EUR USD 27 0516

EUR | USD: 27.0516

Potential W: 1.1101-1.1134_1.1318-1.1352

Trend map: 1.11678 (+23)

New support formed by the step-up of TM showed
the weakness of the downtrend. And in regard to the medium it is possible
moving upwards with fixing up the mid-week range
1.1225. The main option for Friday will involve purchases from search
Support 1.11678.

option involves both the sample and the consolidation and continuation of support 1.11678
downward movement.

News factor: “Annual GDP data” on the dollar at the end of
European session will serve to sharp fluctuations in the transition between sessions.

EUR USD 27 0516

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Step by step

Step by step

The secret of success lies in the simplicity and power. Do adviser satisfies these qualities, it remains to be seen. The main problem of any councilor is still the reliability of its work. We hope that our product will be useful to you, regardless of your trading experience.

Advisor is designed for EURUSD. Be sure to test it before buying.

  • $ 20 for 1 month rent

The action is available for all customers from June 30 to July 30, 2015.

The action may be extended or terminated at any time without explanation.



  1. Broker with a 5-digit quotes – recommended.
  2. spread<2 (20).
  3. Timeframe – only H1.
  4. StopLevel = 0 – recommended.


  1. Powered by 4- and 5-digit quotes.
  2. Magic number is generated automatically.
  3. It works with ECN.


  1. Start Expert button (OnTick) – run the advisor.

Input parameters

  • Broker: Choice of broker.
  • Orders: The number of orders.
  • Lot: The initial lot.
  • MM: Calculation of the optimal lot size (true / false).
  • MaxsimumRisk: The amount of risk.
  • End_hour_trading: Completion of trade (0-23).
  • End_day_trading: Completion of trade.
  • SpreadMax: Maximum spread (spread>SpreadMax trade stop, delete the order).

Step by step

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Renko Chart MT4

Renko Chart MT4

Renko Chart MT4 indicator creates a standalone graph Renko, where all the bars have the form Renko “bricks”. Own “bricks” are not shadows, and the size of “brick” is set in the settings.

Autonomous graph Renko makes the construction of not only history, but also online. In this case, the update interval schedule is not less than three seconds.

You can learn more about the principles of building Renko chart, as well as to explore open source indicator Renko Chart MT4 can be in the article “How to write for the market indicator of any non-standard schedules.”

Renko Chart MT4

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Rising in price of oil reduces need to freeze

Rising in price of oil reduces the need to freeze the global oil production – Novak

ATHENS (Reuters) – Freezing of global oil production in the conditions of rising commodity prices may lose its relevance, said on Friday the Minister of Energy Alexander Novak.

"Then we started the negotiations at a price of $ 27 (a barrel), now the price is almost $ 50. All different now assess the situation. Balancing market factors begin to work slowly. Gradually, this theme will go"- Novak told reporters in Athens.

On Friday, Brent North Sea oil brand fell by 1.4 percent to $ 48.9 per barrel.

In mid-April, 18 leading oil-producing countries could not agree on a freezing of oil to maintain the prices of raw materials. At the same time the minister said that in the near future the world oil prices could rise due to market factors and the need to freeze the production of raw materials will disappear.

"If we said before, at the beginning of the year, the surplus of (oil) could be cut faster, reducing the expense in order not to increase production volumes, today we see that the situation is somewhat different, there are new factors that increased the price"- Novak said on Friday.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy estimated the surplus on the world market of raw materials in the amount of 1.5 million barrels per day.

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Click Info Free

Click Info Free

Click Info Free It is a simple indicator that allows the trader to quickly get information about the values ​​of High, Low, Open, Close, Time of the current chart.

To get information on the bar, you need to click the left mouse button on the selected candle.

Depending on the settings pop-up window or Alert Comment, which displays information.

Information about the bar values ​​(High, Low, Open, Close, Time) can be extremely useful in trading practice in the graphical analysis, evaluation Price Action Patterns in the VSA system for comparative evaluation of the spread (price ranges bars).

Click Info Free only works on the AUDUSD currency pair. The full version allows you to use any symbol indicator.

Link to the full version:


  • info – parameter responsible for the output of information can take values ​​Alert and Comment. When configuring Alert data can be copied to the clipboard, and therefore, to insert in a text editor and Excel.

By purchasing this indicator, you get:

  • Free product support.
  • Regular updates.
  • Unique light and has no analogues.


Evgeny Belyaev, a professional programmer and successful trader.

Click Info Free

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Advanced Supply Demand MT5

Advanced Supply Demand MT5

This indicator is a unique, high-quality and affordable tool for trading includes our own design and a new formula. The updated version of an opportunity two display zones timeframes. This means that you will be available to areas not only at the senior TF, and from two timeframes – timeframe graphics and older: display of nested zones. Update necessarily appeal to all traders, trading in the areas of supply and demand.

Imagine how to improve your trade, if you will be able to accurately determine entry and exit points. Thanks to the integrated new algorithm search for potential violations of the balance between buyers and sellers has become even easier. This is due to the graphic display of the strongest areas of demand and supply, as well as their behavior in the past (the old zone displayed). These features have been designed to simplify the process of finding the best areas and input levels ..

