Find Outside Vertical Bars

Find Outside Vertical Bars

This indicator looks for patterns Price Action Outdoor bar (Outside Vertical Bar) and sets the alarm pointer to the base bar and the level of a pending order on the signal bar.

BUOVB (Bullish Outside Vertical Bar) – Bovine external vertical bar.

Signal bar completely overlaps the previous one, its price closing above the high of the previous bar. The entrance is in the breakdown of the maximum signal bar + filter (5-10 points).

BEOVB (Bearish Outside Vertical Bar) – the bearish external vertical bar.

Signal bar completely overlaps the previous one, its price closed lower than the previous bar’s low. The entrance is in the breakdown of the minimum signal bar + filter (5-10 points).

The indicator has six external parameters:

  • Draws patterns – whether to display graphics (whether rectangle pattern denoted).
  • The color of pattern up – color for long objects.
  • The color of pattern down – color for short objects.
  • Frame or Fill pattern – draw a pattern or filling frame
  • Width of the frame pattern – the thickness of the lines of the rectangle pattern when choosing Frame to set up Frame or Fill pattern
  • Style frame line – line style frame pattern at Width of the frame pattern = 1. If the thickness is greater than 1, solid line

Find Outside Vertical Bars

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Script to delete pending orders

If you need to remove all the pending orders, this script will save you from routine action!

Input parameters for the script does not ask. Allow auto-trading before running the script.


Run the script on the chart.

If you need to specify any parameters, then use the script with input parameters

Version of MetaTrader 4 can be downloaded here:


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