Superman ZigZag EA

Superman ZigZag EA

My strategyTrading signals Superman ZigZag EA advisor based on maxima and minima ZigZag indicator to determine the interval. Advisor sets Buy stop and a Sell stop at the maximum and minimum.

Capital Management: With the majority of orders are used the stop loss to breakeven and trailing stop.

Requirements to broker: Low spread. The minimum trailing stop, take profit, stop loss <= 5 pips.

The best result was obtained in the XAU H4.

Recommended balance500 USD corresponds to 0.1 lot.

Author: I am 41 years old. I worked in a bank 7 years, specializing in the Forex market. Also, I’m a programmer.

Superman ZigZag EA

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EURUSD is trading at two year lows

EUR / USD is trading at two-year lows

again committed to 26-month lows
recent days (remember, last Friday
It was marked by at least August 2012,
1.2356). Now, the pair is trading at 14.03 MSK
at 1.2410, losing 0.5%
with yesterday.

regained his advantage because
that weak Friday statistics
data led investors to lock
Profit: accordingly, the demand for
US currency rose.

at the end of last week again confirmed
that he is ready to take even the most daring
measures to stimulate the economy
eurozone, but since then nothing again
Did not happen. EU prospects clouded
Yesterday, after the extremely weak Italian
Statistics: it seems that Italy inexorably
slipping into recession. inflation
region does not show any sort of
indication that it intends to
closer to the target level of 2%, and
range of 0.2 – 0.3%. In short,
the euro now accounts for a hard time.

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Contest on demo accounts prize computer with

Contest on demo accounts: the prize – a computer with two monitors

Dear traders!
One of my desktop for a long time, dust, so I decided to give it a talented treyderu.Sostav 2 Samsung monitor 21" (VA-matrix) system unit (2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, SSD 60 Gb) .From the presence SSD-drive working very quickly, the terminal 20 keeps easily.
Contest on demo accounts prize computer with

I know that wanting to get the gift of the computer a lot, so I declare the contest! Contest will be held on demo accounts, so any investment in it is not nuzhno.Takzhe all the participants will be available for the commercial version of our indicator (for free).
Computer will be the one who will show the best profitability excluding drawdowns! For the 2nd and 3rd places will give SFT indicator license for 3 months from TopTraders.Za 4-9 person team place will be offered a license SFT 1 month cost 1850 rubles each.
Unlike many other competitions, we have all the most prozrachno.Vse traders are obliged to give account on the monitoring myfxbook.
Detailed terms and conditions of the contest.
You can also ask questions here, I’ll try to answer them.

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Will Apple be worth $ 1 trillion in near future

Will Apple be worth $ 1 trillion in the near future?

Apple –
the most expensive company in the world. AND
No one even comes close to it.
It costs more than $ 670 billion. Stay
second and think about how
it is generally a good thing or not.

Apple has
market value to $ 260 billion more
than its main competitor, Microsoft and stands
more expensive than Google more
than $ 300 billion.

market capitalization
Apple’s is at $ 185 billion
more than the total market value
All 20 companies in the Dow Jones Transportation Average
(An index that includes a well
known blue chips such as
FedEx, UPS, Union Pacific, Delta). So how much higher
It may be the stock capital of the company
Apple? Maybe someday it will cost
more than $ 1 trillion?

legendary investor
Karl Ikan, who owns a stake in
Apple’s company, believes that the company’s share
It can cost up to $ 203. This is almost two times
above the current price. At this level,
Apple Inc. will cost more than
$ 1 trillion – even if the company buys
many shares to raise the price of
its securities. although most
Wall Street analysts are not so optimistic
in respect of the future Apple.

One of the most optimistic
– is Brayan Uayt of Cantor Fitzgerald, he
It involves raising the price to $ 143 per
Apple share. This will allow us to evaluate
cost only about production
at $ 840 billion.

Investors should be
careful if you suddenly come true forecast
and the company will be worth the amount of twelve
zeroes. By itself, the fact remains that if
Apple should be worth $ 1 trillion, it can be
technical feature of bubble, as
in 2000. There were a lot of investors,
who thought that Microsoft or Cisco Systems at
eventually reach the value
$ 1 trillion.

Do not be amiss to say,
that almost 15 years have passed and we are still
We are waiting, when will it happen. Cisco is now
estimated "only" at $ 135 billion,
far below its peak of $ 550
billion in 2000.

