Pound fell after trade data from United Kingdom

The pound fell after the trade data from the United Kingdom

The pound fell against the dollar to session lows after the publication of the data, which showed that Britain’s trade balance deficit unexpectedly increased in May.

Now the pair GBP / USD is trading at 1.7119 (day before the data was 1.7134).

Probably will couple
support at Tuesday’s low and 1.7084
resistance at a session high of

The Office for national
Statistics reported that the deficit
UK trade balance in May
increased to? 9.2 billion from the deficit? 8.81
billion in April. economists forecast
deficit? 8.75 billion.

At the same time, exports
rose by 0.6% to? 24.1 billion, while
imports grew by 1.7% – to 33.3 billion?.

Sterling was also lower
against the euro, EUR / GBP pair rose
0.17% to 0.7964.

Today in the euro area
data showed that industrial
production in France, Italy and
Holland fell in May. Data
added to concerns over the outlook for
Economic growth in the region.

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European stock markets are ready for good growth

European stock markets are ready for good growth

European stocks, confidently moving to an increase in the weather for the achievement of another record level.

Britain’s FTSE 100, appears ready to open at the highest level, where the probability of 7,600 point-level test is great enough, given the 42 points of profit expected by financial bookmakers. Germany’s DAX index added 70 points, while the French CAC-40 index will earn about 30 points.

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European markets rise on speculation

European markets rise on speculation

On Tuesday the European markets noted the rise, as growing
speculation about additional measures easing by
European Central Bank continues to support the European

During European morning trade, DJ Euro Stoxx 50 rose 0.37%, France’s CAC 40 rose by 0.39%, while Germany’s DAX rose 0.89%.

data showed last week that the euro zone economy stagnated in
the second quarter, prompting fears that the recovery in the region is losing

The weak data increased pressure on the European Central
Bank on the implementation of recent measures to strengthen growth after
rates were lowered to its lowest level in June.

Financial stocks have noted the rise as French lenders BNP Paribas (PARIS: BNPP) and Societe Generale (PARIS: SOGN) gained 0.41% and 0.55%, while German Deutsche Bank (XETRA: DBKGn) rose to 0 40%.

Among the peripheral creditors Italian Intesa Sanpaolo (MILAN: ISP) and Unicredit (MILAN: CRDI) increased by 0.42% and 0.67%, respectively, while Spanish BBVA (MADRID: BBVA) and Banco Santander (MADRID: SAN ) rose by 0.19% and 0.51%.

Shares A.P. Moeller Maersk (OTC: AMKAF) jumped 4.09% after the Danish company raised its forecast for full-year profit.

Shares of Thyssenkrupp (XETRA: TKAG) rose 0.25% amid reports that German conglomerate plans to sell some of its businesses.

London’s FTSE 100 rose 0.44%, supported by shares of Tobacco (LONDON: IMT),
higher by 1.82% after the company reported a drop
nine-month net revenue, which fell short of forecasts,
by improving European market.

Mining companies also rose markedly. Stocks Rio Tinto (LONDON: RIO) rose to 0.48%, shares Glencore Xstrata (LONDON: GLEN) increased by 0.60%, whereas the action Vedanta Resources (LONDON: VED) rose by 1.17%.

Stocks Bhp Billiton (LONDON: BLT),
by contrast, fell sharply to 2.88% after the mining giant
He said it plans to separate the company, which will include
assets from aluminum smelters to South African power
plants, to simplify its operations.

The financial sector significantly increased. Shares of Lloyds Banking (LONDON: LLOY) rose by 0.58%, shares of Barclays (LONDON: BARC) rose 1.05%, while shares of Royal Bank of Scotland (LONDON: RBS) jumped 1.48%. Stocks HSBC Holdings (LONDON: HSBA) unchanged, decreasing by 0.01%.

In the US, equity markets pointed to a higher open. Futures on Dow 30 shows a 0.32% increase, futures on S P 500 signals the rise of 0.26%, a ?? while futures Nasdaq 100 indicates an increase of 0.27%.

Today in the US there are reports about the issued building permits,
housing starts and consumer price inflation.

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Lb is 1 5 month low

Lb is a 1.5-month low

On Thursday afternoon, the pound fell to a half month lows against the US dollar.

Cause they see in yesterday’s optimistic data from the US. Economic growth continues to support demand for the dollar, although the Fed policy statement limits the rise.

