Asian markets rose on Friday

Asian markets rose on Friday

Trading in the Asia-Pacific region in
Friday ended in the green zone. it
It helped a little to reduce the percentage drop
most of the indices for the week.
MSCI Asia Pacific lost per week
1.4%, but on Friday rose by 0.4%.

Nikkei added
0,33%, Kospi up today
0.35%; Hang Seng firmed 0.37% and
Now Shanghai Composite jumped
up to 1.4%. This Chinese growth
index due to the fact that the People’s Bank
China on Friday intervened 8.2
billion dollars on the interbank market
the country with the help of short-term transactions
lending. In the money market in China
very serious rates rose.

a result of increased securities
Chinese financial firms and lenders.
ICBC added modest
1.4%; Citic Securities, Haitong Securities increased
capitalization of 6% each.

And here
loudly announced a project to
“Bow” of stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai
(Stock Connect), worked
the first week, showed not the most confident
results. Investors chose all
24% quota on the amount of the purchased shares in Hong Kong
(100% – it’s $ 90 billion).

Japan this week happened important
Events: Sindzo Abe dissolved the lower
house of parliament. Already on December 14, will
early election it. unpopular
measure – the second increase in the sales tax
– was postponed for half a year. That’s why
grown up country codes.

large movements of securities can
noted appreciation of 4.2% stake
Casino in Macau Galaxy Entertaiment Group.
oil company
CNOOC added 3.5% yesterday and
now it raises the price of oil, and
securities of companies related to the
“Black gold” perfectly responded
on the news.

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Russia will not cut oil production to support

Russia will not cut oil production to support prices

“Oil king” said the country
will not cut production to
support prices. This Evening News
placed edition of The Wall
Street Journal, right in front of
OPEC summit to be held in

Speaking after the meeting,
with representatives of the largest
oil companies, on Tuesday
Igor Sechin, the chief executive
Director of OJSC “Rosneft”, he said
The current price of oil "is not
critical for us". He also added,
Russia can not just cut
oil production, unlike manufacturers

OPEC summit on Thursday
officials gather to discuss
possible options for
reduce by 30% in oil prices since the summer of
of the year. Russia is not an OPEC member,
but price cuts hurt its economy
and the national currency has pushed strongly

Minister of foreign
Venezuelan Minister Rafael Ramirez said,
that the participants of the meeting on Tuesday, on the
who were also senior officials
officials from Saudi Arabia and Mexico,
you said "his vision of the market"but
We agreed that the current price is too
low. "All worried about the price".
– he told reporters afterwards.

Despite the statement
Mr. Sechin, the OPEC meeting, probably
It will be one of the most important in recent
years for the Kremlin, because failure
support for oil prices may cause
a serious blow to Russia’s economy and
its currency. The ruble has weakened by about a third
against the US dollar this year
against the backdrop of Western sanctions and falling prices
oil. Low price cost economy
the country about $ 100 billion this year, he said
Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in
Monday. The economic growth
projected at not more than 0.5%
this year.

"If OPEC decides
decision to cut production or make
it will have no influence, ruble
may fall further, raising the level of
inflation and anxious mood"-
sure Kris Uifer, a senior partner
Moscow consulting Macro

Bloomberg recently quoted
Sechin, who said that, they say, not Russia
You will need to cut production, even if
oil prices fall to $ 60 a barrel.
He said that Rosneft may delay
some capital-intensive projects, and she
already cut production in a small
the amount for reasons of efficiency.
In an interview broadcast on Monday
on state television, the Minister
Russian Energy Alexander Novak
He said Russia will keep
stable exports in the coming
some years. "This is our contribution to
stabilization of the situation on world markets
oil", – he said.

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WTI futures are stable but slightly more expensive

WTI futures are stable, but slightly more expensive Brent

After yesterday
a record fall in the price of oil begins
gradually recover. collapse of prices
It occurred after the announcement of data
growth stocks in the US to record levels.

By the close of trading
yesterday quotes for WTI futures with
for delivery in April fell to a mark
$ 43.96 per barrel. May futures also
reduced – to $ 45.53 per barrel. At the same
while crude oil futures, Brent
delivery fell $ 1.48 in May – up
the level of $ 54.43 per barrel.

Today to 8:37 MSK
Oil is traded in a small plus.
May futures for WTI
grew to $ 45.55 a barrel and Brent to this
time has grown by 0.43% – up to $ 54.61.

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Ruble goes beyond oil what are future prospects

Ruble goes beyond oil – what are the future prospects?

Ruble for the second day
It shows strong growth – despite
the presence of several positive
reasons, the main thing is growing
in the price of oil.

Remember last
Friday, the Russian ruble was still under
strong pressure – when announced
the decision of the central bank cut its key
rate to 15% and the ruble began to fall sharply
together with dollar reached the level 72.
Analysts then stirred up and
almost began to bury the “wooden”
although in fact the central bank has done all

And – lo and behold – reduction
rates in Russia coincided with a new rally
the oil market. By the evening of the oil
Futures rose sharply by almost 7% and
Ruble went after them, and by the end of
Session played all the daily losses.

This week started
very positive for the oil and the ruble – and
at the end of Tuesday’s oil has been trading
at a maximum since the beginning of the year (Brent
It closed at $ 56.98, of data).
Ruble, of course, a little behind in
dynamics, but still ahead. While on
he has almost no pressure there, it
say and in the Central Bank. And all
geopolitical and other risks have
laid in the price (and they cost a dollar
are about 15-20 rubles.).

