After weeks of bullish dollar retreats

After weeks of bullish dollar retreats

On Friday, the dollar stalled after two days of strong growth, followed by nervous sentiment associated with the speech the head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen.

The survey shows that the main candidate Emmanuel Macron be ahead of the far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the first round on the eve of the April-May presidential election in France in May, pushing the euro higher.

The dollar this week rose by 1% in a row, the fourth week, it is still well below the highs reached at the backdrop of optimism about the form the presidency of Donald Trump.

Throughout the week the market was like a seesaw because of expectations of rising interest rates by the Federal Reserve, which will be released on March 15th.

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Gold during day when bullish breakout 1243 80

Gold (CME) (J7) during the day: when bullish breakout 1243.80

Gold during day when bullish breakout 1243 80

Buy with target above 1243.80 1251.50 points and 1256.00.

Our pivot point is at the level of 1243.80.

Our preference: fly above 1243.80 to 1251.50 of the target point and 1256.00.

Alternative scenario: The downside breakout level of 1243.80 will open the way to 1240.50 and 1235.20.

Analysis: Support is located at the level of 1243.80, allowed asset to strengthen its position for some time.

Support and resistance levels:




1247.40 Closing Price




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USDJPY for day bullish breakout at 110 40

USD / JPY for the day: bullish breakout at 110.40

USDJPY for day bullish breakout at 110 40

Buy above 110.40 with targets 110.85 and 111.15 points.

Our pivot point is at 110.40.

Our preference: to buy above 110.40 with targets 110.85 and 111.15 points.

Alternative scenario: The downside breakout level of 110.40 will open the way to 110.05 and 109.70.

Analysis: RSI mixed rather bovine.

Support and resistance levels:




110.66 closing price




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Do not forget in addition to FOMC will now televised

Do not forget: in addition to the FOMC, will now televised debate!

Today at 22.00 MSK. held last televised debate between the candidates for president of France Macron and Le Pen, which will last more than 2 hours.

Although the FOMC today pulls the blanket, it is possible that TV debates course can also once again, as in previous times, provoke sharp fluctuations in assets denominated in euros.

The EUR / USD pair attracts special attention 1.10 (psychological level), and then a magnet for the bulls may be 1.1070 (Nov 1) and 1.1130 (Nov 4), if Le Pen loses the debate.

In addition to the EUR / USD, bullish momentum can dial EUR / JPY and EUR / GBP. The growth of risk appetite will have a lot of pressure on the safe haven JPY, and GBP interest quickly fades amid concerns problems Brekzita.

On the other hand, if the odds on the basis of debate in the 2nd round Le Pen winning grow, EUR / USD may fall to 1.0775 (200-DMA) and 1.0685 (100-DMA).

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Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar

Reverse Bar indicator paints reversal bars according to the trading strategy B. Williams, described in the book “Trading Chaos 2″.

  • Bar bearish painted in red or pink. (Red – a stronger signal)
  • Bullish divergent bar turns blue or blue color. (Blue – a stronger signal)

It is recommended to use on the timeframes H1 and more.

Reverse Bar

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Conclusions on USD EUR AUD and other of COT report

Conclusions on the USD, EUR, AUD, and the other of the COT report.

Below are the main leader of the COT report on the week, as provided for Scotiabank.

Main topics: USD bullish, holding short positions against the dollar. EUR continues to be a major part of this position, but now the short AUD position is almost the same as the JPY.

EUR Bearish set its $ 24.2bn net short positions of the largest among other currencies.

Investors added a short position on the JPY, GBP, and CHF during the week

CAD is relatively modest compared with $ 5.9 billion of net short positions AUD.

Conclusions on USD EUR AUD and other of COT report

PS: Just do not forget about the free $ 15 in the binary options.

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USD EUR JPY GBP AUD Forecast for next week Morgan

USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD: Forecast for next week – Morgan Stanley

USD: Uptrend ..

Data next week should generally support the currency, and can be a catalyst for the return of a strong trend of the dollar …. We maintain our medium-term bullish view on USD.

EUR: The political and monetary pressures. Downtrend.

Greek risks remain high and should influence the European assets in general. European data has improved somewhat, but we doubt that this will be enough to increase the currency …. We will follow the CPI next week …

JPY: Strong on the crosses. Uptrend.

We remain bullish on the JPY crosses … we expect the JPY will be strong on the crosses in the medium term. In addition, concerns about Greece could weaken the appetite for risk, which also offer support relative JPY.

GBP: long-term perspective to sell. Downtrend.

Prolonged exposure to political uncertainty is likely to keep GBPUSD under pressure sellers. We prefer to sell GBP on the big rebounds, but take a more cautious approach in the elections ….

Regional AUD weakness? Downtrend.

We expect the AUD to continue weakening in the coming weeks, so kakdannye China were slightly soft, Korean GDP fell, and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand expressed his softer tone. Just waiting for strengthening of the dollar on the trail. week may provide further pressure on AUD …

PS: Just do not forget about the free $ 15 in the binary options. (Free dollars can only be obtained by May 31!)

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