Double Trader for Loss Recovery Trader

Double Trader for Loss Recovery Trader

Double Trader Expert Advisor can be used in conjunction with the Loss Recovery Trader.

It opens at the same time orders to buy and sell the selected instrument in the absence of open transactions, and then repeat the whole process.

Since trades are opened in both directions, one of them always reaches take-profit and the second is in recovery mode.

The recovery is complete Double Trader reopens warrant and the process begins anew.

How to use

  • Open the three graphs of the instrument, which are going to trade
  • Disconnect Autotrading
  • The first chart run Double Trader Advisor.
    • Set the size of the lot / comments to transactions
    • Record the magic numbers and MagicBuy MagicSell.
  • The second graph start Loss Recovery Trader, select the First Trade Mode: External_EA_Trade and install Magic, equal MagicBuy
  • The third graph will start Loss Recovery Trader, select the First Trade Mode: External_EA_Trade and install Magic, equal MagicSell
  • Turn on automated trading

Advisor Double Trader opens a deal for the purchase and sale, and each of the councilors running manages Loss Recovery. Double Trader enters the market in the absence of other transactions on the selected tool, with one of these two magic numbers.


  • lot: fixed lot
  • Auto Lot: starting auction is calculated as a% of balance
  • Lot_Percents: percent value of at Auto Lot = true
  • MagicBuy: the magic number of transactions for the purchase of
  • MagicSell: the magic number of transactions for sale
  • Comment_Buy: comment on the transaction for the purchase of
  • Comment_Sell: comment on the transaction for sale
  • Active_Both_Trades: If true, the transaction purchase and sale are always active, until the restoration of the
  • Use_Spread_Filter: spread filter
  • Max_Spread: maximum spread
  • 1 Use Time Zone: limiting the first time zone
  • Time Zone 1 Start: beginning of the first time zone
  • Time Zone 1 End: end of the first time zone
  • Use Time Zone 2: restriction second time zone
  • Time Zone 2 Start: beginning of the second time zone
  • Time Zone 2 End: ending the second time zone
  • Show_Comments: display comments on the chart
  • text_Color: text color

Double Trader for Loss Recovery Trader


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Trade Visualiser

Trade Visualiser

It is necessary to visualize the trading history on the chart in the form of arrows that show the entry and exit, stop loss, take profit in MetaTrader 4 when you drag the completed trades on the chart?

You want to see someone else’s story on your schedule, but you only have a report or CSV-file trade results?

Want to spend a visual analysis of the transactions placed by the signal before you sign it? 

Now you have the chance.

Trade Visualiser shows transactions in the same way as in the tester MT4 strategy or while dragging transactions from the trading history on the chart. Default Trade Visualiser uses the same colors and the same text descriptions and the names of all objects, the entry and exit arrows, stop-loss and take-profit, the dotted line between input and output. But it can do much more. The colors of objects customized, individual colors, the dotted line from the opening to closing can be colored according to the trade results can be selected for the closing of TP and SL.

Trade Visualiser – an indicator, it works continuously and updates the schedule with the completion of new deals.

It can also work with data from a CSV file and display the story on the chart. Copy the CSV file in the experts / files folder, please indicator file name, and it displays a visual representation of the graph. You will immediately see the entire drawdown and the actual riskiness of trading strategy.

Pay attention to the CSV file format in the figure.

Input parameters of the indicator

  • CSV_Filename – only used when reading data from a CSV file, the file name in expers / files folder.
  • CSVFileHasHeader – Set true, if a CSV file contains column headings / lines.
  • TimeOffsetHrs – if the data in a CSV file based on time, other than the graphics, objects can be moved + / -.
  • OpenBuy – the color of opening arrow to buy, the default blue (Blue) is used in MetaTrader 4.
  • OpenSell – the color of opening arrow for sale, default in MetaTrader 4 uses a red (Red).
  • CloseAtTP – the color of the arrow to close on take-profit, default in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • CloseAtSL – the color of the arrow to close the stop-loss, the default in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • CloseOther – the color of the closing arrow, the default in MetaTrader 4 is used Goldenrod.
  • BuyLine – the color of the line connecting the opening and closing of the arrow for transactions for the purchase, by default in the MetaTrader 4 – Blue.
  • SellLine – the color of the line connecting the opening and closing of the arrow for the transactions for the sale of default in MetaTrader 4 – Red.
  • ProfitLine – the color of the line connecting the arrow to open and close trades, in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • LossLine – the color of the line connecting the opening and closing of the arrow for unprofitable transactions in MetaTrader 4 is absent.
  • TPMarker – dotted marker, showing the position of the TP, the default in MetaTrader 4 – Blue.
  • SLMarker – dotted marker indicating the position SL, the default in MetaTrader 4 – Red.
  • MagicNumber1 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • MagicNumber2 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • MagicNumber3 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • MagicNumber4 – further – to select the MagicNumber trades to display – available for CSV mode.
  • ClearObjectsOnExit – true to remove all objects are drawn after the removal of the indicator – not available for CSV mode.
  • Debug_Level – Additionally, 0 = no debug (the default), 5 = max debug messages.

