both in small bills, and on a large deposit accounts.

Recommended scheduling periods for installation expert M5, M15, M30, H1.

Expert settings

  • OpenSignal – The value of the input signal into the market.
  • OpenIndex – The value of the calculated index.
  • IndexSignal – The index value to the input signal in the market.
  • IndexCoef – The value of the index coefficient.
  • SignalPeriod – Billing period to the input signal.
  • IndexPeriod – The settlement period of the index.
  • OpenPeriod – The total estimated period of entering the market.
  • MaxOpenOrders – The maximum number of orders.
  • CloseSignal – Meaning of position closing signal.
  • MinClose – The minimum value intermediate position closing signal.
  • IndexClose – Meaning closing position index signal.
  • DrawdownClose – Estimated value of the closing position in the negative zone.
  • ProfitClose – Estimated value of the closing position in the positive zone.
  • PeriodClose – Billing period closing positions.
  • TakeProfit – Significance level desired profit position in paragraphs tool.
  • StopLoss – Significance level loss limit position in paragraphs tool.
  • StopLevelUp – The value stops increasing levels when limits availability.
  • lot – A fixed volume position is used when the system is off automatically calculate the amount of the position.
  • Use_MM – Switching the system automatically calculate the amount of the position.
  • Pct_MM – The value percent of available means for the automatic calculation of the level position.
  • Use_INFO – Inclusion mapping information instrument expert on the graph.
  • SpreadLimit – The maximum allowable spread in paragraphs tool for opening orders.
  • Slippage – The maximum allowable deviation of the price for the open positions.
  • ExpertID – Unique number of positions offered by the expert used to work together with other experts.
  • Order_CommentNote the positions offered by the expert.

Answers to the questions and recommendations of the Trade you are interested you can get, write me a private message or e-mail indicated in the EA.


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Russian metallurgical companies get huge profits

Russian metallurgical companies get huge profits due to the low exchange rate of the ruble

non-ferrous metals producers (especially
– Copper Company) are suffering from falling
prices for their raw materials, count losses. A
Russian metallurgists not much
experience – their companies are
record profits, benefiting from a collapsed
the ruble.

According to Reuters,
shares of the world’s mining giants
decreased after the falling prices of copper –
its price fell to a minimum of 5.5 years,
losing two weeks more than 13%. For example –
Antofagasta shares have fallen in price since the beginning of the year
11%, Anglo American – 13%, Glencore – 21%.

But the collapse of
World copper prices almost never
affected Russian companies –
due to the devaluation of the ruble prices
We reached record high levels, according to
BCS analyst Kirill Chuiko.

In Russia, the largest
copper producer – Ural
Mining and Metallurgical Company – for
two weeks has risen in price by 19% (while
copper and nickel fell fell to 7%).
Most zakreditovanny Metallurgy
Russia and the largest producer of
primary aluminum in the world – Rusal – for
January lost in the value of 1%, although
aluminum prices decreased by 4%.

simply revenue
Metallurgists-growing exporters
in proportion to the dollar, and the costs
The company recorded in rubles.

companies are in a better
position than their competitors elsewhere
yet", – says the analyst of Societe Generale
Sergey Donskoy. In this case Rusal
which since 2008 has been working with the minimum
profitability due to low prices
metal, may become the second most profitable
companies in this sector after Norilsk Nickel.

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In Venezuela wants to create unified system of

In Venezuela, wants to create a unified system of three exchange markets

yesterday President
Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro announced that
The country has created a single currency system,
which will consist of three exchange
markets for the different needs of the state
and individuals, including the will

According to him,
The official dollar rate still
It will be held at the level of 6.3 bolivar,
that is calculated for food
and health services. But now
will still function system
Sicad-1, intended for the purchase of currency
importers at a reduced rate.

Sicad-2 system, where the application for purchase
currency could do all the physical
person actually converted to the exchange.
“This is a new system in the auction
which may involve both
public and private sector,
it will work through the system
public and private exchanges “, –
Maduro said, speaking in front of Parliament.

