Holy Trend

Holy Trend

Holy Trend defines the trend and its strength.


  • defines the trend
  • Determines the strength of the trend
  • Easy to use
  • fast signals
  • All timeframes
  • It is not redrawn after the close of the candle
  • Requires no configuration
  • It can be used on the charts Renko
  • It can be used in conjunction with an indicator Holy Renko
  • Alerts, emails and push-notification
  • User’s Guide (in English)


  • The indicator is both long and short strokes, as well as the correction of
  • Bars of different sizes indicate the strength of the trend
  • support and resistance lines can switch roles


  • Requires no configuration

Holy Trend

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Euro again approaching their lows

Euro again approaching their lows

Thursday, the euro ceased to increase in
against the US dollar (at least the minimum,
but in the morning he was) and then moves in
face 11-month lows. German
Consumer Price Index, which
was released today, this month
It provides appropriate expectations.
During the day the EUR / USD dropped
from 1.3220 to 1.3183 (it is 0.08%). Support for the pair
It is expected at 1.3153 and resistance
– at 1.3243.

Statistics released by the statistics on
Unemployment in the eurozone. For example, in Germany
the number of unemployed rose by 2000
But it predicted a decline of

and fell against the pound: EUR / GBP
It lost 0.16%.

the financial world still awaits data from
US GDP growth in the second quarter – an important
macroeconomic indicator that
It reflects much of the country.

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Oil futures are down

Oil futures are down

got cheerless statistics for the euro area
and China manufacturing data showed
not the brightest dynamics. This has
certain oil pressure. Oil
WTI for October delivery
trading today on the New York
Mercantile Exchange at around 92.58 dollars
per barrel, showing a decline of 0.71%.

futures is expected to be $ 94.48,
and resistance – at 96.00.

Exchange ICE Brent crude oil
(Futures for delivery in October) dropped
0.79% (and is now worth 101.98 dollars per
barrel), a Spread between contracts
It is $ 9.40.

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EURGBP pair is stable at 2 year low

EUR / GBP: The pair is stable at 2-year low

On Wednesday, the euro fell against the
pound, once again approaching the two-year
minimum after conditions index
the business environment in Germany declined again
this month, while the European
the central bank once again
He reaffirmed the commitment of the adaptive
monetary policy.

Couple EUR / GBP reached
minimum 0.7828 and was trading at 0.7834,
a decrease of 0.05% during the day. Couple,
It was likely to find support at 0.7809,
the low of September 19 and the weakest since
August 2012 and resistance at
around 0.7875.

Sentiment on the
single currency came under pressure after
addition, a report showed that confidence
business to the German economy weakened
in September, the fifth consecutive month.

The pound was supported,
as investors focused all
focus on monetary prospects
British policy after the Scottish
referendum on independence held
last Thursday.

Euro is stable at
against the dollar, the pair EUR / USD traded
at 1.2848, at the Monday 14-month
minimum 1.2815.

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Gold fell strongly in anticipation of Greek agreement

Gold fell strongly in anticipation of the Greek agreement solutions

On Wednesday morning, the gold
It is trading at about $ 1209.20
– just above yesterday’s close. hope
a compromise between Greece and its
creditors of the third day, weakening demand
for safe assets.

Most likely, futures
Gold support at $ 1201.60, and
Resistance is at $ 1236.70 –
the high of February 16th. Yesterday, gold fell
in price from $ 1233.70
to $ 1204.70 (according to the portal
investing.com), and to
closing futures were at around
$ 1208.60.

According to some
foreign media today from Athens extreme
a period when they can turn to
international creditors with a request for
extension of the current loan agreement
4-6 months. Thus, concern
about the country’s future in the euro zone
moderately reduced.

Recall the current period
Agreement on Greece bailout
ends on February 28 – the country
provided EUR 240 billion. And if
agreement is not extended, the country can
in general remain without money.

Investors are now waiting
any statements from Greece or the EU, and
and Monitor Reports – today should
come out of the last meeting
The Fed, which will give an additional
view on the timing of
rise in US interest rates. Expectation
Rates rise adversely affects
dynamics of the “gold” prices, because
Metal can not compete with
earning assets at growth rates.

At this time, the silver
It is trading at $ 16.428 per troy
ounce. Yesterday, it was trading at around
$ 16.37.

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ZigZag SupportAndResistance MT5

ZigZag SupportAndResistance MT5

Zigzag Support And Resistance – an indicator showing the zone of support and resistance on the basis of Extrema zigzag.

indicator settings

  • PrecalculateBars – the number of bars for the pre-show;
  • SmoothPercent – adhesion levels as a percentage;
  • LiveBars – while the standard of living in the bars;
  • D1Depth – depth indicator zigzag on the daily chart;
  • H4Depth – depth indicator zigzag on the four-graph;
  • H1Depth – depth indicator zigzag on the hourly chart;
  • M15Depth – depth indicator zigzag chart for the quarter;
  • M1Depth – depth indicator zigzag on minute chart;

display Options

  • ShowM1 – show levels of minute chart;
  • ShowM15 – show levels fifteen minute chart;
  • ShowH1 – show levels of hourly chart;
  • ShowH4 – show levels of four-hour schedule;
  • ShowD1 – show levels on the daily chart;
  • MinLineWidth – The minimum thickness level line;
  • MaxLineWidth – maximum thickness line level;
  • BasicColor – the color of the level of minimum importance;
  • MediumColor – color level secondary importance;
  • StrongColor – color high level of importance;

ZigZag SupportAndResistance MT5

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Support and Resistance Levels on AZZD and EF

Support and Resistance Levels on AZZD and EF

MTF-light support and resistance levels, built on extremes Advanced ZigZag Dynamic indicators and / or Extended Fractals with switchable price value in the form of tags. For MTF mode, you can select all older FFs. Default levels are based on the indicator “zigzag” points, can be also used to construct the indicator points fractals Zigzag together with or instead. For ease of use and saving processing time calculation happens once on each bar when you open it.


  • ForcedTFtimeframe chart to calculate the levels (greater than or equal to the current)
  • MinPipsLevelWidth – Minimal level width in points (used for very narrow levels)
  • Use ZigZag Extremums points – enable / disable the use ZigZag peaks to calculate the support / resistance levels
  • Fixed pips range – the distance between the minimum and maximum indicator for calculating Zigzag
  • UseDynamicRange – enabling / disabling of a dynamic calculation of the distance between the minimum and maximum indicator Zigzag
  • Dynamic volatility period – period of volatility for
    dynamic range between the minimum and maximum indicator Zigzag
  • Dynamic volatility koefficientvolatility factor for
    dynamic range between the minimum and maximum indicator Zigzag
  • Use Fractals points – enable / disable the use of fractals to calculate the support / resistance levels
  • Left fractal bars count – number, wherein the given number of bars on the one hand to find Fractal (excluding the core)
  • UseNarrowBands – Enable / disable a “wide” level (the calculation is for max. and min. values ​​of the price of opening / closing the bar)
  • KillRetouch – on / off to create a new level under the condition of its occurrence within an existing
  • TopColor – color resistance levels
  • BotColor – color support levels
  • ShowLevelsPriceLabels – enabling / disabling output label with price level value
  • PriceLabelWidth – resolution label with price level value

for MT5 version with the possibility of testing: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/7786

Support and Resistance Levels on AZZD and EF

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