Advisor is designed for the EURUSD 4 mark and spread of 1 point. Advisor teak and need a broker scalping allowed, as the time frame does not matter. The advisor has everything set to the optimum parameters, and only two settings, you do not have a long time to select the parameters. Advisor has a virtual stop loss and take profit. advisor’s strategy is based on an analysis of the tick chart.

Councilor parameters:

  1. UseMM – including the risk (lot depends on the available funds).
  2. Magic – Magick number (need to identify their orders Advisor).


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Free Account Details

Free Account Details


Account details Information script will allow you to receive the following account details:

  • Account number
  • account Name
  • Account currency
  • The company (broker) accounts
  • used by the server
  • leverage
  • Stop Out level
  • Account balance
  • Own funds
  • margin accounts
  • Available funds in the account
  • graphic symbol on which the script is installed
  • lot size
  • The minimum allowable lot
  • step bid
  • The maximum allowable lot
  • Meaning teak
  • tick size
  • spread
  • Stop Loss level
  • Swap long position
  • Swap of short positions
  • initial margin
  • the maintenance margin
  • required margin
  • whether trading is allowed?

Free Account Details

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Advanced Candle

advanced Candle

Advanced Candle light for display four types of candles (including non-standard) in the main chart:

  1. Candles longer period (HTF Candles) – Candles can display any, including non-standard period for the terminal. For example, M27 or M135;
  2. Candles with a predetermined minimum height in points or percentage (Box Candles) – Candles are built predetermined minimum height, for example, a height of 100 points or 0.5%;
  3. Candles with a predetermined minimum volume of a tick volume and real volume (Volume Candles) – Candles are constructed c specify the minimum volume, such as 1000 tick;
  4. Candles on the trading sessions (Session Candles) – possible to build four sessions, both jointly and separately. sessions Time is fully customizable.

To construct the indicator buffers are used, graphic objects are used only for the current unformed candles.

Possible to build several Advanced Candle on the same graph.

The indicator has the following settings:

  1. Type of display Sandles – select the type of display of candles:
    • High time frame Candles – spark a longer period;
    • Box Candles – candles predetermined height;
    • Volume Candles – candles predetermined volume;
    • Trading session Candles – candles on the trading session.
  2. Settings HTF Candles – Candles settings for a longer period:
    • Period Candles in minutes (max.7200), multiply chart period – the period of spark in minutes (. max value 7200 – weekly candle) value must be a multiple of the period chart;
    • Candles offset (+/-) in minutes, multiply of the chart period – offset candles in minutes (+ rightward displacement – the displacement to the left), the period of a multiple schedule. This parameter specifies the offset of candles, allowing to build the candles, starting from any time. For example, H5 candles, starting with 25 minutes an hour.
  3. Settings Box Candles – Candles with a predetermined height settings:
    • Type Box Candles – type defined by the height of the candles: in points or percentage;
    • min Height of the Candle – the minimum defined by the height of the candles in points or percentage according to the selected type. Here, the minimum height because the candles of this type are based on the current chart candles, which can be more than a specified size, even the candles on the chart M1. Greater accuracy is achieved in the period M1 main chart.
  4. Settings Volume Candles – setting a predetermined volume of candles:
    • min Volume of Candle – the minimum amount specified by candles. Here, the minimum amount because the candles of this type are based on the current chart candles, the volume of which can be more than a specified even in the chart M1. Greater accuracy is achieved in the period M1 main graph;
    • Volume typevolume type may be either a volume tick tick Volume, and real Volume, if such data gives the broker.
  5. Settings Session Candles – setting session candles. The start time and the end of the session is given in hours, instead if at least one time to choose do not display, session will not be displayed. The candles of this type are correctly displayed on the graph H1 period or less. With a larger period are possible inaccuracies if the specified time is not a multiple of the period of the schedule.
    • Begin Pacific session – Pacific session is the beginning;
    • End Pacific session – the end of the session the Pacific;
    • Begin Asia session – the beginning of Asian session;
    • End Asia session – the end of the Asian session;
    • Begin Euro session – the beginning of the European session;
    • End Euro session – the end of the European session;
    • Begin Usa session – the beginning of the American session;
    • End Usa session – the end of the American session;
    • Color Pacific session – color candles Pacific session;
    • Color Asia session – color candles Asian session;
    • Color Euro session – color candles European session;
    • Color Usa session –  the color of the candles of the American session.
  6. Global setting of candles – general settings for all the candles.
    • Number day of displayed candles – the number of construction of candles set in days. If the parameter is equal to or less than zero, then the candle is built on all the available history. Candle type Box Candle and Volume Candle is necessary to set a multiple week (5 days) plus the number of days in the current week;
    • To consider transition to a new week – take into account the transition to the new week. This option allows you to control the transition between weeks, it does not affect the Session Candle. If you choose to Yes, all types of spark will start a new candle on Monday whether as a candle over the past week. If to No, HTF Candle will start a new candle on a Monday, but given the number of candles on the weekends, and Box Candle and Volume Candle will be built without taking into account the transition between weeks.
    • To display Candle shadows – whether or not the shadow of a candle;
    • To draw shadows on the Candle middle – draw a shadow of a candle in the middle of a classic or where the actual situation of extreme price of the candle;
    • Vector display session – whether or not the direction vector candles. It connects the time and the opening time and price with the closing price of the candle;
    • To paint over a Candle background – paint or not the body of the candle;
    • Candles over the chart – draw a candle on top of the chart;
    • Thickness of a candle line (In pixels) – thick candles displayed in pixels;
    • A growing Candle color – sets the color of the growing candle (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A falling Candle color – sets the color of the incident candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • Doji Candle color – sets the color of Doji-candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A growing Candle body color – sets the color of the growing body candles (does not affect the Session Candle);
    • A falling Candle body color – sets the color of the body falling candles (does not affect the Session Candle).