Trade Visualiser

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The adviser works breakdowns of critical levels, not a scalper and not susceptible to slippage.

It uses dynamic stop loss, take profit and trailing stop based on the ATR, which are adjusted to the volatility at the moment.

Capital management in real time calculates the size of the lots on the basis of the stop-loss and a specified percentage of risk.

This EA is designed to work on the USDJPY H1.

Do not use Martingale or nets.

This EA calculates the daily candle, so the results may be slightly different when using a broker with a time zone other than GMT +1. Before starting the advisor on real accounts is recommended to test it in the tester trading strategies of your broker.

Monitoring of real accounts:

Description of the input parameters

Capital management (Money Management):

  • UseMoneyManagement: When set to true, you can specify the percentage of risk capital;
  • lots: If “UseMoneyManagement” is false, you can use a fixed lot size;
  • LotsDecimals: the number of decimal places in the lot size, if the broker uses a micro lots (0.01), it is necessary to specify 2 or 1.
  • RiskInPercent: Percentage of risk-based capital and stop loss of each transaction;
  • MaximumLots: Maximum lot.

offset settings GMT:

  • AutoGMT_Offset: automatic determination GMT mode;
  • ManualGMT_Offset: manual definition of GMT, is used in bektestirovanii.

Other options

  • MaxSlippage: maximum allowable slip;
  • CustomComment: a comment;
  • MagicNumber: a unique number adviser;
  • DisplayInfoPanel: If true, the panel will display the information.


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European stock markets are ready for good growth

European stock markets are ready for good growth

European stocks, confidently moving to an increase in the weather for the achievement of another record level.

Britain’s FTSE 100, appears ready to open at the highest level, where the probability of 7,600 point-level test is great enough, given the 42 points of profit expected by financial bookmakers. Germany’s DAX index added 70 points, while the French CAC-40 index will earn about 30 points.

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Analyst of global markets for Thursday

Analyst of global markets for Thursday

Major corporate reports in the US yesterday was not published, so the main thing waiting yesterday on Wall Street – the publication of the minutes of the June meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. Experts and analysts expect it to find at least some hints on the timing of interest rate increases and more information about the future US monetary policy. “Decode” the information, we are told that the situation with employment and economic recovery optimistic, but long-term inflation risks have grown. And – most importantly – finally designated target date for completion incentive programs. It is October 1 this year.

Wednesday’s session ended with the growth
major US stock indexes. Main
locomotive of this improvement – Publication
Quarterly Report Corporation Alcoa,
aluminum “monster” of the country. Him
profit amounted to 18 cents per
share, while the projected
12 cents. Revenue for the period
also higher than forecast ($ 5.84
billion, compared to $ 5, 65 billion).
The company’s shares gained 5.66% over the last
day. Most of the major components
country indicators also finished the day
in the black.

Today came
data on the Chinese balance of trade
balance. This figure was lower
than expected by experts: 31,60V instead
34,99V expected. In general, there is nothing particularly
shocking in this – China Market
It fits the seasonal fluctuations,
However, there is something interesting: despite
on the rise in oil prices in the past month,
the country imported more than 5% of “black
gold “in June than in May.

things in the Land of the Rising
Sun: Bank of Japan to reduce risks
the economic outlook for the next
week (when it will be released in traditional light
Quarterly Review). Reduced optimism
due to the fact that an increase in tax
sales still strongly affected
economy than expected.

Europe has shown
fall in 10 of 18 national indexes.
This is – the result of yesterday’s statements
ECB representative Peter Prata. is he
suggested that the package of mitigation
and reducing measures, which began
taken in June, will have
sustained action and effect of it
Europe will see later. Mario Draghi, in his
turn continues a cautious rhetoric
that Europe’s economic growth
still weak and unstable, and any imbalance
can destroy this fragile sprout. AT
If necessary, the ECB is willing to accept
“Non-standard tools”, the essence of
which is held in a terrible secret.

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Why you should not invest in emerging markets

Why you should not invest in emerging markets

Howard R. Gold, MarketWatch The columnist, provides a completely idyllic picture of good old developed markets and warns us from having to invest in developing the economy. Arguments are extremely unpretentious, and to all appearances, the man Well very seriously believes in his country. A true patriot – a rarity. I propose a paraphrase of his column – in defiance of the harsh warnings that I cited to you a few days ago, here comrade strongly believes in the inviolability of the mother-America.

pot of leprechaun

since the spring, emerging market stocks
(RR) showed a very tricky rally. Central
“Growing” share grew from 6.1%
the beginning of April, while the average
US companies added share
3.6% (according TrimTabsResearch Research).