Will Apple be worth $ 1 trillion in near future

Maybe, Apple
suffer the same fate as that of Cisco? Colin
Gillis, BGC Partners analyst, believes that the
possible. He wrote in the forecast in the
Last month, Google has more
likely to get up to $ 1 trillion market
value because its business model
with a focus on services and software
software will be profitable. is he
still he thinks so. Gillis notes
Google does not depend on a single product,
as Apple depends on the iPhone, which share
account for 56% of total revenue
Apple in the last quarter. Gillis added
Microsoft is also more realistically achieve
such a high cost. "Apple is
a big company, and it gathers all
profits in the smartphone market", – he said,
he. "But this is a product that, in the final
account with low efficiency. What happens
If Apple does not sell all of its iPhones
It costs due to the big competition?"

But while Apple
on top of success. AND
to be the best is very difficult to ask
from Sony, Dell and Nokia.

Do not forget about China.
It seems inevitable that at least one
company in the world to reach $ 1 trillion market
value ever. And one company
in fact, already I come to this, though
briefly. PetroChina has surpassed this level
in 2007, when its shares began to be traded
in Shanghai. But now its market value
It fell to $ 230 billion.

So maybe next
the company for $ 1 trillion will be just as
China? Alibaba, for example, who asked
heat after its IPO in September. Company
already worth nearly $ 276 billion. The owner of the giant
Internet commerce Jack Ma is clearly making
bet on the continuation of his plan and
one of the key investment trends
over the next few decades
will consumer spending in China,
them something and expects to earn Ma.
If this be so, then Alibaba win
it’s more than Apple, Microsoft, Google, or
any other US company.

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Wall Street went into red street

Wall Street went into a red street

On Wednesday, the “big
Three “Wall Street fell: Fed
published its “minutes” from 28 – 29
of October. Among them, for example, can be identified
concerns about slowing growth
consumer prices. Analysts said,
Fed openly spreads his hands on
the question of the long-term prospects
Inflation in the United States. Another driver
reduction of stock indices in the country –
Statistics on the number of initiated
construction of houses. This number has decreased
2.8%, and analysts, meanwhile assumed
an increase of 0.8%.

but the number of
permits obtained for the construction of
homes rose in October by 4.8%.

However, it is not
helped indexes: DJIA lost
0.01%; 500 S P – 0.15%; Nasdaq
– 0.57. Seven out of ten industry
S P 500 sectors showed
downturn. The biggest decline showed
technology sector. Verizon
Communications fell to 1.4%; Microsoft
weak 1.1%; Yahoo! – on
2.3%. 0.7% lost Apple.

BlackBerry received
deterioration of recommendation from Morgan
Stanley, and is now listed
“Underperform.” The result of this event
– a loss of 5.3% capitalization yesterday
day. The mining industry lost
significant interest in the result of the collapse
shares Cliff Natural Resources on
20%: This is a mining company
to discontinue the development of ore in Canada.

And here
retail retailers behaved perfectly:
Lowe’s Cos. behind
day increased capitalization by 6.4%
showing an increase in earnings and revenues
in the III quarter of fiscal.
Network diskotntyh Target stores
It increased by 7.4% – and also on the
excellent reporting for the quarter. Present
Big rise today in
world dealer of office supplies and office
accessories Staples: + 9,1%.
Its profit forecast for the IV quarter
exceeded the average market estimates

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My Money Manager MT5

My Money Manager MT5

My Money Manager It allows you to manage risk by setting your trades to the extent necessary from the point of view of the acceptable level of risk for you.

The product also allows you to preview your entry levels in the market, stop-loss and take-profit (EP / SL / TP levels) before installation order by dragging and dropping these levels directly on the chart. In addition, the product provides information on these levels at the opening position.

With this tool, you will feel more comfortable when making a decision about installing a warrant, as well as profit / loss prediction based on your orders. Thus, the accuracy and efficiency of the plant is increased orders.

The product is part of the Auto Trade Driver:

Note: Demo version for testing can be downloaded here:


  • The calculation of the exact value of the volume corresponding to an acceptable risk for you (in% of total assets), including brokerage commissions.
  • The ability to drag the levels of entry into the market, stop-loss and take-profit on the chart preview before setting orders.
  • Trade in one click for all types of orders.
  • Informing about the calculated levels of stop-loss and take-profit orders at the opening.
  • Control panel in real time.
  • Restoring previous settings after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.