The president
added that the presence and work of three
currency markets will be in Venezuela
a temporary solution until you improve
The situation with the country’s economy.

In the last 10
years, the country has strict limits
the purchase and sale of foreign currency by physical
and legal entities. Free exchange bolivars
and get dollars at the official
the course was an individual is impossible,
and legal persons had
use a complex system of purchase
currency auctions. official exchange rate
dollar at the same time dozens of times different
of course on the black market.

A pair of VEF / USD
(Venezuelan bolivar / US
USD), according to,
It is trading at 0.2327 to the October 6

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Advisor to work on graficheskommu price analysis, working with all the lines drawn on the chart. It is able to build their own trendlines, support and resistance levels. The expert can work with any number of objects constructed trader manually, using the adviser or auxiliary indicators. It recognizes objects: a horizontal line, the trend line, the trend line for a corner. Revers parameter can be deployed on the direction of trade line break or a rollback. ReEntry parameter given the opportunity to re-working off-signal at the same price level but on a new candle. Adapted for the 4-5 digit quotations. Transactions are made on the market (Market Execution) – take-profit and stop-loss is set after the order execution, are modified according to the established in the EA settings. For the transaction using a trailing stop and breakeven. Advisor is simple to use, easily configurable, designed for maximum comfort and long in the market.


  • It works with all lines drawn on the chart. (A horizontal line, the trend line, the trend line of the corner)
  • Can build trend lines and levels of support and resistance samostoyaetlno
  • Always use a stop loss to protect your investment
  • Suitable for all currency pairs
  • Easy to use (it has no complicated settings)
  • Universally applicable, it all depends on your imagination;

Important! This is not the Grail, a program designed to work on graphical analysis. Before you buy be sure to test the program in the strategy tester visually, deal with all the settings. If during the tests have any questions then please contact me. I hope that this product will be useful to you. Feedback welcome.


  • TimeStart – the start time of the expert’s work;
  • TimeFinish – time of the expert’s work;
  • EquityRisk – avtoraschet trading lot depending on the stop-loss and the available funds. If = 0, it is not used;
  • Lot – Par, if EquityRisk = 0;
  • Martingale – multiplication of the lot at a loss. If = 0, it is not used;
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit;
  • StopLoss – stop-loss;
  • Magic – the magic number, if = 0, then works with all orders;
  • Com – comment on the orders;
  • MaxOrders – the maximum number of simultaneously open orders;
  • Revers – Reverse transactions, instead of a short position open long, and vice versa;
  • CloseBySign – closing the transaction in the reverse signal;
  • ReEntry – re-entry at the same price when the signal, but at a new bar;
  • MixedOrders – allow multidirectional order;
  • LongPosition – allow long positions (Buy);
  • ShortPosition – allow a short position (Sell);
  • StopBreakeven – the value of bezubytka if = 0, then is not used;
  • StepBreakeven – step bezubytka;
  • TrailingStart – switch-on threshold treylin stop if = 0, then is not used;
  • TrailingStop – the value of Trailing Stop;
  • TrailingStep – move the trailing stop.
  • DrawInfo – display information about the trading account in the schedule;
  • Method – method of deriving profit or loss today .;
  • DrawTrendLine – draw on the chart trend lines;
  • DrawPriceLevels – draw on the chart support and resistance levels;
  • CheckBars – the number of bars for levels of analysis;
  • ReDrawBars – the number of bars to redraw levels;
  • TimeFrame – timeframe for analysis of levels;
  • Threshold – the sensitivity of horizontal levels;
  • Support – the color of the support line;
  • Ressist – the color of the line of resistance;
  • DnLine – the color of the bottom trend line;
  • UpLine – the color of the upper trend line;
  • Header – color caps informative block;
  • Body – Body color informative block;
  • TextColor – informative text color block;


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