Gbpusd traded above 1 25 mark after release of

Gbp / usd traded above 1.25 mark after the release of US Pmi

Virtually ignoring the data the US ISM, GBP / USD continued to trade above the key psychological level of 1.25.

In accordance with published data, the manufacturing ISM came on March 57.2, down from the previous value, but remains above the forecast of 57.0.

A pair of these data did not help, but a weak PMI Britain allowed her to recover after a fall.

On stage performances by the Fed: the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Dudley, Philadelphia Fed Harker and Richmond Fed Lacker.

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Multi Symbol Price Divergence

Multi Symbol Price Divergence

Analysis of price co-movement of the many tools in one, and
the same time comfortable and more graphically when quotes
They are in the same chart window on a common price scale. For this purpose
multi-indicator analysis of price differences was developed Multi Symbol Price Divergence for use in the terminal MetaTrader 5.

external parameters indicator can specify to 5 symbols for analysis.
Total along with the current symbol characters may be analyzed 6
at the same time. The indicator will determine whether there is entered in the parameters
characters on the server and add it to the Market Overview window (Market Watch).
If you want fewer characters, it is enough to leave an empty value. If you want to include from time to time a different number of characters that can be
just add a space in front of the name, that would mean that
the program does not find this symbol on the server.

For the price of each character can be included inversion. That is, when the
inversion for the price symbol will
inverted. This can be useful when the list used for the
Analysis characters are present, for example, with pairs USD (U.S. dollar). The dollar may be a base currency and quoted. For example, in the currency pair EURUSD the dollar is the quote currency, and the currency pair USDCHF – base. In this case, if the current symbol in the chart EURUSD, then USDCHF You can enable inversion, thus obtaining a more convenient representation of price analysis. 

In addition to the parameters to select the characters and the inclusion of inversion there are
additional options for selecting data presentation modes. Below
you can see the complete list of the external parameters of indicator:

  • Draw Type – type of graphic
    construction. one of the three can be selected: LINES, BARS and CANDLES.
  • Start Price Divergence – This parameter specifies the data display mode, meaning
    which is that there is a point / points on
    which (s) prices of all characters will fit closely. This enables
    track difference in prices during the period until the next
    point. one of the five modes you can choose from the drop down list: Vertical Line (Vertical line) Month (month), Week (a week), Day (day), Hour (hour).
  • Two Colored Bars / Candles –  if for plotting the selected mode BARS or CANDLES,
    then enabling this option you can specify a two-color mode
    Data display. That is, the bars / candles are geared up to be
    displayed in a lighter color than the bars / candles, which are aimed
  • Symbol 02 – the second character. By default, the GBPUSD.
  • Inverse Symbol 02 – the inversion of the second character.
  • Symbol 03 – the third character. By default, the AUDUSD.
  • Inverse Symbol 03 – the inversion of the third character.
  • Symbol 04 – the fourth character. By default, the NZDUSD.
  • Inverse Symbol 04 – the inversion of the fourth character.
  • Symbol 05 – the fifth character. By default, the USDCAD.
  • Inverse Symbol 05 – the inversion of the fifth character.
  • Symbol 06 – six characters. By default, the USDCHF.
  • Inverse Symbol 06 – inversion of six characters.

If parameter Start Price Divergence is selected Vertical Line,
then the graph will be installed vertical green line
moving that you can specify the program, at which point the clamp prices
all characters.

A more detailed description can be found on my website: Multi-LED Multi Symbol Price Divergence.

Multi Symbol Price Divergence


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GBPUSD Pound is stable at least 11 months

GBP / USD: The Pound is stable at least 11 months

On Monday afternoon a couple
GBP / USD It is evaluated as stable, lb
It is trading near 11-month low
against the dollar. positive data
of US jobs, published
Friday, increased the likelihood of early
Fed raising interest rates.