NEW: You can now optimize and edit your power zones for the symbol and timeframe!

Indicator Advanced Supply Demand works with any pair and any time frames. He uses Two of the latest features for power zones with adjustable parameters! This is a great advantage in trade. By learning to work with original features, such as the power zones X-factor minimum price variance, You can find out whether or not a strong area.

Zone of supply and demand are used as a trigger for the alerts. You can choose from 3 alerts. If the price 1) includes in area and / or 2) pierces zone and / or 3) of the band is formed by reversal candle. You can use the pop-up and sound alert in the terminal MetaTrfder 4 and / or push-notification and / or communication by e-mail. When you get a notification, you as a trader will know what to do.

A message will tell how much demand areas were punched in a row, so you should trade with the trend and the expected continuation of the trend.

indicator settings

Supply Demand settings – offers customization and demand

  • min candles before a zone is printed – the minimum number of plugs for the display region is used for actual charts.
  • Min X-factor of price travel away (ATR) – the minimum price deviation factor (ATR). The higher the number, the greater the zone.
    Optimize for your symbol and timeframe!).
  • Min Y-factor of price travel away (zone size) – minimum price deviation factor, the second parameter (zone size). The higher the number, the greater the zone.
    Optimize for your symbol and timeframe!).
  • Limited size of a big zone. Max factor (ATR) – limiting the size of large areas. Overly large areas will be reduced. The higher the number, the greater the area allowed.

MTF settings – multi-taymfreymovye settings

  • Add higher TF – add a senior timeframe (true / false).
  • Higher TF period – Senior timeframe if the second timeframe coincides or younger than timeframe graph senior timeframe will be used.
  • Show inner price labels MTF – internal display price tags.
  • Show outer price labels MTF – to display external price tag.
  • Limited size of a big zone. Max factor (ATR) MTF – limiting the size of large areas. Overly large areas will be reduced. The higher the number, the greater the area allowed.

graphics settings

  • Show inner price labels – show the internal price tag.
  • Show outer price labels – show the external price tag.
  • Show old zones – to show the old zone, it is necessary to counter the supply / demand areas (see below).
  • Use line for old zones – use the line to display the old zones (displayed only support / resistance levels).
  • Show yesterdays high / low – to show the high and low of the previous day.
  • Show todays pivot – point each show a reversal of the current day.
  • Show number of broken Sup / Dem in a row – indicate the number of punched zones / R row (the counter).
  • Show above in corner – show the counter punched zones of support / resistance in the corner.

Alert settings – notification settings

  • Alert zone hit – alerts at the entrance to the zone.
  • Alert zone break – alerts the breakdown zone.
  • Alert reverse candle from zone – alerts in the event of a reversal candle from the zone.
  • Popup Alerts – submit Pop and sound notifications in MetaTrader 4.
  • Send email alerts – to send messages to e-mail.
  • Send push alerts – sending push-notification on your mobile device.

color settings

  • color supply – color zone proposal (the new zone)
  • color supply used – the color used zone offers (tested zones)
  • color demand – demand color area (the new zone)
  • color demand used – the color used areas demand (tested zones)
  • color supply MTF – color zone demand multi-TF
  • color supply used MTF – the color used zone multi-TF offers
  • color demand MTF – color zone demand multi-TF
  • color demand used MTF – the color used areas demand a multi-TF
  • color supply old – the color of the zone offers (the old zone)
  • color demand old – the color area of ​​demand (the old zone)
  • color price labels – color price tags
  • color price labels MTF – multi-color price tags TF
  • Alert buy Color – the color of the alert to purchase (the arrow to the reversal candle)
  • Alert sell Color – the color of the alert for Sale
  • Color yesterday high – maximum color yesterday
  • Color yesterday low – color low yesterday
  • Color today open – the color of the opening price of the day (at the time a broker)
  • Color Pivot – the color of the pivot point (day reversal)

Other settings

  • Write Globalvariable – use global variables to be used in the EA, the first written offer price and the first bid price.
  • Show Bars back – the number of bars in history to determine levels.
  • Show max number of supply zones – the maximum number of displayed zones offer.
  • Show max number of demand zones – the maximum number of display areas in demand.
  • Size price labels – the size of the price tag.
  • Size price labels MTF – the size of the price of multi-HF tags.
  • Rectangle style full MTF – style rectangular multi-timeframe.
  • Rectangle width (1-5) MTF – width rectangles multi-FFs (1-5).
  • Font size – size of the message text.


  1. Use my template (see comments).
  2. Optimize the power zone for your character and timeframe.
  3. Stick trend. This indicator is mainly used with one of my other specialized currency strength indicators.
  4. Follow the news and blogs on my profile page to get trading systems and trading examples.

I am always ready to help you if you have any questions.

I wish you a lot of green pips in the future.

Advanced Supply Demand MT5

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Yellen has found new arguments in favor of raising

Yellen has found new arguments in favor of raising the Fed

The Fed chief Janet Yellen at a conference in Jackson Hole, said that the conditions for raising the Fed rate has improved in recent months. But her words were not enough to convince the markets will soon increase stavki.Hot a movement begins.

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