"Here the risks are not purely
economic, geopolitical laid here
risks – namely, strengthening the sanctions,
disconnecting from SWIFT, increased tension
Ukraine, Obama’s statements – that’s all
here. Here, the economy just rubles
16 should be removed from the dollar, and then it was
would normally", – says Alexander
Kareevsky economic commentator.

In the future, it all depends
oil – and here something might happen
anything. As for
long-term forecasts, there is a very
different variants. And one of them – oil
It can grow even up to $ 100,
and up to $ 200 or more per barrel.
The same forecast has recently expressed by the head
OPEC, Mr. Al-Badri: "oil never
It will no longer be worth a hundred dollars …
Because it would cost two hundred

And in that case
will the ruble? Some simple calculations give
us the answer – the ruble in the area of ​​17 rubles. behind
dollar. By the way, technical analysis is also
It allows such levels to the national
currency. Now we have to wait to
This prediction came true.

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January inflation in Russia sharing it with new

January inflation in Russia sharing it with the new Central Bank rate

prices in Russia increased in January
3.9% – on a monthly basis and by 15% – in
annualized. This was last night said
Rosstat. Analysts had forecast growth
potrebtsen index in January only
2.2% (13.3% – on an annualized basis).

Thus, surprise
as inflation equation
and updated the key rate of the Central Bank was a success,
writes today Reuters. occurs
question – whether the central bank is too early
I lowered the rate?

The head of the central bank
Elvira Nabiullina said that
acceleration of inflation to peak should
only occur in the second quarter,
assuming that for some time the key
rate may be lower than the actual
inflation: "Even if inflation
above 15%, then, in our opinion, it will be on
short period. And the rate of 15% for this
period is normal. I remind you that when
we had a rate of 5.5 percent, it
while inflation was lower.
The rate may at some point become
below inflation", – said Nabiullina.

Inflation 15%, e.g.
very surprised Vladimir Osakovsky
from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as Reuters writes.
"Very interesting data, inflation
at the level of rates, which is very risky,
in terms of what it creates preconditions
for policy tightening. But given
Nabiullina words, the big question – how
long they are willing to admit it"-
he said.

Central Bank of Russia reduced
its key interest rate from 17% to 15%, explaining that
the fact that the risks are very strong cooling
economy prevail over inflationary

Analysts at Capital
Economics expect the peak of inflation in the second quarter
at the level of 17.5%: "While oil prices
Ruble frozen and remains stable
a further increase in inflation can not
prevent the Central Bank to reduce
interest rates on"- says
Liza Ermolenko of Capital Economics.

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Gold fell strongly in anticipation of Greek agreement

Gold fell strongly in anticipation of the Greek agreement solutions

On Wednesday morning, the gold
It is trading at about $ 1209.20
– just above yesterday’s close. hope
a compromise between Greece and its
creditors of the third day, weakening demand
for safe assets.

Most likely, futures
Gold support at $ 1201.60, and
Resistance is at $ 1236.70 –
the high of February 16th. Yesterday, gold fell
in price from $ 1233.70
to $ 1204.70 (according to the portal, and to
closing futures were at around
$ 1208.60.

According to some
foreign media today from Athens extreme
a period when they can turn to
international creditors with a request for
extension of the current loan agreement
4-6 months. Thus, concern
about the country’s future in the euro zone
moderately reduced.

Recall the current period
Agreement on Greece bailout
ends on February 28 – the country
provided EUR 240 billion. And if
agreement is not extended, the country can
in general remain without money.

Investors are now waiting
any statements from Greece or the EU, and
and Monitor Reports – today should
come out of the last meeting
The Fed, which will give an additional
view on the timing of
rise in US interest rates. Expectation
Rates rise adversely affects
dynamics of the “gold” prices, because
Metal can not compete with
earning assets at growth rates.

At this time, the silver
It is trading at $ 16.428 per troy
ounce. Yesterday, it was trading at around
$ 16.37.

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Head of Bank of Japan sees no signs of currency

The head of the Bank of Japan sees no signs of currency war

Japanese regulator on Friday rejected
opinion that the general fashion
central banks in the monetary program
stimulation due to “currency
war. ” He does not notice the competitive
exchange rate devaluation.

Central banks
all over the world, including Asian
Japan’s neighbors – South Korea and India –
following in the footsteps of Japan and the eurozone, weakening
its monetary policy for
stimulation of slow growth.

He noted that he sees no sign
tension between developed and
emerging economies in terms of
movements in exchange rates. He does not feel
much excitement over the fact that
many countries are rushing to devalue
their currencies to gain at their expense
exports a competitive advantage.

Fed policy, the Bank of Japan and the ECB aims
to achieve a single goal –
price stability, rather than the fact that
derail its own currency “, – says
Kuroda, paying no attention to the freshest
example – the euro to fall to 12-year-old
low against the dollar on this
week after the launch of QE program
from the ECB.

pain emerging economies
adds two divergent policy
the main central banks of the world – and the Fed
ECB. It creates unpredictable
perpendicular to each other flow
on world markets. Kuroda noted that
central banks, including the Bank of Japan,
can learn much from the Fed’s exit
of the incentive program. but
head of the Japanese regulator stressed
that he himself will sustain its
huge stimulus program and
even expand it with features of appearance
changes in the upward price trend.

These statements and internal news
Yen slightly passed the positions against
Dollar: USDJPY at the moment
11.18 MSK trading at 120.90?.

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