During the morning
European trade, the pair GBP / USD reached
1.6874, the lowest level since June 12. The pair was likely
likely to find support at 1.6790, the low of
June 12 and resistance at 1.6955, the high of

Lb is 1 5 month low

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Market in Russia is growing despite fall in world

The market in Russia is growing, despite the fall in world stock exchanges

Trading on the Russian stock market opened higher on Friday, and 10:15 MSK MICEX index rose to 1341.11 points (+ 0.57%), the RTS rose to 1160.04 points (+ 0.18%). It rose sharply in the stock price of Russian producers of meat and dairy products and fish.
In the market today dominates the positive yesterday, which will open up the growth of the Russian stock exchange, despite the drop in prices in the Asian markets, the US and Europe.
The leaders of growth stocks of food group "Cherkizovo" (+ 8.29%), food retailer "Dixie" (+ 1.56%), a pharmaceutical company "Pharmstandard" (+ 0.99%), operator "MTS" (+ 0.92%).

Also rising share prices of domestic food producers and fish that gain a competitive advantage from the prohibition of imports of meat, milk and fish. In particular, increasing the company’s shares "Russian sea" (+ 35.6%), groups "Razguliay" (+ 32.9%), meat processing plant Ostankinsky (+ 18.5%) "Glavtorgprodukta" (+ 30%).
In the largest decline the stock today "Mechel" (-10,54%), Polymetal (-3,87%), "Megaphone" (-3.14%) "Bashneft" (-2.99%), ROS "System" (-2.46%).
Speculators on the Russian market on the eve caught the mood and evaluated the statements of politicians and EU farmers in response to the Government of the Russian Federation published the sanctions list of products that are prohibited from being imported into the Russian Federation.
Since the publication of the list of the Russian stock indices have fallen by 1.5-2% on Thursday, but in the afternoon the situation has stabilized, and prices of Russian stocks began to grow.

The closing index levels have kept the previous trading day: MICEX lost symbolic 0,08%, RTS has lost a little more – 0.25%.
The leaders of growth on Thursday were shares of Polymetal (+ 4,69%), AFK "System" (+ 3.4%) "Bashneft" (+ 2.59%) "PEAK" (+ 2.51%) "Rusal" (+ 2.38%). The leaders of the fall were shares "Mechel" (-7.4%), retailer "Magnet" (-5.18%) "Surgutneftegaz" (-2.98%).
As it turned out, the EU and the United States were not ready to the Russian ban on the products, exports of which are very important for the EU and US economies. Hardest hit EU farmers, which even require the EU authorities to compensate for the loss.
Statements by representatives of the EU and the United States remain fragmented and confused. In this case, the Russian authorities have submitted consolidated program of support and development of agricultural production in Russia, which in such circumstances to get a good chance to take the market and increase supply in the absence of competitors.
Oil prices began a rapid growth after the US decision airstrikes on positions of anti-government forces in Iraq, which ranks second in terms of production among the oil producing countries of OPEC.

Today, as of 10:30 MSK, world oil prices have risen sharply by about $ 1 on the stock exchanges in London and New York.
Gold prices continue to rise for a third day. The trend in the decline was replaced by a rising trend: on Wednesday was an increase of 1.44%, yesterday – by 0.39%. Today, the price of gold rose by 0.56%.
Players are seeing an increase of geopolitical risks (in Iraq, Ukraine) and increasing uncertainty in the markets and in such circumstances usually pay money in safer assets – gold and US government bonds, the yield on which is reduced in the last few days with this demand.

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US market in thought

The US market in thought

US stocks
We finished the session in positive territory on Monday,
despite the fact that there remains tense
the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East,
which limits the growth of the US

Economic growth in the
Germany is likely to remain
weak in the coming months, according to
leading indicators published
on Monday, the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development. Data
Paris research organization
suggest that the growth of most
developed economies will remain near
the current level, while the contribution of large
emerging economies in the global
economic growth will be smaller in
compared with the period after the start
The 2008 financial crisis. As a result,
This combination of global growth is unlikely
to significantly accelerate this year.

From the market events today
still waiting:

At 18:00 MSK will be known
the number of open jobs in June.

At 22:00 MSK, there are data
on the value of the Treasury budget in July.
Economists expect the deficit at
previous month.

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Deutsche Bank euro is doomed to fall

Deutsche Bank: the euro is doomed to fall

Currency strategists at Deutsche Bank noted that further euro / dollar decline toward $ 1.25 (to achieve this mark is expected before the end of the year), there is plenty of reasons. The bank pay attention to the weakening of inflationary expectations and the sluggish growth of the euro area economy, the outlook is more clouded after the escalation of the situation in Ukraine. Russian retaliatory measures will have a negative impact on economic activity, the scale remains unclear, and the ECB has started to operate today to be proactive. the euro is not an unexpected decision of the central bank promises no good and only give impetus to the outflow of funds from fixed-income securities, which is already having a negative impact on the dynamics of the currency. In addition, it is noted, and the decline in demand for European action – that of growth in the euro has provided good support during the last twelve months.

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