GBP / USD pair is trading
now at 1.5971, slightly higher
Friday’s low of 1.5950 (at least with
November 2013).,

On Friday, reports emerged
US Department of Labor, in which
It reported that the economy added
248 thousand., As jobs in September
It predicted only 215 thousand. Thus,
unemployment rate decreased from 6.0% to

Meanwhile, the pound fell
against the euro and the pair EUR / GBP now traded
at the level of 0.7852, slightly above 0.7835
(Friday level).

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This indicator calculates the value of the indices DeMarker oscillator AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD in a single window.

Input parameters:

  • DeMarkerperiods: Periods for calculating DeMarker oscillator values ​​for each index.
  • aud: Hide / show (True / False).
  • cad: Hide / show (True / False).
  • eur: Hide / show (True / False).
  • gbp: Hide / show (True / False).
  • jpy: Hide / show (True / False).
  • nzd: Hide / show (True / False).
  • usd: Hide / show (True / False).
  • chf: hide / show (True / False).
  • ColorAUD: AUD text color.
  • ColorCAD: Text color CAD.
  • ColorEUR: EUR color of the text.
  • ColorGBP: GBP text color.
  • ColorJPY: Text color JPY.
  • ColorNZD: Text color NZD.
  • ColorUSD: Text color USD.
  • ColorCHF: text color CHF.
  • fontsize: The size of the text index.
  2. You can customize the color, style and width of each index.

Note: This demo version. It only works on M1 chart. When you try to run the schedule on a larger timeframe will the alert with the following message: “This is a DEMO version that only works in 1 minute charts” (This demo version works only on M1 chart). You can purchase the full version CurrencyDeMarker.

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USD EUR JPY GBP AUD Forecast for next week Morgan

USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD: Forecast for next week – Morgan Stanley

USD: Uptrend ..

Data next week should generally support the currency, and can be a catalyst for the return of a strong trend of the dollar …. We maintain our medium-term bullish view on USD.

EUR: The political and monetary pressures. Downtrend.

Greek risks remain high and should influence the European assets in general. European data has improved somewhat, but we doubt that this will be enough to increase the currency …. We will follow the CPI next week …

JPY: Strong on the crosses. Uptrend.

We remain bullish on the JPY crosses … we expect the JPY will be strong on the crosses in the medium term. In addition, concerns about Greece could weaken the appetite for risk, which also offer support relative JPY.

GBP: long-term perspective to sell. Downtrend.

Prolonged exposure to political uncertainty is likely to keep GBPUSD under pressure sellers. We prefer to sell GBP on the big rebounds, but take a more cautious approach in the elections ….

Regional AUD weakness? Downtrend.

We expect the AUD to continue weakening in the coming weeks, so kakdannye China were slightly soft, Korean GDP fell, and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand expressed his softer tone. Just waiting for strengthening of the dollar on the trail. week may provide further pressure on AUD …

PS: Just do not forget about the free $ 15 in the binary options. (Free dollars can only be obtained by May 31!)

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The indicator determines the potential reversal points. For currency pair GBPUSD.M5

Can only be used on the currency pair GBPUSD with a period M5!

A signal is generated on the bar, after its closure.

Types of signal:

  • Red arrow – Potential turning point for the price down.
  • green arrow – Potential turning point for prices up.


  • History – the number of bars in history, in which a signal is generated.


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Results of trading week

The results of the trading week

This week was opened six positions, three positions in the sale of a pair GBPUSD, two items for sale NZDUSD pairs, and one position to sell EURUSD. All positions were closed by hand, because of the Fed meeting on interest rates, has not met expectations Rink participants that threatened deep back, what happened some time after the release of news on US interest rates.
So let’s sum up: On sale pair GBPUSD closed with a profit of + 50P. + 40P. + 40p.Po pair NZDUSD first position + 110P. Second + + 72p.Prodazha EURUSD brought 93p.Summarnaya profit: 50 + 40 + 40 + 110 + 72 + 93 = 405p.

I wish you all a successful trading and profitable trading ideas !!!!

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