Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

AUD / USD. 24.01.

Aussie is trading at highs

The currency pair AUD / USD update the local maxima of the last 2 months. Ozzy is gradually returning to a position he held until the US presidential elections. The pair is in overbought territory, which is a bit difficult to continue the upward movement in the case of formation of bearish signals can be to look at the field of 0.7560-07590 sales. On the other hand, we are now seeing movement in an upward trend, which is not yet completed and may aspire to 0.7650 in the near future.

Analyst from company ForexMart

USD / CAD. 24.01.

Pressure on the CAD is stored

Joining Donald Trump for US president caused a weakening of the US dollar against many of the world competition, including against the Canadian dollar. USD / CAD pair is under pressure. She returned to the ascending channel, but traded near its lower limit. Hence it can rebound and try to increase to 1.34. The RSI is also indicative of the growth of quotations of the trading instrument, showing a tight test rising trendline. Support levels are at levels 1.3200, 1.3165 and 1.3115. Resistance levels: 1.3335, 1.3385.

Analyst from company ForexMart

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EuroUS dollar retains tendency to increase

The euro / US dollar retains a tendency to increase

EUR / USD was trading at 1.0652, rising above the moving average of 50 periods, located at 1.0560 and kept the tendency to growth. RSI index stored in the shopping area, between 50 and 70, confirming the positive outlook.

The pair focused on growth to horizontal resistance at 1.0665 the high of December 14, a break of which will open the way to her strong resistance 1.0695 and 1.0715 horizontal resistance.

horizontal support breakthrough 1.0570 will make the outlook positive, targeting the 1.0540 and 1.0510 horizontal support.

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Currency market ruble is again focused on oil

Currency market. The ruble is again focused on oil

I received a new impetus for growth. And it is not
policy. And it is not the season of tax payments.
Just on the contrary, these two factors
gradually vanish from the scene.

Currency market ruble is again focused on oil

This time
It was the catalyst for oil. Brent first time since
the beginning of February was able to pass above 57.00 dollars. / bbl. and touch the mark of 57.39.

Moreover, there are expectations that at tomorrow
OPEC’s meeting of the Committee overseeing the implementation of the production agreement
followed by a new flurry of upbeat comments. Continued on site

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Bitcoin strongly fall in price in near future

Bitcoin strongly fall in price in the near future

The specialized social networks for investors ( began to appear that can not be avoided strong fall cryptocurrency course soon. Moreover, the author insists that the fall would be so rapid that other than the collapse, it would be difficult to name.

It should be noted that it is not just the allegations on the basis of a simple speculative review. probabilistic forecasting changes in asset value based on the price movement patterns in similar circumstances in the past – a technical analysis was conducted.

The analysis took into account the rate of Bitcoins to major world currencies (the US, Australian and New Zealand dollar, Swiss franc). The result was typical of the financial “bubble” shape – a rising arc-shaped curve.

From the beginning, Bitcoin rate increased by 310% ($ 4093), and only from mid-July price increase was 200%. August 15 the rate reached a historic high – $ 4404.

Fall of Bitcoin would be akin Nasdaq market decline in 2000 and the Shanghai Composite in 2007. At least, all the “curves” say that’s about it. In 2000 investors for nearly 6 years uncontrollably invested in Internet companies, and in the 2007th – China has decided to tighten the conditions of capital inflows to its market after the gain in the previous years.

These findings are generally supported by authoritative analysts of investment bank Goldman Sachs. In any case, the claim in the GS, cryptocurrency more a short time will grow in value, it is possible to the threshold of $ 4827, and then rapidly “fall” up to $ 2221.

One clarification from GS – he calls it, or the collapse of the “bubble”, everything happens on the normal laws of financial growth and currency depreciation, in other words, it is quite possible after the fall and gradual appreciation.

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Gold during day further growth

Gold (CME) (J7) during the day: further growth.

Buy with target above 1203.00 1214.30 points and 1218.50.

Our pivot point is at the level of 1203.00.

Our preference: fly above 1203.00 to 1214.30 of the target point and 1218.50.

Alternative scenario: The downside breakout level of 1203.00 will open the way to 1198.80 and 1194.50.

Analysis: RSI mixed rather bovine.

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After weeks of bullish dollar retreats

After weeks of bullish dollar retreats

On Friday, the dollar stalled after two days of strong growth, followed by nervous sentiment associated with the speech the head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen.

The survey shows that the main candidate Emmanuel Macron be ahead of the far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the first round on the eve of the April-May presidential election in France in May, pushing the euro higher.

The dollar this week rose by 1% in a row, the fourth week, it is still well below the highs reached at the backdrop of optimism about the form the presidency of Donald Trump.

Throughout the week the market was like a seesaw because of expectations of rising interest rates by the Federal Reserve, which will be released on March 15th.

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Scotiabank waiting for further decline in dollar

Scotiabank: waiting for further decline in the dollar to the Canadian market sobratuValyutny

The dollar / loonie continues to consolidate in a narrow range as the derivatives market allows for an increase in the prices of key rate at the October meeting of the Bank of Canada by about 0.20%. Differential yield of 2-year US and Canadian bonds continued to narrow in favor of the loonie, and the dynamics of the option premium says the fall in demand for protection against the decline of the Canadian dollar in the short term. Speculative positioning loonie remains bullish and we expect its growth to the July highs against the dollar.

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