  • Commission Setting (Menu): type of brokerage commissions for every traded lot. Setting is important for calculating the necessary volume, suitable for acceptable risk.
    • Commission Type: type of brokerage commission. Is equal to “Account currency”, if the commission is charged in the currency of the deposit, and “Base currency”, if the commission is calculated in the base currency trading pairs.
    • Commission Per Lot: the number of monetary units, levied as a fee for a standard lot. If the fee is not charged by your broker / a type of account, just leave this value is zero.
  • Stoploss Risk: the percentage of risk that you are willing to lose in the event of the closure of the stop-loss.
  • Est. Loss + Commission: the total loss at the point stop loss. This includes the total amount of the loss and loss of commission orders.
  • Order Type: order type.
  • Order Comment: Comment to the order.
  • Magic Number: magic number to identify your orders for future use.
  • Set SL / TP By: method of setting levels stop loss / take profit. “Price”, if you want to set SL / TP levels at a certain value of the price, “Distance” – at a certain distance from the entry point.
  • Adjustment Step: step increase / decrease the price by using the buttons to increase / decrease arrow.
  • Stoploss / Takeprofit / Distance: value to determine the levels of stop-loss / take profit. Setting the stop-loss level is required to calculate the appropriate volume (You can then remove the stop-loss order, if necessary, but you must enter a value for the calculation of the amount and placement of orders). Take profit = 0 means that the order will not be exposed to the level of take-profit.
  • Order Dragging feature: when installing access points, stop-loss and take-profit in the toolbar you will see a corresponding horizontal line on the chart. You can choose the line and drag them to the necessary level to change the value. In connection with these levels of order type will be automatically selected.

My Money Manager MT5


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Hammeringautomated trading system designed to work on any currency pairs. When trading used modes multicurrency and single currency.

To make trading decisions Advisor uses indicator signals Slope Direction Line.

Description of settings.

  • Profit_Percent_AccountEquity = 0.4; – profit margins as a percentage of available funds
  • Fix_AccountEquity = 0; – compulsory level of available funds
  • FIX_PROFIT = 1000; – compulsory level of profit
  • period = 55; – indicator period.
  • FilterNumber = 2; – filter indicator.
  • ma_method = 3; – averaging method for the indicator.
  • applied_price = 0; – the price used for the indicator.
  • TF = 15; – the period of the graph for the indicator.
  • PAIRS = “EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY”; – a set of currency pairs for multicurrency trading.
  • MagicNumber = 6; – ID advisor orders
  • TrailingStart = 9.5; – Profit level in points. Starting trawl level which occurs after trawl, trawl other words included.
  • TrailingStop = 0.5; – fixed size trawl in the deposit currency
  • TrailingStep = 0.5; – trawl step in the deposit currency
  • LossClose = 2500000; – the level of protection at the loss, close all orders upon receipt of loss in points
  • Lots = 0; – the size of the fixed volume, for k = 0 operates MM (Money management)
  • Risk = 0.3; – the percentage of risk when calculating the amount of the transaction work if Lots = 0.
  • PIP_LOCK = 13; – the level of drawdown starting position at which lokiruyuschaya position in points will be opened.
  • koef_LOT_LOCK = 2; – multiplication factor for the lot lokiruyuschey position.
  • PIP_AV = 13; – the level of drawdown last position (if Lok), wherein the averaging order to be opened
  • Level_Order = 13; – the level of the current price for pending orders.
  • koef_LOT_AV = 2; – multiplier Lot averaging warrant.
  • Slippage = 30; – the maximum allowable slippage
  • MarketWatch = false; – broker operation mode, if the broker does not exhibit the SL and TP, along with open positions and only modification method.
  • ALERT = true; – audible warning of exceeding the maximum lot.
  • Revers = false; – reverse indicator signals

The operating principle of the adviser

Entering the market takes place in the presence of signals from the indicator Slope Direction Line. EA opens the starting position. If the starting position is drawdown in points equal to or more settings PIP_LOCK, – opens lokiruyuschaya position.

Lokiruyuschie or averaging the position of having a drawdown in points greater than or equal PIP_AV parameter will be averaged and pending orders BUYSTOP SELLSTOP. profit fixation occurs by virtual trawling in points. When multi-currency trading are counted by the number of total points for all currency pairs on which there is trade.

Multi-mode forex advisor

For multicurrency Expert Advisor in the external setting PAIRS must be prescribed by a comma those currency pairs, which will be adviser to trade, for example: PAIRS = EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. This means that the EA will work only on this 4th selected currency pairs, and the Advisor is installed on only one !!! currency pair, as all currency pairs should be open to review of the market.

Monocurrency mode forex advisor

Advisor can conduct trade without multicurrency regime on several currency pairs. To do this, you need to set up PAIRS prescribe that one currency pair, on which he will work. For example, you need to trade on 4 currency pairs with each of the independent trade adviser. To do this, PAIRS setting prescribes the currency pair EURUSD and MagicNumber setting = 1 and set the adviser only in the currency pair EURUSD. The same steps apply for the other 3 currency pairs, setting MagicNumber setting different from the previous (= 2, 3, 4, etc.). So we will set the 4th advisor – one for each currency pair.


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