We responded to this in the same way as usual:
pursuing their own benefit. After
how the stock markets of developing
countries gain by selling at $ 11.6 billion
From January to March, “actually flow
I began to turn in the wrong direction. AT
Recently, investors bought
emerging markets “, says CEO
Director David TrimTabs Sanchi.

I have the feeling that they are like little children believe in a pot of leprechaun, which is where the rainbow ends. A pot of such does not exist.

Why you should not invest in emerging markets

Miracles do not exist

I wrote a lot, people invest
invest in emerging markets, more
all using a false premise
(Higher growth
It leads to a corresponding gain
the stock market). And as shown
practice, the stock market and its movements
are not directly related
to GDP growth.

of mutual funds and stocks in their PP
the vast majority belong to
BRICS countries, three of which are now
They are in the process of “bear” market.
Only India is still in
long-term trends in the step increase.

American is a huge debt burden,
and the Fed’s decision to buy securities in large quantities
paper – all this has prompted many
investors to exchange the US
securities to shares of developing
markets, the principles of currency policy
which are considered to be “more than adequate”.
And it seems to me fundamentally wrong.

shares significantly outperformed the “developing”
in the last 2, 3 or even 5 years. This should not
be a surprise for you. And many more
Investors have seen during this
time that emerging markets
– not such a good idea, some
It seems at first.

About proper use of opportunities

before leading three this year
Experts on securities – Elroy
Dimson, Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton of
London Business School – built
new index of long-term results
PP. They found that the markets of developed
countries win “developing” peers,
show from 1900 to 2013, the average growth in
8.3% (versus 7.7%). From this harmonious picture
knocked out only the 1950s that
given the 12.5% ​​growth in developing countries
compared with 10.8% in their colleagues developed.

PP also possess enormous instability.
In the ten years of their standard
deviation is 23.9, which is 30% higher
than the developed equity markets and 60% more
unstable than the index of S P

article was published in BlackRock,
which tells of an interesting
study. Top 10 were considered
emerging economies and
revealed that since 1992 their stock
markets on average use only
73% growth of the GDP of their respective countries. So, if
the economy grew, say, 8% a year, it
stock market returns to investors
only 5.8%.

Of course,
the correlation between growth and market
efficiency significantly “walks”
from country to country: from the optimistic
90% in India, Korea, South Africa and Indonesia
to disappointing 24% in Thailand and 29% in China
over the past 22 years old.

Recently, the situation is even
tragic. 10 leading PP used
only accidents 18% growth in its GDP
countries over the past five years. Not surprising,
so that they are seriously off track. And
there is no equal to China. Celestial
I managed to drop their index MSCI
by 18.6%, while GDP grew by
1.600%. In other words, one dollar invested
in 1992 in the MSCI China Index,
in 2012 it was worth 87 cents. At the same
while boring old S P 500
during the same period tripled.

happened to the “Chinese miracle” that
so persistently advertised on Wall Street
in 2007?

unexpected findings

fall after studying 46 world markets
it was found that the average correlation
between long-term GDP growth and
long-term promotional profit was
NULL. Just think about it.

ask: what correlates train
with stock market gains? The answer is:
growth of earnings per share (EPS),
and nothing more. Any financial textbook
will tell you that the current stock price
It reflects dividends or cash,
she presumably will bring
tomorrow. And this estimate is more or less
reliable basis is only possible on
reliable and efficient markets, such
as the United States or possibly Europe.

how do investors need to make a profit
of the fastest growing economies
the world? Nothing special, we read
experts “transnational
Corporation developed market produce
a significant part of the economic
growth in PP systems. ” 15% of income and growth
multinationals are
namely emerging markets, supporting
thus their economy.

In short,
My advice: what to throw a lot of money
dangerous and unstable PP when
you can get the same income, putting
their money is much closer to home?

Howard R. Gold. Translation – Odillia.

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Fed plays in soap bubbles

Fed plays in the soap bubbles

Yesterday’s speech of US Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, as well as a press conference the president of the ECB, did not bring any surprises. Yellen said that while the American regulator, there are other possibilities for maneuver, the need to raise rates available. The Central Bank decides to create a stable financial system that will be able to adjust the “bubble” in the market. The possibility of artificially pierce the bubbles raising rates needle in this case it is better not to use.

way, monetary policy within
US remains the same: the price of the shares and
bonds remain at the same level,
and if investors want to inflate
“Bubbles” and then – let them inflate
their health until they burst themselves.
Yellen said that the main purpose of the Fed
now – to support the labor market and
Inflation in the pre-planned
level. Of course, there are problems:
increasing risks in the financial system
– the main ones. However, to minimize the
These risks should be other measures, not
touching monetary policy.

Fed raising rates decided
strengthen bank regulation. rather
all, it will negatively affect their
profit. In this case, Yellen said that
strengthening the stability of the financial
system due to the growth of unemployment and
lower inflation (as it happened
be at higher rates) – unambiguously
is not an option that would be today

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