Advanced Candle

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KLV Group strategy I test Alpari

KLV Group strategy. I test Alpari

From Monday the battle begin! Strategy KLV Group set up under the following parameters.


5 * marks

Leverage 1: 500 / Depot $ 10,000 (had to take what is offered to the broker from my personal office)

by 7383606 investor password n4nJEXr

At its table calculated the allowable drawdown 2000-2100p. (Excluding gain counter transactions)

KLV Group strategy I test Alpari

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M30 EA

M30 EA

This EA trades on the 30 minute time frame. Stop Loss is not in use. If you have $ 500 in the account, you can trade 0.01 lot. With a score of $ 5000, it is possible to trade 0.1 lot.

For best results it is recommended to trade on the EURUSD and use a broker with a narrow spread.

Trailing stop this EA can be set. There is also an option to hide the levels of stop loss and take profit from the broker.


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Forex Price Scroll

Forex Price Scroll

This indicator shows the bar on the screen to scroll the text, indicating the character and significance.

Check out the attached screenshots. 

An indicator:

  • Symbol x for display – symbol (ex. EURUSD), displayed on the bar
  • Symbol Suffix – character suffix for broker
  • Text Scrool Speed – scrolling speed of the text in milliseconds (15 by default)
  • Text Scrool Step – the number of pixels in the text is scrolled in a specified number of milliseconds (2 defaults)
  • Text Font Size – text font size in pixels
  • Background Height – the height of the background of the rectangle in pixels
  • Text Color – text color
  • Background Color – background color

Forex Price Scroll

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Order Dumper

Order Dumper

The adviser for resetting open orders data from the local client terminal MetaTrader 4 CSV file.

This is the best expert advisor in conjunction with OrderCopy EA.

Instructions for use:

  1. It works well on any type of account in the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal.
  2. It works with both major and with the investor password.
  3. Attach Advisor to the chart symbol. It is recommended to run it on the chart EURUSD, as the pair is active.
  4. On the next tick will fold information about orders in the file.

Where to find the file?

In the MetaTrader 4 click File – Open Data folder. In the window that appears, go up one level to the Terminal directory. Next, navigate to the folder “Common / Files”. There is a csv-file orders data. File name: Broker server name + number accounts + OrderDump.csv.

Order Dumper

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