Investors assess latest batch of statistics from

Investors assess the latest batch of statistics from the US

The central event of the environment was the publication of the report from ADP to change the number of new jobs in the US economy last month. The April data were quite disappointing.

The growth of new jobs, according to the agency ADP estimate, amounted to only 156 thousand (forecast -. 196 thousand)., With data for March were revised to a decrease of 6 thousand to 194 thousand ADP report forms the markets expectations regarding official statistics the US Ministry of Labor.. (Non-Farm Payrolls), which will be released on Friday.

After the release of statistics USD index fell to 92.87, though, then again went above 93.00.

Meanwhile, data on the US trade balance was better than expected. US Department of Commerce reported that the March trade deficit narrowed to $ 40.4 billion from $ 46.96 billion in February (revised figure). Meanwhile, less than analysts had expected a significant reduction in the trade deficit in March to $ -41.50.

At the same time, the US Labor Department reported that the level of labor productivity in the US non-farm sector in the first quarter fell less than forecast. The report states that this index decreased by 1.0% during the three months ended 31 March projected less reduction of 1.4%.

The report also states that the level of labor cost increased by 4.1% in the fourth quarter, more than the expected 3.3%.

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